Friday, January 20, 2017

League of Legends - Learn2Play: Hecarim by Tarzaned God

Hope you guys enjoyed. This type of video required more time and effort so thumbs up/ratings are very much appreciated. As always, Subscribe for more content. Happy New Years!

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

League of Legends - Mid Lane Solo Queue Tier List Patch 7.1 by RvzStealth

Best Mid Laners Patch 7.1 | Mid Lane Solo Queue Tier List Patch 7.1

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

League of Legends - A compilation of League life hacks and relatively unknown, but useful gimmicks by Vievin

A compilation of League life hacks, tips and relatively unknown, but useful gimmicks.
Note: Most of the tips aren't my invention, I heard them in pro play, guides or other sources.
  • /ignore @champion mutes said champion's summoner and their emotes (joke, taunt, dance, laugh and mastery emote).
  • This area is a gap between the tier 2 and inhib turret true vision, so if you place a ward there, it will go unnoticed. Neat if you're looking to splitpush, so if anyone comes to defend, you'll het a heads up. Mirror for red side top, of course.
  • Ruby Sightstone affects trinket cooldown. Just sayin'.
  • You can check if a brush is warded by gaining minion aggro and walking into that brush. If it is warded, the minions will continue to attack, if not, they will drop aggro immediately.
  • Champions with autoattack-reset abilities (Nasus, Leona etc) can clear wards by themselves with auto, reset and another auto.
  • Unnamed Unique Passives stack per different item (e.g the bonus shield/heal power from Mikael's, Redemption, Censer and Forbidden Idol itself), but named passives don't stack at all (like Chalice's passive, Harmony doesn't stack with Athene's and Mikael's).
  • Honeyfruit slows by a significant amount when walked over. Use this at your advantage when fleeing through your river and there's a Honeyfruit between you and your enemy.
  • The Rift Scuttler has 60 AR and MR by default, but if she gets a movement-preventing CC (snares, stuns, airborne effects and forced actions), they will drop to 10, making her easier to kill.
  • A perfectly netted Frostfang brings back the upgrade cost in ten minutes [ 500/((7+2)x6) ], the same feat takes Nomad's Medallion 20 minutes ( [ 500/(2x6x2) ] aka assuming she stays botlane forever). (This isn't actually a tip, just wanted to do the math for some time.)
  • You can determine which skill has Thresh put his first point in if you left-click on him. If he leveled up E first, he will have a slowly charging passive buff. If he leveled Q first, he will have no such passive. If he leveled W, he's a total noob or got invaded early.
  • Pure damage, originating from the fountain laser only, ignores all resists, invulnerability or revive effects but the revive passives from GA and Aatrox's, Anivia's and Zac's passive won't be put on cooldown. Also, it respects untargetability like Zhonya's and Vlad pool.
  • You can determine whether Aatrox, Zac, Blitz, Volibear and Anivia have their passives up by left-clicking them. Aatrox and (maybe) Anivia also displays cooldown remaining.
  • Morgana's and Katarina's ults and Tryndamere's W can only be used when an enemy champion is nearby. If it suddenly lights up, but you don't see anyone, be cautious.
  • Trinkets can be used while channeling, so you can ward while recalling.
  • Since red ward's range is lower than regular green ward's, it's possible to place a red and a green ward in the Dragon/Baron pit in a way that the green ward sees the red ward, but isn't spotted by it. Also, unless placed in the middle, control wards don't even have vision in the entire midlane side bush.
  • Attacking an enemy unit while in bush reveals you and your immediate surroundings. If you're near someone in bush and they start attacking, move away so you won't be revealed.
  • Vladimir's Q - Transfusion is not a particle in itself so it will go through Wind Wall and Unbreakable. Rather, the self-healing is a particle going from the target to Vladimir, so it gets destroyed by Wind Wall and Unbreakable.
EDIT: /u/DarkeKnight has provided me (us) with a few more tips.
  • You can see how soon inhibitors will respawn by the coloured ring around them.
  • You don't have to use Zhonya's to avoid only damage. This may sound obvious but you can use Zhonyas to dodge CC which would otherwise end up killing you(Ashe ult, Morg Q, Blitz Q etc)
  • Thresh lantern is counted as an unit, so it can't be gone through (to prevent standing on top of it so players can't click it). Between turrets and walls, it effectively cuts off the entire path.
  • You can teleport to Thresh's lantern, J4's flag, Heim's turrets, Tibbers, Daisy, Teemo shrooms, Shaco box, Rek'Sai tunnel, Malzahar's voidlings, Zyra's plants and seeds, Elise's spiderlings, Jhin traps and Zac blobs. You cannot teleport to Shaco/Leblanc clone, Morde's ult thing, Cait's and Nidalee's traps.
  • Cleanse removes summoner spell debuffs (Ignite, Exhaust) and damage over time effects, but doesn't remove suppression (WW/Malz ult).
  • As Ryze you can R -> Zhonyas/Guardian Angel(both work of yourself and your allies) to get 100% to the location of your R. (submitted by /u/mysteriouzzz )


