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Blade & Soul - Tips & Tricks by icrine

1) You regain full windstride stamina when you change channels. Use this to your advantage by changing channels (hold alt, select above minimap) to double your windstride amounts.

2) You can do most dungeon based important dailies by going to the cross server dungeon, which includes the relevant quest npc after you find a party - saving you valuable travel time and windstride costs. This also gives you access to a limited vault (no marketplace), which is extremely useful for initial moonwater quests chapter 3 where you are stuck without a dragon union for the first portion. (flying back to cinderlands or viridian coast at this point costs you 3 silver and above - they're an entirely different continent!)

3) When in any dungeon, press escape and select "escape" in the options to teleport back to the entrance. Works for all dungeons - saves you travel time and you don't need that dragon pulse at all!

When you hit blackram narrows, consider grinding it 10 times. You'll get an achievement for killing the final boss that gives 400 hp. RECOMMENDED - COME BACK AT LEVEL 26+ TO SOLO/SPEEDFARM WITH CROSS SERVER DUNGEON.
If you don't mind possibly losing some wins in arena, grinding for 10 wins in arena unlocks another easy bonus of 70defense (better than 400hp after 3k hp)
Edit: to clarify you can only activate one bonus attrib of which the pvp is better but it means you have to win games and possibly lose in pvp matches if you try to get this achievement early.

5) Mining stones are indicated for on the map as "quartz", but not all of these map indicators are for the zone rocks - some are gathering unlocks, indicated by not having the option to mine it. Try to make detours to them and change channel to increase your chances of finding them. Even if you don't have a pickaxe, you can easily deliver one from the marketplace (F5) which gives you a high value rate (pickaxes are 0.2 to 1x of an ore's cost) as the ores drop in 1,2, or 3 quantities.
Best mining locations:
Viridian Quartz - channelswap outside sentinel outpost cliff. 3 rocks there with many channels
Cinderlands Silicate - at the quest regarding the naryu tomb, there are 3 stones within proximity.

6) ALL SOULSHIELDS CAN BE SALVAGED FOR FUSION POWDER! As you level up they have a higher chance of dropping fusion powder, which sells better than 1 copper on the marketplace. There are two types of shields, fusion shields and equip shields, generally indicated by their quality - white and green are for fusing, blue and purple are for equipping.
Recommended soulshield paths
Stalker (jiangshi wheel of fate)
Jadestone Shield (valor stone exchange)
Deva (right side of Cinderlands map, no mainstat crit)
Yehara Mirage Shield (valor stone exchanger)
Scorpion King (Pinchy boss, outside Yehara's Mirage - make sure a party is around to help, annoying boss that requires the bomb scorpion mechanic)
Infuse YM shield into scorpion king shield
Tomb of exile section removed
Note: a reasonable amount of people have reasonably informed that TOE shield isnt worth farming. While I would agree on the standpoint of cost (24 hongmoon charms or 16 unsealing charms), the shield offers a good balance for difficulty:grind at this point in my opinion.
By all means equip the moonwater town shield and/or lycan shields instead of TOE if you find that the game is still easy and you are capable of handling dungeons and/or party play. They are far cheaper and much more friendly to obtain, and profane soulshield at level 45 is the one most people would recommend.

7) Evolving equipment - check market for the evolution gear - if its tradeable it will show up. NEWBIES READING, THIS MEANS DON'T USE KEYS FOR STALKER WEAPON BOXES!
ALL equips are indicated as "evolution material" if they are used for hongmoon level ups, so those are the key drops. Nevertheless you can buy these gear unsealed from market cheaper than using a 10 silver unsealing charm, so consider that especially as it will allow you to have your gear levelled up to stage 10 earlier.

8) Keep ALL equip drops in page one of your bank. Use your auxiliary storage (bank 2) for everything else. When you enter moonwater area, equips start to have odd infusing costs - up to 10 silver to level up your gear even though the evolve amount is minimal. Keep all old gear to use and you'll be fine. Don't salvage weapons and accessories, it doesn't do anything early game - salvaging is for gems and soulshields. WEAPON TREASURE CHESTS ARE USELESS 99% OF THE TIME, TRASH THEM
EDIT: To clarify because some people pointed it out. Past level 40 its worth salvaging items for crafting mats that allow you to create weapon evolve exp gems (same shit they like to give from some quests)
The reason I don't recommend that is because most gear you get prior to moonwater zone is directly usable to upgrade your gear, and there's no point to salvage them for the chance at the powders when you can use them directly to evolve.
Level 45 gear is different; using purple eq will cost soulstones to evolve (expensive and bad use) while green gives no exp, so salvaging thede for powders to make exp gems with is better (but using blue gear is still the best)

9) When fighting giganura, consider spending some keys to open a ruby. A hongmoon amethyst is given later in the survey line so you don't have to open an amethyst (if I got this wrong and the hongmoon gem is random, please correct me) but an amethyst is the best possible gem. You can only equip one gem color at a time!
Update: /u/ma_vie_en_rose has kindly provided a better version of this tip - you can buy a good traded version of a diamond or ruby off the marketplace for 1-3 silver which is better than using keys and risking bad rolls. Amethyst tip remains the same (there is a hongmoon one granted in wuestline or lvling, no need to buy one)

10) Leveling up = doing quests, earning money = doing quests and crafting, and not opening or farming unnecessary items like blackram narrows soulshield. Don't "grind" combat exp, it doesn't work like that in this game!

11) Crafting - as confusing as it is, just know that the one and only money making profession is POTTERY. Join merry potters and treecutting regardless of whether you are going Radiant Ring, Soul Wardens or Earthseers (the three other crafting guide combinations)
Treecutting in particular gives ths most copper:time gathering ratio simply because its used in making Merry Potter refiners and earthware, which are used in most other crafting professions. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND SOUL WARDEN for easy access to money (craft transformation stones, especially ultra rare moonwater ones) and endgame (strong fusion soulshield primers)
That means your 4 combi will be:
Green Thumbs (clay for pottery, but can buy off marketplace too)
Treecutting (sap)
Merry Potters (refiners and earthware - ignore the pots)
Soul Warden (transformation stones and endgame shields)
Make alts or marketplace for everything else you can't get your hands on.

12) "MISC" tagged items are purely JUNK no matter how shiny the name is (broken piece, raptor feather, iron blade, blah blah) and always sell for 1 copper. They are grey names unlike crafting mats and are autosold when you visit any shop and select below their selling menu "sell all inferior goods"

13) PREMIUM MEMBER TIPS - press f3 to store your costunes in the wardrobe. There is an option below your inventory called dragon express which lets you spend 30 instead of 40 insigna for the blackram/bamboo spectre costumes

14) dragon pouch and inventory management
You want to have minimally 3 rows of gear/all bank, 6 rows of auxiliary bank, and the rest in your inventory prior to level 38
After that you can spend for one more row of gear bank or save for inventory row depending on whether you are an inventory scrubber (constantly cleans out inventory)
I generally find that storing all crafting items in inventory helps with remote ordering a lot, but you need good inventory management to achieve that with limited dragon pouches

Heroes of the Storm - Tempo Storm Zoia ‒ Li-Ming (Wizard) PTR Patch Preview & First Impressions

Tempo Storm Zoia reviews the patch notes for the new patch released earlier today on the public test realm (PTR), which includes the release of Li-Ming, the Rebellious Wizard from the Diablo III franchise.

Patch notes:

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Blade & Soul - Rising Waters Arrives February 10

New end game content update to be released in two weeks.

