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The Division - Dark Zone 01-02 Farming Guide by Underrated54

This guide will show the best route to follow when farming division tech and high-end drops from DZ01 & 02 in Tom Clancy's The Division!
DZ01-02 route: http://goo.gl/Vam3Dw

Monday, March 28, 2016

Dark Souls 3 - Class Guide and Essentials by Curse Entertainment

Dark Souls 3 is coming and we want to help you prepare to die. We go over the Character Classes and info about the your first visit to the blacksmith and merchant.

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Thanks for watching! Enjoy the game.

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The Division - Easy 120-180k+ DPS / 60k-70k+ HP Guide (PVP/PVE Powerhouse): Talents, Skills, Gear (Video/Text) by Mtashed

Hey everyone, Mtashed ...AGAIN

Here is a video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5IcuCgKtMQ

Here is a text guide if you are at work:


In under 10 hours overall, I was able to get 123k Dp and 59k HP on my new xbox account. You don't need to farm forever to make this build work It is simple, easy to follow, and easy to benefit from
As your gear improves, this build gets exponentially better.

Base stats

Focus on Fire arms / Stamina for this build. Every gear stat, weapon stat, mod stat, and talent is going to benefit from your gun dps and your ability to survive a bullet or two. Electronics definitely can add a bit to your pulse, but I prefer to focus on the other stats.

Armor Stats

The main stats to focus on are:
  1. Critical hit damage
  2. Critical hit chance
  3. +Damage to elites
  4. +Weapon damage (gloves)
  5. Armor (Chest)
to save time:
If you want a break down of the best stats for each armor piece / what can roll on it, check out this guide:
or video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGiKodxSj5c


Scope: Head shot damage and critical hit chance.
  1. Magazine Size + Rate of fire for high burst DPS
  2. Magazine Size + Critical hit damage for higher damage/bullet
Under Barrel: Doesn't matter much.... accuracy / stability will amp your dps but not the damage per bullet. This will just help you hit the target.
Muzzle: Stability of some sort + Critical hit damage


Primary Skill: Pulse (mandatory)
Pulse gives such an easy / long lasting boost to damage, you had better take it. +crit +crit damage = win win win.... win.
Mod with tactical scanner for extra damage
Secondary Skill: Heal or Smart cover
Depending on your play style, these two will work fantastic.
First Aid with "Booster shot":
Increased damage, damage reduction from enemies, as well as a quick heal makes First Aid a solid all around choice
Smart Cover with Recharger:
Smart Cover is better for slower, more methodical players. If you use the cover system constantly, smart cover gives a great boost to damage output and resistance. Mix in some health regen and cooldown reduction, Smart Cover is a solid pick.


These are make or break for most builds. The impact of these talents is HUGE.
  1. One is None - 50% chance to not use a bullet when landing a head shot. PLEASE TAKE THIS - It will amp your dps exponentially the more headshots you land
  2. Combat Medic - "Group members get 40% extra healing" For what ever reason, even playing solo, YOU are a group member. You get the bonus healing, so one medkit = full health nearly.
  3. Critical Save - 40% damage reduction for 10 seconds when using a medkit at low HP - This is a combo talent with combat medic. Huge heal + Huge damage reduction is CLUTCH as hell.
  4. On the move (personal choice)
I like "On the move" because of the 30% damage reduction after killing an enemy while moving. I often strafe in duels, and am constantly on the move. I get this to proc often, and allows me to swap cover to cover safely.
This fourth slot could also be "Strike Back" or anything you feel will be best for your playstyle


I highly suggest using an SMG. The built in crit chance stacks with your gear, snowballing your DPS out of control.

Notice: Vector is not the best SMG in the game, it is just easily available. High end Aug / Mp5 is BETTER than the vector 99% of the time (To clarify, those guns have larger base magazine size. This automatically puts it in a better DPs range than Vector)
Assault rifles are also good, just make sure you get a quality roll!

Good perks to have
Fierce - Critical hit chance increased when using this weapon (mine is 8%)
Brutal - Increased Head shot damage
Ferocious - Damage to elite / named enemies increased
Self-preserved - Critical hits heal you for 3% of your hp
There are some other solid ones like +armor damage etc, but these are a few of my favorites!


That is pretty much it. If you have any questions, I'll try my best to answer them
Thanks for reading...and have a good day!


Overwatch - Interview w/ Game Director Jeff Kaplan by Th3Jez

I recently said I was going to Blizzard to talk to the devs. I managed to score a 20 minute interview with Jeff Kaplan himself.

0:00 - 1. Introduction
0:40 - 2. What happened to the beard?
1:04 - 3. Are PC & consoles balanced independently?
2:06 - 4. Biggest challenge with the new Overwatch engine?
3:29 - 5. Will you incorporate community content in the future?
5:24 - 6. Will we get exact stat values at release?
8:31 - 7. Will we get PvE?
9:24 - 8. Potential skirmish changes
11:56 - 9. Will heroes be balanced differently over time?
15:12 - 10. Will there be a ranked/competitive mode?
16:14 - 11. Will incentives be added to Weekly Brawl?
18:20 - 12. Will the next hero be support?
18:48 - 13. Will Overwatch get a "theatre mode"?

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Blade & Soul - Useful Guide to the Yeti Cave/Avalanche Den Dungeon; turn on cc for english subs

Blade & Soul: Avalanche Den (Yeti Cave) Guide by 活在梦中, English subtitled translated by chaose5. (Turn on CC)

Yeti Cave is one of the more complicated boss in Silverfrost Mountain heroic dungeons. The video explains the final boss mechanics in detail and demonstrates varies strategies for the boss stage.

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Original video: http://bns.duowan.com/1408/2724737445...

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The Division - End Game guide: What to do when you hit 30 by xxDJBxx

First of all, congratulations on getting to Level 30. On average it takes 20 hours to do, so I know you've put the time in. This will help you decide what to do next, where to go, and how to do it.

1. 100% All Wings:
If you haven't done so already, you need to finish upgrading your "Wings". By upgrading your wings, you make yourself more powerful.
This is your FIRST Priority, so go finish your Main Missions, and if you've done that, do encounters related to the materials you need.

2. General Assembly:
Usually, when you hit level 30, you'll still have some blues equipped, so lets fix that.
You need to get to a baseline in all three stats for the benefit of the community, and to save you time later.

DPS: 80K+ DPS / 60k+ Health / 15k+ Skill Power
Healer: 55K+ DPS / 70k+ Health / 25k+ Skill Power
Tank: 65K+ DPS / 85k+ Health / 20k+ Skill Power

Go to the Last Main Mission titled: "General Assembly". Here is where you will get your purples. You need to Re-Run this mission on Hard Mode, until you are at or near the baseline. We do this because each run of this mission rewards you with 7 to 8 Purple drops. You can run this as many times as you want, the reward will always be there.

3. Dailies Explanation and Hard Mode Daily Missions:
The first time you run ANY Daily Mission, you get 2 Rewards. One is the Daily Reward, which gives you some pCredits and Crafting Material. You only get the Daily Reward once. The other reward is the Mission Reward. The Mission reward for the Hard Mode Dailies are obsolete. The Challenge Mode Mission Reward is 30 pCredits, and 1 High-End Item.

To Clarify, you get the Mission Reward EVERY TIME you run the Challenge Mode Mission. No Matter What. For Infinity!

pCredits are the End-Game currency that is needed to craft the best items you can get.

By running these two Dailies, you can earn up to 30 per day from the rewards. Named Bosses also drop 1 to 2 pCredits.

4. Daily Challenge Mode Mission:
So, you are at or near the Baseline. You are equipped with all purples and have played enough to know how most systems work.

You can now queue for, and safely do the Daily Challenge Mode Mission. You will be rewarded with 30 pCredits, and a guaranteed High-End Gear item. You can run this as many times as you want, the reward will always be there. You'll need a group, so play with friends, use the in-game Matchmaking, or form/join a team on:

We want to run this until you have mostly High-End equipment. You will be doing this step, and the Step 5, until you feel ready enter to proceed to Step 6.

