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The Division - Easy 120-180k+ DPS / 60k-70k+ HP Guide (PVP/PVE Powerhouse): Talents, Skills, Gear (Video/Text) by Mtashed

Hey everyone, Mtashed ...AGAIN

Here is a video guide:

Here is a text guide if you are at work:


In under 10 hours overall, I was able to get 123k Dp and 59k HP on my new xbox account. You don't need to farm forever to make this build work It is simple, easy to follow, and easy to benefit from
As your gear improves, this build gets exponentially better.

Base stats

Focus on Fire arms / Stamina for this build. Every gear stat, weapon stat, mod stat, and talent is going to benefit from your gun dps and your ability to survive a bullet or two. Electronics definitely can add a bit to your pulse, but I prefer to focus on the other stats.

Armor Stats

The main stats to focus on are:
  1. Critical hit damage
  2. Critical hit chance
  3. +Damage to elites
  4. +Weapon damage (gloves)
  5. Armor (Chest)
to save time:
If you want a break down of the best stats for each armor piece / what can roll on it, check out this guide:
or video:


Scope: Head shot damage and critical hit chance.
  1. Magazine Size + Rate of fire for high burst DPS
  2. Magazine Size + Critical hit damage for higher damage/bullet
Under Barrel: Doesn't matter much.... accuracy / stability will amp your dps but not the damage per bullet. This will just help you hit the target.
Muzzle: Stability of some sort + Critical hit damage


Primary Skill: Pulse (mandatory)
Pulse gives such an easy / long lasting boost to damage, you had better take it. +crit +crit damage = win win win.... win.
Mod with tactical scanner for extra damage
Secondary Skill: Heal or Smart cover
Depending on your play style, these two will work fantastic.
First Aid with "Booster shot":
Increased damage, damage reduction from enemies, as well as a quick heal makes First Aid a solid all around choice
Smart Cover with Recharger:
Smart Cover is better for slower, more methodical players. If you use the cover system constantly, smart cover gives a great boost to damage output and resistance. Mix in some health regen and cooldown reduction, Smart Cover is a solid pick.


These are make or break for most builds. The impact of these talents is HUGE.
  1. One is None - 50% chance to not use a bullet when landing a head shot. PLEASE TAKE THIS - It will amp your dps exponentially the more headshots you land
  2. Combat Medic - "Group members get 40% extra healing" For what ever reason, even playing solo, YOU are a group member. You get the bonus healing, so one medkit = full health nearly.
  3. Critical Save - 40% damage reduction for 10 seconds when using a medkit at low HP - This is a combo talent with combat medic. Huge heal + Huge damage reduction is CLUTCH as hell.
  4. On the move (personal choice)
I like "On the move" because of the 30% damage reduction after killing an enemy while moving. I often strafe in duels, and am constantly on the move. I get this to proc often, and allows me to swap cover to cover safely.
This fourth slot could also be "Strike Back" or anything you feel will be best for your playstyle


I highly suggest using an SMG. The built in crit chance stacks with your gear, snowballing your DPS out of control.

Notice: Vector is not the best SMG in the game, it is just easily available. High end Aug / Mp5 is BETTER than the vector 99% of the time (To clarify, those guns have larger base magazine size. This automatically puts it in a better DPs range than Vector)
Assault rifles are also good, just make sure you get a quality roll!

Good perks to have
Fierce - Critical hit chance increased when using this weapon (mine is 8%)
Brutal - Increased Head shot damage
Ferocious - Damage to elite / named enemies increased
Self-preserved - Critical hits heal you for 3% of your hp
There are some other solid ones like +armor damage etc, but these are a few of my favorites!


That is pretty much it. If you have any questions, I'll try my best to answer them
Thanks for reading...and have a good day!


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