Monday, December 11, 2017

Dark Souls 3 - Smough's Great Hammer | Smough Cosplay - PVP Guide by TheGameconomist

Here is my detailed review of Smough's Great Hammer. I go over the moveset, a cosplay build, and how it performs in all scenarios, including PVP and PVE. It was really fun playing as Smough!

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Friday, December 8, 2017

League of Legends - Patch Notes 7.24 Biggest Changes/EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW by KingStix

Everything You need to know about PATCH 7.24 | Fast Accurate Patch 7.24 Rundown/Analysis. League of Legends Patch Notes 7.24 breakdown analysis.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Dota 2 - Advanced Invoker Guide by MericGaming

This guide is for the people who are playing invoker or they wanna learn invoker or they wanna get better with invoker
I love playing invoker and i know that a lot of people would like to get better with playing invoker that's why specially i made this guide so i can see people who love this hero actually playing it in the correct way , this is only the part 1 in the part 2 which that i'm still editing i will explain how to deal with so many heroes in the mid lane and how to win against them and other stuff that u will find out later ;)

Monday, December 4, 2017

Overwatch - In Depth Diamond Zarya Vod Review by a Grand Master Zarya Main. TONS of Zarya tips/lessons by CANAS1AN

Hey guys, it's CANAS1AN.
I am back with another Zarya vod review. I think this is one of my best/most educational vod reviews as of late.
This review was recorded on September 5th, however the vod is pretty old. There are still A TON of important Zarya lessons in the video. Barrier usage. Ult usage. Positioning. Target selection. Reloading. The works.
Also, I misspoke in the video. You can see Sombra and Orisa are in hero select at 41:55 in Part 1. So the vod is only a few months old and Sombra was in fact released (as was Orisa)
Also before you comment saying I was too harsh, here is what Jimmy had to say about his review.
"i needed harsh reviews honestly, i've been playing with a load of people and they all say i have an exceptional zarya, a few of these people are Masters and GM one was top 500 for a week or so. But because of this they never pointed out my mistakes so having a harsh review was actually really helpful."
So there you have it. Enjoy the video guys and thanks for watching.

Friday, December 1, 2017

League of Legends - ADC Tier List Patch 7.23 - Best ADC's To Pick In Solo Q Preseason by Kaluchi

Hello all I'm back with a new video todays video is ADC Tier List Patch 7.23 - Best ADC's To Pick In Solo Q Preseason !


At the end of the video you will see the stats of my smurf.
Main account will be unbanned after 10 more days or so.
Also this smurf is now my official 3th acc in Diamond :) .
What champion is most busted in your opinion preseason? let me know!

I hope you guys enjoyed the video!

Like always if you have any questions ask them below.

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Have a nice day,



Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fortnite Battle Royale - Useful Tips for New Players & Things to Consider by Sandpit_RMA

I just wanted to pass along some tips I've learned on my own, some I've picked up from other players, and some I've picked up playing PUBG.
Doors: Doors should be the first thing you pay attention to when approaching a building. Doors always start closed. If a door is open, someone has been there or is currently there. I typically close doors behind me and when leaving a building. This means if another player runs through the area they're more likely to waste time looking through a building I've already looted.
Building: Remember, there are actually several shapes and objects you can build. By holding circle while in the building UI you can edit whatever you're currently building. So if you're putting up a wall, "deleting" the two squares in the center creates a door. Make sure to experiment with the different shapes you can use, some are going to be more effective than others. Even if you're not interested in getting "fancy" with your builds, practice this portion. It WILL become part of any meta in the future and having the muscle memory and ability to quickly switch in and out of build mode will help you immensely.
Map: Learn the map. This one just takes time and experience. Learn the landmarks on the map so that you don't have to bring up your map to get an idea of where you're at.
Markers: Use your markers! Even if you're dropping solo, use your markers. Placing a marker at the location you're heading to ensures you can easily track your direction and keep you from getting distracted and turned around
Pick your fights wisely: You just saw an enemy running across a field. Should you engage? There's a lot of factors to consider. What weapon do they currently have out? Is it better range than what you've got? What's the terrain look like? Are you at an advantage for cover, height, etc.? Just because you see someone doesn't mean you have to or even should engage. Don't blindly fire at everyone you run across. You're just going to wind up giving away your location more often than not.
Relocate: I know bushes tend to be real popular at the moment, but camping a single spot after shooting at someone typically isn't a great idea, with a few exceptions. It's not hard to locate other players based on sound in this game. It may not exactly pinpoint you, but it will draw attention to the cover areas in your vicinity making people more actively scan for you. You don't have to run across the map to relocate, but moving to another area in your general vicinity is much better than sitting in a single spot the entire time tactically.
Traps: There's a lot of... well let's just say not everyone agrees that they're useful. Me personally, I believe any item in the game that causes damage to an enemy opponent is useful. Use them. Place them in unexpected areas. I don't think, at least right now, they're very useful in late game, but early and mid game is where you can find some utility for them. Even if a trap doesn't secure a kill or knockdown, that still creates a situation where a player has to use healing items from the inventory.
Barrier: One popular tactic is to actually hang out outside of the barrier perimeter in mid and early games. You'll need a lot of bandages though. You should know the DPS of the barrier at your current stage. First = 1dps, Second = 2dps, and so on. Getting caught in the barrier isn't a death sentence and as long as you don't panic you'll have little to worry about most times. Unless you got distracted and are just too far to make it to the new area. Every round I see "Downed by the storm" a few times. Don't let this be you! (Remember to use those markers)
Early Game: This is usually the most frantic portion of the game (with end of round being the exception sometimes) Learning and knowing the map is probably one of the most important things to do for early game. It allows you to know where to land, when to jump, what to expect, and where to start running after you hit the ground. You should be moving and collecting at this stage. Picking fights is entirely up to you at this point. This is what I consider the "run and gun" stage.
Mid Game: After the circle has been established and the timer has started ticking down it's time to start thinking about where you want to be when that circle closes. You should have a couple of your preferred weapons at this point. You want to try and make it to this point as unscathed as possible. This is where things start getting scarce and you're more likely to be drawn into firefights. The important thing to remember here is keeping an eye on the circle and timer. Know your area and how to get to the next one.
Late Game: This is the point where hopefully you're running around stalking and being stalked by the last 20 players or so. At this point you're playing a more "traditional" FFA style game on a relatively small map (as the circle closes). Range starts becoming less of a factor as the circle size decreases. You should have at least 2 locations in your mind at this point inside the circle. This is where you'll need to start making decisions about fortifications. Do you build and defend? Do you run and gun? Do you camp and wait? Most of this is going to simply depend on your personal play style, skills, and situation at the time.
This is not by ANY means a comprehensive list or deep strategies. Just some tips I think might help new players get acclimatized to the game, the mode, and the objective. Hopefully you'll find something useful to help you get that umbrella!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Overwatch - Top 500 D.Va Main Guide | Micro Missiles by LowKeyNerd

