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The Division - End Game guide: What to do when you hit 30 by xxDJBxx

First of all, congratulations on getting to Level 30. On average it takes 20 hours to do, so I know you've put the time in. This will help you decide what to do next, where to go, and how to do it.

1. 100% All Wings:
If you haven't done so already, you need to finish upgrading your "Wings". By upgrading your wings, you make yourself more powerful.
This is your FIRST Priority, so go finish your Main Missions, and if you've done that, do encounters related to the materials you need.

2. General Assembly:
Usually, when you hit level 30, you'll still have some blues equipped, so lets fix that.
You need to get to a baseline in all three stats for the benefit of the community, and to save you time later.

DPS: 80K+ DPS / 60k+ Health / 15k+ Skill Power
Healer: 55K+ DPS / 70k+ Health / 25k+ Skill Power
Tank: 65K+ DPS / 85k+ Health / 20k+ Skill Power

Go to the Last Main Mission titled: "General Assembly". Here is where you will get your purples. You need to Re-Run this mission on Hard Mode, until you are at or near the baseline. We do this because each run of this mission rewards you with 7 to 8 Purple drops. You can run this as many times as you want, the reward will always be there.

3. Dailies Explanation and Hard Mode Daily Missions:
The first time you run ANY Daily Mission, you get 2 Rewards. One is the Daily Reward, which gives you some pCredits and Crafting Material. You only get the Daily Reward once. The other reward is the Mission Reward. The Mission reward for the Hard Mode Dailies are obsolete. The Challenge Mode Mission Reward is 30 pCredits, and 1 High-End Item.

To Clarify, you get the Mission Reward EVERY TIME you run the Challenge Mode Mission. No Matter What. For Infinity!

pCredits are the End-Game currency that is needed to craft the best items you can get.

By running these two Dailies, you can earn up to 30 per day from the rewards. Named Bosses also drop 1 to 2 pCredits.

4. Daily Challenge Mode Mission:
So, you are at or near the Baseline. You are equipped with all purples and have played enough to know how most systems work.

You can now queue for, and safely do the Daily Challenge Mode Mission. You will be rewarded with 30 pCredits, and a guaranteed High-End Gear item. You can run this as many times as you want, the reward will always be there. You'll need a group, so play with friends, use the in-game Matchmaking, or form/join a team on:

We want to run this until you have mostly High-End equipment. You will be doing this step, and the Step 5, until you feel ready enter to proceed to Step 6.

5. Crafting High-Ends:
While running the Daily Challenge Mode Mission, you can purchase Blueprints, which when crafted, gives you High-End Weapons and Gear. These are available in your Tech Wing from your "Special Gear Vendor" (Located Upstairs, to the left, before the first door).

They can be purchased using pCredits, and crafted using High-End Crafting Material (The Crafting Station is located downstairs, across from the 3 Basic Vendors). This guide does not cover how to acquire mass amounts of Crafting Material. To get Crafting Material, deconstruct items you DO NOT WANT.

It is not worth using the Recalibration Station on an item more than once or twice, unless it is a Near-Perfect item, and you're trying to get it to perfect. Still, BE CAREFUL! Recalibrating uses pCredits, and the cost goes up each time you Recalibrate.

6. The Dark Zone & Dark Zone Rank 50:
So, you have a good amount of High-Ends, and you think you can keep up with the big boys. Well, lets put your skills to the test, and lets enter The Dark Zone. When you kill enemies in the Dark Zone, your Dark Zone Rank (DZR[XX]) goes up.

Ultimately, we want to get you to DZR50. By getting to DZR50, you unlock a significant number of new Blueprints that allow you to craft a number of unique High-End Equipment. These Blueprints are located in each Safehouse in the DZ, excluding the DZ02 Safehouse. Enemies in the Upper Zones will be significantly tougher than regular Level 30 enemies so be prepared!

7. Preparing for Incursions (Update 1):
This step is 100% Optional, but could potentially save you time.

Now that you have acquired good gear, have a good DZR, and have completely mastered the End-Game, you can optional prepare for the first Content Update (Releasing in April). The April update introduces players to "Incursions". Currently, we know nothing about this new Activity (We know nothing, don't believe the rumors). It is speculated that this is 8 man content, but nothing has been confirmed.

In order to prepare, you should acquire enough pCredits to hit the Cap (1000 Phoenix Credits). If you have 1000 pCredits when Incursions are released, there is a potential to be significantly ahead of most competition. Usually, with any new Content Update, a new tier of Equipment is released allowing you to increase your power. It is extremely advantageous to be able to purchase 3 to 4 pieces of gear.

That is all for now, I will continue to update this as it is needed. I will try to answer any questions that you may have.


A. All activities done while playing are easier with more people. Find a group using Matchmaking or or IRL Friends.

B. This guide assume you haven't played the Dark Zone yet, if you have, its no big deal. I've outlined how to get good gear in each step, so have fun, and good luck.


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