You’ve mastered your skills, fought through terrifying encounters, and conquered Poharan herself. There’s no rest for a warrior on the pathway of vengeance, and your adventure continues in just two weeks—on February 10—with the release of Rising Waters, an update including three challenging new pieces of max-level PvE content, and new ways to increase your martial prowess.

Bloodshade/Nightshade Harbor
Available as a 6- or 4-player Heroic (purple) dungeon, Bloodshade Harbor (and its 24-player version, Nightshade Harbor) offers max-level players new challenges against the Blackram pirates, and Poharan’s boss, Admiral Hae Mujin himself.

Mushin’s Tower – Floors 1–7
Ascend each level of Mushin’s Tower—a single player Heroic dungeon—for increasingly greater challenges, and even greater rewards. Additional floors and content will be added to Mushin’s Tower in future updates.

Hongmoon Level 5
Hongmoon Levels allow you to continue to gain experience beyond level 45, and unlock additional skill points to increase your character’s strength in combat. This update will unlock five Hongmoon Levels to be gained after completion of a new quest.

PvP Preseason
The update will also mark the start of the PvP preseason, with a new in-game UI to see how your skills stack up. You’ll also be able to earn and spend Zen Beans—the Blade & Soul PvP currency—from competing against others. As we move from the preseason to Season 1 in a future update, we’ll have more information on the high-level rewards you’ll be able to earn from dominating your opponents.


Heroes of the Storm - Li-Ming Spotlight

Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson introduces you to the newest Assassin entering the Nexus, Li-Ming.

For information on Heroes of the Storm, visit the links below:
Website -

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Blade and Soul - Leveling Guide 1-20 by Jaesung

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Diablo 3 - [Era 5] Reintroducing DH to 4man groups: Tier 98 (ft. Support DH) by wudijo

Back with some new stuff that might make some people happy (hail DH!) and some not-so-happy (rip WD). Nothing much to comment on here. We dropped the WD for sup DH and went on to some testing on nonseason, with quite some success. I have to admit it's tough to beat the WDs with all their damage buffs, but you can get close enough and DH brings some other strengths to the table: easier pulling, easier application of Iceblink, more mobility and more survivability (once optimized). Props to Xabster for making me reconsider sup DH again.

In this video I was changing my setup after every run trying to improve it a little here and there but overall it seemed to work quite nicely. I took all the damage buffs a DH can bring (15% CHC from Multishot, 30% DIBS from Wolf, 20% from Echoing Blast, 20% from Marked for Death, 30% from Strongarm, 20% from Calamity (yes, they stack)) and built the rest around it. Initially I used Captain Crimson, Born's and M2 + Zoey's Secret, which comfortably set me to 10b+ toughness. The pets turned out to be a problem because they were blocking monsters and kept them from following us, so I dropped Born's + M2 again and went with Krelm's Belt, Corruption (pickup radius) and some other random stuff, which unfortunately also reduced my toughness by around 70%. All in all it was poorly optimized and I was missing lots of HP, RCR and CDR and just about everything. For a more consistent setup that can spawn globes on RG I dropped the Danetta's and Spike Trap and used Calamity + Meticulous Bolts with a cubed Solanium instead.

It's difficult to say if it will be better than WD but it looks quite good so far, considering that we quite easily cleared 3 Tiers below the current rank 1 (GR101 on EU). Overall it seems about even with a more prominent focus on movement and pulling vs. pure damage buffs. I haven't had any experience in high 4man groups so far this season so I generally had little clue what was going on or what I should be doing in a given moment, but my teammates helped me out a lot. Apparently the DH also creates less lag because there are fewer dots and obviously because of the missing Voodoo, which might facilitate running this setup during the day, too.

Clan (EU):

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Blade and Soul Guide - Weapon Evolving for beginners + extra tips by Oxtube

Just started Blade and Soul and not sure how the Hongmoon Evolving system works? then this is the video for you.
Also If you lost your Hongmoon gear this video explains how to retrieve it.

Hearthstone - Legendary Crafting Guide / 2016 Edition by TheKOg77

Legendary Crafting Guide - 2016 Edition
This guide is meant to help new players decide which cards to keep and which to dust. With the frequent "What should I craft?" threads I found it appropriate to update my guide from September. Over the time I changed quite a lot of the card placements and wanted to show the newer players in this subreddit the updated guide. The card descriptions have also been adjusted to fit the LoE meta. I'll also keep this guide updated to reflect the current strength of the cards. I am basing the layout of the tierlist on the list made by /u/cgmcnama who made a thread like this 9 months ago. That means that the tiers are sorted alphabetically and that I will be providing a short explanation on the placements in the first two tiers.

Tier S: These cards are staples in a great deal of competitive decks
Card Name Class Collection Reasoning
Dr. Boom Neutral GvG "Dr. Balanced" is included in pretty much any type of deck due to the insane tempo swing he provides. He puts 9/9 worth of stats onto the battefield with the added bonus of the insane deathrattles. The Boom Bots themselves can trade with cards with up to 5 health.

Tier 1: These cards are also great but usually class specific. Their unique effects are often impossible to replace.
Card Name Class Collection Reasoning
Alexstrasza Neutral Classic A staple in Freezemage and Control Warrior. The great thing about her is that you can use her effect to set up a lethal burst combo or to just heal yourself.
Archmage Antonidas Mage Classic A win condition in most mage decks. The synergy with cheap spells such as Spare Parts, Mirror Image or Frostbolts makes it best to drop him on turn 8-10. Letting this card live for even one turn usually spells defeat for your opponent.
Bloodmage Thalnos Neutral Classic Seen primarily in Freezemage and Oil Rogue. A cheap combo enabler for spell burst and a card cycle. This card does not seem to be impressive at first sight but is still powerful and unique.
Grommash Hellscream Warrior Classic Control Warriors finisher. The 10 damage is usually seen just after Alexstrasza has been played, making for an easy and fast victory. However trading is also completely fine and leaves you with a threatening 10 attack body.
Harrison Jones Neutral Classic A great card against Hunter, Paladin, Shaman and Warrior. He swaps in and out of the meta, depending on how strong the weapon classes are. The ladder is full of the 4 classes mentioned above and that likely won't change for a while. He's definitely a good card to have in your collection.
Justicar Trueheart Neutral TGT Best used in Control Warrior but also viable in Paladin and Priest. Playing her on curve just makes you snowball the game really hard. Aggro can't keep up with your ever increasing life and you win most fatigue wars against opposing control decks. In Paladin the upgraded hero power increases the threat of a Quartermaster, forcing the opponent to clear 2 minions every turn.
Lord Jaraxxus Warlock Classic If you don't own either of the Warlock legendaries, then go craft this guy. When you play him and don't get killed on the next turn you usually win. Control decks can't keep up with the everlasting stream of 6/6s and aggro can't get through if you taunt them up. The only downside of Jaraxxus is his low life total, making him susceptible to combo attacks.
Mal'Ganis Warlock GvG Mainly seen in Zoolock and Demonlock where he works wonders. His ability not only destroys aggro decks such as Facehunters but also makes your Imp-losions or Dreadsteeds that much stronger. Having an endless stream of 3/3s is awesome.
Sylvanas Windrunner Neutral Classic This card is usually the #1 neutral silence target in the game. Her deathrattle forces you opponent to play around it in weird ways, make inefficient trades or flood the board and pray. She has fallen out of favor a bit due to the rise of classes like Paladin that play many small minions. Entomb is also a card that makes you reconsider playing this against Priest.
Tirion Fordring Paladin Classic Most likely the best class legendary in the game and an auto include in most Paladin decks. His body makes him go 2 for 1 easily and the weapon he gives you is 15 damage by itself. If you use it on your opponent that's half their life total just from the deathrattle of an already powerful creature.
Ysera Neutral Classic The ultimate card for card advantage in control matchups. Letting her live for only 2 turns usually spells defeat for your opponent as the cards she provides are pretty much all insane. Her 12 health also makes her really difficult to remove.