Hello all, I'm LowKeyNerd and the author of many D.Va guides on Reddit:

I post my full scripts here for your reading pleasure and then also link the video if you'd prefer that. Happy discussing!
"What’s up Nerds? If you are new to my channel, I’m LowKeyNerd, a multi-season Top 500 D.Va main. I’ve been playing since Overwatch Beta and enjoy making guides, streaming, and managing my Discord as hobbies. You’ll see a mix of stream games and recorded games in this video.
Before the video gets started, there are a few things to address. First, carbon fiber is still the best D.Va skin. Second, I’ll refer to the micro missiles as rockets since they are literally rockets and not missiles. Lastly, I dedicate much of my time in matches to hunting the enemy Mercy. If there is one thing to take away from this guide before it even starts, it’s to kill the enemy Mercy. If your team has a Mercy, and believe me you definitely will, then by killing the enemy team’s Mercy, you effectively make it a 5v7 fight in your favor. Wait for her to overextend and then -kapow-.
But, never mind all that. Let’s talk about D.Va’s rockets. Here are my go-to tips for getting the most out of D.Va’s new skill:
  1. Paraphrased from OW wiki: D.Va fires 18 rockets over a duration of 1.6 seconds. The rockets take around half a second to fire after using the ability. They do a total of 162 damage if all 18 rockets hit the target directly. Rockets damage D.Va if she is within the 1.5-meter explosion AOE. Once the ability button is pressed, the barrage of rockets cannot be stopped by any of D.Va's other abilities. However, it can be stopped by stunning her or destroying her mech. Keep in mind that D.Va is able to use this ability with every other ability, including Defense Matrix and Quick Melee.
  2. Pre-fire the enemy spawn when on most Escort defense, Assault defense, and Hybrid defense maps. You can get around 10% ult charge off of a good pre-fire. I’ve been able to kill squishes alongside a fellow Rein and Symmetra.
  3. There are really only 2 primary times to use rockets: firing into a choke and using them to get picks. Firing into a choke is simple enough. However, take care not to use rockets right before your team decides to push. It is to your benefit and the benefit of your team for you to have rockets off cooldown before each major push because rockets help you get picks.
  4. The broader scenario to talk about is diving for picks. The burst damage potential from D.Va’s abilities is very high and you are easily able to kill squishes if correctly used. This is my normal sequence when committing to a pick or engaging in general for a medium range target: 1. Use boosters and primary fire. 2. Shortly after using boosters use rockets and start the 0.5 second warm-up. 3. As you approach the target, focus on primary fire tracking. 4. Boop into the enemy with boosters. 5. Use melee to finish them off. Given the right circumstances, this will KO even 250 HP heroes.
  5. The only time rocket tracking should be prioritized over primary fire tracking is if you are attempting to last hit someone from long range. D.Va’s primary fire does a substantially larger amount of DPS close range. Since rockets are projectiles and your primary fire is hitscan, you will never hit all shots with both unless the enemy is standing still or running directly away from you. Prioritize primary fire and treat random rocket damage is a bonus.
  6. Remember that rockets can be used while matrixing. In order to keep your mecha, if your low on health and your hitscan enemy is also low on health, then consider matrixing them while you finish them off with rockets. This is also the only time where it might be good to aim for the enemy’s feet to make use of the rocket AOE.
  7. Matrixing while firing rockets is also a great way to kill ulting heroes while denying them their ultimate. Pharah, McCree, and Reaper are good candidates to using the matrix-rocket combo on since their movement is limited.
That’s it! Thanks for your support so far. I hope that once 50% of the GM bracket isn’t filled with Mercy mains, the game will become fun again. Until next time, peace."