Friday, October 2, 2015

Diablo 3 Guide - S4 Support Barbs (x3) Gearing Guide by Emitz

Hi Guys,
For those who are interested in rolling a Barbarian or simply looking to improve your Support Barb gearing, I’ve put together an overview of three Support Barb builds I use in S4.


I’ve played a few community games this week whilst my clan parties were full and found all the Support Barbs I came across incorrectly geared. Hopefully my guide will help a few improve their toughness, their party’s effectiveness and most importantly their xp/hr.

The buffs, de-buffs, grouping and utility the Barb brings is HUGE this season, never before has EHP/Toughness been such an important part of the game. As much as the LPS monk is required for regen, the support barb is required for damage mitigation and grouping (above GR65).

Of all the classes/builds in the current meta I find the support barb to be the most enjoyable to play. If done right you will greatly improve the efficiency of your party, if done wrong you’ll find the party RIPing all over the place.

What I have provided in the link is three variations of the same build with some comments / notes about gearing.
  1. A “standard” support barb that is easily crafted and less dependent on max CDR rolls;
  2. A max XP version that drops Zodiac for Leoric Signet and St Archews for the Baby Cain set
  3. A High GR Support Barb with no XP gear but a lot of survivability.
There is another build witch drops WW for Sprint and uses illusory boots, I won’t detail it or say more than I really don’t enjoy it, nor do I find it fluid or effective.

Finally, there are many more aspects of the build that I’ve not been able to cover in any sort of detail (such as skill cooldown priorities, etc…), so if you have questions, or indeed, suggestions let me know and I’ll try my best to answer them.


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