Friday, October 9, 2015

Heroes of the Storm Guide - Medic is not mana hungry. Quicktips to overcome your mana addiction by GetEquipped

She's really not, you just need to know how to play healers with a short CD/Cast time.

Now in MMOs, I raided as a healer a couple of time, wasn't my bag, hated staring at lifebars instead of the fight.

But, here's something I learned the hard way, through failure. Not everyone needs to be topped up at 100% all the time. I used to overheal and waste mana like crazy. Healing Surge and Flash Heal are not your friends.

And that's what I see a lot of Medics doing they waste mana. They waste it in lane, they waste it on fights, they don't toggle off their Q.

A lot of heroes, especially warriors, have ways to get health back. I see medics trying to heal any and all harass, even if there are no enemies near them, or healing an Illidan in lane (If alone) when they forget Illidan has passive life steal.

So here's how to properly use the healing beam.
  • Once they dip below 60%-ish or if they're getting focused, then you put the beam on them. You don't need to keep it up just because you see people at who aren't at full health. Let them regen a bit, let the orbs regen do their work.
  • Use Safeguard with a purpose. Don't use it on CD. I personally use it as a "buffer" if I need to heal person A, and person B is eating harass (Or I see the Shield Break animation from vulnerability) then I throw B to just put a band-aid on them.
  • If some is under INTENSE focus, then throw the guard and beam on them
  • Grenade is slow and does piddling damage. Safe it for peel, not for harass.
  • After a fight, either go back to tap the fountain or mana. A lot of Medics often stay on the field because they're at full health because of their trait, but you still need mana as well.
Alright, I hope this helps a few of you aspiring Medics out there.


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