Friday, March 11, 2016

Stardew Valley - [Guide] How and where to catch all Legendary Fish by Pedguin

Hiya & welcome to my quick guide on where & how to obtain all the Legendary Fish
Set up
  • Rod - Iridium Rod is a must have if you want to do this effectively
  • Tackle - Trap Bobber - Easily the best tackle for Legendary Fish (Limits their movement when free)
  • Bait - As far as I'm concerned "wild bait" doesn't make it any easier then normal bait
Small tips
  • You shouldn't have any issues with catching these fish if you are level 10 fishing. If you are having issues you should eat the Trout Soup before fishing to increase your fishing skill by +1; this can be bought from Willy for a cheap price. if you are still having difficulties you can use the "Dish o' the sea" which can increase your fishing by 3+.
  • You can visually see a crown on the fish's head if you're catching a Legendary Fish.
  • Pressing E will instantly release the fish without having to fail if you are only interesting in legendaries.

I've mapped fishing locations here if you need them

I've also made a video guide if you'd prefer to watch that

Legend Fish
  • Fish at the bottom of the lake; Aim for the log.
  • ALL SEASONS (edited from Spring only)
  • Only catch during rain
  • Catch before 10PM
  • Map location -
  • Most expensive fish and sells for around 15k gold.
  • After fixing the beach bridge; Fish down from the far right peer.
  • Summer Only
  • Fix the bridge on the right of the beach (req 300 wood)
  • No time limit
  • Map location -
Angler Fish
  • At the bottom of the arrowhead Island within Cindersap Forest.
  • Winter Only
  • Fish far out
  • Catch before 10PM
  • Map location -
Mutant Carp
  • No weather or time requirements.
  • Collect 60 artifacts for Gunther & obtain the Sewer Key
  • Fish anywhere in the Sewer
  • Sewer location -

Hope you guys enjoy this quick guide on everything you need to know about the Legendary Fish :)


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