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Blade & Soul - In Depth Blade Dancer PVP Guide by Cowman881

Ok, as requested by most of you in my last post, this is an in depth guide for LBD in PVP and how each and every matchup works and break the misconception that LBDs are “spin2win”. Keep in mind that this is my opinion on what strategies that works for me. Also, another thing to mention is the current elo you are in. Each and every playing plays differently, but there is a noticeable difference in playstyles between 1600-1800 and 1800+. I will be discussing them both when needed. I will also provide you guys with the skill tree generally use against each class (I am HM 4 so I will be using the skill points that I currently have).

Let us begin:

Each and every class have different abilities and forces the LBD to play differently in order to win. I will be dividing this post into class categories, but first I have a few general tips for LBD that works with all classes. These are also extremely big mistakes that most lower elo LBD make. If you follow these points you will see an obvious change in your change style and improvement.
  1. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT mindlessly spin. First of all, that completely consumes your focus as well as you letting your opponents get their cooldowns back up.
  2. DO NOT use your tab escape on the very first CC your opponent hits you with. That results in you giving your opponent an open opportunity to completely combo you down from 100-0. An example would be KFM animation cancelling you to death.
  3. Try not to randomly use your Q/E because those can be essential tools in escaping threatening abilities from your opponent. I stress this on less because it’s not as big as an issue since not many people use it often.
  4. Using 2 while in draw stance does not switch to basic stance. With this tip you are able to pull off some massive damage when you chain CC your opponents while in draw stance.
  5. Majority of the ways you win games is being able to understand how your opponent plays (like if he can counter you phantom grab or he can’t time it well enough) and understanding your opponent’s abilities and have a “general” idea of how they spec.
  6. When you opponent uses f as an escape you can either WAIT and press 2 or immediately press x because the last 2 hits will knock them up and they don’t have enough time to iframe. Now that I have discussed the main issues let’s begin with specific class matchups:
I understand that majority of you reading this have issues with Summoners so I will do this one first. This is my skill tree I would use for Summoners.

For me, I find that the most important factor going against Summoner as anyone is that knowing when to focus the cat or the girl. The Summoner has a lot of abilities that can either resist damage or heal which and sometimes be quite annoying. Your main target is going to be THE SUMMONER. As you can see in the skill tree, I have made a change on vortex to meditation. Parrying enemies is useful, but a Summoner can get away with CC situations pretty easily. Also even if you parry, your option according to your instinct is to take flight and air combo the Summoner. However, air combo is not a reliable source of damage since the cat can instantly cancel your combo by using CC on you. The left side of the skill tree works great because you occasionally get 2 seconds of complete invulnerability and 400% defense as well as focus recovery for every point of damage you take while spinning (which Summoners usually do). Your only option of winning is to sustain the game out to the point where Summoners have their essential abilities like heal and counter on cooldown. The only times where you use your air combo is win your RMB for first air combo is up because you are in the air and the cat cannot target you or when the cat is knocked down or far away. When the Summoner is still in the air, don’t use your Blitzblade and save it for when the Summoner counters. Also if the cat is close to you, use your RMB air combo finisher so you knock it away and can continue to DPS the Summoner for a few seconds. After the knock up, be sure to use your lightning draw for some massive damage with that guaranteed crit. Use your RMB in draw stance immediately since Summoners cannot use that counter while knocked down. After you stun they should either immediately go invisible and counter or just stay CC’ed. If they go invisible, try to follow them and SPAM tab since you restore focus for EVERY point of damage you take while spinning. Summoners are the only exception in spinning mindlessly as LBD.

I also put points onto the left side of your tab escape so you can escape the cat when it grabs you. The stun would not work since Summoners don’t have any other forms of stuns/dazes and are usually far enough from you where the tab does not have enough range to daze them.

Whenever the Summoner is throwing all his abilities on you, use your left side specced V and completely nullify the damage while getting HP back. Remember you are only immune to everything when you are spinning your blade, NOT in the small breaks in between each slash.
Here are some skills to point out from the Summoner that can affect your games. When the Summoner holds a dandelion above its’ head, it mean the next damage it takes they will completely counter it and go invisible. Try not to hit her while you see a dandelion, use your Blitzblade instead and then engage again. Another skill is the Summoner making the cat curl up into a ball and making it literally take no damage as well as HP regen. DO NOT FOCUS THE CAT WHEN YOU SEE THIS. You are literally wasting your time and your abilities. Focus the Summoner instead since the cat can’t do anything while curled up. When the cat is not curled up and it’s still healing, it means the Summoner is taking away her own health to give to the cat. This would be a great opportunity to focus the Summoner since your net damage to the cat will ultimately be zero.
With that being said, it brings me to my next point. Most people believe that putting the cat to sleep will make the match easier. No it won’t. First of all, I just stated that the Summoner and the cat and transfer HP. While the cat is asleep, it gets massive HP regen meaning infinite HP for the Summoner for 30 seconds. Second, most decent Summoners would just play defensively until they are beside the cat making your life hard trying to DPS the Summoner without waking up the cat. On VERY RARE occasions where you know the Summoner already blew her tab escape, you can grab the Summoner and put her to sleep giving you 30 seconds to kill the cat. Once the cat is gone, easy game easy life.

