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Dark Souls 3 - List of Hidden Mechanics by JetStrim

No Particular Order (just listing what pops up on my mind)

1) Weapon Arts - (Unless Edited) Press L2 to perform the main hand / off hand weapons Weapon Art.

2) Estus Chugging - Mash the Use Item button to continuously chug it.

3) Ladder Battle Mechanics - You can punch upward or kick downward to attack enemies while climbing ladders (Either R1 or R2 forgot what the kick and punch is). being hit with this drains stamina. drain their stamina and the will fall the ladder.

4) Ladder Estus Chugging - Well, you can chug that estus while climbing.

5) Summoning - Has 30 Seconds Cooldown per summon (I haven't tried it, anyone confirm?)

6) Phantom difficulty - The more friendly phantoms you have, the more the enemies HP adjusts

7) Password Summoning Scale Down - If the character being summoned is much much overpowered compared to the host, the phantom would be scaled down to close to the level of the Host.

8) Purple Summon Signs - summons Mad Spirit, It's on their own decision if he will help or kill the host. (common knowledge, but helpful for starters who doesn't know this as this covenant is kinda hidden)

9) Frost Status Effect - Increase damage and slows stamina regen if inflicted. When proced, will deal 10% HP damage, you can remove frost effect with any fire based damage.

10) Curse Status Effect - Insta kills you if the built up finished

11) Being Embered - it makes you open for Invasion that means PvP. (some are NPC but surely most of the time it's Players, sometimes, name hint's if it's a player)

12) Location Population - during location pick on bonfire, you will see an icon (don't know what that is) that means it has more population at that area in range of your SL and weapon upgrade. more icons = more people.

Edit 1 as added by itztaytay (also edited the others on top as he clarifies some of them):

1) 2 Handing Weapons - Performs stronger attack or more stability to shield while 2 handed, some weapons are special in which you will be equipping two types of weapons or shield instead. Press (unless edited) "Triangle" or "Y" button for main hand 2 hand and hold down the button for off hand 2 hand.
2) Torch - Removes leeches. certain enemies apply leeches to your character that builds bleed status on a long duration (about 2 or 3 bleed procs based on experience) equip a torch to remove them.
3) Dried Fingers - a special item for you to increase number of friendly summons by 1, but increase the chances of invaders and its maximum number by 1.
4) Quick Item / Magic Switch - Hold down the switch Item / switch Magic button to switch the selection to the first equiped item / magic
5) All statuses have Hp scaling (Frost, Bleed, Poison, Toxic, Curse) and is the ONLY way they scale. Increasing buildup will let you proc the effect faster but does not change the damage at all, only the enemy's max Hp does that. (also storyteller staff is way better than normal poison for some reason)

Edit 2 as added by Emad-520 (Some of his contributions are edited above, others are bellow):

1) Dying as an Invader - If you die during invasion, it drops your souls on the location of your death.
2) Being Blue Phantoms - Killing players with the covenant "Watchdogs of Farron" and "Aldrich Faithfuls" won't give you rewards.

Edit 3:

1) Poise - the ability to withstand an attack. only works on certain type of weapons during attack. (correct me here)
2) Hollowing Level - is increased everytime you die, the number of increase is based on the number of dark sigils on your inventory
3) Alluring skulls works on NPC invaders
4) Ladder Jump - tap the run button twice.

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League of Legends - 2:53 - Nidalee Lvl 4 Clear (Leashless) - Guide - Patch 7.18 by Call_me_Nidalee

Hi, I'm Call me Nidalee, this is a guide on how to get level 4 on Nidalee consistently around 2min53 even without a leash.
I'm going to explain how to clear every camp and which combo you should use to get a clear as fast as this one.
Here is the clear.
I used these runes and these masteries.

Trap Placement
Since the Patch 7.2, Nidalee can only place 4 traps level 1.
The best trap setup I found is two at raptorsone at wolf and one at blue.
Lots of people place 4 traps at raptors but to clear quickly wolf and blue I need a trap and it would cost too much mana to place 2 more traps during the clear.

You need only 5 pounces to kill raptors and to clear them quickly you must get a reset on each pounce (thanks to a mark or by killing an unit while you're in cougar form).
You will always use 2 AA between each pounce and focus the big raptors with your AA.
When the camp spawn you should place a new trap on raptors to put a new mark after the first pounce. You must wait for the raptors to spawn and to destroy your first trap or your first trap will despawn because of the 4 traps limit.
After placing your trap, transform in cougar and use your pounce as fast as possible followed by 2 AA on the big raptor (We could use an AA before the first pounce but to clear this camp we don't need this extra AA so we just lose around 0,5s).
Then pounce again and start kiting the raptors into the second trap you placed level one. Here you must use 1 AA on a little raptor so it will die on the forth pounce and give you another reset.
Then transform in human to AA the big raptor.
Then AA AA Pounce 2 more times to end the camp.