5. Crafting High-Ends:
While running the Daily Challenge Mode Mission, you can purchase Blueprints, which when crafted, gives you High-End Weapons and Gear. These are available in your Tech Wing from your "Special Gear Vendor" (Located Upstairs, to the left, before the first door).

They can be purchased using pCredits, and crafted using High-End Crafting Material (The Crafting Station is located downstairs, across from the 3 Basic Vendors). This guide does not cover how to acquire mass amounts of Crafting Material. To get Crafting Material, deconstruct items you DO NOT WANT.

It is not worth using the Recalibration Station on an item more than once or twice, unless it is a Near-Perfect item, and you're trying to get it to perfect. Still, BE CAREFUL! Recalibrating uses pCredits, and the cost goes up each time you Recalibrate.

6. The Dark Zone & Dark Zone Rank 50:
So, you have a good amount of High-Ends, and you think you can keep up with the big boys. Well, lets put your skills to the test, and lets enter The Dark Zone. When you kill enemies in the Dark Zone, your Dark Zone Rank (DZR[XX]) goes up.

Ultimately, we want to get you to DZR50. By getting to DZR50, you unlock a significant number of new Blueprints that allow you to craft a number of unique High-End Equipment. These Blueprints are located in each Safehouse in the DZ, excluding the DZ02 Safehouse. Enemies in the Upper Zones will be significantly tougher than regular Level 30 enemies so be prepared!

7. Preparing for Incursions (Update 1):
This step is 100% Optional, but could potentially save you time.

Now that you have acquired good gear, have a good DZR, and have completely mastered the End-Game, you can optional prepare for the first Content Update (Releasing in April). The April update introduces players to "Incursions". Currently, we know nothing about this new Activity (We know nothing, don't believe the rumors). It is speculated that this is 8 man content, but nothing has been confirmed.

In order to prepare, you should acquire enough pCredits to hit the Cap (1000 Phoenix Credits). If you have 1000 pCredits when Incursions are released, there is a potential to be significantly ahead of most competition. Usually, with any new Content Update, a new tier of Equipment is released allowing you to increase your power. It is extremely advantageous to be able to purchase 3 to 4 pieces of gear.

That is all for now, I will continue to update this as it is needed. I will try to answer any questions that you may have.


A. All activities done while playing are easier with more people. Find a group using Matchmaking or TheDivisionLFG.com or IRL Friends.

B. This guide assume you haven't played the Dark Zone yet, if you have, its no big deal. I've outlined how to get good gear in each step, so have fun, and good luck.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Black Desert Online - How to fish for Blackstones! A tutorial on Silver keys and treasure chests by Dextes

Opening Treasure Chests with Silver keys from Fishing is a really good way to get black stone(armor). Also the Exp scroll is 5% not 10% as i stated in the video.

Please share your best farming spots in the comments below! If you found this video helpful, please consider subscribing for more BDO videos coming up.

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Division - Ultimate Gearing and Build Guide by Lithiyum

Hello Agents,

I have been seeing the same questions popping up on the subreddit so I decided to make a gearing guide to help people out. I made a video but youTube is being moody and not processing the video so deal with this wall of text for now. The guide is short and sweet so it shouldn't be too bad of a read.

If anything is confusing, please leave a comment and I will be more than happy to answer any questions or criticisms. I'd like this guide to be stickied to the side bar if possible.

I got to 30, what now?
Run the following with a group: Use matchmaking. I would recommend groups of 4 but they can be done with 3 or even 2 but it is more difficult.
  • General Assembly on Hard
    1. Two Named Enemies has chances to drop High Ends
    2. You can get 8+ Purples per run. (2 per boss, 4 from the last boss)
  • Dailies(on Hard) for Phoenix Credits
    1. Complete the two daily missions available per day on Hard for more purples and PC
  • Lex Event Center OR Lincoln Tunnel(Challenging - AFTER YOU HAVE FULL PURPLES)
    1. This is an easy mission on Challenging difficulty and it awards a High End piece of GEAR for completing it
    2. Run it multiple times to get High Ends and PC
I suggest using this build to clear the above mentioned missions. It is very user friendly and definitely softens up the learning curve when transitioning from Normal to Hard to Challenging.
  • Skills
    1. Support Station with Ammo Cache Mod. Gives Faster Skill Recovery and Ammo.
    2. Smart Cover with Recharger Mod. This gives damage reduction and increased damage on the area of cover you use it on. THESE STACK, meaning, if multiple people in the group use it on the same area of cover, the damage reduction and increased damage for each mod on the cover.
    3. Survivor Link. This is recommended because it just makes it easier to survive those tough moments in Challenging runs.
  • Talents
    1. Tech Support. Makes your abilities last longer when you kill enemies.
    2. One is None. 50% chance on a headshot to not consume the bullet.
    3. The last two are player preference but I use Precision and Critical Save.
  • Stats
    1. Priority: Firearms, Electronics, Stamina - To complete challenging, I recommend 1900+ Firearms, 1700+ Electronics, and 1600+ Stamina. Use those mod slots to finesse your stats the way you need.
    2. For this setup to work you will need a rather high electronics score to maintain 100% uptime on your two skills. With all the damage reduction you will get from your skills and signature ability, you won't need as much stamina. My stats in game are 2031 Firearms, 1946 Electronics, and 1684 Stamina.
    3. That being said, DO NOT IGNORE STAMINA, you will still get one shot if you have 20k health.
  • Weapons
    1. I recommend using Cadecus if you are lucky enough to get one to drop. It has an OP talent the synergizes with this build.
    2. You can use Liberator, which is off the special gear vendor as a blueprint if you can't get a Cadecus.
    3. Use the Vector as your Secondary.
    4. High End Extended Magazine for everything.
Clarification about Stats
For those mentioning Electronics is useless. Please read everything thoroughly. Electronics reduces your cooldowns on your skills and increases their strength. This indirectly increases your dps. Don't believe me? Open your skills list, click on smart cover and look at the base, then the current. Notice the cooldown has gone down, damage increase up, and damage reduction up. Now change a piece of gear to one that has more electronics on it. Now observe the difference again.

Having 100% uptime on this ability gives you increased dps AS WELL AS decreased damage taken by a LARGE margin. It is indirect, but you can test it for yourself and see.

That being said, stamina is still important, but you won't need an overwhelming amount to survive because of your damage reduction.
  • Misleading
    1. DPS is not a concrete stat as it weighs things like accuracy.
  • Damage per bullet
    1. This is what you want to look at the most, followed by the rate of fire.
  • Mods
    1. Make sure when comparing weapons you consider mods. Either detach them from both weapons or equip the same mods and compare that way. Play to the strengths of each weapon.
    2. Highly Recommend High End Extended Magazine off the Blueprint Special Vendor.
Phoenix Credit Priority
Everything you see here can be bought off the Special Gear Vendor in your Tech wing at BoO. Up the stairs and to the left next to the recalibration station.
  1. Vector 45 ACP (See if you can get one that rolls with the "Destructive" Talent and any other 2 dps talents)
  2. Liberator (If you don't have a Cadecus)
  3. High End Extended Magazine Mod
  4. Whatever High End slot you are missing a piece of gear from
  5. High End Mods
Possible Gear Talents and Variations - Listed in no particular order
Here is an album of my current gear - It isn't perfect but people have been asking to see it. Displaying the mods is a pain, most of my gear pieces have stamina mods in to meet the criteria for the weapon talents.
  • Chest
    1. Rapid (Healing skills cooldown decreased)
    2. Robust (Armor while in cover)
    3. Vigorous(Depending if the Med Station ticks can overheal, which I doubt they can. Destroying the med station early causes an overheal for everyone in range already)
  • Mask
    1. Refreshed (Healing skills increased by 30% while in last segment of hp)
    2. Tenacious (Using a Medkit increases your damage done)
    3. Rehabilitated (When under a status affect, health regenerated 2% per second)
  • Knee Pads
    1. Perceptive (Item and Credit find bonus)
    2. Prosperous (Critical Headshots give credits)
  • Pack
    1. Specialized (Adds 13% of Firearms and Stamina to skillpower)
    2. Inventive (Skillpower is increased by 13% while at full hp)
  • Gloves
    1. Astute (First 3 bullets have a % chance higher to crit)
  • Holster
    1. Nimble (Heal 2% per meter you run in a cover to cover move)
    2. Steadfast (While in cover, health regeneration kicks in twice as fast)
    3. Sturdy (Your armor is increased by % when you stay more than x amount of seconds in the same cover)
As a side note: This guide does not consider Dark Zone Blueprints as they require level 50 Dark zone level to purchase.