Tier 2: These cards can either be replaced or have a place in decks that are a bit more gimmicky
Card Name Class Collection Reasoning
Al'Akir Shaman Classic A good finisher in many slower Shaman decks. Dropping him on turn 10 together with 2 Rockbiter Weapons amounts to a burst of 18 damage out of nowhere! Many decks use a Doomhammer or Bloodlust as an effective replacement.
Baron Geddon Neutral Classic A great anti-aggro card. His effect forces your opponent to remove him immediately, or he will never be able to play minions again. Many cards like Leper Gnome or Arcane Golem become useless when this card is in play. He also enables good trades against Midrange or control decks. Last of all, he is a great BGH bait.
Cenarius Druid Classic The power of this card comes with it's versatility: you can choose to taunt up if you are behind on the board, or you can choose to buff your other minions if you already have a board. He's also a good way to get more bodies on the board before the Force of Nature + Savage Roar finish.
Chillmaw Neutral TGT Mainly used in Dragon Warrior but also not unheard of in Dragon Priest. This card was Blizzard's answer to the Patrons on ladder, clearing the board for 3 damage when killed. But don't fool yourself: It is a great card in many cases. Dropping her on turn 7 vs an aggro deck usually seals the game. The opponent not only has to deal with a 6-health taunt, but also loses their whole board afterwards. The damage on your side doesn't really matter, as Dragon decks normally pack minions that are a bit more sturdy.
Confessor Paletress Priest TGT A great replacement for Ysera if you want to have some more anti-aggro tools: she not only brings the advantage of healing yourself, but also puts another (hopefully big) threat on the board. The times where you get a card of Lorewalker-quality are much more rare than the times in which you get a card with a great effect and/or big body. If you pull something like Paletress, Kel'Thuzad or Ysera it's game over for your opponent.
Edwin VanCleef Rogue Classic Not that great of a card. Many Oil Rogue decks do fine without him, those that include him often don't need him all that much. His biggest drawback is his vulnerability to silence. You usually spend your mana ineffeciently to make him big - if he then gets reverted back to a 2/2 that's devastating.
Gormok the Impaler Neutral TGT A new, strong card for decks that flood the board with cheap tokens. Getting 4 minions on the board is rather easy with Echoing Ooze, Imp-losion and Haunted Creepers. Getting his battlecry off usually means that your opponent lost all chances of a comeback.
Leeroy Jenkins Neutral Classic Basically a neutral Fireball. He's used in some Facehunter decks, Combo Warlock and Aggro Paladin. The spawned Whelps are no drawback, as you will want to use this card as a finisher. They can also serve as a tool to create more Hounds from Unleash. His high attack stat allows some crazy combos in certain decks - it's possible to burst your opponent down from around 28 health in some Combolock! Other than that, he pops up in fringe Facedecks from time to time.
Malygos Neutral Classic Malylock, Miracle Rogue, Ancestor's Call Shaman and some Freezemages are the only decks that use Malygos. While he is certainly strong and a game-finisher, there is no guarantee that you will draw him. The problem with these decks is that they often cannot close out games when they don't draw Malygos. If they do get a perfect draw it's game over for their opponent though.
Neptulon Shaman GvG Shaman's late game draw engine. The body is not the highlight here, the murlocs are. The great thing about those is that they usually synergize with each other. It is not that difficult to put out a little unexpected burst with Bluegills, Warleaders and Tidehunters.
Nexus Champion Saraad Neutral TGT He is an inclusion in some new, slower Tempomage decks which ping often in the late game. He can also be useful in fatigue decks like Warrior or Priest. The large pool of crappy spells in the game is pretty bad for him though.
Ragnaros the Firelord Neutral Classic Once the #1 craft, this card has fallen out of favor. With the growing amount of sticky deathrattles and tokens it is pretty easy to waste his damage on a 1/1. That being said he's still hard to remove and can kill 8 health creatures for free.
Rhonin Mage TGT Used in some slower tempo Mage decks. He puts a threatening body onto the battlefield and has an insane deathrattle. Comboing the 3 Arcane Missiles with an Antonidas or Malygos is game winning. Both of these plays are really slow though.
Sneed's Old Shredder Neutral GVG A really slow legendary which can be included in many Control decks. Sneed's suffers from the problem that his body can rather easily be ignored when he is played. This means that you will have to pop him yourself. The legendary that comes out can either be utter crap or an instawin. As most legendaries don't have charge you will have to wait a turn to use it, which makes Sneed's one of the slowest legendaries in the whole game.
The Black Knight Neutral Classic A tech card that swaps in and out of the meta. Getting his effect off isn't that difficult and usually swings the game in your favor. Just killing an Annoy-o-tron isn't that bad while killing a Sludge Belcher, Deathlord or an AoW can win you the game on the spot. That said, a 4/5 body isn't that great if you don't find any targets.
Toshley Neutral GVG Might as well be a mage legendary as he only sees use in Mechmage and Tempo Mage. The 5 attack lets him trade with many other 5- or 6-drops such as Sludge Belcher or Thaurissan while his high health makes him very resilent. The spare parts have insane synergy with Archmage Antonidas, even more so if you manage to get a finnicky Cloakfield.
Vol'Jin Priest GvG This guy can find a place in almost every Priest deck. The 2 health he gives your opponent can easily be cleared by a Holy Smite, Nova or Auchenai. Do keep in mind that he not only provides a sturdy body, but also deals a good amount of damage to an enemy minion.

Tier 3: These cards either belong in gimmick decks or are just big piles of stats. Some of the class cards would be good as neutrals but don't have enough synergy with their own hero
  • Cairne Bloodhoof
  • Captain Greenskin
  • Deathwing
  • Gruul
  • Hogger
  • King Krush
  • King Mukla
  • Onyxia
  • Prophet Velen
Goblins vs Gnomes:
  • Blingtron 3000
  • Bolvar Fordragon
  • Foe Reaper 4000
  • Gahz'rilla
  • Iron Juggernaut
  • Malorne
  • Mogor the Ogre
  • Trade Prince Gallywix
  • Troggzor the Earthinator
The Grand Tournament:
  • Anub'Arak
  • Aviana
  • Dreadscale
  • Eadric the Pure
  • Eydis Darkbane
  • Fjola Lightbane
  • Icehowl
  • Skycap'n Kragg
  • The Mistcaller
  • Varian Wrynn

Tier 4: Please don't craft these cards. Even some of the basic cards are better than a good deal of these legendaries. A part of these cards belong in ultra gimmicky decks; don't expect to win with them
  • Illidan Stormrage
  • Lorewalker Cho
  • Millhouse Manastorm
  • Nat Pagle
  • Nozdormu
  • The Beast
  • Tinkmaster Overspark
Goblins vs Gnomes:
  • Flame Leviathan
  • Gazlowe
  • Hemet Nesingwary
  • Mekgineer Thermaplugg
  • Mimiron's Head
The Grand Tournament:
  • Acidmaw
  • Bolf Ramshield
  • The Skeleton Knight
  • Wilfred Fizzlebang

Do note that this should a only be a general guideline . There are no "right" and "wrong" crafts, so if you want to make your AFK Warlock then go craft that Nozdormu. Just keep in mind that most of the lower tiered legendaries don't fit into many decks. If you value a full collection then don't disenchant any cards at all. 400 dust isn't all that much while 1600 dust is.