You have to be really greedy to clear the red as fast as possible. Don't be afraid to get AA'ed from the red.
You engage it with a spear max range followed by an AA and a trap to get another reset for your next pounce.
Then AA Takedown AA Pounce -> Start Kiting -> AA Spear AA -> Pounce In -> AA Q -> Start Kiting to raptors -> Use AA and Spear till the red has 73 Hp or less -> Use a last AA to finish the red (you can transform into cougar and pounce during the AA travel time, if you do it well your pounce will reset. During this clear I failed)

Engage with a spear mid range and use an AA before pouncing in.
You must pounce before the wolves proc the trap you placed level one to get a new mark on wolves which will reset your second pounce. This is why you don't use your spear at max range.
Then AA Takedown AA Pounce -> AA a little wolf and Spear the big wolf -> Start Kiting -> AA Twice the big wolf while kiting -> Pounce AA Takedown -> Kite -> Pounce and finish the second little wolf with an AA
You can kill the little wolves with your swipe instead of your pounce but you won't get your swipe CD (6s) for your first cougar spell rotation on the blue.

You need 2 rotations of cougar's spells to kill the blue. My blue's clear wasn't that clean so don't reproduce the combo in the video but the way to kite is right.
So you start blue with a Spear and an AA before pouncing in. Here you must pounce before the blue proc the trap you placed level 1, like at wolf.
Then AA Swipe AA Pounce AA Takedown (In the video I did the takedown after the swipe which is a mistake as it scales with %MissingHealth) -> Start Kiting -> AA Spear AA -> Pounce In AA Swipe AA Take down -> Start kiting to the Gromp
You want to let the blue with around 150 HP so you can kill him while doing the gromp.

After your second cougar's spell rotation, use a spear max range on Gromp and use an AA before kiting it to the wolf.
When the blue and Gromp are next to each others use your Swipe and Pounce on both to finish the blue and hit the gromp at the same time.
After that just kite the gromp till you have enough mana and health to use your spear and finish it in cougar.
Your cougar combo should be like this : Pounce AA Swipe AA Takedown
With AA between spells and the Takedown to finish the Gromp.

The skeleton of Nidalee's clear is to engage with a Spear -> 2 or 3 Cougar's Spell with AA between them -> Kite in human till you can use your cougar's spell again.
Some of you may say that this clear isn't optimized because you end up low HP but you can go to the scuttle crab and clear it with smite and end full life.
Sorry for the long post, I hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading,


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Overwatch - Detailed Grandmaster Winston Guide by DocSword