Example 4 Man Group Skill Setup:
  1. 4 Smart Covers
  2. 2 Med Stations
  3. 1 Pulse
  4. 1 Sticky(Flash)/Seeker(Gas/Fire)/Heal(Booster Shot)
This is just an exmaple if you run with a premade or have people in your group willing to change if you are having struggles with you mission completions.


Heroes of the Storm - Free Hero Rotation : 22 - 29 March


  • Li Li
  • ETC
  • Falstad
  • Tassadar
  • Nazeebo
  • Greymane
  • Sonya (Slot unlocked at Player Level 5)
  • Kerrigan (Slot unlocked at Player Level 7)
  • Cho (Slot unlocked at Player Level 12)
  • Gall (Slot unlocked at Player Level 15)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Black Desert Online - Quick and Easy Guide to Permanent +2 Luck by morningly

Hey friends. For those of you that didn't know, there is a permanent +2 Luck bonus attained by collecting 50 (+1 Luck) and 60 (+2 Luck) total titles. As far as I can tell, this is a 20% improved drop rate buff, and it's really easy to reach -- there is no short supply of easy Combat titles to go around in Velia. I was able to go from 45->60 titles in about two hours, including time spent locating the best areas to farm.

So, to those of you that do not already have 60 titles, I present to you a quick rundown of how to load up on easy combat titles: (Click name to see location. All kills approximated.)

Parasitic Bees
Titles - Kills
Battle Ready - 15
Parasitic Bee Arson - 50
Parasitic Bee Curious - 250
Parasitic Bee Dominator - 500
Bee Hater - 700, includes other types of bees and thus easy to get
Just north of the two fields, there are Grass Beetles that you can use to work towards:
Grass Beetle Crusher - 20
Shell Collector - Looting 20

Titles - Kills
Imp Hater - 20
Imp Lover - 100
Imp Researcher - 300
Imp Extermination Expert - 1500 (Not recommended)
Angered Red Nose - 3000 (Not recommended)
Strength Show-Off - 20 Imp Altars
Superstition Skeptic - 30 Imp Amulets

Titles - Kills
Sting Operation - 50
Flexible Like Weasel - 200
Weasel Fur Lover - 500

Titles - Kills
Red Fur Lover - 50
Dancing With Foxes - 300
Fox Enchanted - 900 (Not Recommended)

Titles - Kills
Wolf Charmer - 50
Dancing With Wolves - 400
Fundamental Loving - Attained automatically during guide if you are overleveled for the area

Boars, Bears and Goblins
Boar Hunter - 75 (Not Recommended)
Enlightened by a Goblin - 150 (Not Recommended)
Bear Bear Bear - 50 (Not Recommended)
Gray Foxes and alternate Goblin locations are probably also solid choices that I did not attempt. Steel Imps took 400 or so to get a single title and was definitely not worth it. Gray Wolves and Boars do not have their own title pool.

Sources used:
http://amgames.ru/mmorpg/black-desert/stati-bdo/59-tituly-v-black-desert (and Chrome's translate feature)


The Division - PvE Marksman Build by aGreatGambino

Hello fellow agents! I've put in a large amount of time to the game like most of us, seeing as we will need to gear up for the incoming incursions and other content. I wanted to begin sharing the build I have been theorycrafting for PvE during my time with the game and experience with the Challenge difficulty. The damage output is absolutely an asset to any squad play. I'm working on it's viability to solo challenge modes though I will have to fully gear high-end before working on it. This build rewards quality gunplay coupled with proper positioning and cooldown management. You will be on the back line of your squad outputting as much damage as you can. I'll go over skills selection, weapon choice, talents, gear stat priority, and basic gameplay style. Apologies if it's long winded and descriptive, it's the min/max in me. Let me know what you think of the build and your personal tweaks to it!

  • Pulse: Tactical Scanner Mod: This will amplify the damage and crit chance of your headshots. Couple it with the bonus headshot damage of marksman rifles and you've got a ton of damage potential
  • Support Station: Ammo Cache Mod: Marksman rifle ammo is precious, so this alleviates that problem. Also helps with the cooldown reduction of your Pulse since the up-time on that will be key
Note: The Skill Smart Cover-Recharger can also be an alternative for sustained heals and cooldown reduction as well as a boost to damage
  • Tactical Link Signature: Such damage, much wow. Combined with pulse and talents we will be detailing, this is capable of incredible things even in the DZ
  • One is None: Headshot a hostile to have a 50% chance of not consuming the bullet. This is essential to this build since you will be trying to put out as much damage as possible without interruption. The more bullets you can output with a magazine the better
  • Tech Support: Kill a hostile while any skill is deployed to extend any active skills duration by 10%. If you have both your Pulse and Support Station going whilst killing enemies, you will keep more up-time on the upgraded damage and ammunition
  • Tactical Advance: Complete a cover to cover move to increase weapon damage by 2% per meter covered for 10 seconds. Can have great potential to increase your damage further if used constantly. Movement is essential to this build since it will allow you to reposition yourself to avoid abilities, or find sightlines enemies aren't paying attention to
  • Evasive Action: During a cover to cover move incoming damage is reduced by 30%. This guarantees less damage taken when performing your damage increasing cover to cover shifts. You can take other talents besides this, such as Steady Hands or Precision, but I prefer the simple damage reduction
Stat Priority
Firearms > Skill Power > Stamina
Take into account this build is for group play, with supports and/or a tank. If you see you are dying too easily, simply recalibrate to adjust accordingly or have separate gear to switch into since recalibration can be expensive. Solo with this build, things should die quicker than they have time to damage you, bosses included.

Rolls to look for on gear: These are the optimal stat rolls you will want to be looking for on each piece of gear.

  • Firearms/Electronics (Add mod for whichever isn't there)
  • Crit Chance, Skill Power, or Health on Kill for more sustainability
  • Enemy Armor Damage, or Scavenging if looking for more gear drops
  • Pulse Critical Hit damage bonus
Body Armor
  • Stamina or Firearms (Mod for one not present)
  • Armor, Mod Slot, or Health on Kill or all three if a god roll
  • Ammo Capacity
  • Pulse duration or Support Station Health
  • Firearms or Electronics (Mod for one not present)
  • Critical Hit damage, Skill Power, or Skill Haste. Can't go wrong here
  • Ammo Capacity
  • Pulse Critical Hit damage bonus
  • Stamina or Firearms (Mod for one not present)
  • Marksman Rifle damage
  • Critical Hit chance
  • Critical Hit damage or Damage to Elites
  • Support Station duration or Pulse Critical Hit damage
Holster If you can find one with all three stats do it
  • Skill Haste or Gear mod
  • Pulse Critical Hit damage
  • Firearms or Electronics (mod for what is not present)
  • Critical Hit damage
  • Enemy armor damage
  • Burn resistance
  • Scavenging
  • Pulse Critical Hit damage
  • Damage to Elites or Health
Weapon Talents/Mods Here's a list of talents and mods to look for on your Marksman Rifle of choice
  • Brutal- Headshot damage is increased by 10% when using this weapon
  • Coolheaded- Performing a headshot reduces all skill cooldowns by 2%
  • Meticulous- Killing a target has a 11.50% chance to instantly refill the magazine (My personal favorite)
  • Critical Hit damage
  • Reduced threat
  • Accuracy and Stability are nice, but not at the cost of the stats above
  • Headshot damage
  • Critical Hit chance
  • Accuracy
Underbarrel (For non bolt actions)
  • Initial Bullet Stability
  • Accuracy
Magazine (For non bolt actions)
  • Magazine size
  • Critical Hit damage
  • Critical Hit chance
  • Weapon damage %
This comes down to personal preference. I myself use an SMG for those who get too close like rushers. IM LOOKING AT YOU LMB YOU PIECES OF...Anyways, pick what you like and optimize it accordingly.

