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League of Legends - Braum Support Guide: How to Team Fight S7 by Racza1LOL

This video is a Braum support guide focusing on what to do when team fighting as Braum support. The tips and tricks found in this Braum support guide will improve your team fighting as a support.

Friday, July 14, 2017

League of Legends - Top Lane basic blue side warding guide by wickd

Gonna start making different kinds of guides for youtube and thought a Warding guide was the perfect place to start. We're going over the 3 most basic top lane wards and later on we will go over more advanced wards and other kind of guides. Since this is the first of it's kind that i have made please leave some nice feedback. Love you bros 


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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017

League of Legends - Why you should play crit Miss Fortune [79% WR over 42 games MF Guide] by Cya Space Cowb0y

Hello, my league name is Cya Space Cowb0y. And I'm here to tell you why you should play Miss Fortune right now.

Why should I play Miss Fortune?
I want to start off with this because unless she is FOTM, Miss Fortune is rarely played. Miss Fortune is a great carry to play as she has a relatively safe laning phase with tons of poke which can help her get her core items before becoming a teamfight monster with her ultimate and her permanent attack speed steroid.

Crit or Lethality?
Crit Miss Fortune every time after her Q changes.
Double Up's second shot can Critical strike icon critically strike, based on critical strike chance, dealing 100% × (1 + bonus critical damage) bonus damage. If the first target is killed, the second hit will always Critical strike icon critically strike.
Because of this change, and the fact that her W gives her permanent 100% attack speed steroid in a team fight makes crit a way better choice than lethality. She might not spike as hard in the early-mid game, but she gains so much more potential past 3 items than lethality. This plus the fact that her R can crit as well makes her DPS so much higher building crit.

3 AD Quints
9 AD Marks
9 Armor Yellows
9 MR Blues
This is so your Q's and passive hit a little harder in lane since you should go for poke and not extended trades, so you don't need attack speed early. It also enables you to one hit casters under tower with your passive.

Miss Fortune has an attack speed buff on her W and two abilities that scale off of crit, so there are a few paths you can take. I highly recommend this one unless you are very, very far behind where you need to sneak a zeal or something in-between. Also, as with all builds, you might need to change it up a bit depending on the situation.
(Standard Build) Essence Reaver -> Berserker's Greaves -> IE -> Rapidfire Cannon -> Situational
  • Essence Reaver: Miss Fortune's bread and butter. You get a load of AD, crit, mana generation, and 30% CDR. The perfect item for a crit caster like her. Get this item every time.
  • Infinity Edge: Raw damage, this is her second core item to make her hit harder paired with Essence Reaver. Nothing much I can say.
  • Zeal Items: I go Rapidfire most of the time for two reasons. The firs that is, you get an extended empowered auto that can crit and pair with your passive for a massive chunk of damage. The extra range has gotten me so many kills I would've had to flash or heal for. I wouldn't recommend Shiv as you have enough wave clear with your passive, and mana sustain with ER. So you are sacrificing your range for unnecessary wave clear or a bit more magic damage in team-fights.
  • Blood Thirster: This item is great in extended trades or if there aren't any divers in a team fight as you can sustain more after you use your ult. Take this if there are no tanks or healing champs on the enemy team.
  • Lord Dominik's Regards/Mortal Reminder: Take one of these every time even if there is one tank. Mortal Reminder gives the whole enemy team a 6 second grievous wounds debuff on just the first wave, but if they have no healing go with LDR for more damage.
  • Guardian Angel: This item is great for three reasons. 1) It now gives extra AD. 2) People tend to focus you less because you have the passive. 3) It's very anti-assassin and can win you games late game. I would recommend this item if it is a close game.
  • Maw/Death' Dance: Death's Dance is really good as it synergizes with your ult and your q, while having the bleed effect to keep you a live a bit longer. It also lets you hit the CDR cap of 40%. Maw is also really good vs fed AP assassins like Fizz or Ekko while still giving you AD and the extra CDR

How to teamfight as Miss Fortune
I see a lot of people in Platinum and especially Gold blow her potential by wasting her ult. You should only use your ultimate when...
A) All their hard CC is blown in a team fight and you are safe to shoot most you waves.
B) Any threats are away from Miss Fortune where they can't cancel your ult. Adding to this, if the enemy team is hit by an AOE CC by your teammates (Orianna, Sejuani, Malphite, etc.), it is usually safe and a really good time to ult.
C) When you are out of vision of the enemy team, and you hit an unsuspecting ult on at least 2 or three people. This can backfire if they do have vision on you, and you turn into a still target dummy.
If your ult gets canceled some how, she still team fights well as she gets bonus auto damage from her passive and an attack speed steroid that can be on at all times.

