Monday, March 14, 2016

The Division - The Very Best Farming Route Lvl 55DZ by Nebe


From my original post showing my current gear & DZ level you guys wanted to know which farming route I was using.

Below is a screenshot to show the route I use for loot & exp. The route includes 2 extraction points & a safe house for resupplies. When you ring the dinner bell (call an extraction) it spawns mobs, so you may want to do this at both extraction points to maximize XP gains. Use the checkpoint shown on the screenshot to exit/enter the dark zone to clear your stash & fast travel back to Grand Central Station.

I have tried countless routes, but this is without a doubt the most efficient. Word of warning, this route includes 3 camps of 31 mobs so you may want to have some decent base gear to start with.

Nebes Route -

Have fun agents!

Uplay - RN.Nebe


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