Monday, January 25, 2016

Diablo 3 - [Era 5] Reintroducing DH to 4man groups: Tier 98 (ft. Support DH) by wudijo

Back with some new stuff that might make some people happy (hail DH!) and some not-so-happy (rip WD). Nothing much to comment on here. We dropped the WD for sup DH and went on to some testing on nonseason, with quite some success. I have to admit it's tough to beat the WDs with all their damage buffs, but you can get close enough and DH brings some other strengths to the table: easier pulling, easier application of Iceblink, more mobility and more survivability (once optimized). Props to Xabster for making me reconsider sup DH again.

In this video I was changing my setup after every run trying to improve it a little here and there but overall it seemed to work quite nicely. I took all the damage buffs a DH can bring (15% CHC from Multishot, 30% DIBS from Wolf, 20% from Echoing Blast, 20% from Marked for Death, 30% from Strongarm, 20% from Calamity (yes, they stack)) and built the rest around it. Initially I used Captain Crimson, Born's and M2 + Zoey's Secret, which comfortably set me to 10b+ toughness. The pets turned out to be a problem because they were blocking monsters and kept them from following us, so I dropped Born's + M2 again and went with Krelm's Belt, Corruption (pickup radius) and some other random stuff, which unfortunately also reduced my toughness by around 70%. All in all it was poorly optimized and I was missing lots of HP, RCR and CDR and just about everything. For a more consistent setup that can spawn globes on RG I dropped the Danetta's and Spike Trap and used Calamity + Meticulous Bolts with a cubed Solanium instead.

It's difficult to say if it will be better than WD but it looks quite good so far, considering that we quite easily cleared 3 Tiers below the current rank 1 (GR101 on EU). Overall it seems about even with a more prominent focus on movement and pulling vs. pure damage buffs. I haven't had any experience in high 4man groups so far this season so I generally had little clue what was going on or what I should be doing in a given moment, but my teammates helped me out a lot. Apparently the DH also creates less lag because there are fewer dots and obviously because of the missing Voodoo, which might facilitate running this setup during the day, too.

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