This build is highly rewarding and you can show off really flashy crits and carry squads through Challenge Modes if you can keep up-time on your skills and land headshots in succession!


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Blade & Soul - General Warlock PvP guide by MendiSmite

This is just a super general and quick PvP guide for Warlock. I say general because my upload is to bad to give a video where I'd be able to show information, which makes it easier to see and retain. Anyways..

Important to note HM levels on WL are very important. In my opinion, more important than any other class. I'd strongly recommend at least HM3

Pet Control - Anytime you're CC'ed, don't rush to swap or trinket. You can Q while in CC and make your pet knock them away. Also note you can do this even when you're not in range of them, altho if you need to move your pet use E over Q due to the CC it provides. (You can interrupt BD air combo with this, or knock a KFM off you if they grab for whatever reason)

Lets start off by linking and explaining some builds first and foremost.

General Build https://bnstree.com/WL/Nk4Fpd1pl
A "Newb" friendly build. Has most the stuff you'll need, a grab escape-tab, ss-root for most things ect.
VS Anything with parry/defence (Blade cancer :)

Use of Time Warp and importance of Leech
Leech. 45s CD, applies for 12s. I think a lot of new Locks underestimate how important this ability is. Before I go on, love this ability. Don't let it get resisted. It is KEY for you to win most matchups, and CRITICAL against Sin/BM/KFM.

What does it do and why does it matter? Well you probably already know it makes wingstorm instant. Yep. This also means with leech and timewarp you can use x4 wingstorms. They stack? Yep. The procs stack. You will have a attack helicopter on steroids mowing your enemy down with cards. Not only than, it resets Dragoncall (The HM zen bean skill). Yeah. x4 of those too.
So basically, your "burst combo" assuming leech is up

With Helix:
Time warp->Wingstorm->2(soul shackle)->Bastion->Repeat (If you have good ping you might be able to fit in a helix proc) (You use the 2 to cancel defence.)

With Dragoncall
Time warp->DC->Wingstorm->2->Repeat (Good ping, add a bastion at the end.)

Now for the match explanation, 
as best as I can do in writing.
*Assuming you know and understand tech chasing aswell as 
when to block/how long to block.
Bm 90/10 - They have very few iframes. This matchup is literally leech->timewarp->dragoncall+Wingstorm spam. You'll oneshot them. Literally. You need to bait out ss if possible and most will q/e you inbetween abilities.

KFM 50/50 - Same concept of BM, but it's going to be quite a long match. You're super squishy, watch out using your tab(2). Remember if they stun you they most likely won't q/e pet knock. Watch ur pet here because if they have max agility and knock you down your pet will miss.

Destro - 80/20 - Very easy, not much than can do to resist damage. Don't miss leech, abuse wingstorm spam with timewarp. TAB WISELY. YOU CAN GET GLOBALED EZ

FM - 10/90 - ehe. haha. Erm. You got me. Sorry, but true. Take Sanctum T3M3

SIN - ? They all seem to play it different. 60/40 - Same concept as BM/KFM. Harder than bm, easier than kfm. Don't hit into counters. The HUGE advantage you have here is dragoncall is delayed. It knocks them out of stealth ridiculously often aswell as wingstorm's reach to get them out. Also note you take the Sanctum to where you can't be targeted from outside it T3 M3

Summoner 50/50 - I need to spar more to give you a realistic answer.

BD 70/30 OR 40/60- This matchup is almost entirely a mechanics matchup. If you block their abilities often, you'll win easily. This matchup is all about baiting iframes and abusing the ability to hide behind your pet. Don't be overaggresive, but don't let them spin away. On the large square map they can kite way easier and it gives them a huge advantage

WL v WL 100/0 - Why is this 100-0? Because of this tip. DONT USE HELIX IN THE MIRROR. DRAGONCALL HM. Why? Well. Go practice that burst combo shown above. Bastion only protects from 5 hits. Count how many wingstorm+dragoncalls+2's you'll land. Yeah. He's dead on your screen.


The Division - [Guide] How to obtain High End gear quickly and efficiently by _Az

I made this post on imgur but naturally the best way to reach the audience is by using this reddit. I hope you enjoy and get what you need off this simple and mini high end obtaining guide.

If you want your gear to look like this then you have came to the right place.

Step 1 - Acquire the Vector 45 ACP This blue print is available at the advanced vendor up stairs on the left by your Tech wing. It sells for under 200 phoenix credits. Get the means to craft it asap.

This weapon alone will make this mission easier as long as you have gear that scales fittingly. No point expecting to bring a world of pain if you don't have any DPS or you get put down after a few rounds with a glass cannon build.

Step 2 - Lexington Event Center The easiest mission in my groups experience for the Challenging difficulty is this one. Located on the mid right side of the map and is usually completed half way through the main story. It contains many hallways and choke points. The spawns are also easy to camp. Don't be ashamed to draw the enemies out and into areas you feel most comfortable holding as a team.

Step 3 - Squad Up Although this is possible with just two people (although entirely not recommended). It becomes much easier with three and practically a breeze with four especially when everyone knows what they are doing. Everyone naturally has to be level 30 just to enter the mission so there should be no lightweights coming in. Just make sure you all stack you abilities carefully. Don't have each person hogging say medical abilities. Damage resistance and boost are incredibly effective in a group.

Step 4 - The Mission The beginning especially if you're new to the Challenging difficulty is a bit of a shock to the system. The rushing enemies with shotguns will obliterate you if you let them. As I mentioned earlier lure the 'rushers' out of their spawn and into areas where your team can gun down solo rushing enemies.

Each main segment takes about five minutes if done properly. You have the street fight, hostage media room, rooftop battle, basement area and main boss fight. So don't expect to walk through it quickly or easily first time round.
  • Street Fight - Quite an open area so make sure you all throw a grenade towards the hostage (it won't kill the JTF member) so you can hurt the first few enemies next to him. Spread out and clean up people behind cars and other small cover.
  • Hostage Media Room - The couch as you enter this room provides enough cover for multiple people. Be sure to use stuns from the tech launcher along with shock grenades to stop the rushing enemies. As you push in after the first wave enemies spawn in the far right room. Then behind the door leading to the stairwell. Use nades and coordination so that when spawn doors open you halt the push and do major damage in the selected area. Also you can backtrack down the stairs if you feel the push is going to cause you trouble.
  • Rooftop Battle - This can be challenging especially when there's only two or three of you. There are a few heavy enemies that slowly push you with LMGs. Be sure to stay alive and revive fallen comrades. If the enemies push up to the elevator simply get in it. I'm not even joking. Push the button and it will send you to the bottom where the ammo box is. Wait about one minute and when you use the lift again all the enemies that pushed up are now back in their spawn points. Just with less health and not so many friends. Repeat this strat if needed. The second wave comes from the opposite elevator. Very easy to set up and spawn camp as the door opens. Just make sure you can back up.
  • Basement Area - Initially this can be troublesome due to the small confined main room. But it's possible to get attention and fall back to the first corridor that leads to the lift. Again using the lift strat can be effective here. First room spawn after first wave is far right. Then the middle hallway door where both waves have heavy LMG enemies as well as rushers with shotguns.
  • Main Boss Fight - Not that tricky as long as you stay on the upper level and take out the snipers opposite of you. You can decide to rush the snipers as the speech is being said to which the JTF will breach in behind giving you some time to kill the distracted foes. Once you've cleaned up the two LMG enemies the main boss will spawn behind the stage in the double doored room with two waves supporting her. Maintain height, distance if needed and keeps heals constant. With enough determination you can walk away with your desired prize.
Our personal best as a four at the moment is 16 minutes and 35 seconds. Since you can immediately replay the mission as soon as you step outside you can rinse and repeat until your heart is content. Just keep your friends from fast traveling back to base as soon as they get their reward. Takes up time you could have spent already half way through the mission.

