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Heroes of the Storm Video - Cursed Hollow Guide by Penta

Quick guide for Cursed Hollow. Let me know which map you want to see next in the comments!

Add me on for coaching enquiries: PentaUnleash#6877

Submission Guide for 'Let me analyse YOU':

Send an email to with the subject:

eg. Battlefield of Eternity - PentaUnleash#6877 - Rank 1

Directory for HOTS Replays are:
C:\Users\ABCnameDEF\Documents\Heroes of the Storm\Accounts\123numbers456\1-Hero-1-12

In the email, answer these questions:
1. What are some specific questions you have? (Include timestamps)
2. Are you queuing with others? If so state their BattleTag's
3. Date of replay

Friday, October 30, 2015

OVERWATCH - New hero! Hana "D.Va" Song


At the age of 16, D.Va became the #1 ranked player in the world and proceeded to go undefeated for the next three years in all competitions. D.Va is an international star, beloved by her fans at home and abroad, and has toured in exhibitions around the world. Recently, she has taken a step back from competition to focus on her commitment to protect the safety of her homeland.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Heroes of the Storm Video - Epic Plays Of The Week \ Episode #51 [KendricSwissh]

••• Epic Hots highlights, funny fails, top plays or pure randomness
••• My personal top Heroes of the Storm moments of this week!
••• Send your own epic replays / links to
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Overwatch - How to know if you got into the Beta by Kulture1

Hey guys! This is going to be a quick tutorial on how to know if you got into the Overwatch beta!
Lets get some things cleared up first, there are NO keys Blizzard has stated that they aren't doing keys they will flag your account. That being said lets move on.

You can also check your email, but from my personal experience the emails have always been much later after your account has been flagged for beta.

TL;DR check your account status through

I have also made a video explaining all of this too that you can check out here
I hope this help you all, and I wish you all the best of luck getting into the beta! And for those of you who do get in... Congrats! I hope Overwatch is a blast!

Here is a cool picture from pony-76 This is what it should look like if you get in :)


Diablo 3 Video - 4man GR87 (Asia) \1 SC monk + 3 zdps sup(barb, crusader, healing monk) [Achieve Zzz]

(Asia) Diablo III Season4 GR87 4Man

StarCraft 2 - Patch 3.0.3 Notes \ Matchmaking improvements

Overwatch - Once the beta is live, we will begin flagging accounts in waves. This process may take several hours to complete.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hearthstone Video - Adventures of Dragon Mage: The Bodyguard [Brian Kibler]

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Starcraft - Legacy of the Void Beta Balance Update -- October 23, 2015

Here are the latest changes for the Legacy of the Void Beta.


  •     Carrier health decreased from 300 to 250.
  •     Adept shields increased by 10.


  • The delay before a Siege Tank in Siege Mode firing when being dropped by a Medivac has been increased from 0.53 to 1.43 seconds.
  • Liberator
  • Starts with Defender Mode enabled.
  • Defender Mode range decreased to 5.
  • Defender Mode upgrade now increases its range by 4.
  • Upgrade requirement changed to Fusion Core.


  • Lurker Den morph time increased from 71 to 86 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Siege Tank to fire at the incorrect speed.
  • Casting Mass Recall with the Mothership while moving should now be more responsive.

For more information about these changes, check out David Kim’s community update.


Diablo 3 - Season 4 Gearing Sheet Cheat by Furialz

Hey guys, I've been working on a cheat sheet for the most popular builds out there in order to prevent players from salvaging an item which could be useful for a build they're not currently playing.

I'm open to any constructive feedback on it. Support Barb and Healmonk was a bit of a challenge as there's many variations for it but I hope to have covered most of it.

Here's the link:

If you have issues viewing the page (may show in a Basic HTML format) you can view it in Excel Online here -

Thanks for taking the time!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Diablo 3 Video - GR85 4man with Crusader \ Asia Server by Danta

Overwatch Beta coming to EU on Oct 27th

We were able to complete setup and testing of our beta servers for Europe sooner than anticipated. As a result, we're happy to report that we will be launching the Overwatch Closed Beta in both the Americas and Europe gameplay regions on October 27.

