Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Rexxar is next Hero after Kharazim

Source: Gamescom

New battlefield is there too.

New map spawns shrines a la Diablo you need to kill spawning creatures and you get a Monster fighting for you afterwards. The Monster is directly from Diablo 3. hell beast thingy.

New Blackheart Doubloon Mount AS well, you can see my rexxar on it on the second picture.

Rexxar has Misha to fight for him. GoT many talents to boost her. 2 ultis:
  1. bestial wrath for misha
  2. summon Stampede like thing
Q: is throw axe (skillshot)
W: Misha charge
E: heal Misha and yourself if she is in range.
D: whistle (call back Misha)

This isnt Rexxars default skin, i took the third one as far as i remember.

Monk + skins is there too, my buddy played him. He was called Kharazim.

Only took some quick shots as I don't know if we are allowed to take any.

Update for some vague monk ability description (from my Buddy, will try to play him later)
Q: fast teleport to enemy or friendly player (+Talent for heal)
W: heal player
E: 3 fast Hit combo
Ult1: 7 sided strike
Ult2: Some huge heal ( he didnt take the Talent)


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