Tips Granted some people will fly through it like we do but there are others who aren't as geared nor as experienced in the mission. Here's a few tips I can think of that have helped us grind away.
Whenever there is one enemy left in a room try and leave him. Let all your squads cool downs reset. Have health packs ready to be thrown. Let there be the chance for a damage buff or for a critical chance increase scan to kick in. This way when the last enemy dies and the new wave spawns (usually through one door or small room) you can unleash everything at once.

Using explosive or shock ammo makes a world of difference on Challenging. Not to mention using tear gas, shock grenades and incendiaries at the feet of fresh spawn areas. With a good few med kits and someone packing the stun launcher you can power through waves with ease as you start getting familiar with the mission.

Don't over extend. Getting yourself killed in a no respawn zone is only going to make it more difficult for your friends. Not only do they need to pick you up after a long revive time but they're doing less DPS as a squad without you. Try and play smart and always support your team mates.

End Result With each successful run you will walk away with almost 20k credits and the ever so valuable 30 phoenix credits. Not to mention one guaranteed high end gear item. I must have done the mission about eight times to get enough high end gear to make my inventory look rather coordinated with previous high end weapons I had found and crafted.

Keep in mind that you can get the same gear more than once. It is possible for you to not get that one mask that you desperately need until the third, fourth or even fifth attempt. Some high ends will not be as good as previous purples stat wise but always look at the talents each high end gear gives you. If you keep at it I can promise that you'll walk away far better geared than you were when you walked in.

Hopefully this has helped agents who are wondering how to get high end gear quickly and effectively.

See you in the DZ chaps.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Blade & Soul - Naryu 4 Man Detailed Guide and Breakdown for all bosses by Coffee BnS

[NA] Naryu Labyrinth 4-man Guide Summoner PoV Blade and Soul BnS

Only difference / addition from Summoner PvE Skill Tree guide is that I have placed a second point into Beckon for the reset on Taunt.

The Division - The Very Best Farming Route Lvl 55DZ by Nebe


From my original post showing my current gear & DZ level you guys wanted to know which farming route I was using.

Below is a screenshot to show the route I use for loot & exp. The route includes 2 extraction points & a safe house for resupplies. When you ring the dinner bell (call an extraction) it spawns mobs, so you may want to do this at both extraction points to maximize XP gains. Use the checkpoint shown on the screenshot to exit/enter the dark zone to clear your stash & fast travel back to Grand Central Station.

I have tried countless routes, but this is without a doubt the most efficient. Word of warning, this route includes 3 camps of 31 mobs so you may want to have some decent base gear to start with.

Nebes Route - http://imgur.com/lAH6us7

Have fun agents!

Uplay - RN.Nebe


Heroes of the Storm - Free Hero Rotation: Week of March 15, 2016


  • Malfurion
  • Valla
  • Tyrael
  • Anub'arak
  • Tychus
  • Sylvanas
  • Rehgar (level 5)
  • Sgt. Hammer (level 7)
  • Chen (level 12)
  • Li-Ming (level 15)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Blade & Soul - Destroyer Blackwyrm Tank Guide by Matthew T.

Black Desert Online - Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier by EnderrGames

Eight short guides for things you might want to know.

Wheat Dough, Barley Dough, Potato Dough, Corn Dough, Sweet Potato Dough.

Wheat Flour, Barley Flour, Potato Flour, Corn Flour, Sweet Potato Flour.

Pork, Wolf, Weasel, Fox, Bear, Deer, Raccoon, Lamb.

Pumpkin, Tomato, Cabbage, Paprika

Apple, Grapes, Strawberry

Rose, Tulip, Sunflower

Friday, March 11, 2016

Stardew Valley - [Guide] How and where to catch all Legendary Fish by Pedguin

Hiya & welcome to my quick guide on where & how to obtain all the Legendary Fish
Set up
  • Rod - Iridium Rod is a must have if you want to do this effectively
  • Tackle - Trap Bobber - Easily the best tackle for Legendary Fish (Limits their movement when free)
  • Bait - As far as I'm concerned "wild bait" doesn't make it any easier then normal bait
Small tips
  • You shouldn't have any issues with catching these fish if you are level 10 fishing. If you are having issues you should eat the Trout Soup before fishing to increase your fishing skill by +1; this can be bought from Willy for a cheap price. if you are still having difficulties you can use the "Dish o' the sea" which can increase your fishing by 3+.
  • You can visually see a crown on the fish's head if you're catching a Legendary Fish.
  • Pressing E will instantly release the fish without having to fail if you are only interesting in legendaries.

I've mapped fishing locations here if you need them

I've also made a video guide if you'd prefer to watch that

Legend Fish
  • Fish at the bottom of the lake; Aim for the log.
  • ALL SEASONS (edited from Spring only)
  • Only catch during rain
  • Catch before 10PM
  • Map location - http://i.imgur.com/2BmhJAf.png
  • Most expensive fish and sells for around 15k gold.
  • After fixing the beach bridge; Fish down from the far right peer.
  • Summer Only
  • Fix the bridge on the right of the beach (req 300 wood)
  • No time limit
  • Map location - http://i.imgur.com/jzJefSB.png
Angler Fish
  • At the bottom of the arrowhead Island within Cindersap Forest.
  • Winter Only
  • Fish far out
  • Catch before 10PM
  • Map location - http://i.imgur.com/sG75uGu.png
Mutant Carp
  • No weather or time requirements.
  • Collect 60 artifacts for Gunther & obtain the Sewer Key
  • Fish anywhere in the Sewer
  • Sewer location - http://i.imgur.com/tdHCJ1a.png

Hope you guys enjoy this quick guide on everything you need to know about the Legendary Fish :)


Overwatch - Quick Guide to McCree by Cynical Nerds

We take a look at the basics and some tips when playing McCree for the first time.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Overwatch Beta Skins Update | March 8, 2016 by DoubleClickOverwatch

New skins have arrived to the Overwatch beta!
▶ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/dcOverwatch

Diablo 3 - Patch 2.4 Demon Hunter Blade Marauder - G70 in 5mins by Dunkelvieh

Diablofans Guide: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/7755...

This is, in my opinion, the strongest M6 setup that currently exists. At the same time, it is also the best way to clear G70+ Rifts solo for some gem ups, if you cannot always play in a group for that!

And on top of that, it is a very nice change of pace!

Hope you enjoy it!

If you do, plz subscribe :-)

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Diablo 3 - 2.4.1 Season 6: Patch Notes (PTR Datamined) by Rhykker

iablo 3 Reaper of Souls patch 2.4.1 (more like patch 2.5) season 6 PTR patch notes datamined from:


Great source of D3 RoS info. Patch 2.4.1 release date? Unknown, but likely around the end of April.