The Overwatch beta officially begins October 27, and we’re getting ready to invite our first batch of recruits for some field-testing!

The beta test will kick off on the 27th with Americas and Europe gameplay regions, with Asia to follow.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Heroes of the Storm Video - Abathur King of the Jungle [04AM]

In this Heroes of the Storm video, I am showing you some Abathur king of the jungle ownage. I managed to take down 4 people in a row in a single Garden of Terror game in the same bush. People were quite greedy, doing bald moves with the bush facechecks. Unfortunate for them, fortunate for the slug life. Enjoy!

Wanna join me in the nexus? O4AM#2690 on EU

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Snapchat: O4AMofficial
Instagram: 04AMofficial

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Starcraft 2 Video - LOTV - CranK vs NoRegreT on Bridgehead LE [Falcon Paladin]

Check out more CranK! and

Send me your awesome LOTV replays and I'll cast them! FalconPaladin at

Find me at Twitch, Twitter and Facebook; I'm /FalconPaladin on all three.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Heroes of the Storm Video - Hottest Top 5 Plays of the Week #51 by HeroesForecast

Heroes of the Storm HotS Hottest Top 5 Plays of the Week Episode 51 : Highlighting the top epic plays from Heroes of the Storm. Top plays, big plays, epic plays, wombo combos and pro skills with commentary! Created by BalncdBrkfst

Check out our community channel in game /join heroesforecast

If you would like to submit your play to be in the next HotS Hottest Plays, send the replay to with the time at which your play appears!

Heroes of the Storm - Free Hero Rotation \ October 20-27

  • Malfurion
  • Valla
  • Stitches
  • Arthas
  • Gazlowe
  • Brightwing (12)
  • Kerrigan (15)


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hearthstone - Top 5 Most and Least Used Cards [Infographic] by Rushin

Rushin here with yet another series of infographics showing Top 5 Most and Least used cards in Hearthstone. The following infographics looks only at neutral cards. If you guys would like to see the one for class cards then let me know! Till next time guys!

Full Album
Top 5 Most Used Cards
Top 5 Least Used Cards
Top 5 Most Used Cards (By Rarity)
Top 5 Least Used Cards (By Rarity)

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid for making these nor am I getting sponsored. Although I would like to express a huge appreciation of the following websites for aiding me and my research: HearthPwn , HearthHead , HearthCards.


Friday, October 16, 2015

Official Warcraft Movie Trailer To Premiere Globally at BlizzCon 2015

It has been a long time coming, with delays and leaks and snippets of information here and there, but at long last it seems as though Warcraft fans worldwide will get to feast their eyes on the official movie trailer for Warcraft at this year’s BlizzCon.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hearthstone Video - Designer Insights with Ben Brode: Warsong Commander

Senior Game Designer Ben Brode discusses the recent change to Warsong Commander.

Heroes of the Storm - Blizzards To "Make Changes" to Matchmaking

There are a couple of changes we’re implementing in a future patch to make steps toward our ongoing goal of improving matchmaking in Heroes:

  • A couple of bug fixes to help the matchmaker identify players that are closer in skill, hopefully resulting in more even matches
  • Increasing the maximum wait time in queue to 10 minutes
  • System improvements

  • Do note, these are not the only changes we’ll be implementing. We’ve got some more alterations in development that will continue to be released, the moment they’re ready, to help us further tune matchmaking. Some of the changes will be focused on:

  • Improving matches at high skill levels
  • Improve the New User experience
  • Adjustments to make sure players in matches are close in experience, not just MMR

  • As for Srey, we’re looking into his account and identifying the matches that could’ve been considered poor experiences. We’ll also be assessing our point system to make sure a player at Srey's skill level won’t fall out of Rank 1 due to a couple of losses. In addition to this data from top tier matches, we’re hoping to extract information or identify bugs in the matchmaker that we could alter to make everyone’s match quality better, regardless of experience or MMR.

    With that said, we’ll continue to listen to your feedback, evaluate the changes with data, and make changes as needed. We’re committed to make your experience in Heroes a fun one, and that means ensuring matches are as even as possible. 