My final tip is when successfully grabbing the Summoner without her escaping, be sure to use your Z if the cat is close enough so you can knock the cat back and continue to phantom grab the Summoner without being canceled by CC.

Kung Fu Masters:
As you can see, this is the regular PVP build for LBD. The matchup against KFM is about how you can manage your escapes and movement abilities. Do not mindlessly waste them.

Back when I was in gold, I ALWAYS lost to KFM because I did not recognize the fact that some of their most important abilities are on a massive cooldown and was always scared. The main issue that I had was wasting my tab too early. That is the only form of escape when KFM animation cancels you. The right time to tab is when KFM uses a ability that looks like they are stomping on the ground because that is their longest cooldown ability. If you don’t have tab by then well good luck with that 3 second stun. Occasionally in very dire circumstance you want to tab when they use the AOE punch because it also is on a long cooldown as well as a horrifying start to their combo.

In order to mainly win this matchup is that you need to be decently familiar with the KFM abilities. The main abilities to look out for as a LBD is win the KFM counters. The animation is quite obvious where there are 2 orb things on his hand. DO NOT ATTACK OR YOU WILL HAVE TO WASTE ONE OF YOUR $ ESCAPES. Each and every escape is very valuable against KFM. The second ability you need to look out for as LBD is when they move 90 degrees to your right/left. After sidestepping they evade everything for a short duration. DO NOT SPIN BECAUSE THEY WILL GET IMMUNITY AND MOVESPEED FOR 6 SECDONDS. Grabbing them is quite useless since they just freeze everything in any sort of grapple so your best option would be to grab them and instantly drain/3 for the HP/focus/stun. If you manage to get snared in the ice just tab and you break free and get movement speed. After you run away from them you have a mind game with them. Since you are quite far away from them, they will attempt to jump on you. Just spam Q/E as LBD and you should easily dodge and sidestep behind them. After a slight moment of confusion from the KFM, this is your opportunity to knock them in the air for air combo. Just do the regular air combo, nothing special. When they are knocked down keep in mind that they are still able to counter so what you want to do is immediately lightning draw when they land on the floor. They will press counter hoping you would use RMB to stun them, but no. You wait a few seconds until they are not in counter stance anymore (you can easily tell if they are countering by their hand gesture while on the ground) you THEN press RMB and stun them for some good damage or waste one of their escapes which is very valuable to them against a LBD. Main source of damage is going to come from air combos since KFM have no way of escaping from it.


Another annoying matchup for the LBD. Many people, again, make the mistake of tabbing on the first CC they are hit with. DO NOT DO THAT. You are vulnerable to the point beyond comprehension since that is the ONLY form of escaping the web combo which every assassin does. Even if you get webbed, DO NOT immediately tab. Tab when the assassin approaches you so you can land a daze on him/her, the design of an assassin is mobility, if you make them waste their f escape that makes them vulnerable to all CC that initiates an air combo. Keep in mind that assassins have a quick ability where they flash behind you and stun you. DO NOT tab to that because the will immediately be halfway across the arena already. Most assassins use it to bait out escape but no. With this guide you are smart enough and know better. There is another combo for assassin in higher elo where they can 100-0 you without using the web. The right time to tab for that is after they break your back doing that spin technique.

Another thing to note is the assassin’s counter. When he is moving his hands in a circle it means the next attack you put on him is completely nullified and on top of that he goes invisible. You do not want the assassin to go invisible because that will cause you to mindlessly spin and “hopefully” predict when he’s going to strike again. Generally you want to save Blitzblade in case the assassin has counter. If you don’t you can also use x because you can still knock them up out of their invisibility.

Asides from that there is nothing else to say since it’s the same combo from each assassin you face.

EDIT FROM synix09: Another thing against Assassins is that I like to SS into V to suck them out of stealth. Also keep track of their invisibility timer. I believe it's 6 seconds. Most of them will try to come out and CC you right before the stealth ends so you can time it. For example, when they teleport behind you to stun, you can V suction them right as they do it and reverse it.


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