Doc Sword’s Grandmaster Winston Guide
The beautiful thing about Overwatch is that there is no one “correct” way to play the game. This guide is based on my playstyle, experiences in the GM/Masters level, and preferences. It may differ from yours and that’s okay. I welcome and encourage any discussion, corrections, or questions with regards to the content of this guide as I love improving just as much as everybody else. Ask any questions or add parts I may have missed (I’ve never made anything like this before and would love feedback). Apologies in advance for the length. He’s got a lot worth mentioning and I’m not even close to covering it all.
  1. Abilities/Melee/Weapon/Ultimate
Jump Pack: Without a jump pack, Winston would easily be one of, if not the most useless heroes in the game. So we can reasonably conclude that most of our beloved ape’s usefulness is centered around his leap and the mobility it affords him. Great for high ground denial, fight initiation, escape, and stalling.
  • When Diving:
  • When you leap towards a player, attempt to land on them as it does 50 points of essentially free damage which will better allow you to secure a quick kill before the enemy can react or escape. (Worth noting the initiation of your jump does 1 damage. I often kill sym turrets with it to avoid turning to zap them).
  • In addition to landing damage, your jump also does a mini “boop” of knockback which can be used to remove targets from high ground or even knock unsuspecting enemies off of maps.
  • There are two main categories of jumps every Winston player needs to know (there are subcategories I guess but I’ll cover those later). Short jumps are used for pursuing a barely out of reach enemy who is alone or low on health and is frequently used by me to get poke damage and knockback at a tight choke point. To short jump you need to hold your backwards key/stick while you jump as you will regain a bit of momentum control mid-air. To long jump angle your vision in the air (angle depends on where you’re trying to land). Remember that you are a dive tank, and it makes no sense to land away from a target when you could land on them for free damage.
  • When Escaping:
  • So you got your kill or things are getting too hot, now what? You need to use that bread and butter leap of yours and gtfo. I’ll elaborate more on positioning in a bit but make sure you are never a leap away from support/team sightlines or an escape route with a health pack. Always have an exit.
  • You need to learn to “flick” jumps in order to be able to instantly disengage a target and fly off into the sunset.
  • Not you that needs to escape? If a teammate is in trouble and you can safely assist them, leap their way and cut off the threat or if it’s your Mercy, give her a target to escape to. Winston is the nice guy of Overwatch for a reason. Be like Winston when you play Winston.
Barrier Projector/Bubble: Every tank has some form of damage mitigation, and Winston’s bubble is easily the most versatile. This bad boy can be used for poke damage, self-preservation, teammate rescuing, capsulizing enemies, or my all-time favorite: killing an ulting Pharah with her own damage. I’ll split bubble usage up into offensive (refers to pursuing kills, not to being on offense or defense) and defensive bubbles but first I’d like to cover an important skill: bubble dancing.
  • Bubble Dancing: No I’m not referring to the sensual Stanky Leg dance emote (best dance emote by far). Bubble dancing refers to the weaving in and out of your bubble in order to escape damage from aggressive players or heroes you are diving on. Basically you need to exit the bubble as they enter it and enter the bubble as they exit it. This is very helpful in a scenario where your leap is on cooldown, or you need to call nearby teammates in for help as your damage done while evading the enemy’s will make it easy for your team to clean up that kill. If no help is on the way, bubble dance and leap away when you can. I generally dance in a manner that resembles sewing a thread in and out of the bubble in a circular pattern.
  • Offensive Bubbles:
  • For those unsure of what “poke” means it refers to quick but safe damage on the enemy team used to force enemies to reposition, encourage them to pursue, or simply to get charge on your ult.
  • When you are at a choke, you should leap forward for poke damage and drop bubble as you land. The leap damage/knockback often knocks them out of your bubble which often leads to them putting shots into the bubble and not you or your team.
  • Initiating a fight with your bubble is an essential part of your diving capabilities. You should rarely, if ever, leap into enemy territory without your bubble ready to go. Ensure that you drop bubble as you are coming down, not as you are still leaping. Ironically this scientist holds no regard for Newton, and despite his forward momentum, the deployed bubble will not travel with you as you leap through the air. Don’t be the one who gets killed with their bubble 20 feet behind them. Bubble dance, kill, and leave.
  • Defensive Bubbles:
  • The first defensive bubble we’ll discuss is basically identical to the poke damage example only this has a different purpose. If you see the enemy aggressively coming through the choke or down a corridor to secure a kill on a teammate, you should leap towards the choke and drop a bubble to intercept their push and score some knockback landing damage in the process. Your bubble may soak up those last few shots that may have picked your teammate and resulted in a lost point. In both poke damage and defensive scenarios, you should almost always be back peddling after dropping bubble, as aggressive players will enter the bubble to try and eliminate you. Back peddling is just another form of bubble dancing so be sure to get damage off as you escape.
  • If you are engaged in a team fight, dropping a bubble in the center of the action or on top of an enemy enables your teammates to bubble dance or at the very least escape 600 points worth of damage that may have otherwise hit them.
  • On that note, there are bubbles you should always go for such as bubbles on an ulting soldier or McCree (multiple dead eye shots will break through and kill so still try to hide after) if your D.Va is busy/dead/nonexistent. You should also place your bubble when caught in a graviton as you could prevent a team wipe if you’re lucky. Another common sense usage is to block or escape D.Va bomb. If you wanna feel extra cool drop the bubble on the bomb (not recommended but you get style points).