Note: If you find any grammar or spelling mistakes please PM me. English isn't my first language and I want this guide to be as clean and good as possible.

Edit 1: Baron Geddon (Tier 1 -> Tier 2), Leeroy Jenkins (Tier 3 -> Tier 2)
Edit 2: Gazlowe (Tier 3 -> Tier 4), Ragnaros the Firelord (Tier 1 -> Tier 2)
Edit 3: Vol'jin (Tier 1 -> Tier 2)
Edit 4: Eydis Darkbane (Tier 2 -> Tier 3)


Heroes of the Storm - In Development: Li-Ming, Xul, Lunar Festival, and more!

Exciting things are always on the way to the Nexus from our art and design teams. Check out the video above to catch a glimpse of some of the Heroes, skins, and mounts coming to the game in the upcoming weeks.

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Blade & Soul Guide - Item Upgrading Tutorial by Lag Switch Gaming

This video covers everything you need to know about Item upgrading for the end game:

For an in-depth Text Version of this guide see:

I wasn't going to do another item upgrading video till I ran into someone in game that was using random weapons they found and banked their hongmoon items. While this may be stuff many of you already know there really are people out there that don't know this so this is for you guys!

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WoW - A Warlock's Guide to HFC 6.2.3 (Quick Reference Guide) by Lourinzo

I'm Lourinzo from Mind Games on US-Illidan, 13/13 Mythic. I get a lot of questions about warlocks on a fight by fight basis so I created this quick reference guide for anyone who's interested.
1) Hellfire Assult: Destruction (DSI + UBGoS) - Havoc + Shadowburn x2/3 as many targets as possible - Dump as many chaos bolts into siege vehichles as possible

2) Iron Reaver - Affliction (Fragment + DSI) - Soulswap dots onto bombs then drain soul to regen your shard - Use gateway or teleport to escape barrage

3) Kormrok - Progression - Demonology (Fragment + DSI) - Cata + chaos wave when hands spawn (this is why you're playing demonology)

       - Farm/Zerg - Affliction (Fragment + DSI)    
    - cata when hands spawn (if you need extra damage)
    - standard spec and soulswap to the larger grasping hand to free the off tank

4) Council - Affliction (Fragment + DSI) - Grimoire of Supremecy (imp) - keep maximum uptime on all 3 targets, keep refreshing dots

5) Kilrog Deadeye - Progression - Destruction (Piston + DSI) - havoc adds/boss with chaosbolt or shadowburn x2/3 - glyph of conflag to slow adds and/or - save charge of conflag for when you need to dance - teleport with heart seeker

              - Farm/Zerg - Affliction (Fragment + DSI)     
        - glyph of soulswap
        - soulswap to adds, drain soul to regen shard

6) Gorefiend - Progression - Destruction (Piston + DSI) or (Voidsight* + DSI) - havoc adds/boss with chaosbolt or shadowburn x2/3 - glyph of conflag to slow adds - use gateway/teleport for extra mobility - shadowfurry to stun adds inside stomach - Orb of Voidsight only works on the boss, NOT THE ADDS!!*

         - Farm/Zerg - Affliction (Fragment + DSI) or (Voidsight* + DSI)
        - glyph of soulswap
        - soulswap to adds near full health, drain soul to regen shard
        - use gateway/teleport for extra mobility
        - *Orb of Voidsight* only works on the boss, NOT THE ADDS!!*

7) Iskar - Destruction (Piston + DSI) - use gateway/portal to move out for chakram - use Sacrificial Pact when targeted by Fel Incineration, keep the fire stacked in one spot - If you have a mythic piston or adds live for less than 15-20 seconds, don't bother casting immolate during fire + brimstone. - during the third add phase, stand on the edge of platform and kill the boss before he lands using havoc + immo/conflag/incin x3 to quickly regen burning embers. this allows you to dump even more chaos bolts into the boss. - Fragment can be used on this boss IF adds stay alive for 25+ seconds but requires you to cast fire + brimstone x incin 3-5 times before casting fire + brimstone x chaos bolt.

8) Socrethar - Progression - Destruction (Piston + DSI) - dark soul + chaos bolt x3 + shadowburn when dominator spawns - fire + brimstone when ghost spawn (absolute priority) - glyph of conflag to slow ghost - shadowfury to stun ghost - sacrfice sucubus for aoe knockback ghost - havoc ghost/adds/boss with shadowburn x3 on cd

         - Farm/Zerg - Affliction (Fragment + DSI)
        - sb + soulswap + haunt when dominator spawns, drain soul to regen shard
        - soulswap with extra shard(s) to shadowcallers (abosolute priority)
        - shadowfury to stun any ghost getting close to group
        - sacrifice sucubus for aoe knockback ghost
        - take *grimoire of supremecy* if mutiple shadowcallers are alive thoughout the fight

9) Tyrant - Affliction (Fragment + DSI) or (Voidsight* + DSI) - keep maximum dot uptime on adds + boss - use portal to stack or move out with font (phase 2) - adjust gateway (phase 3) allowing edict target to suicide

10) Fel Lord - Affliction (DSI + Voidsight*) - use gateway/portal to move out with seed

11) Xhul'haroc - Progression - Destruction (UBGoS + DSI) - use portal to drop fire - set up gateway from melee to drop fire - use sacrificial pact to solo soak black holes - cast shadowfury to interupt imps - havoc boss/imps x2/3 on cd - Orb of Voidsight works on the adds, NOT THE BOSS!!*

           - Farm/Zerg - Affliction (Fragment + DSI)
        - use portal to drop fire
        - set up gateway from melee to drop fire
        - use sacrificial pact to solo soak black holes
        - cast shadowfury to interupt imps
        - keep maximum dot uptime on the boss and two largest adds
        - soulswap with spare shards onto voidfiends, drain soul to regen shard
        - *Orb of Voidsight* works on the adds, NOT THE BOSS!!*
12) Mannaroth - Progression - Demonology (DSI + Voidsight*) + (optional 4 set from BRF) - use portal to bait fel seeker - set up gateway from pillar to fel seeker bait - 4 sec before imps spawn, cast metamorphosis + immo aura + darksoul - 2 sec before imps spawn, cast cata + chaos wave until imps are dead - cast sac pact to help soak gaze (esp in phase 4) - use demonic leap/teleport/gateway to stay on the platform during phase 4 shadowforce

          - Farm/Zerg - Destruction (DSI + Voiddight*)
        - use portal to bait fel seeker
        - set up gateway from pillar to fel seeker bait
        - 1.5 sec before imps spawn, cast fire + brimstone x chaos bolt
        - havoc imps/boss with shadowburn x2/3 
        - cast sac pact to help soak gaze (esp in phase 4)
        - use portal and gateway to stay on the platform during phase 4 shadowforce\

13) Archimonde - Progression - Destruction (DSI + Voidsight*) - use portal to kite doomfire - havoc and chaos bolt x2 + shadowburn the doomfire spirits - havoc with chaos bolt or shadowburn x2/3 the deathcallers and overfiends - shadowburn snipe the dreadstalkers when possible, otherwise ignore them
- glyph of conflag to slow void stars in phase 3 - havoc with chaosbolt infernals in phase 3 - use burning rush to help dance in phase 3

           - Zerg/Farm - Affliction (Fragment + DSI) or (DSI + Voidsight*)
        - use portal to kite doomfire
        - soulswap onto doomfire, drain soul to regen shard
        - soulswap with extra shards onto deathcaller or overfiend, drain soul to regen shard
        - sb + soulswap onto voidstars in phase 3, drain soul to regen shard
        - soulswap or sb + soulswap onto infernals in phase 3, drain soul to regen shard
        - use burning rush to help dance in phase 3