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

League of Legends - Jungle Ivern guide by LS

Cheat sheet image to builds : http://imgur.com/a/BpD0e
Timestamps :
00:01 Start
00:09 Introduction to Ivern / Matchups
00:42 Ivern team compositions/Basics
02:07 Runes explaination
04:25 Masteries explaination
07:12 Skill order reasoning
08:14 Itemization
10:20 Itemization part 2
12:26 Vocab: "Tapping"
14:06 Jungle Routes/Clears
14:22 BLUE Jungle start version #1
15:12 BLUE Jungle start version #2
16:00 RED Jungle start version #1
16:26 RED Jungle start version #2
17:40 Jungling/playing early and mid game. Tapping properly
18:52 How to gank as Ivern
20:20 Using Rootcaller to get around vision
20:44 Ganking top or bot
21:22 DAISY
23:42 Teamfighting
26:30 Being creative with Daisy
27:05 Ultra Baron/Dragon cheese
27:54 Brush play
28:48 Concluding thoughts/Mindset to have when playing Ivern

Op.gg w/ lots of Ivern replays: http://www.op.gg/summoner/userName=ls...

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Enjoy the video! Ivern is one of the champions I love playing and so I was super excited to make this guide.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

League of Legends - "How To Get Diamond" Guide Series. Simplified, Understandable videos by Professor Akali

Hi everyone, Creator of the Mid Lane 101 Series here! I had been working on a "How to get diamond" series for the past few months now on and off. The goal of this series was to create quality videos that get straight to the point and are easily understandable, rather than going off on multiple tangents in order to collect as much Ad revenue as possible by forcing the video length over 10 minutes like some other video makers.

I have around 50 video topics and have just released the first 8 videos, and will be doing a daily video every day until new years eve. As always, any and all criticism and feedback is highly appreciated, and I hope you guys are able to benefit from this!

Series Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ze01scHlPm4&index=1&list=PL_jzbIn1IcfKlt0ih8LJMd9GZ8ygrj1kh

Individual Links:

How To Get Diamond: How & When To Freeze Wave - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3AQrO5JDOY&list=PL_jzbIn1IcfKlt0ih8LJMd9GZ8ygrj1kh&index=2

How To Get Diamond: How To Abuse Champion Cooldowns - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5hTELWCYmY&list=PL_jzbIn1IcfKlt0ih8LJMd9GZ8ygrj1kh&index=3

How To Get Diamond: How To Build A Champion Pool - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiycI7wnAAI&index=4&list=PL_jzbIn1IcfKlt0ih8LJMd9GZ8ygrj1kh

How To Get Diamond: Why LCS Players Never Blame Team - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUM2JaGb5dM&index=5&list=PL_jzbIn1IcfKlt0ih8LJMd9GZ8ygrj1kh

How To Get Diamond: Splitpushing vs. Grouping - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y72Lcbh4WVs&index=6&list=PL_jzbIn1IcfKlt0ih8LJMd9GZ8ygrj1kh

How To Get Diamond: How To Avoid Getting Ganked! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnaVufZsgek&index=7&list=PL_jzbIn1IcfKlt0ih8LJMd9GZ8ygrj1kh

How To Get Diamond: CS vs. Kills - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvNOJ4sW_oA&index=8&list=PL_jzbIn1IcfKlt0ih8LJMd9GZ8ygrj1kh