Melee: “Uh dude I know how to melee why is this a section?” Fair enough, and that’s why this is a brief section, but melee used far more frequently with Winston than with almost any other hero besides maybe Genji. Use melee when landing after a leap, when fighting armored targets, and when you are about to finish a kill as your punch is faster to finish the last 30 points of damage than your weapon.
  • Three Essential Melee Points:
  • Many claim that punching as you land from a leap resets the animation and allows immediate use of your weapon, which results in quick free damage. I’ve seen others claim this is false information, but punching before landing is never a bad option and a good habit to get into as it will frequently secure kills on quickly escaping enemies who are critical.
  • Armor is brutal for Winston, as his weapon DPS is dropped from 60 to 30. If you frequently interrupt your weapon usage with a punch, it is about the same DPS so this is recommended against armored targets and high health targets in general as it results in less frequent reloads. The downside of the zap punch combo? You can miss punches.
  • Third point is pretty basic. Your punch does the same amount of damage as .5 seconds of your weapon only faster. Faster kills = better monkey.
Tesla Cannon: Winston is a harasser. A pest. A big hairy mosquito who sucks the blood of healers then flies away before you can swat him. Ironically this big hairy mosquito has a bug zapper as his primary weapon. Underwhelming damage, yet consistent damage over time and capable of hitting multiple targets, going through barriers, and inducing panic in the enemy team as they scramble to escape their slow and steady death. This tank tickler of a weapon does 60 dps (30 against armor) and requires no aim (why most of us are tank mains tbh). Less common sense uses (that I see players not utilize often) include using it when bubble dancing, nano-boosted, and while above/below enemies holding a position.
  • Non-Standard Tesla Cannon Usage
  • If you can effectively bubble dance I’ll assume you know to be using your damn weapon while you do it, yet I’ll see players bubble to avoid damage and then dance scared while trying to find an exit route (which is why you should always know your exit prior to engagement). Don’t be scared. Limit mistakes and you can escape hairy scenarios while also getting off a good bit of damage.
  • Getting boosted as Winston is a big compliment. Don’t spit in Ana’s face by using primal rage, as each swing of your meaty arms only does 40 damage (60 with nano) and makes you more single target in addition to knocking them away which causes you to chase. You can put out much more consistent and unescapable damage when nano-boosted with your tesla cannon. Focus down squishy characters with healers as priority. Only primal if you’re gonna die with nano and the fight hasn’t been won yet.
  • Last tesla cannon tip is to get on high ground or just below it and zap at enemies below or above you. I sit below high ground and jump up to get free chip damage off on enemies who must either drop down to handle me or sit there and take abuse every time my leap cools down. Great examples of zapping high ground is found on Eichenwalde, Hollywood, and Anubis, while good zapping low ground is on Gibraltar, Anubis, and El Dorado.
Primal Rage: “Primal rage? That sounds badass, I bet I’ll team wipe as soon as I use it. Play of the game here I come!” gets no kills “This hero sucks, bro”. Your ultimate does 40 damage per swing, with 1.6 swings per second and a heavy knockback. Most importantly it decreases your leap cooldown from 6 to 2 seconds and heals you completely while giving you a grand total of 900 health and 100 armor. Yes primal rage may seem to be the most useless ultimate, but “useful” is a subjective term in this game. So you may not get a ton of kills (hey you also could who knows) that just means you need to make use of this ultimate outside of getting kills. One of the hardest parts of any hero is “when do I ult?” and Winston still has me asking that every now and then. First of all, you should pretty much never be ulting at full/high health unless you need to stall or some juicy environmental kills are a guarantee. It comes down to your intuition and game sense sometimes, but there are other objectively correct times to use your ultimate. Those times include capture point/payload stall or contest, increasing uptime in a team fight, and knocking enemies off of a point/ledge. Also always bubble before primal if you can, as the bubble will be on cooldown during your ultimate and can soak some damage for you.
  • When Do I Primal?
  • If, and only if, your team holds the capture point or you need to contest for overtime, you should use primal to increase your teams percentage and maybe even stall long enough to allow other teammates to come back or get picks. When you stall focus on flicking your leap upwards and leap immediately after landing to continually stall the point while only subjecting yourself to damage on the ground for a split second. The same tactic applies to a payload stall only you should attempt to circle the payload more if possible to use it as cover. If you are in a rush to get back, use your leap and use primal at the top of that leap. Activating primal instantly gives you another leap and you can chain these to get back to the point in no time. Likewise, your leap is refreshed instantly after primal wears off, so try to again chain your jumps to increase mobility.
  • You jumped in and bit off more than you can chew, but the enemy only needs one tick to capture and your team will get rolled without you. Pop that ult and disrupt their push. Disrupt how? Deny high ground with knockback, slap away enemies shooting at teammates, etc. Try to use your ult to corner an enemy and beat their ass while they stare into your eyes begging for the sweet release of death. If you get trapped in graviton and you hear that damn weeb pull out his dragonblade, feel free to drop bubble and primal in order to attempt to swat him away from your team. Don’t do this if they have a Pharah, you’ll die.
  • If there’s one thing this damn game loves it’s environmental kills. Make use of that cool highlight intro you have by scoring a few environmental kills and snagging POTG. If you are low, or the enemy team on Lijiang Night Market is pushing through the outside door, try to snag some environmental kills. Use your leap to position yourself however you need to in order to get the correct trajectory.
  • A random note that I almost don’t want to mention and accidentally encourage misplays, but if you are falling off of a map, leap is on cooldown, and you need to stay in this fight: use primal to leap back up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve absolutely wasted primal by doing this and only recommend it to players with the reflexes to do it consistently.