Final Thoughts
Miss Fortune is no longer an ult bot as crit made her base kit and even her ult better. I wouldn't recommend her into every team comp as she can get boned easily by hard CC and heavy slows as her only mobility is move-speed. But overall, she can be a solid carry into most comps.
Sorry if I left anything out, this is my first guide :)

Since so many people are asking, IE OR ER first?
I prefer ER most of the games unless I am ahead because the build path is safer and if I get ER and cull, it helps me get a faster IE. On the contrary though, if I get a few kills, definitely rush IE as you get a bit more DPS while trading off CDR.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Overwatch - Orisa tips from ~4000SR Orisa main by ADTR20/Pleasehmu

Hey guys, so I made a post in the general overwatch subreddit giving some tips and ideas to focus on with orisa that have led to my success with the character. I actually had no idea this subreddit existed, and was told to post my tips over here too. Sorry if youve already seen the post! Anyway, heres some advice you maybe havent heard:
  • Your shield should always be on cool down. Even if you have a great position for it when the ability is ready again, shoot it straight into the air. The one that is up stays deployed until the second one lands, but the actually cool down starts when you shoot it. This mean when it lands, you only have to wait ~3 seconds to be able to shoot another. Breaking this idea down further; this should be utilized in between team fights or when the other team is trickling in and not doing enough DPS to take the activated shield out. In full on team fights, your shield will most likely get destroyed before cooldown, so just deploy it straight to the ground in that case.
  • Practice shooting your shield from far away into choke points, KOTH objectives. There are a decent amount of maps where you can reach the objective from a few steps out of the spawn. By the time that you get there you'll have another to use as you would like.
  • the key to short range fights is to keep walking in and out of your shield. you will be very surprised how many fights you can win doing this. combo this with halt and its nearly impossible to die. This is a very good strategy against her biggest counter in tracer. Also worth noting, if tracer sticks you, walk through the shield and the bomb will stick to the shield and you can survive without fortify if its on cool down.
  • at midrange, get used to exactly where halt pulls people and how long is slows them down for. once you master this, in tandem with learning the correct lead on your shots, you can kill sooo many characters with one pull (notably important and easy to kill: zen, lucio, and mercy if you pull her mid flight). Its also really helpful to always shoot it right at a Dva popping out of mech because it guarantees her death.
  • always pull people from elevated points, no matter the situation. Even if you are not trying to focus them, they will always get flustered panic.
  • try and always put your super charger out of LOS from the enemy spawn direction (but where your team can still be powered up aka a doorway or something), always put a fresh shield around it, and ALWAYS prioritize defending it over being aggressive for kills. It pretty much freakin nanoboosts the whole team and lasts for a very long time. If people come to destroy it, use halt to pull them to the other side of the shield. With the power boost, you can pretty much kill everyone before they can take it out. Another last resort option is fortifying and stand on top of it. I really want to emphasize the importance of keeping the supercharger alive. if you look at my overbuff stats, i have the single most average damage amplified per game. I think its a big part in maximizing Orisa utility.
  • Also, ask the team if anyone like playing torb when your on defense. If they do, pocket their turret and its insanely powerful. There are a lot of people who are actually really good at torb but are afraid to pick him cause people get pissed. It lightens the mood if you ask if immediately ask if anyone wants to play torb, let along it being a VERY good strategy. I really think torbisa will become more and more popular (for better or worse, its kinda cheesy) as people catch on. Heres the my usual strategy trying to employ Torbisa while solo queueing: if someone does hop on the torbisa train, i first off will ask if anyone is good / likes playing rein so i can pocket the torb turret in a more obscure place. this is the strategy that i find is the most dominating. for example, on hollywood, if there a rein, with maybe a solider and another dps or something down low holding the big gate, i can stay back on the second floor that building behind the first point with the torb turret and maybe a healer. this is such a dominant strategy because the torb turret and I can fuck up and flankers going through the side room / a pharah flying over. but lets say no one goes reing and im the main shielder. in that case ill definitely prioritize the choke / stay on the front line and tell the torb where im going to be putting my shields and let him figure out what he wants to do. for the most part, if we get a rein, ill ask the torb if he has any places he really likes for his turret, and if not (or if i know a better place), ill show him what i was thinking. Also a fun thing to do is to have torb put a turret in a spot facing the spawn gates where you know its gonna die, then with 8 seconds before the match starts ill shoot a shield straight in the air and get back to where we're gonna hold. this pretty much gives a free, 1,100-HP turret to do its thing before it gets destroyed. then once it gets destroyed well set up where we normally do.
Anyway, heres my overbuff so you guys can check stats and stuff and see proof that this character can be extremely effective. Feel free to leave more questions here and Ill get to them eventually. have a good day homies, embrace the orisa revolution

Friday, June 30, 2017

League of Legends - Camille Guide by Weeknd Na

I am the best camille in NA, currently masters 250LP in NA.

Extensive Combo video for Camille:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxCrF...

This is my first guide video, I'm still terrible at editing, I will keep improving!