Friday, January 15, 2016

Diablo 3 - Short and Sweet Guide to Season 5 by Garfm

Short and Sweet Guide to Season 5

This guide is intended to be a condensed version (for you last minute guys or the lazy readers) of everything you need to start the new season strong. Going over Pre-Season preparations, leveling 1-70, Gearing up, Augmenting, and my thoughts on the 4-man meta we will see early in the season. Like I said this is meant to be short if you are looking for a full super in depth guide I highly suggest checking out Drahque's Ultimate Guide

Pre-Season Preparations
Here are some things you will want to do before the season starts to make the first night smoother and save a bit of time.
  • Know what class you are going to play.
  • Know who you are going to play with.
  • Know what leveling strategy you are going to use.
  • Make a 1-70 cheatsheet or find someone elses. The cheatsheet should include every time you change skills. Listing the level you take the skill, and what key/skill it is replacing. You may also want to include an extra notes column for key objectives you want to do at certain levels.
Here is an example of my Demon Hunter cheatsheet

Leveling 1-70
1-70 and Pre-Season Preparation Video Guide
There are a handful of strategies you can use to level 1-70. I will be covering a strategy where you do a boss or cursed chest bounty early, clear Halls of Agony level 3 (HoA3), and move onto rifting. Other strategies include targeting only cursed chest bounties and repeating them, targeting high density floors such as HoA3 and repeating it, or full clearing bounties.
  • Level 1: Take your followers(Templar,Enchantress,Scoundrel) weapons. Clear a cursed chest or boss bounty. For resplendent chest or diabolic cache.
  • Levels 4-20: Clear Halls of Agony level 3 until you hit a dead end and then reset the game.
  • Level 7: Buy rings from Fence Merchants
  • Level 12: Buy amulets from Fence Merchants
  • Level 20: Kill Skeleton King in Campaign for Leoric's Crown drop. Make sure your entire party is at least lvl 20.
  • Level 23: Do an act bounty. It can be done before 23 but make sure you open the cache at lvl 23. If cain's or born's plan drop from the cache craft them.
  • Levels 23-70: Rifts! There is no reason to full clear since rifts are free to open so make sure to close the rift after killing the Rift Guardian. You should be on a difficulty where you 2-3 shot white mobs. If you are overkilling them raise the difficulty and if they take 5-6 shots lower the difficulty.
  • Level 45: Craft a level 60 weapon and look for reduced level requirement. It is easiest to re-roll for this stat if you KEEP a secondary Crowd Control and roll the other secondary to reduced level requirement.
  • Level 61: Craft a level 70 weapon and look for reduced level requirement. Use the same re-rolling strategy as above. This will take some deaths breaths to do so make sure you have a couple before trying to make the weapon.

Level 70 Gearing
Fast Gearing Video Guide
The fastest way to start farming is to pick up your free set from the season journey as fast as possible. You do not need to complete all of the chapters or even be on the chapter the objective is in just do these objectives.
  1. Hit level 70! (Impossible to forget to do, but it gives the first 2 set pieces).
  2. Kill Zoltun Kulle on Torment 2.
  3. Complete a Greater Rift tier 20 solo.
Each objective mails a Haedrig's gift to you and each gift gives 2 peices of the set. These can be saved for other characters but if you are trying to start farming as fast as possible open them on your first character as soon as you receive them to help complete the next objectives. Once you finished the three objectives turn the torment up to a comfortable farming difficulty. Even if this isn't the set you want to use, it will be the fastest way to start farming for the set and other gear you actually want.

Augmenting Items
Augmenting and Empowered Rifts Video Guide

How Augmenting Works
There is a new Kanai's Cube recipe that allows you to augment your gear this patch. This recipe takes 3 of the same max level regular gems(Emerald, Topaz, Ruby, or Amethyst), an ancient item, and a legendary gem of minimum rank 30 for weapons, 40 for jewelry or 50 for armor. Once transmuted the 4 gems are consumed and for each level of the legendary gem applies 5 stat of Dex, Int, Str, or Vit according to the regular gems used.

Strategy for Augmenting
This is a very strong recipe and means you will want to farm legendary gems. Here is the strategy I would recommend for farming these gems. You will need 12-13 initially depending on if you use an offhand or not. I recommend picking a gem you wont confuse with the ones you don't want to augment so get 12-13 of something like Gem of Ease. Just make sure the gem you pick does not have a cap. Then work on getting those 12-13 gems to around 50-60 and once you have ancient gear you are comfortable farming in, augment the gems into your gear. This gear will help you farm higher greater rifts and faster torment rifts/bounties through out the season. Now get a second set of gems (or a set for each class you intend to push with) then spend the season leveling up these gems as high as possible. Save any gear upgrades in your stash. You dont want to waste gems augmenting every small upgrade you find (This is up to your discretion of course if you find an upgrade you feel will improve your farming significantly augment it and start using it). Once its the last 1-2 weeks of the season this is when you will want to augment your pushing gear.

Empowered Rifts
Keep in mind we also have empowered rifts this season. You can pay gold to empower a greater rift giving you one extra chance to upgrade your gem if you pass the greater rift. So running a boon of the hoarder while farming torment to pay for empowered rifts may help squeeze in some extra gem levels.

Predictions for Early Season 4-Man Meta
Theorycrafting Early Season 4-Man Meta Video

Tier List of the Classes I think are most likely to be in the "Best" 4-Man meta

  • Top Tier: Barbarian
  • Mid Tier: Demon Hunter, Wizard, and Witch Doctor
  • Low Tier: Crusader
  • Bottom Tier: Monk

The Tier list is based on my early impression of what each class can bring to the group. Barbarians are still going to be great supports with Ignore Pain buff and the ability to Group up mobs just 2 of many reasons they are great supports. Demon Hunters offer the very high single target damage with the new Shadows set. Wizards offer very high AoE damage with Delseres and other new and updated items. Witch Doctors can provide high DPS and while bringing big damage buffs to the group. Crusader have damage and supporting options with invokers and rolands but they are slightly behind what other classes can bring to support and or deal damage. Same goes for monks they can still offer damage or support to the group but seems to be the lowest in comparision to other classes. However this season a lot of the sets have been brought up to par with eachother meaning for a while atleast we will see a lot of different group compositions that can do well including compositions that have monks and crusaders in them.

Here are a just a few of many 4-man compositions that I think will be competitive this season.
  1. Support Barb, Single Target DH, AoE Wizard, Hybrid WD
  2. Support Barb, Single Target DH, AoE Wizard, Hybrid Crusader
  3. Support Crusader, Single Target DH, AoE Wizard, Hybrid WD
  4. Support Barb, DPS WD, AoE Wizard, Support WD
Thanks for reading everyone and that is about as short as I could make the guide while still explaining important points. Less than half the length of the guide I made last season so for me it is short. Good luck in Season 5 everyone! ;)


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Heroes of the Storm - New Party Size Rule for Quick Match

As part of our ongoing improvements for the Heroes of the Storm matchmaking system, we’ve just implemented a new change that will affect what types of parties you may get matched against while playing Quick Match. Starting today, we’ve greatly reduced the possibility that you’ll be matched against a party that has three more members than the largest party on your own team.
Let’s expand on what that means. Take a look at a few common party sizes below, and what you can expect to see in Quick Match after today:

  • Solo players: Cannot be matched against four or five-player parties.
  • Duo players*: Cannot be matched against five-player parties.
  • Three-player parties: Can match against any party size.