These next portions will be more subjective so feel free to pick discuss anything you disagree with
  1. Game Sense
What the hell does that even mean? : I hear and see this in every guide on “how to improve” but nobody ever really describes what they’re referring to. It boils down to a series of questions: What do I want to do and who do I want to combo with, how are they gonna stop me, how am I gonna handle their attempts to stop me, who do I prioritize and how do I get out? In addition to these questions you should always ensure you never assume your enemy will make mistakes (miss sleep dart, headshots, etc). That being said, punish any player who underestimates you or goes for cocky plays assuming you’ll choke. Whether you play with a keyboard or a controller, you control that hero you’re playing so act like it. Don’t too passively as it is usually a lack of confidence, and don’t play too aggressively as it is overconfidence. We’ve all seen the Reinhardt who is told to be more aggressive and then charges to his death. Controlled aggression is key. Know the answer to all of the questions I mentioned earlier here and you can be as aggressive as you want within the confines of those answers. Playing with meta heroes in quickplay can help give you a good idea of that heroes positioning, roles, and how they will act in certain scenarios. Use this knowledge to your advantage. If you die, why? If an enemy escapes but shouldn’t have, why? If you got a kill but shouldn’t have, what did they mess up? If you won or lost, why? In order to continually become a better player, reflection on your gameplay is essential.
Play Around Counters or Swap?: “Hey man they switched to Zen and Reaper can you swap?” Hell no, that means I’m doing my job and have them scared of me to the point of altering their team composition for one player. Winston is a scientist, which means he doesn’t accept statements without data and experimenting first. While the thought of experimenting with Winston sounds enticing, I’m referring to playing around your counters through communication and seeing how it goes. Don’t be “scared off” of your hero just because they switched to counter you. View this as an advantage, knowing that a portion of their team will see red when you’re in the fight and this will allow your team to assist you as they pursue you with blinders on. D.Va is my partner of choice for dive as she is the answer to all of your counters. Bastion? Not a favorable matchup for Winston and I would consider swapping for this pick only, but if you dive him with D.Va using defense matrix and a Genji using dash or deflect you should be golden. Just drop a bubble around that turret asshole as you land and your trio of doom will create an aggressive start to a winnable fight. Reaper? D.Va again! Stay nearby or leap to her when Reaper creeps up to melt you. Her defense matrix will eat his shots as you zap him to death or cause him to flee. Fleeing from a Winston as Reaper. Pathetic. Torbjorn? This dude has armor, drops armor, gains armor from ult, and has a turret that puts out a hefty bit of damage as you try to zap through his seemingly endless armor. If you thought I may suggest D.Va again then you’re absolutely correct. Dive the turret to prevent the molten core as he gets low health, and then turn to him. Only swap if you’ve given it a shot and it just isn’t working for one reason or another such as poor communication, no synergy between teammates, limited or nonexistent heals (sorry elo hell I know it sucks). If you can, politely suggest changes to make a comp work, but if not don’t be toxic and tilt your team.
Unfavorable Matchups: These following heroes aren’t exactly hard counters, but you probably won’t win in a fight without help so be sure to only pursue with help or if they’re low. - McCree: Solo you can maybe get him, but with a team he’ll flash you (not the good kind either) and you’ll get swarmed while stunned. - Mei: bubble dancing negates her freeze gun, yet if she does freeze you it’s game over. Plus she can heal and block you off if your leap is on cooldown. - Junkrat: can knock you away from a kill with his mine, and getting trapped is certain death - Sombra: hacked Winston = dead Winston - Roadhog: Stop it, nobody plays this dude anymore - D.Va: She has armor and can out damage you at close range. Bubble dance and zap punch.
Favorable Matchups: Heroes you are great at handling. An asterisk will be next to heroes you can kill but should be approached with caution. An explanation is given for those. - Zenyatta: Slow, often baited into transcendence, no escape options. Asterisk: discord and headshots/charge shot can melt you if you aren’t careful so bubble dance. - Ana: No escape, often alone in back lines, ineffective weapon requiring good aim. Asterisk: her grenade can ruin your escape if your healers can’t assist you, and her dart will allow the team to circle jerk around you before killing you. Bubble dance. - Tracer: She’s frail and you can leap after her blinks to secure the kill. Asterisk: if you have no bubble or teammates she can and will avoid you while farming you for her ult. - Hanzo: Snipers are usually on their own and can be easily dove. No fantastic means of escape. Asterisk: scatter is a sunovabitch. - Genji: you’ll melt this lil bitch - Widow: Zap her and then leap to wherever she grapples - Mercy: Anticipate her flight patterns and meet her wherever she flies to. Make sure to communicate as she’s a pain sometimes. - Lucio: Don’t really go for him unless he’s discorded, weak, or alone, or your team wants to focus him. His healing ruins your dps. - Reinhardt: Sure you may not solo kill or dive him, but you zap through his shield which causes panic and retreat. - Symmetra: People seem to be so scared of her but bubble dance to avoid beam, flick tesla cannon to zap turrets, and finish this annoying hero. If she catches you with your pants down don’t run just fight because you can often win or leap out if death is imminent.
Other Winston Matchups Worth Noting: Some heroes don’t really counter or get countered with Winston so here are a couple accompanied by tips for handling them. - Zarya: Anticipate her bubble. Stop zapping briefly to reload and then zap some more. Even if you zap the tail end of her bubble, she won’t gain much charge and you’ll jump straight into damaging her and increase your time to kill. - Soldier: He likes to think he counters you but he’s wrong. Leap damage, bubble dance, and pursue. His biotic field nullifies your weapon so be sure to punch if he’s low health and then leap out if he can’t be killed. - Orisa: She’s an odd one, as you can zap through her barrier but often she isn’t directly behind it to be zapped. Dive on her and bubble dance. Take advantage of her being slowed as she shoots.
Parting Wisdom: Engage with controlled aggression. That means that you don’t let enemies escape if you can secure the kill safely. If you hit a payload checkpoint, hunt enemies who got “bad” spawn. Get that Zarya by herself even if she deploys a bubble. But controlled aggression also means knowing your limits. Don’t leap into a group of 3. Don’t leap to the enemy spawn to try and stagger an enemy. One other flaw many players make is not grabbing health packs in order to give their healers ult charge or because the packs are “out of the way”. If you are aggressive and playing smart, your healers will get plenty of ult charge. Know where every health pack is. Your enemies will rush to them as you try to kill them. If you leap and beat them to it they have no recovery options and you just gained a bunch of health. Always be a leap away from a healers sightlines or a room with a health pack.
If you made it this far and want more guidance, I'm more than willing to do VOD reviews!
Thanks for reading!
  • Doc Sword

