Wednesday, October 16, 2013

f.lux just received a big update after years in development. Tons of new features and bug fixes.

f.lux has been updated to a new version

It’s been a few years since f.lux got an update, but this new version is finally out of beta. We have a ton of new features and bugfixes to tell you about, and we hope you enjoy trying them out in the new version.

Big new cool stuff

  1. f.lux can go warmer than 3400K now, down to 2700K. Or even 1200K if you really want it to.
  2. Support for color profiles from a hardware calibrator
  3. Movie mode. This setting warms up your display, but it preserves shadow detail, skintones, and sky colors better than f.lux’s typical colors. It lasts 2½ hours, which lets you watch most feature films
  4. Disable until morning, for late-night crunch mode
  5. A new “darkroom” mode, which inverts colors and gets very red
  6. A map to help you find your location
  7. Hotkeys to dim your display (Alt-PgDn, Alt-PgUp) late at night, so desktop users can dim too
  8. A hotkey to disable/enable f.lux quickly: Alt-End
  9. If you have a laptop, f.lux gets warmer when your backlight dims, like an incandescent lamp
  10. A simple schedule for Philips Hue, so you can f.lux your house

f.lux has been updated to a new version

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