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The Division - [Guide] How to obtain High End gear quickly and efficiently by _Az

I made this post on imgur but naturally the best way to reach the audience is by using this reddit. I hope you enjoy and get what you need off this simple and mini high end obtaining guide.

If you want your gear to look like this then you have came to the right place.

Step 1 - Acquire the Vector 45 ACP This blue print is available at the advanced vendor up stairs on the left by your Tech wing. It sells for under 200 phoenix credits. Get the means to craft it asap.

This weapon alone will make this mission easier as long as you have gear that scales fittingly. No point expecting to bring a world of pain if you don't have any DPS or you get put down after a few rounds with a glass cannon build.

Step 2 - Lexington Event Center The easiest mission in my groups experience for the Challenging difficulty is this one. Located on the mid right side of the map and is usually completed half way through the main story. It contains many hallways and choke points. The spawns are also easy to camp. Don't be ashamed to draw the enemies out and into areas you feel most comfortable holding as a team.

Step 3 - Squad Up Although this is possible with just two people (although entirely not recommended). It becomes much easier with three and practically a breeze with four especially when everyone knows what they are doing. Everyone naturally has to be level 30 just to enter the mission so there should be no lightweights coming in. Just make sure you all stack you abilities carefully. Don't have each person hogging say medical abilities. Damage resistance and boost are incredibly effective in a group.

Step 4 - The Mission The beginning especially if you're new to the Challenging difficulty is a bit of a shock to the system. The rushing enemies with shotguns will obliterate you if you let them. As I mentioned earlier lure the 'rushers' out of their spawn and into areas where your team can gun down solo rushing enemies.

Each main segment takes about five minutes if done properly. You have the street fight, hostage media room, rooftop battle, basement area and main boss fight. So don't expect to walk through it quickly or easily first time round.
  • Street Fight - Quite an open area so make sure you all throw a grenade towards the hostage (it won't kill the JTF member) so you can hurt the first few enemies next to him. Spread out and clean up people behind cars and other small cover.
  • Hostage Media Room - The couch as you enter this room provides enough cover for multiple people. Be sure to use stuns from the tech launcher along with shock grenades to stop the rushing enemies. As you push in after the first wave enemies spawn in the far right room. Then behind the door leading to the stairwell. Use nades and coordination so that when spawn doors open you halt the push and do major damage in the selected area. Also you can backtrack down the stairs if you feel the push is going to cause you trouble.
  • Rooftop Battle - This can be challenging especially when there's only two or three of you. There are a few heavy enemies that slowly push you with LMGs. Be sure to stay alive and revive fallen comrades. If the enemies push up to the elevator simply get in it. I'm not even joking. Push the button and it will send you to the bottom where the ammo box is. Wait about one minute and when you use the lift again all the enemies that pushed up are now back in their spawn points. Just with less health and not so many friends. Repeat this strat if needed. The second wave comes from the opposite elevator. Very easy to set up and spawn camp as the door opens. Just make sure you can back up.
  • Basement Area - Initially this can be troublesome due to the small confined main room. But it's possible to get attention and fall back to the first corridor that leads to the lift. Again using the lift strat can be effective here. First room spawn after first wave is far right. Then the middle hallway door where both waves have heavy LMG enemies as well as rushers with shotguns.
  • Main Boss Fight - Not that tricky as long as you stay on the upper level and take out the snipers opposite of you. You can decide to rush the snipers as the speech is being said to which the JTF will breach in behind giving you some time to kill the distracted foes. Once you've cleaned up the two LMG enemies the main boss will spawn behind the stage in the double doored room with two waves supporting her. Maintain height, distance if needed and keeps heals constant. With enough determination you can walk away with your desired prize.
Our personal best as a four at the moment is 16 minutes and 35 seconds. Since you can immediately replay the mission as soon as you step outside you can rinse and repeat until your heart is content. Just keep your friends from fast traveling back to base as soon as they get their reward. Takes up time you could have spent already half way through the mission.

Tips Granted some people will fly through it like we do but there are others who aren't as geared nor as experienced in the mission. Here's a few tips I can think of that have helped us grind away.
Whenever there is one enemy left in a room try and leave him. Let all your squads cool downs reset. Have health packs ready to be thrown. Let there be the chance for a damage buff or for a critical chance increase scan to kick in. This way when the last enemy dies and the new wave spawns (usually through one door or small room) you can unleash everything at once.

Using explosive or shock ammo makes a world of difference on Challenging. Not to mention using tear gas, shock grenades and incendiaries at the feet of fresh spawn areas. With a good few med kits and someone packing the stun launcher you can power through waves with ease as you start getting familiar with the mission.

Don't over extend. Getting yourself killed in a no respawn zone is only going to make it more difficult for your friends. Not only do they need to pick you up after a long revive time but they're doing less DPS as a squad without you. Try and play smart and always support your team mates.

End Result With each successful run you will walk away with almost 20k credits and the ever so valuable 30 phoenix credits. Not to mention one guaranteed high end gear item. I must have done the mission about eight times to get enough high end gear to make my inventory look rather coordinated with previous high end weapons I had found and crafted.

Keep in mind that you can get the same gear more than once. It is possible for you to not get that one mask that you desperately need until the third, fourth or even fifth attempt. Some high ends will not be as good as previous purples stat wise but always look at the talents each high end gear gives you. If you keep at it I can promise that you'll walk away far better geared than you were when you walked in.

Hopefully this has helped agents who are wondering how to get high end gear quickly and effectively.

See you in the DZ chaps.


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