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In this video I cover 5 tips to improve your aim and to rack up more kills in pubg. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds requires CONSTANT practice. Hope you enjoy the video!

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League of Legends - Basic Fundamental ADC Tips for you really low elo ADCs by thechuckcharles

So I've been "elo helping" a few friends of mine at the end of the season to help them reach their goal of gold. and while playing down here in the depths of silver I have seen the same problems over and over.
People neither know how to play ADC nor do they know how to play WITH an ADC. And that is a pretty big problem.
So I wanted to share with you young aspiring low elo ADC mains some of my VERY BASIC tips. But they are essential to understanding your role and how to climb with it.

Farm is important but not THAT important. In every single game I see ADCs overvaluing their CS numbers and farm. they are basically never at any fight until its already over at which point the enemy team just piles on them for a quick kill since they have no front line or teammates to play around. Sometimes they clean up, but more often than not they get blown the fuck up instantly. Get your farm, but be at fights. This extends to objectives as well. If your team is sieging a tower and you see a huge wave crashing bot, its likely a fight will break out at that siege. Unfortunately you gotta give up that wave. Obviously when you can go for the wave and no fight is imminent. Do so. But otherwise be with your team. Last game I was in my ADC back to catch a wave at our tower when we were going to try to end the game (One down on enemy team so it was 4 v 5).

BE PATIENTYou will get your chance to deal damage. You will! I promise. But just wait a bit. Even a few seconds while you assess threats to you. Use your brain, you aren't stupid. You just aren't thinking. Think about what could kill you, cc you, and play around that. Wait for major cooldowns to be used and go in to deal damage. Too often I see an over eager ADC just go in the moment a fight starts and get piled on and deleted right at the start.

Likewise, don't be a complete pussy eitherThis is the balance you will learn, but ADCs down here are usually one of the two extremes, either they explode immediately or they stand back and only auto very obvious targets that are easy to hit like a tank that has no cooldowns running away from their team. You have to deal damage. you have to go in and not be scared, if you are doing the 2nd tip and being patient, you will have a window where you can attack. And you have to go for it.You will learn through calculated aggression when is a good time to go in and when isn't. If you die you should think about why you died. But don't just be a pussy. If you are too scared you aren't really on your team. ADCs in silver often are at the bottom of the damage charts, even below supports sometimes.

Adjust your builds for the game. This is pretty basic, but I see it too often that people just have cookie cutter builds they follow. Every champion has 2-3 core items but after that an ADC can basically adapt their build to the game. An example is twitch. His core is IE/Hurricane. For trist, you got your IE/Shiv/RFC. Sivir you got Ie/zeal item/ER.
Your lifesteal item? could be mercurial if there is key cc that can get you, especially point and click cc like Malzahar/Lissandra. Maw of malmortius is a god send if you are getting deleted instantly. I have played AP Blitz support in low elo because the enemy ADC will refuse to build mr even if I'm not the only magic damage on my team. Even after I delete them multiple times in the game they STILL won't buy magic resist. Get a hexdrinker at the very least and likely a maw. Armor pen is also important. if you are against 3 true tanks, build that shit earlier than you normally would. Likely 3rd item. Bork is also really good on any ADC if you are against tanks. Just in the c9 vs clg series you saw Stixxay straight up sell BT for bork realizing he had to kill the tanks. GA is invaluable as well. TLDR, just build on what you are against and what you need.

Don't just blindly push. This one is a bit more advanced I suppose, but don't just push your waves brainlessly. If you do this you are constantly over extended and gankable. Every game in this elo I see the same shit. Its push vs push. Whoever pushes harder thinks they are winning, then they get ganked and die. Whoever doesn't push harder doesn't get ganked and likely wins lane just because they aren't being ganked. Basically, only last hit and do your best to keep the wave either in the middle and on your side. So don't just keep autoing and using abilities on the wave to push the enemy in. Only do that if you need to thin the wave or you are pushing them in to tower so you reset the wave and/or you can back.

Look at your fucking minimap, especially during lane phase. If mid goes missing and you are overextended back off. Lose the cs, lose the exp if you must(you can usually stay far enough back to back off if they show up but still in exp range). If mid is missing they could be coming to gank your overextended booty. Likely with the jungler. Often times I see adcs say down here "wow 4 bot, 5 bot, ugh this happens every game" and its like no shit it happens every game you aren't looking. Many times I have even pinged that the mid lane is missing, backed off myself, only for my adc to stay forward, and get blown up by the enemy mid in a gank. If you don't know where the enemy jungler and/or mid are you can't play aggressive and you shouldn't be pushing blindly. Just look at your map, infer where the enemy is, if they could be coming for you back off until you see them again. Its better lose some cs/exp than to die and lose it anyway.

That's all I got for now, and note that I don't want this to sound condenscending. but I just want to help out a lot of the major key mistakes I see from you aspiring adc players out there.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dark Souls 3 - A little introduction to invasions by Domperidone

Here is a mini PSA for new(ish) invaders.

Invasion goals
Simplified: your goal as an invader is to kill the host of the world or at the very least halt their progress. Simple as that.

