Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Diablo 3 - PATCH 2.4: ULTIMATE GUIDE for SEASON 5 by Drahque

So, in over a month I've been working on a Guide for Patch 2.4, originally only intended to be shared with the group I was gonna start with and members of <WQW>, Quantum Warriors. But after speaking with our clan leader, Alex and co-creator, fst. I've gained permission to share it with EVERYONE.
  • REASON: We want to HELP everyone and wish for MORE competition in Season 5, even if it helps competitors. :)

Here is Ultimate Guide for Patch 2.4 - Season 5 (New Builds & LVL 1-70 Guides):

The Guide:

  1. List of all new Season 5 Top-Builds:
  2. Group Setup META Simulations:
  3. Class Difficulty:
  4. How to get FULL set:
  5. Season Journey:
  6. Season Conquests:
  7. How to LEVEL 1-70 Fast:
  8. Crusader Start-Guide:
  9. Demon Hunter Start-Guide: (Just made 06-01-2015)

YouTube Guides & Explanations:

Enjoy the guide, I hope it's useful

P.S. any feedback is appreciated; it's a Work-In-Progress that I'll keep improving till Season 5 begins !

For more guides or information about Season 5:

Commonly asked, what is top 6 classes? Here is the answer:

  • Barb > DH > Wiz > Crus > WD > TEMPLAR > Scoundrel > Enchantress > Monk


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