It is important to note that the matchmaker will still prioritize match quality over party size, and may pull in parties outside of these ranges if the resulting game is the most suitable match available. This means that it’s still possible to play against a party that’s larger than your own, but this will only occur in rare cases.

*EDIT: There has been some confusion about how parties of 3 can match against full parties. This rule is based on the largest party size on each team, so it IS still possible that 2 and 3-player parties (or 4+1 solo) will be matched together against a full party. However, as mentioned above, the matchmaker still prioritizes match quality, so the system will do its best to ensure your game is the best match available at the time the game is created. You should see cases like 2+1+1+1 and 5 solos against full parties much less often.
We’re still hard at work exploring and testing further improvements for the matchmaking system internally, and your feedback helps us make sure our changes are headed in the right direction. Keep playing games, and keep sending your constructive thoughts about matchmaking our way. We’ll have more information to share about upcoming matchmaking changes in the future.
Thank you! 


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Heroes of the Storm - Greymane Spotlight

Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson introduces you to the newest Assassin entering the Nexus, Greymane.

For information on Heroes of the Storm, visit the links below:

Website -

Diablo 3 - Patch 2.4.0 Now Live

Diablo III patch 2.4.0 is now live in the Americas for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One!  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

World of Warcraft - The 217 Easiest Mounts (Guide) [Proper Bird]

I've been working on this since forever at this point. I'm finally done writing and testing and writing some more and retesting so now I can start recording and editing and re-recording and editing and rendering and re-editing and re-rendering. Hope this helps!

Every mount listed in the FULL guide will cost you a total of 464.618 Gold, prepare thineselves.

These achievements were all tested on a 707 Mistweaver, 685 Moonkin, 691 Arms Warrior and 682 Retridin.

Attention to Detail Macro Set (lancore89 @ Wowhead):

Macro 1 (Shows a model of your CURRENT target, changes when you change targets):
/run frm = CreateFrame("PlayerModel");frm
­:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT",nil,&q­uot;BOTTOMRIGHT",0,100);frm:SetHeig­ht(600);frm:SetWidth(300);frm:RegisterEv­ent("PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED");f­rm:SetScript("OnEvent",functio­n(self,event,...) frm:SetUnit("target") end);

Macro 2 (Makes a copy of whatever your current target is, static):
/run frm2 = CreateFrame("PlayerModel");frm

Macro 3 (Removes the 2 previous models):
/run frm:UnregisterEvent("PLAYER_TARGET_

Hopocalypse Now! Macro (z0fa @ Wowhead):
/run local count = 0 for i = 0, 10000, 1 do if _G["NamePlate"..i] ~= nil and _G["NamePlate"..i]:IsVisible() then count = count + 1 end end print(count)

This guide includes the following:

Glory of the Hero (4:13) -

The Incredible Hulk (4:14) / My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time (4:54) / Oh Novos! (5:07) / Better off Dred (5:19) / Dehydration (5:32) / Lockdown! (5:54) / What the Eck? (6:00) / Share the Love (6:21) / Brann Spankin' New (6:35) / Abuse the Ooze (6:43) / Lightning Struck (7:03) / Watch Him Die (7:12) / Hadronox Denied (7:19) / Chaos Theory (7:25) / Experienced Drake Rider & Ruby Void, Emerald Void, Amber Void (7:48) / Zombiefest! & The Culling of Time (8:08)

Glory of the Cataclysm Hero (8:51) -

Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls (8:55) / Arrested Development (9:43) / Too Hot to Handle (9:50) / Old Faithful (9:57) / Prince of Tides (10:22) / Rotten to the Core (10:43) / Extra Credit Bonus Stage (10:55) / Kill It With Fire (11:27) / Acrocalypse Now (11:58) / Headed South (12:07) / Straw That Broke the Camel's Back (12:17) / Faster than the Speed of Light (12:24) / Umbrage for Umbriss (12:37) / Rat Pack (12:49) / It's Frost Damage (13:07) / Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator (13:16) / Bullet Time (13:23)

Glory of the Pandaria Hero (13:36) -

Polyformic Acid Science (13:41) / Attention to Detail (14:07) / Sanguinarian (15:03) / School's Out Forever (15:13) / Mosh Pit (15:44) / Burning Man (16:14) / And Stay Dead! (16:30) / Cleaning Up & Hydrophobia (16:46) / Seeds of Doubt (17:29) / Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' (17:43) / How Did He Get Up There? (18:05) / Hopocalypse Now! (18:40) / Ling-Ting's Herbal Journey (19:17) / Glintrok N' Roll (21:18) / What Does This Button Do? (21:30) / Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet (22:11) / Respect (22:58) / The Obvious Solution (23:15) / Hate Leads to Suffering (23:29) / Bomberman (23:41) / Conscriptinator (24:09) / Where's My Air Support? (24:25) / Return to Sender (24:33) / Run With the Wind (25:03)

Angevin 120 loop by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (



Monday, January 11, 2016

Starcraft Tutorial - How to build a supply depot by 2dSparrow

Hi guys, thanks for watching, if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hi leave a comment below, I really appreciate them!

Make sure to share it with your other Terran buddies so that we flood the ladder with Terran dominance.

Twitch -
Twitter - @2dSparrow

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Diablo 3 - PATCH 2.4: ULTIMATE GUIDE for SEASON 5 by Drahque

So, in over a month I've been working on a Guide for Patch 2.4, originally only intended to be shared with the group I was gonna start with and members of <WQW>, Quantum Warriors. But after speaking with our clan leader, Alex and co-creator, fst. I've gained permission to share it with EVERYONE.
  • REASON: We want to HELP everyone and wish for MORE competition in Season 5, even if it helps competitors. :)

Here is Ultimate Guide for Patch 2.4 - Season 5 (New Builds & LVL 1-70 Guides):

The Guide:

  1. List of all new Season 5 Top-Builds:
  2. Group Setup META Simulations:
  3. Class Difficulty:
  4. How to get FULL set:
  5. Season Journey:
  6. Season Conquests:
  7. How to LEVEL 1-70 Fast:
  8. Crusader Start-Guide:
  9. Demon Hunter Start-Guide: (Just made 06-01-2015)

YouTube Guides & Explanations:

Enjoy the guide, I hope it's useful

P.S. any feedback is appreciated; it's a Work-In-Progress that I'll keep improving till Season 5 begins !

For more guides or information about Season 5:

Commonly asked, what is top 6 classes? Here is the answer:

  • Barb > DH > Wiz > Crus > WD > TEMPLAR > Scoundrel > Enchantress > Monk


Monday, January 4, 2016

Diablo 3 - Complete list of Season 5 Journey requirements and Conquests to get stash tab (from PTR + Video) by MadTom

So, I decided to do the Season Journey up to the stash tab on PTR (good info, as soon as you unlock it you get it in non-season and Hardcore, too). It took me a little bit less than 24 hours of playtime (Friday to Sunday, averaging 8 hours), I got power boosted to lvl 70 though, but most of the things (gem leveling, speed requirements, killing certain bosses within time limits I did solo). PTR on those lower levels kinda empty these days.