How to recognise who is your enemy
Phantom colors often lie in this game, as there are rings that let you assume the white and the host appearance.
So how to recognise the true enemy?
When you spawn in someones world, game tells you "you have invaded the world of host of embers xy" xy being the name of the host. Keep this name in mind, and when you lock onto someone, check if the name is that of the host.
If yes, kill.
If no, let's analyse the name some more.

You can lock onto someone. This means you can hurt them and they can hurt you.
Are the letters of the namewhite? If yes, the phantom was summoned by the host. So not on your team. And will most likely protect the host.
Is there a blue symbol next to the name? Then the person is password summoned AND out of normal matchmaking range. Meaning either waaay below or way above the SL. And or with weird weapon upgrade level.
Be wary of password summoned phantoms. Their damage and poise is unpredictable. They often can at least medium roll while wearing very heavy armor sets. If they are mages, their buffs might be extremely dangerous and will probably have many advanced spells.
Sometimes you will get hundreds of thousands of souls if such a phantom dies. Indicating they are a very high SL one. For example I once got 350 k souls for killing a SL 650 password summoned phantom at SL 50. Souls you get from such phantoms are 1-5% of their next level up cost. (depending on your covenant)
Are the letters red? If so it's an invader. Or a summoned red. Or a purple. They can hurt the host, but there is no guarantee they won't choose to hurt you. Normally invaders should team up as their goal is the same. But there are cases of anime betrayals, so be wary.
You are invading as a watchdog or an aldrich faithful. Check the left side of your screen, is there a red name? If so, it's your fellow watchdog/faithful. You can't hurt them and they can't hurt you. You can't lock onto them. And their colour is originally mauve.

What does being a mad phantom invader change in my goals?
The Mound Maker invaders also called mad phantoms or the purples, get a slightly different message when they spawn in into other worlds:
Kill the host of the world OR [amount of] phantoms.
Meaning you can get your covenant reward + ember by killing random phantoms in the world instead of killing the host. Mind though, that npc phantoms/npc invaders do not count towards the goal. Only other players. And you HAVE to deliver the finishing blow to the phantom for his death to count as your kill.
If you spawn into the world with a solo host, the amount of phantoms you have to kill instead is "1".so you could either kill the host, or if the host summons a phantom, kill the phantom. Or maybe even another invader.
If you spawn into a world with 2 phantoms there already, the message will tell you to kill 2 phantoms or the host. And so on. Sometimes it's easier to go for the host than to farm the necessary amount of phantoms.

The police
The blue sentinels and the blades of the darkmoons get rewards if a red eye orb invader dies while they are present in the world. They get summoned in, if a red eye orb invader is present and the host has way of the blue equipped.
Nowadays more likely than not two blues get summoned at the same time. Sometimes the game bugs and 3 blues spawn in at the same time. And if you kill them off, a few min later two new blues will spawn in.
But at least you get 2 estus refills for every blue dying. If you are a red eye orb invader, that is.

Why am I so alone?
There will be few coop invasions unless you are in the swamp or post pontiff, where the watchdogs and faithfuls thrive.
If the host uses dried fingers AND has either a phantom or wob equipped, there will be a second red invader, but there aren't many people, who dry finger.

Why do I rarely invade solo hosts but lots of co-opers?
The game prioritizes worlds with phantoms in it for red eye orb invasions.
The more phantoms the host has, the more likely he is to be invaded. Dried fingers also reset the invasion timer and raise the hosts priority.
If you invade someone over and over, they are most likely using dried fingers and want to be invaded.

Why are there random lag spikes during invasions?
The way the net code works in ds3, it's not uncommon for the host to lag out (no animations, floating, can't hurt them) whenever a new person spawns in or out of the world. It's often referred to as summoner or death lag.
Even when there is no summoner or death lag, there will be still latency, no matter how good your or the hosts internet connections are. If you are in different countries, the signal has to travel for some time. So sometimes you have to think a few seconds into the future to reliably hit an opponent.

Is just gaem
Either way, never forget that ds3 is a game and it's okay to not be too rigid with your rules. You can find your own goal for invasions once you are more in touch with the game mechanics and the community.
You could for example use invasions for mini pvp practice challenges without a real "kill that person" goal or maybe even play Santa Claus and give everyone presents then bc. Maybe even invade as a red and kill everyone besides the host, just so the host is bound to do pve solo. There is lots of creativity that can go into invasions and invasion goals. Experiment. Have fun. Don't burn out.

Why can the pve hurt me?
Some mobs in pve can hurt other pve mobs. They can also hurt the invaders if the invader comes under their attacks. They don't specifically aggro at invaders tho.
For example:
  • Pus of a man
  • Giant crabs
  • Giants
  • Grave wardens
  • Skeleton balls
  • Giant rats
  • a back knight in demon ruins, he even aggros at you.
  • Pontiffs beasts
  • Herald Knights in trc
  • some others

If the host activates a seed, every mob in the game can aggro at you for 45 seconds. Run around a bit, then lure the mobs to the host when the timer is close to running out.