    Wednesday, October 14, 2015

    Diablo 3 Video - Quin69: GR69 + Hammerdin Crusader Guide (Solo | 2.3 | Season 4)

    Diablofans written guide:
    watch live
    twitter me @quinrex

    Overwatch - Beta officially begins October 27

    The Overwatch beta officially begins October 27, and we're getting ready to invite our first batch of recruits for some field-testing! Read the mission briefing below to learn more about our plans for the beta, and don't forget to sign up if you're interested in helping us shape the fight for the future.

    We're aiming to accomplish two primary goals with our public beta test: First, get tons of top-notch feedback on the gameplay—including balance, feel, and fun—to help us make Overwatch the best team-based shooter on the planet. Second, we want to hammer the heck out of our tech, including stress-testing our server infrastructure and making sure the game runs great on the widest variety of systems possible.

    To accomplish this, we're dividing our beta participants into two different groups, each with different mission objectives and deployment schedules. The Closed Beta group will form the core of our testing crew. In addition, we'll be conducting a number of Beta Test Weekends with wider groups of players when it's time to break out the big guns.

    A few more things: The Overwatch beta will be Windows-only, and you'll need to have the desktop app installed to play. If you're selected to participate in either the Closed Beta or one of our Beta Test Weekends, you'll receive an email with instructions when you're ready to be deployed. Read this article to make sure our transmissions won't get filtered, and don't forget to opt in if you haven't already.


    World of Warcraft - Patch 6.2.3 Preview

    Patch 6.2.3 will be making its way onto the PTR soon, and we wanted to provide you with some insights on what it has in store.

    We’ve made no secret of our desire to expand the role and importance of dungeons in World of Warcraft as we move full speed ahead toward Legion. We look forward to sharing more of our plans in that regard during BlizzCon 2015 next month. At the same time, we’ve heard from many players that they wanted more reasons to run dungeons in Warlords, so we’re pleased to announce this small patch, which is focused on reinforcing the reward systems around our existing dungeons as well as expanding the scope of the Timewalking feature that we introduced in patch 6.2.

    Timewalk With Me: New Timewalking Dungeons

    Get ready to go back in time to experience  six iconic dungeons from Cataclysm with this new Timewalking bonus event. You’ll be able to face the foes within Grim Batol, Stonecore, Lost City of Tol’vir, The Vortex Pinnacle, Throne of Tides, and End Time once more and reap the treasures within.

    To round out our Timewalking journey, we’ll also be adding the Pit of Saron to the Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking bonus event and the Magister’s Terrace to the Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event.

    Lest we forget, there’s just one more bit of news that’s bound to draw you into the vortex to do a little Timewalking. Players will now have a chance to loot a rare Infinite Timereaver mount from any Timewalking boss.

    Developer Insights
    One of the most common requests we’ve heard ever since introducing Timewalking was for there to be some way to obtain an Infinite Dragonflight mount, since it’d fit perfectly with the theme of time manipulation, aside from being just plain cool-looking. We agree. Inspired by Murozond, the final boss of the End Time dungeon that is included in the Cataclysm Timewalking rotation, the Infinite Timereaver will be a rare drop from any dungeon boss during all of the Timewalking events.

    Cross-Realm Mythic Raiding

    With the patch we’ll also be introducing Cross-Realm Mythic Raiding. You’ll now be able to join with friends, fill that one last spot, or have an easier time recruiting to backfill missing raid slots, allowing you to take on some of the most difficult encounters in Warlords of Draenor.

    Valor for the Valorous

    With the patch we’ll be bringing back Valor as a currency. You’ll will be able earn Valor once more by taking part in Heroic and Mythic Dungeons, from various Bonus Events, and via the first run through Raid Finder each week. To upgrade, visit your friendly neighborhood ethereal to upgrade gear up to five item levels at a time, up to two times per piece of gear.