▬ Subscribe for more videos ►http://bit.ly/RhykkerSub

▬ Follow me on Twitch to join me when I play: ►http://bit.ly/1v5gqDu

▬ Follow me on Twitter for updates: ►https://twitter.com/rhykker

▬ Join the in-game community group: Rhykker's Raiders

More Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls guides, builds for all classes - Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Crusader, Barbarian, Monk, and Wizard: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Diablo 3 - Crusader Blessed Hammer GR80 clear video Patch 2.4.0 by Benoit Beaubien

Hi guys. Here is my GR80 clear video whit the Blessed Hammer build. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13_pxHeGB4I

Im paragon 1250 and my gear are nowhere near perfect.

I forgot to show Cubed items at the end:
Weapon: Akkhan's Addendum 
Armor : Hammer Jammers 
Ring: Unity

D3planner link of my build: http://www.d3planner.com/329905413

Have Fun !


Heroes of the Storm - Free to Play Hero Rotation: 08 - 15 March, 2016


  • Raynor
  • Muradin
  • Lt. Morales
  • Zagara
  • Kael'thas
  • Kharazim
  • Johanna (Slot unlocked at Player Level 5)
  • Illidan (Slot unlocked at Player Level 7)
  • Arthas (Slot unlocked at Player Level 12)
  • Rexxar (Slot unlocked at Player Level 15)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Heroes of the Storm - Quick Guide: Xul | Fast Gold and Master Skin by krcgaming

Learn how to level Xul the Necromancer most efficiently to get your gold awards, skin variations and master skin as fast as possible!

This build works great when using the method for farming fast gold and XP described in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxeHL...

I do not recommend the build for QM, HL or TL.

Blade & Soul - In Depth Blade Dancer PVP Guide by Cowman881

Ok, as requested by most of you in my last post, this is an in depth guide for LBD in PVP and how each and every matchup works and break the misconception that LBDs are “spin2win”. Keep in mind that this is my opinion on what strategies that works for me. Also, another thing to mention is the current elo you are in. Each and every playing plays differently, but there is a noticeable difference in playstyles between 1600-1800 and 1800+. I will be discussing them both when needed. I will also provide you guys with the skill tree generally use against each class (I am HM 4 so I will be using the skill points that I currently have).

Let us begin:

Each and every class have different abilities and forces the LBD to play differently in order to win. I will be dividing this post into class categories, but first I have a few general tips for LBD that works with all classes. These are also extremely big mistakes that most lower elo LBD make. If you follow these points you will see an obvious change in your change style and improvement.
  1. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT mindlessly spin. First of all, that completely consumes your focus as well as you letting your opponents get their cooldowns back up.
  2. DO NOT use your tab escape on the very first CC your opponent hits you with. That results in you giving your opponent an open opportunity to completely combo you down from 100-0. An example would be KFM animation cancelling you to death.
  3. Try not to randomly use your Q/E because those can be essential tools in escaping threatening abilities from your opponent. I stress this on less because it’s not as big as an issue since not many people use it often.
  4. Using 2 while in draw stance does not switch to basic stance. With this tip you are able to pull off some massive damage when you chain CC your opponents while in draw stance.
  5. Majority of the ways you win games is being able to understand how your opponent plays (like if he can counter you phantom grab or he can’t time it well enough) and understanding your opponent’s abilities and have a “general” idea of how they spec.
  6. When you opponent uses f as an escape you can either WAIT and press 2 or immediately press x because the last 2 hits will knock them up and they don’t have enough time to iframe. Now that I have discussed the main issues let’s begin with specific class matchups:
I understand that majority of you reading this have issues with Summoners so I will do this one first. This is my skill tree I would use for Summoners.


For me, I find that the most important factor going against Summoner as anyone is that knowing when to focus the cat or the girl. The Summoner has a lot of abilities that can either resist damage or heal which and sometimes be quite annoying. Your main target is going to be THE SUMMONER. As you can see in the skill tree, I have made a change on vortex to meditation. Parrying enemies is useful, but a Summoner can get away with CC situations pretty easily. Also even if you parry, your option according to your instinct is to take flight and air combo the Summoner. However, air combo is not a reliable source of damage since the cat can instantly cancel your combo by using CC on you. The left side of the skill tree works great because you occasionally get 2 seconds of complete invulnerability and 400% defense as well as focus recovery for every point of damage you take while spinning (which Summoners usually do). Your only option of winning is to sustain the game out to the point where Summoners have their essential abilities like heal and counter on cooldown. The only times where you use your air combo is win your RMB for first air combo is up because you are in the air and the cat cannot target you or when the cat is knocked down or far away. When the Summoner is still in the air, don’t use your Blitzblade and save it for when the Summoner counters. Also if the cat is close to you, use your RMB air combo finisher so you knock it away and can continue to DPS the Summoner for a few seconds. After the knock up, be sure to use your lightning draw for some massive damage with that guaranteed crit. Use your RMB in draw stance immediately since Summoners cannot use that counter while knocked down. After you stun they should either immediately go invisible and counter or just stay CC’ed. If they go invisible, try to follow them and SPAM tab since you restore focus for EVERY point of damage you take while spinning. Summoners are the only exception in spinning mindlessly as LBD.

I also put points onto the left side of your tab escape so you can escape the cat when it grabs you. The stun would not work since Summoners don’t have any other forms of stuns/dazes and are usually far enough from you where the tab does not have enough range to daze them.

Whenever the Summoner is throwing all his abilities on you, use your left side specced V and completely nullify the damage while getting HP back. Remember you are only immune to everything when you are spinning your blade, NOT in the small breaks in between each slash.
Here are some skills to point out from the Summoner that can affect your games. When the Summoner holds a dandelion above its’ head, it mean the next damage it takes they will completely counter it and go invisible. Try not to hit her while you see a dandelion, use your Blitzblade instead and then engage again. Another skill is the Summoner making the cat curl up into a ball and making it literally take no damage as well as HP regen. DO NOT FOCUS THE CAT WHEN YOU SEE THIS. You are literally wasting your time and your abilities. Focus the Summoner instead since the cat can’t do anything while curled up. When the cat is not curled up and it’s still healing, it means the Summoner is taking away her own health to give to the cat. This would be a great opportunity to focus the Summoner since your net damage to the cat will ultimately be zero.
With that being said, it brings me to my next point. Most people believe that putting the cat to sleep will make the match easier. No it won’t. First of all, I just stated that the Summoner and the cat and transfer HP. While the cat is asleep, it gets massive HP regen meaning infinite HP for the Summoner for 30 seconds. Second, most decent Summoners would just play defensively until they are beside the cat making your life hard trying to DPS the Summoner without waking up the cat. On VERY RARE occasions where you know the Summoner already blew her tab escape, you can grab the Summoner and put her to sleep giving you 30 seconds to kill the cat. Once the cat is gone, easy game easy life.

My final tip is when successfully grabbing the Summoner without her escaping, be sure to use your Z if the cat is close enough so you can knock the cat back and continue to phantom grab the Summoner without being canceled by CC.

Kung Fu Masters:
As you can see, this is the regular PVP build for LBD. The matchup against KFM is about how you can manage your escapes and movement abilities. Do not mindlessly waste them.


Back when I was in gold, I ALWAYS lost to KFM because I did not recognize the fact that some of their most important abilities are on a massive cooldown and was always scared. The main issue that I had was wasting my tab too early. That is the only form of escape when KFM animation cancels you. The right time to tab is when KFM uses a ability that looks like they are stomping on the ground because that is their longest cooldown ability. If you don’t have tab by then well good luck with that 3 second stun. Occasionally in very dire circumstance you want to tab when they use the AOE punch because it also is on a long cooldown as well as a horrifying start to their combo.

