Monday, January 15, 2018

Warframe Beginner's Guide Part 7 - How To Farm Corrupted Mods - Corrupted Vault Explained by BBKDRAGOON

Welcome back to the Warframe Beginner's Guide, covering How to Farm Corrupted Mods, what are the best corrupted mods for you to farm right now, the corrupted vault explained, and much more. Farming corrupted mods can be a really great way to really push the power of your Warframe further than ever before. The process of farming corrupted mods isn't very difficult especially if you have been following the guide but there are a handful of small steps you'll need to take before diving into the Orokin Derelict. Thanks for watching, if you found this helpful please thumbs the video up and subscribe for more! Sign up For Warframe! (Affiliate)

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Friday, January 12, 2018

League of Legends - DRAVEN GUIDE I RUNES & BUILD I SEASON 8 I DRAVEN AK 47 by Proxy Beats

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Path of Exile [3.1] - Poet's Pen Bladefall Inquisitor - Build Guide by Engineering Eternity

Twitch: Patreon: Store: Discord: This Poet’s Pen build brings the best of clear speed, satisfying explosions and of course framerate crushing particle effects! We are able to crush content all the way from equipping the Pens at level 12 to the endgame! They help us blare through maps without concern of resource management and cast speed! I hope you are able to play without seeing where you are stepping!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Friday, January 5, 2018

League of Legends - Changes coming soon in 8.1- First patch of SEASON 8! by Phy

Wanted to go over what you should expect to see for changes and the meta in 8.1! Remember to try out Haste (no payment needed!) = Just quick I changed the channel name to just Phy. That has always been my name for things and the lol was just League of Legends, supposed to be Phy-League of Legends basically. Some call me Phy, some call me Phylol, I didn't ever think I would get this big and the more we grow the more that isn't obvious anymore. It doesn't really make any difference, I'll still be making the same League content but I thought the new year was a good time for the new start! S@20 changes + skin screenshots = Klepto/Minion Dematerializer changes = Sighstone = ♦ Follow me on Instagram → ♦ Follow me on Twitter → ♦ Follow my Stream → ♦ Subscribe to my League Gameplay Channel! -

Friday, December 29, 2017


Guide for Mid Zoe for Pre-Season 8 Patch 7.24. I'm going to cover Pros & Cons, Masteries, Runes, Summoners, Abilities, Skill Order, Combo, Lane Phase, Teamfighting, Hard Matchups, and Item Build.

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