Here the complete list in written form:

Chapter I:
  • A New Start: Complete 5 bounties
  • Begin Again: Complete a Nephalem rift
  • Socket to me: Socket a gem in an item
  • Iron Heart: Raise the Blacksmith to level 5
  • I like jewels: Raise the Jeweler to lvl 5
  • Shake it fast: Raise the Mystic to lvl 5
  • Fly to New Tristram: Kill the Skeleton King
  • Automatic: Kill Maghda
  • Wasting my Young Years: Reach lvl 35

Chapter II:
  • Build me up Buttercup: Craft an item at the Blacksmith
  • Hard: Complete a Nephalem rift on Hard or higher
  • Friends with Benefits: Fully Equip one of your Followers
  • A life with meaning: Raise Blacksmith to lvl 10
  • Just a Hobby: Raise the Jeweler to lvl 10
  • Watch yourself: Raise the Mystic to lvl 10
  • Kanai's Excellent Adventure: Find Kanai's Cube
  • Hero of Sanctuary: Reach lvl 60
  • Ghom Nom Nom: Kill Ghom at lvl 60 or higher on hard or higher
  • Fresh Static Snow: Kill Izual at lvl 60 or higher on hard or higher

Chapter III:
  • Change Clothes: Transmogrify an Item at the Mystic
  • The Rock: Craft a Gem of Imperial or higher quality at the Jeweler
  • Forged Credentials: Raise the Blacksmith to lvl 12
  • Run the Jewels: Raise the Jeweler to lvl 12
  • Show me what you working with': Raise the Mystic to lvl 12
  • Above & Beyond: Reach lvl 70 (gives 1st Haedrig gift)
  • Hey there Kadala: Spend bood shards at Kadala
  • Watch me Araneae-Neae: Kill Queen Araneae at lvl 70 at Master or higher
  • Penetrate & Defenestrate: Kill Urzael at lvl 70 at Master or higher

Chapter IV:
  • Penchant for Enchants: Replace a property on an item at the Mystic
  • Key Decisions: Slay Odeg the Keywarden at lvl 70 on T1 or higher
  • Key Wee: Slay Sokahr the Keywarden at lvl 70 on T1 or higher
  • Keeping it Low Key: Slay Xah'Rith the Keywarden at lvl 70 on T1 or higher
  • The Key to Success: Slay Nekarat the Keywarden at lvl 70 on T1 or higher
  • Mercy: Kill Zoltun Kulle at lvl 70 on T2 or higher (gives 2nd Haedrig gift)
  • Seeya: Kill the Sigebreaker Assault Beast at lvl 70 on T4 or higher
  • Great Expectations: Reach GR20 solo (gives 3rd Haedrig gift)
  • Set me free: Complete any set dungeon (doesn't need to be mastered!)
  • Up all night to get lucky: Equip all slots with lvl 70 legendary items

  • The realm of Regret: Finish it on T1 or higher
  • The realm of Putridness: Finish it on T1 or higher
  • The realm of Terror: Finish it on T1 or higher
  • They're Grrrrreat: Reach GR30 solo
  • Adventure Club: Kill Rakanoth on lvl 70 at T7 or higher
  • Whatever: Kill Adria on lvl 70 at T7 or higher
  • Tear Down These Walls: Finish a Nephalem rift @lvl 70 on T7 or higher within 7 min
  • Gem's the breaks: Lvl one leg gem to lvl 25
  • We're all we need: Fully equip one follower with lvl 70 leg items

  • Mastermind: Master any set dungeon
  • Sad Machine: Slay the soul of Evil @lvl 70 on T6 or higher (Realm of Fright)
  • The Longest Road: Reach GR40 solo
  • Nobody told me: Kill Cydaea @lvl 70 on T9 or higher
  • Steppin' Out: Kill the Butcher @lvl 70 on T9 or higher
  • Something Something Champs: Finish a T9 or higher Nephalem Rift within 6 min
  • Up and at Gem: Level 3 legendary gems to lvl 35

  • Take U there: Reach GR50 solo
  • Destroyer of Rifts: Finish a lvl70 Nephalem rift @TX within 5 minutes
  • Turn it down: Kill Azmodan @lvl 70 on TX
  • Peg U: Kill Belial @lvl 70 on TX
  • Insane in the Gembrane: Level 3 legendary gems to lvl 45
  • Easy: Complete one season Conquest this season

Conqueror: (finishing this gives Stash Tab)
  • Show me what you got: Kill Diablo on TX within 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Money Ain't a Thang: Kill Greed on TX
  • A little more: Reach GR60 solo
  • 4 minutes to save the World: Finish a TX Nephalem rift within 4 minutes
  • Gem of my Life: Level 3 legendary gems to lvl 55
  • All I do is win: Finish 2 Conquests this season

  • The hardest of the Core: Reach lvl 70 in hardcore mode
  • Get Schwifty: Kill Malthael at TX within 45 seconds
  • Guardian of Sanctuary: Finish a TX Nephalem rift within 3 minutes
  • We don't Stop: Reach GR70 solo
  • Gem Fatale: Level 3 legendary gems to lvl 65
  • Flawless Victory: Complete 3 Conquests this season

  • Sprinter: Complete Act 1 through 5 within one hour
  • Speed Racer: Complete Act 1 through 5 within one hour on Hardcore mode
  • Avarice: Complete a 50M gold streak while out of the Vault and Inner Sanctum
  • Avaritia: Avarice on Hardcore mode
  • The Thrill: Reach GR45 without any set item equipped
  • Super Human: Reach GR45 without any set item equipped on HC mode
  • Years of War: Reach GR55 with bonuses from 6 class sets
  • Dynasty: Years of War on HC mode
  • Masters of the Universe: Master 8 set dungeons
  • Masters of sets: Master 8 set dungeons on Hardcore mode

Video of Season Journey goals and Conquests:

Also videos to:

The Thrill (GR45 without set items):

GR60 solo clear:

Invoker set dungeon Mastery:


Heroes of the Storm - Free Hero Rotation : January 5-12 ,2016

  • Raynor
  • Muradin
  • Rehgar
  • Anub'arak
  • Thrall
  • Azmodan
  • Tyrande (Level 5)
  • Sylvanas (Level 7)
  • Leoric (Level 12)
  • Nova (Level 15)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hearthstone - Eloise OTK Warlock / Top 10 Legend CN Server

===Hi I am Eloise===

This is the first time I write a hearthstone English essay, sorry for the bad language.

Among all the hearthstone classes, Warlock is the class I have most confidence in playing. My winrate of all kinds of Warlock are pretty decent. In 2014, I hit top 8 legend and used handlock to get 5th in Blizzcon qualifier last year, same as Thijs last year. I also play Renolock to go to top 7 on NA last month (November 2015) and I fell in love with this OTK Warlock. I reach as high as top 6 this month on CN, which is extremely hard!! We broke another record of 38,000 legend players this December season.



I played 200+ games with this deck this season, I got from rank 1000 to top 10 and drop to top 300 and come back to top 6, drop to 1000 and climb back to top 10. I think it's pretty consistent. but require some Warlock experiences.

===Deck Choice===

Arcane Golem: I use Arcane instead of Leeroy. Leeroy cost too much so it rely on Emperor too much. the key about OTK Warlock is to survive. damage is not Important because we will always have enough damage with Dark Peddler. Leeroy needs Emperor, so when Emperor comes even one turn late everything might go wrong. this is very obvious in playing against druid. one turn behind you might die of forse of nature combo.

Arcane + 1PO + faceless = 16 // 9mana Arcane + 2PO + faceless = 24 // 10mana

We can get more PO from Dark Peddler. Mana can be reduced with Emperor so make sure you time this card well! Think of it like Loatheb...sometime you want it on curve, sometime you want to save it. This is the reason why OTK lock got better after new expansion release.