In order to mainly win this matchup is that you need to be decently familiar with the KFM abilities. The main abilities to look out for as a LBD is win the KFM counters. The animation is quite obvious where there are 2 orb things on his hand. DO NOT ATTACK OR YOU WILL HAVE TO WASTE ONE OF YOUR $ ESCAPES. Each and every escape is very valuable against KFM. The second ability you need to look out for as LBD is when they move 90 degrees to your right/left. After sidestepping they evade everything for a short duration. DO NOT SPIN BECAUSE THEY WILL GET IMMUNITY AND MOVESPEED FOR 6 SECDONDS. Grabbing them is quite useless since they just freeze everything in any sort of grapple so your best option would be to grab them and instantly drain/3 for the HP/focus/stun. If you manage to get snared in the ice just tab and you break free and get movement speed. After you run away from them you have a mind game with them. Since you are quite far away from them, they will attempt to jump on you. Just spam Q/E as LBD and you should easily dodge and sidestep behind them. After a slight moment of confusion from the KFM, this is your opportunity to knock them in the air for air combo. Just do the regular air combo, nothing special. When they are knocked down keep in mind that they are still able to counter so what you want to do is immediately lightning draw when they land on the floor. They will press counter hoping you would use RMB to stun them, but no. You wait a few seconds until they are not in counter stance anymore (you can easily tell if they are countering by their hand gesture while on the ground) you THEN press RMB and stun them for some good damage or waste one of their escapes which is very valuable to them against a LBD. Main source of damage is going to come from air combos since KFM have no way of escaping from it.


Another annoying matchup for the LBD. Many people, again, make the mistake of tabbing on the first CC they are hit with. DO NOT DO THAT. You are vulnerable to the point beyond comprehension since that is the ONLY form of escaping the web combo which every assassin does. Even if you get webbed, DO NOT immediately tab. Tab when the assassin approaches you so you can land a daze on him/her, the design of an assassin is mobility, if you make them waste their f escape that makes them vulnerable to all CC that initiates an air combo. Keep in mind that assassins have a quick ability where they flash behind you and stun you. DO NOT tab to that because the will immediately be halfway across the arena already. Most assassins use it to bait out escape but no. With this guide you are smart enough and know better. There is another combo for assassin in higher elo where they can 100-0 you without using the web. The right time to tab for that is after they break your back doing that spin technique.

Another thing to note is the assassin’s counter. When he is moving his hands in a circle it means the next attack you put on him is completely nullified and on top of that he goes invisible. You do not want the assassin to go invisible because that will cause you to mindlessly spin and “hopefully” predict when he’s going to strike again. Generally you want to save Blitzblade in case the assassin has counter. If you don’t you can also use x because you can still knock them up out of their invisibility.

Asides from that there is nothing else to say since it’s the same combo from each assassin you face.

EDIT FROM synix09: Another thing against Assassins is that I like to SS into V to suck them out of stealth. Also keep track of their invisibility timer. I believe it's 6 seconds. Most of them will try to come out and CC you right before the stealth ends so you can time it. For example, when they teleport behind you to stun, you can V suction them right as they do it and reverse it.


Friday, March 4, 2016

Blade & Soul - Quick basic leveling guide for 1-45 by youngENT

After watching the 15 hour leveling guide I made a summary of some key points for getting to level 45 fast. If I missed anything I'm sure someone else will chime in with some insight. Also entire credit goes to Hakurai for an amazing 3 part guide.

  • Do all quests and side quests for first zone, do most side quests in viridian coast at this point.
  • Don't forget to do all gathering and crafting quests in jadestone. Throughout leveling always be upgrading your craft and gathering profs.
  • Skip cinderlands side quests that have you running around, do story up until level 25.
  • Use XP soup and grind vultures dig from level 25 to 31 (2 hours)
  • Continue story only do kill side quests
  • Remember to farm breakthrough weapons or buy them from marketplace
  • Quest up to level 40 remember only kill quests are max efficiency.
  • To level from 40 to 45 pop a XP soup and grind at misty woods besieged camp try to avoid world bosses (2 hours) 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stardew Valley - [Guide] Crop Farming for Beginners by Teslok

How to Farm Crops

This is a very basic guide for beginners, and discusses the general process of how to successfully grow farm produce.

You can probably figure out all of this very easily through trial and error, but some people are really intimidated by the “error” part--it’s easy to misinterpret the game’s vague guidance and lose a huge investment by making one simple mistake.

While some people find farming intuitive, others do need gameplay instructions to be a lot more explicit. That’s what this is for -- though I’m not going to tell you what to do, and instead make gentle suggestions.

Stardew Valley is very much the kind of game where what you get out of it is about what you put in - and you can put in a lot of different things. I know people who’ve had a blast in the game without tilling a single patch or harvesting a single parsnip.

If you spend a season trying to farm the land and grow crops, and you hate it, then cut back. Only farm what you need for bundles, if you’re even interested in bundles, and consider one of the many other methods for advancing in the game.

Required Tools:
  • Hoe
  • Watering Can
  • Seeds
  • Scarecrow
Optional Tools:
  • Sprinkler
  • Pickaxe
  • Axe
  • Scythe
(IRL these terms can be interchangeable; I’m using them to mean specific things in the context of Stardew Valley)
  • Patch: A tilled tile where a seed can be or has been planted.
  • Plot / Bed: An area of patches; a 2x3 Plot is 6 patches arranged as 2 rows and 3 columns.
  • Line Plot: Plots that are one wide or one tall; best used for trellis plants.

Step 1: Clear the Land

This is going to be a constant process. You’re laboring against the elements and entropy, and periodically new branches and rocks will appear. The areas closest to the farmhouse have fewer difficult obstacles like large boulders. Work near the pond for easier water access.

Step 2: Select your Seeds

Every seed packet gives you important information:
  • How long it takes to grow
  • If it is a repeat-bearing plant
  • If a special tool is required for harvest
  • If it has a trellis
The “days to mature” does not include the day of planting; if you want to know if you’ll have enough time to harvest a crop, take the seed packet’s information and add 1.

So if you plant Parsnips (4 days) on Spring 1, you should be able to harvest them on Spring 5. If you re-plant each harvest, you can get 5 Parsnip harvests finished each Spring.

Seed packets with “trellis” in the description will be called “Plant Starter” instead of just seeds--when you plant them, the trellis happens automatically. You cannot walk through trellises. Always make sure that you can reach each trellis plant for watering and harvesting.

Special tool plants usually require the scythe to harvest. This includes plants like kale and wheat. Harvesting these goes very quickly because of the scythe’s large area-of-effect.

Repeat-bearing plants will, as the term suggests, give you multiple harvests over the season. It’s best to plant these as early in the season as possible, so that you can get the most harvests. The time between harvests is variable, some repeat a lot more often.

Step 3: Plan your Plots & Hoe Them

You can just jump in and define the plots with a hoe. You can use floor tiles like stones, gravel, or wood to define the borders, or as counting helpers to determine the Scarecrow influence area.

For trellis crops, as I mentioned before, you need to be able to walk up to each plant and interact with it for watering and harvesting, you cannot walk through them like other crops. These are best done in Line Plots, with space between each line.

Every other plant can be grown in a “solid” plot. Walking through non-trellis plants will not hurt them.

You can add flooring tiles around each plot to prevent weeds.

If you have sprinklers, plan each plot around the sprinkler’s area of effect. Early on, you probably won’t have access to sprinklers, and the basic-tier doesn’t quite seem worth the investment of your limited ores. Later on, sprinklers can be a big help.

Scarecrows keep your crops clear of avian invaders, which can reduce your yields. Each scarecrow protects a roughly circular area going eight tiles to either side and up/down from its location.

Plot size depends on how much you want to water. Early on, due to limited starting funds, low farmer levels, and inefficient tools, you should keep your plots small.

As a suggestion, it can be a good habit to plan each plot in at least 3 patches wide or 3 tall. Why? Well, at least one crop each season has the potential to grow into a Giant version. These crops include Cauliflower, Melons, and Pumpkins; there may be others.

What happens is, a 3x3 grid of individual crops will, overnight, ripen into one giant 3x3 version. Hit it with your axe to harvest.

/u/pocketknifeMT reports that Giant Produce will, fairly consistently, give 15 instead of 9 of the item, so trying to maximize your chances of getting a Giant can be worthwhile.