    Developer Insights
    Dungeon content shines when its difficulty is appropriate to players’ power level, so Mythic dungeons will be the most lucrative source of Valor for players who have items from Tanaan or Hellfire Citadel. For those who are still gearing up to tackle Mythic dungeons, or who prefer to use queued matchmaking, Raid Finder wings and the first Heroic dungeon each day will also provide Valor, as will most of Seer Kazal’s weekly event quests. Ethereal Voidbinders have made their way through time and space to Stormshield and Warspear, as well as returning to Orgrimmar and Stormwind, to allow players to use this Valor to upgrade their gear by up to 10 item levels. We decided to go with item upgrades rather than a Valor vendor because item upgrades offer power that complements items from other sources rather than competing with them. 

    Gift of the Grove Warden

    Soon, players who dare to face the fearsome might of Archimonde will receive an added bonus. For a limited time, defeating Archimonde on Heroic difficulty or higher will reward players with a mysterious fragment of dark power that begins a quest. When you bring this fragment to the druids of Moonglade, you’ll learn a little more about what’s in store for Azeroth, and the druids will give you a majestic Grove Warden mount in thanks for your efforts. This quest won’t be available forever—our current plan is to retire the quest in an update some time before Legion’s launch, so grab some friends and head to Hellfire Citadel while you can.

    More Bigger Better: Item Rewards

    We’re expanding the range of item quality for players within Mythic Dungeons and Tanaan Jungle. Players who take part in Mythic Dungeons will have a chance to gain items up to item level 725, and players who receive Baleful items will now have a chance to gain items up to item level 695. Players in Mythic Dungeons will also now have a chance to loot a new Heirloom Trinket that will scale to level 110.

     Developer Insights
    Running a dungeon is a bit more exciting when there’s a chance you might get a direct item upgrade, versus simply earning a predictable amount of currency per run. Thus, we’re also expanding the power of Warforged items in Mythic dungeons—rather than a static +20 item level bonus when a Mythic dungeon item is Warforged, there will be a chance for even greater increases in power. The very luckiest players might even obtain item level 725 versions of the dungeon drops, with increasingly better odds of 720, 715, and so forth, fully spanning the range from 685 to 725 in five item-level increments. We’re also applying this system to Baleful items from Tanaan itself, which can now range in quality from item level 655 all the way to 695. Raiding, crafting, and PvP will remain the most reliable sources of the best gear available, but we’d like to create the chance for surprise when you’re adventuring out in the world or in dungeons.

    Arena Season 3

    We’re also preparing to end Warlords Arena Season 2 and transition to Warlords Arena Season 3. We’ll have more details to share on this transition between seasons and the distribution of rewards in the near future.

    Developer Insights:
    With Arena Season 3 we’ll be introducing new gear, including Warmongering Aspirant gear at PvP item level 715, Warmongering Combatant gear at 730, and Warmongering Gladiator gear at 740.
    Make sure you keep an eye out for the complete patch, 6.2.3 notes and we’ll look forward to seeing you on the Public Test Realm.


    Tuesday, October 13, 2015

    Hearthstone Video - Lessons with the Kamsh: Guide to Control Warrior [Tempo Storm]

    The kamsh is back with a new video featuring one of Hearthstone's oldest archetypes Control Warrior.


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    Overwatch - Beta Preview Livestream

    Overwatch is making its official debut on Twitch this Thursday, October 15 ... and you're invited!

    Join a duo of aspiring heroes, Haylinic and Ellohime, as they team up with our developers to fight for the future LIVE from Blizzard HQ. During these inaugural streams, you'll have a chance to see over 90 minutes of unedited real-time gameplay from not one, but two perspectives—plus, you'll get a first look at what you can expect from the upcoming Overwatch beta. (Wicked!)
    Livestream Details:

    Round up your allies, mark your calendars, and get ready for battle. We hope to see you there!


    Friday, October 9, 2015

    StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void Video - NYDUS WORM vs Terran! [LowkoTV]

    The Nydus Worm in StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void became one of the most powerful all-in tools Zerg has ever had. In the past, both Terran and Protoss players were allowed to get away with very greedy gameplay. However, in the new StarCraft 2 expansion this playstyle can be countered by all-inning with a Nydus Network off of two bases.

