Saturday, March 19, 2016

Black Desert Online - Quick and Easy Guide to Permanent +2 Luck by morningly

Hey friends. For those of you that didn't know, there is a permanent +2 Luck bonus attained by collecting 50 (+1 Luck) and 60 (+2 Luck) total titles. As far as I can tell, this is a 20% improved drop rate buff, and it's really easy to reach -- there is no short supply of easy Combat titles to go around in Velia. I was able to go from 45->60 titles in about two hours, including time spent locating the best areas to farm.

So, to those of you that do not already have 60 titles, I present to you a quick rundown of how to load up on easy combat titles: (Click name to see location. All kills approximated.)

Parasitic Bees
Titles - Kills
Battle Ready - 15
Parasitic Bee Arson - 50
Parasitic Bee Curious - 250
Parasitic Bee Dominator - 500
Bee Hater - 700, includes other types of bees and thus easy to get
Just north of the two fields, there are Grass Beetles that you can use to work towards:
Grass Beetle Crusher - 20
Shell Collector - Looting 20

Titles - Kills
Imp Hater - 20
Imp Lover - 100
Imp Researcher - 300
Imp Extermination Expert - 1500 (Not recommended)
Angered Red Nose - 3000 (Not recommended)
Strength Show-Off - 20 Imp Altars
Superstition Skeptic - 30 Imp Amulets

Titles - Kills
Sting Operation - 50
Flexible Like Weasel - 200
Weasel Fur Lover - 500

Titles - Kills
Red Fur Lover - 50
Dancing With Foxes - 300
Fox Enchanted - 900 (Not Recommended)

Titles - Kills
Wolf Charmer - 50
Dancing With Wolves - 400
Fundamental Loving - Attained automatically during guide if you are overleveled for the area

Boars, Bears and Goblins
Boar Hunter - 75 (Not Recommended)
Enlightened by a Goblin - 150 (Not Recommended)
Bear Bear Bear - 50 (Not Recommended)
Gray Foxes and alternate Goblin locations are probably also solid choices that I did not attempt. Steel Imps took 400 or so to get a single title and was definitely not worth it. Gray Wolves and Boars do not have their own title pool.

Sources used: (and Chrome's translate feature)


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