Another reason to garden in multiples of 3: The first watering can upgrade can be charged to water 3 patches in a line. (The next one waters 5 patches in a line.)

For your first year, until you get the watering can upgrades or install sprinkler systems, try growing patches of 3x5 of the basic crops, and three 1x5 lines of any trellis crops.

After your first few harvests, adjust how many plots and patches you want to maintain each morning so that you can do more of the other things the game has to offer.

As you approach the later half of each season, you’ll need to pay closer attention to how much time you have left. As a rule of thumb, I tend to never plant new crops after the 21st, unless I decide last-minute I need a quick batch of 4-day plants.

Step 4: Soil Improvement & Sowing

Improving your soil (“fertilization”) is optional; there are three different kinds with basic and quality versions of each. You can either buy them (which gets expensive) or craft them (recipes unlocked with increased skill tiers). Each of the 3 fertilizer types comes in a basic and improved version.

You have to place the fertilizer BEFORE you plant any seeds. Only one type of fertilizer can be placed per patch.

This gives you improved chances of getting Gold and Silver Star Produce, which are worth a lot more when sold directly. While you will still get Quality Produce without fertilizer, you will get a whole bunch if you do use fertilizer.

Retaining Soil
This gives you a chance of not needing to water a particular plant overnight. For the most part, this isn’t worth it, and is made obsolete if you transition to a sprinkler system.

These make your crops grow faster by roughly 10 or 25%. This is really handy to get a leg-up on slow-to-mature crops, especially repeating crops so that you can try to squeeze in more harvests.

Important: If you harvest a patch that has a fertilizer active, the fertilizer will remain active until the patch erodes or the season changes. Always try to re-plant (and water) a fertilized patch before the end of the day or it might go away overnight ... unless you know there isn’t enough time for a final harvest before the season changes.

After fertilizing, if you chose to do so, plant your seeds and water them.

Step 5: Tending

Crops need to be watered every day, with a few exceptions. If a plant misses a day of watering, its time to maturity will be delayed.

Rainy Weather: You don’t need to water.

Retaining Soil: You’ll need to check each patch of a plot and manually water ones that didn’t stay wet overnight.

Sprinkler: A sprinkler will take care of watering for you starting the morning after it is set up; you do still have to water anything in a sprinkler’s range on the first day.
Last Day of the Season: Any remaining crops will die overnight, don’t bother watering.

That’s really the extent of tending your crops. You’ll want to remove tree seeds/saplings, if any show up nearby, just because they can become obstacles or obscure your field of vision. People have reported having random branch/stone spawns in their plots, you can repair the damage and re-sow any damaged patches, though the crops in that spot will be “behind” the growth of their neighbors.

Step 6: Harvest & Maintenance

When you walk up to a plant and it has green Plus symbol, you can harvest it. For most plants, you just up and pick them. Some crops, like kale, require a scythe to harvest.

If the plant is a single-harvest, you can re-plant the patch. If a repeater, you’ll want to water each patch after harvesting so that it will continue to give you produce.

Note that Pierre’s is closed on Wednesdays; if you know you’ll have a harvest on a Wednesday, you may want to buy your seeds the day before. Joja Mart always seems to be open, but the seed prices are higher than Pierre’s.

Step 7: Processing / Artisan Goods

Early on, you can sell just about everything you produce. Keeping a few of each fruit or vegetable can be handy if you want to get into befriending villagers, cooking once you have a kitchen, and for finishing bundles if you decide to work on the Community Center bundles.

Note that the quality of any produce used in the Community Center doesn’t matter except in the Quality Crops bundle, which requires 5 gold star Parsnips, Melons, Corn Ears, and Pumpkins.

From here on, I’m going to give some slightly more advanced tips.

Eventually you’ll unlock crafting recipes for all sorts of cool stuff that helps you make Artisan Goods. These are worth more than crops, require less maintenance, usually make good generic gifts if you’re into the social aspect of the game, and did I mention require less maintenance?

The Tapper: Plunk it onto a tree (maple, oak, cedar … and the randomly-spawning mushroom tree) and it will periodically give you a prize. Requires no maintenance, just collection. Later on in the game, you may find other trees to tap, like Palms.

Preserves Jar & Keg: Feed these barrels produce, get prizes. Some things finish processing in a day, others take longer - if you have basic no-star produce, this can easily triple that item’s sale value.

Bee House: Just put it somewhere and collect that delicious honey. Maintenance is optional; during spring, summer, and fall you can plant flowers nearby to get flavored honey, then leave the flowers up all season. Flavored honey is worth more. Pick the flowers at the end of season to have as handy gifts/ingredients/profit.

Oil Maker: This only works for truffles, which are pretty rare. You may not find truffles at all during your first year, but it does work for other crops according to Seilaerion, who says it works with Sunflower Seeds. It might work for other things, so try it out and see what happens?

There are other processing tools specific to Animal Husbandry. I can’t speak to those from a place of experience, so I’ll leave writing a basic rancher’s guide to someone who has more than just chickens. I will say that in all cases, processed farm goods are worth a lot more than raw produce, so dedicating some of each harvest toward Artisan processing can provide additional income with much less maintenance than ordinary farming.

Additional Notes

If you missed it before: ALL CROPS DIE BETWEEN SEASONS
(except corn, which is a summer & fall crop)

Some will just vanish, others will leave dried husks to clear before you can plant for the new season. I did have a random Cranberry bush survive one day, but it did not bear fruit and was gone by Winter 2. That tile was a problem all season, though.

Fertilizer will expire between seasons.

I won’t speak to the “best” crop per season - the values are subject to change, and what works for me might not work for you. Try everything and see what you like.

I will say, again, that repeater crops are awesome, and that Corn, being a summer and fall crop, can be an excellent long-term investment.
Fruit Trees:
These are a great resource; a fully-grown tree will, ideally, give 28 fruits each year and they require minimal maintenance.

If you want to be sure your trees will be mature and producing on the first day they’re in season, you need to plan 2 seasons ahead. Plant spring bearing trees at the end of Fall, Summer-fruiters in Winter, and Fall producers in Spring.

Fruit trees need 2 tiles between one another, and will only grow if they have clear space on all 8 adjacent tiles.

If you have a lot of fruit trees, planting a few grass starters near them during their off-seasons makes use of the space and can provide fodder for any livestock.
You have no ordinary seed crops available during winter. This is a good time to finish clearing your land, upgrade your tools, and explore other parts of the game like the mine and fishing.

If you’re interested in animal husbandry and have built a Silo, be sure to harvest any wild grass before Winter; grass dies on Winter 1.

Fruit Trees will grow through winter. Oak, Maple, and Pine saplings will not mature.

Edits & Bonus Tips
I’m just going to preemptively make this section. I’m sure I’ll need to make formatting edits, and depending on my time / attention span I’ll add in relevant suggestions and tips made by others.

Sure enough ... typos and formatting errors galore.

Kraineth: "The Scythe will not cut any of your crops unless they are specifically the crops intended to harvest via Scythe"

FenixR: "The Keg and Jar still increase the prices of silver and gold star products." (note: This one is still being debated back and forth; it seems that this happens for some people, for some products, but not all the time for all products)

Seilaerion: "The Oil Maker isn't actually limited to only truffles. You can throw sunflower seeds in and get normal Oil back."

pocketknifeMT: "15 units. I watched and it held true for 3 crops." (in reference to the Giant crops and their increased yields)

Ryhlac says that tappers work on palm trees too.

rtfree posted a reminder that in Winter, you can plant and harvest the Winter Foraging seeds. (When you complete the bundle, you can build a packet of Foraging seeds using 4 seasonal foraging items).

This is a guide for Stardew Valley as of the first week it was out. The developer is very likely to make changes as feedback rolls in, and as time passes this guide may become less and less relevant. I undertake no obligation to update or revise this guide, though I may voluntarily do so for a limited time.