Dark Peddler: Dark Peddler gives you more PO and soulfire against slow decks. more PO also allow you to get enough damage to kill mid range decks like druid more earlier. Against facedecks you might want coil for cycle to get hellfire and healing and taunt sooner. Other than that, corruption is good against twilight drake in mirror, good against deathlord. Other than those, elven archer good against druid, light warden can combo with your healings, void walker good against tokens from paladin. And sometimes you need boar. Remember it can face and charge too with PO + Faceless!!!!

Brann bronzebeard: Brann is good to play with earthring farseer, abusive, healbot. it makes OTKlock survives much better! against slow deck you might want to save it for Dark Peddler to draw more PO. against druid you can play it on turn 3 to combo with abusive to kill some big creatures. against face deck it gives you as much healing as Reno.

1 Ironbeak owl: Silencing taunt is not the way to use owl in this deck. owl is very Important against facedecks. Against mid range decks, owl is suppose to use on Sylvanas in mid lock, but OTKlock haven't got a lot of minions. so Sylvanas are always be cleared by hellfire. Silencing Sylvanas becomes not a big deal anymore, therefore I don’t think we need 2 silences.

===Tech Choice===

In my opinion, the whole deck is in a perfect state because I tested it for many, many games already. The 1 copy of cards is okay because of Warlock hero power, but if you want to make any changes because you see a different meta, here is the advice.

Replace Farseer: Can heal your own minions, but not a strong tempo really. I add it because of face Hunter, this is the slot that should be the first to change.

Replace Zombie Chow: Good against Hunter, paladin, shaman

Replace Imp gane Boss: Good against zoo ,paladin, druid

Replace Twilight drake: Good against Warrior, priest, rouge

Cards to replace with: Defender of Argus, Demonfire, Shadowflame, 2nd zombie chow, 2nd Imp Gang Boss, 2nd Twilight drake

===Class Matchup===

Remember, I play on CN server legend with this deck so meta is different per server. Among all classes I played against,30% were Warlock,25% paladin, 25% druid, 10% mage+Hunter, 10% other classes.

Warlock: zoo(50%winrate) Reno, Maly (80% winrate) 60% winrate overall

keep: ironbeak owl, darkbomb, abusive, ImpGang Boss, chow, peddler(if your hand if good enough, keep Implosion, twilight drake)

The hardest part about playing against Warlock is that you don't know what kind of Warlock you are facing. The key to beating zoo is hellfire, draw it on the first 10 cards and you have large chance to win so push hard for it. The winrate against Renolock and malylock is very high. because they won't play around combo, they haven't got much taunt, and they are too slow to kill you.

Paladin: secret(60%winrate) mid(80%winrate) 70% winrate overall

keep: darkbomb, ImpGang Boss, chow, hellfire, coil, peddler(if your hand is good enough, keep abusive)

Same as Warlock, but you don't need to think about whether to keep hellfire or not anymore :) The key about secret paly is if you can deal with the first dr.6 successfully, you win. To do that, you must focus heavily on early board. We have 2 BGH so not a big deal. For mid paladin, it's like free win....they can't kill you before you kill them.

Druid: 65% winrate overall

keep: darkbomb, ImpGang Boss, chow, abusive, peddler, twilight drake (if you have need a coil to kill darnassus, keep it)

Moligan around how to kill darnassus at starting hand and starting game. we are good against darnassus compare to other midrange Warlocks, and also good at early game tempo. get PO from dark peddler to kill innervate creature. The key is to play around tempo, like a zoo maybe. Even using Faceless on a Ancient War is not bad because druid is very bad at clearing those annoying creatures and develop board. Prioritize and think about what your opponent will play next turn and disrupt his mana efficiency.

Druid will feel so annoyed. When they start to come back on board around turn 9 or 10, that's the time we either have the board or we have enough damage for lethal.

mage: 40% winrate (freeze mage I think is 0% =.=) keep: darkbomb, ImpGang Boss, chow, abusive, peddler, coil(if it's freeze, keep twilight drake)

This deck can't beat freeze mage. They will get enough time & damage to kill you before you kill them. We haven't got much minions and we tap often too. There's not much freeze on ladder so I don't want to change my deck for it. Not much to talk about. Don’t even think Kezan helps very much because we can’t kill them fast enough. Against Flamewaker mage it's also hard. The problem of all midrange Warlock decks is they have a hard time killing flamewaker with empty board. So we need to evaluate what to kill and save our resource for the right target. Don’t be too crazy….remember flamewaker is not that strong without sorcerer apprentice. Don't be afaid to use double hellfire (play them over 2 turns) to kill flamewaker.

Hunter: 60% winrate // shaman:55% winrate

keep: darkbomb, ImpGang Boss, chow, abusive, peddler, coil, owl, healbot, Brann

There's not much Hunter or shaman on high rank ladder compare to other classes, and almost all of Hunter are face Hunter. So I assume it's face Hunter to moligan. Also, no one plays anything but Aggro Shaman. I like this version of Warlock because it's actually good against Hunter and Shaman! This deck solves a long time problem of midrange Warlock. Usually, Warlock struggle so much to stay alive through early game and cannot race Hunter because of a weak board. What always end up happening is Warlock barely survive for a few turns then finally killed with Hunter on full health. But this deck makes it very easy to survive and very easy to burst. you can actually race your opponent! You will always find out you have 10+ damage in hand and be ready to end the game if they cannot.

Shaman is a little bit tougher because even if we clear everything, we still can die. They have so much damage but their greatest weakness is that they haven't got enough mana to play all their cards usually. Shaman is much more scary than Hunter to give one more turn. When you think about trades, keep in mind their average damage for 1 card is usually higher than hunter. Also it is frustrating that we need to clear everything, but we need to try to play as aggressive as possible before they have winhammer in hand. If you think they will winhammer on turn 5, make sure to load the board as hard as possible so they take hard amount of damage right back. Sometimes, it is even best to hold on to your healing, try to count the damage you will deal next turn and play aggressively for early lethal. Again, I want to remind everyone that killing him is much more Important than survival!! Focus!! You will lose many times to these aggro decks in the beginning because you may play too safe or waste resource, but it is okay! Try again ^=^

Priest(60% winrate)
My winrate against priest is not very high because I miss understood this matchup for a long time. Arcane + 2PO + Faceless = 24, 10mana. To kill priest is to kill them on full health. Have damage that is more than 30 and reduced by Emperor. The timing about playing Emperor is the most Important thing vs Priest. Brann + Dark Peddler can be super powerful to dig for more combo piece. Try not to waste a lot of damage on his big minions, but sometime you can't avoid you have to waste it in early game. Even using hellfire to clear small board can be better than using your PO. Priest is like us, we both have so many clear spells but a few minions. Use this advantage! Try use more spell instead of make a strong board for them to clear.

Warrior(80%) Don't worry about their damage, in fact you can usually kill them with the 24 damage normal combo. Warrior is hard to deal those small minions from us and need weapons early on. Play like a zoo. If he use weapon to clear that's fine he is more close to death. Even he played Justicar early and get a lot of armor, we can still win with tempo.

Rouge(80%) Very easy match up.......the problem with rouge is he always need to use his face to do board clear. Play like a zoo, you will always kill him before he kills you. Clear minions so he cannot burst you. Be careful of Oil damage. Get a good curve and Emperor turn.

===Final Goodbye===
Most people will assume you are Malylock or Renolock. Use to your advantage! This is why people often die to the combo because they cannot tell difference…even if they see cards like Twisting Nether and many 1-copy cards.

I strongly suggest you play at mid night. because when people get tired they don't want to play around arcane combo. I get very insane winrate at mid night.

You can ask me question on Twitter but I have hard time respond fast...this guide took so long ._.

My final game before season end

OK Thank you and have a nice new year~