    In this Zerg versus Terran I quickly find out what strategy the Terran player is going for. After realising that my opponent was in fact going for a greedy third Command Center I put down the Nydus Worm and start saving up Queen energy for enough transfuse. The result is Queens and Roaches in the Terran player's main base, while he doesn't have even remotely enough units to hold on.

    Heroes of the Storm Guide - Medic is not mana hungry. Quicktips to overcome your mana addiction by GetEquipped

    She's really not, you just need to know how to play healers with a short CD/Cast time.

    Now in MMOs, I raided as a healer a couple of time, wasn't my bag, hated staring at lifebars instead of the fight.

    But, here's something I learned the hard way, through failure. Not everyone needs to be topped up at 100% all the time. I used to overheal and waste mana like crazy. Healing Surge and Flash Heal are not your friends.

    And that's what I see a lot of Medics doing they waste mana. They waste it in lane, they waste it on fights, they don't toggle off their Q.

    A lot of heroes, especially warriors, have ways to get health back. I see medics trying to heal any and all harass, even if there are no enemies near them, or healing an Illidan in lane (If alone) when they forget Illidan has passive life steal.

    So here's how to properly use the healing beam.
    • Once they dip below 60%-ish or if they're getting focused, then you put the beam on them. You don't need to keep it up just because you see people at who aren't at full health. Let them regen a bit, let the orbs regen do their work.
    • Use Safeguard with a purpose. Don't use it on CD. I personally use it as a "buffer" if I need to heal person A, and person B is eating harass (Or I see the Shield Break animation from vulnerability) then I throw B to just put a band-aid on them.
    • If some is under INTENSE focus, then throw the guard and beam on them
    • Grenade is slow and does piddling damage. Safe it for peel, not for harass.
    • After a fight, either go back to tap the fountain or mana. A lot of Medics often stay on the field because they're at full health because of their trait, but you still need mana as well.
    Alright, I hope this helps a few of you aspiring Medics out there.


    Tuesday, October 6, 2015

    Diablo 3 - S4 Support Monks (x2) Gearing Guide by Emitz

    Hi Guys,
    Based on the great feedback I got with my Support Barb build sheet, my good friends and clan members /u/RiffSphere & /u/HellFirePvP have put together a very similar guide for the S4 Heal

    The guide covers the following 2 variations of the build:

    1) Full XP support for speed runs 55-69+
    2) High GR support good for 70+


    Have a look, comment/ask questions and let us know what you think.
    <TwR> Emitz


    Starcraft 2 - WCS Global Finals Brackets

    Saturday, October 3, 2015

    Friday, October 2, 2015

    Diablo 3 Guide - S4 Support Barbs (x3) Gearing Guide by Emitz

    Hi Guys,
    For those who are interested in rolling a Barbarian or simply looking to improve your Support Barb gearing, I’ve put together an overview of three Support Barb builds I use in S4.


    I’ve played a few community games this week whilst my clan parties were full and found all the Support Barbs I came across incorrectly geared. Hopefully my guide will help a few improve their toughness, their party’s effectiveness and most importantly their xp/hr.

    The buffs, de-buffs, grouping and utility the Barb brings is HUGE this season, never before has EHP/Toughness been such an important part of the game. As much as the LPS monk is required for regen, the support barb is required for damage mitigation and grouping (above GR65).

    Of all the classes/builds in the current meta I find the support barb to be the most enjoyable to play. If done right you will greatly improve the efficiency of your party, if done wrong you’ll find the party RIPing all over the place.

    What I have provided in the link is three variations of the same build with some comments / notes about gearing.
    1. A “standard” support barb that is easily crafted and less dependent on max CDR rolls;
    2. A max XP version that drops Zodiac for Leoric Signet and St Archews for the Baby Cain set
    3. A High GR Support Barb with no XP gear but a lot of survivability.
    There is another build witch drops WW for Sprint and uses illusory boots, I won’t detail it or say more than I really don’t enjoy it, nor do I find it fluid or effective.

    Finally, there are many more aspects of the build that I’ve not been able to cover in any sort of detail (such as skill cooldown priorities, etc…), so if you have questions, or indeed, suggestions let me know and I’ll try my best to answer them.