Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Blade & Soul - General Warlock PvP guide by MendiSmite

This is just a super general and quick PvP guide for Warlock. I say general because my upload is to bad to give a video where I'd be able to show information, which makes it easier to see and retain. Anyways..

Important to note HM levels on WL are very important. In my opinion, more important than any other class. I'd strongly recommend at least HM3

Pet Control - Anytime you're CC'ed, don't rush to swap or trinket. You can Q while in CC and make your pet knock them away. Also note you can do this even when you're not in range of them, altho if you need to move your pet use E over Q due to the CC it provides. (You can interrupt BD air combo with this, or knock a KFM off you if they grab for whatever reason)

Lets start off by linking and explaining some builds first and foremost.

General Build
A "Newb" friendly build. Has most the stuff you'll need, a grab escape-tab, ss-root for most things ect.
VS Anything with parry/defence (Blade cancer :)

Use of Time Warp and importance of Leech
Leech. 45s CD, applies for 12s. I think a lot of new Locks underestimate how important this ability is. Before I go on, love this ability. Don't let it get resisted. It is KEY for you to win most matchups, and CRITICAL against Sin/BM/KFM.

What does it do and why does it matter? Well you probably already know it makes wingstorm instant. Yep. This also means with leech and timewarp you can use x4 wingstorms. They stack? Yep. The procs stack. You will have a attack helicopter on steroids mowing your enemy down with cards. Not only than, it resets Dragoncall (The HM zen bean skill). Yeah. x4 of those too.
So basically, your "burst combo" assuming leech is up

With Helix:
Time warp->Wingstorm->2(soul shackle)->Bastion->Repeat (If you have good ping you might be able to fit in a helix proc) (You use the 2 to cancel defence.)

With Dragoncall
Time warp->DC->Wingstorm->2->Repeat (Good ping, add a bastion at the end.)

Now for the match explanation, 
as best as I can do in writing.
*Assuming you know and understand tech chasing aswell as 
when to block/how long to block.
Bm 90/10 - They have very few iframes. This matchup is literally leech->timewarp->dragoncall+Wingstorm spam. You'll oneshot them. Literally. You need to bait out ss if possible and most will q/e you inbetween abilities.

KFM 50/50 - Same concept of BM, but it's going to be quite a long match. You're super squishy, watch out using your tab(2). Remember if they stun you they most likely won't q/e pet knock. Watch ur pet here because if they have max agility and knock you down your pet will miss.

Destro - 80/20 - Very easy, not much than can do to resist damage. Don't miss leech, abuse wingstorm spam with timewarp. TAB WISELY. YOU CAN GET GLOBALED EZ

FM - 10/90 - ehe. haha. Erm. You got me. Sorry, but true. Take Sanctum T3M3

SIN - ? They all seem to play it different. 60/40 - Same concept as BM/KFM. Harder than bm, easier than kfm. Don't hit into counters. The HUGE advantage you have here is dragoncall is delayed. It knocks them out of stealth ridiculously often aswell as wingstorm's reach to get them out. Also note you take the Sanctum to where you can't be targeted from outside it T3 M3

Summoner 50/50 - I need to spar more to give you a realistic answer.

BD 70/30 OR 40/60- This matchup is almost entirely a mechanics matchup. If you block their abilities often, you'll win easily. This matchup is all about baiting iframes and abusing the ability to hide behind your pet. Don't be overaggresive, but don't let them spin away. On the large square map they can kite way easier and it gives them a huge advantage

WL v WL 100/0 - Why is this 100-0? Because of this tip. DONT USE HELIX IN THE MIRROR. DRAGONCALL HM. Why? Well. Go practice that burst combo shown above. Bastion only protects from 5 hits. Count how many wingstorm+dragoncalls+2's you'll land. Yeah. He's dead on your screen.


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