SL matchmaking for invasions
It is asked so often, that I have to include it here.
SL matchmaking according to patch 1.13:
  • The hosts you can invade as a dark spirit:

Upper limit:
your SL + 20 + (your SL * 0.1 )
Lower limit:
your SL - ( your SL * 0.1 )
Meaning at SL 60 you can invade hosts in the SL range 54-86
  • Mound Makers can invade up even more:

Upper limit:
your SL + 20 + ( your SL * 0.15 )
Lower limit:
Your SL - ( your SL * 0.1 )
  • For covenant invasions:

Upper limit:
Hosts SL + ( hosts SL * 0.1 )
Lower limit:
hosts SL - 20 - ( hosts SL * 0.2 )
Meaning a SL 120 host can be invaded by watchdogs/faithfuls in the SL range: 76-132

Weapon upgrade matchmaking
Since patch 1.13 the matchmaking has been changed to:
  • 0 matches with 0 and 1
  • 1 matches with 0, 1 and 2
  • 2 matches with 1, 2 and 3
  • 3 matches with 2, 3 and 4
  • 4 matches with 3, 4, 5, 6 (so 3-6)
  • 5 matches with 4-7
  • 6 matches with 4-8
  • 7 matches with 5-9
  • 8 matches with 6-10
  • 9 matches with 7-10
  • 10 matches with 8-10

Twinkling and boss weapon upgrades count as x2.
Meaning a +1 boss weapon is a +2 for the matchmaking.
The maximum upgrade ever done, counts for matchmaking. Once you upgrade a weapon, the game will remember it forever. Even if you discard the upgraded weapons, your matchmaking level is sealed. You can't downgrade weapon upgrade matchmaking level or your sl in ds3!

The "liveliest SL ranges" for invasions
  • Sl 1-10 with max upgraded weapon ever +1 - high wall (no blues at this SL range, but lots of people with muled advanced gear; also a hacker hotspot on pc) if you can run through the game without leveling and upgrading weapons, but get all the estus upgrades, this might be the easiest invasion SL range.
  • Sl 15-20 + 1 - undead settlement - first sign of blues appears here.
  • Sl 35 +3 - farron (best watchdogs SL). Very chaotic and fun for invasions.
  • Sl 40-45 +4 - cathedral and catacombs, early ashes of Ariandel and high wall again for the dancer coopers. Very versatile and fun to invade areas. Don't forget to bring a catring though.
  • Sl 50-60 +6-8 - irithyll, demon ruins, dungeons, anor londo, castle (best aldrich faithful SL), once again, high wall for all the dancer coopers. And extremely fun SL range to invade at.
  • Sl 70-75 +8 - Castle, archdragon Peak, ashes of ariandel, the archives, the kiln
  • Sl 90 +10 - endgame, both dlcs. The ringed city dlc at the mausoleum lookout is often free wins. Ringed city walls bonfire has lots of challenging pve too, to protect you.
  • Sl 120+10 - called the meta SL. This is where the main ganks reside. And most builds are complete. Quick deaths await thee here. Absolutely not (!) newbie invader friendly. Do not recommend.

The ringed city dlc has some activity. Mostly pvp in arena at the SL, invasions, fight clubs.
Mind that sl 120+10 past pontiff is a hacker hotspot on pc. To deal with hackers, learn to back up your save files, don't pick up items, and find the hacker via recent players, then block all communication with them.
  • On ps4 SL 140-150 is pretty active too and is known as higher lvl meta. To get "both metas", SL 133 is the way to go.

Everyone points down and claps at me. How do I deal with it?
You should never EVER feel bad or ashamed for losing an invasion. The hosts are always embered and often have an estus advantage over you.
It's OK to lose in 1v1s under such circumstances. Even more so is it OK to lose in 2v1s or 3v1s (or worse).
Invasions are very challenging in ds3. Don't take the losses personally. Happens to the best invaders.

Invader Youtube Uploaders or how to win invasions
Maybe have a looksy at this pvp guide This guide includes various links to pvp guides, strats, techs and builds.
Here are some, not all , of the invader YT uploaders you should check out. They all use different commentary and invasions styles. So give them all a try.
  • Saint_Riot - he has also made a lern2nvade series, where he explains many strategies and tactics for invasions. Streams on twitch often and uploads invasion videos with entertaining commentary very often. (PS4)
  • Thest1ckyband1t - probably the most easy going and joyful invader out there. Also a streamer. (PS4)
  • Nyff - a former tryhard but forever an invader. (PC)
  • ThePlatinum_7 - applying advanced techs in invasions. Has a very chill approach to pvp. A twitch streamer as well. (PS4)
  • Rehvion - experiments with different builds and approaches in invasions. (PS4)
  • Pincognito - post commentary style invasion videos, very newbie invaders friendly and chill. (PS4)
  • Michael Stack - post commentary style invasion videos. (PS4)
  • Raven of Ash - invasion videos and guides (PS4)
  • Project Goof - advanced techs in invasions and memes. Is very easy going and chill in pvp. (PS4 and PC)