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5 Things You Might Not Know about Nova by Novaphyer - Heroes of the Storm

All of Sonya's stuff is pretty straight forward and not a lot of extra thinking is needed, she's doesn't have a lot of 'secrets'. Maybe I'll find new things with her eventually, but most likely you won't see a video based on tips for her.

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Heroes of the Storm - Gazlowe quick tips for those new to him by Whitewingdevil

Hey guys! I love Gazlowe, he's my favourite Hero and I have a great win rate with him, but I see a lot of Gazlowe hate around here, and was hoping I could help those new to him with a couple of tips. (I also have a Gazlowe guide video if you're interested!)
  1. You have low health and damage, if you aren't backed up by your team, avoid fighting directly. Early on use your turrets and Xplodium Charges to zone enemy heroes, keep them away from you and your lane minions, focus on surviving and getting XP for the team. Late in the game you and your abilities do more damage, and you can contribute a lot in team fights, just beware getting too close to strong melee heroes like Illidan, they will still kill you quickly.
  2. Deth Lazor. It's a great ability for doing damage from range, but the looooooong charge time makes it tricky to use. Use it from cover, behind walls and so on to try and pick off low health enemies fleeing from combat. DO NOT stand around in the open in the midst of a busy melee charging it like a derp, you will die and your team will let you.
  3. Press the "D" button. Your trait lets you scrap turrets that are too far from the action to be of any help, dropping a screw on the ground. Pick up ALL the scrap drops, they regenerate your mana, and shorten your cooldowns.
  4. Robo-Goblin vs Grav-O-Bomb. Many people will tell you Robo-Goblin isn't worth taking, and they are wrong. It is a situational pick, and one that can be very flexible on Gazlowe builds. With the same talent picks at every other tier, you can freely choose between Robo and Grav at level 10 based on what your team needs. If you are behind and losing team fights, take Grav-O-Bomb, use it by dropping an Xplodium Charge first, then a Grav on top of it in the middle of a pack of enemies. They will get pulled into it and stunned for extra damage, setting up your team for a combo. If your team is winning team fights, Robo-Goblin can be amazing, helping you grab merc camps solo in under 10 seconds, solo Boss Golems, and split push forts and keeps down in seconds. At level 20 Mecha Lord can even make you a powerhouse in melee against the enemy team, helping win those all-important end-game team fights.
Bonus: My preferred Gazlowe build, minus the Heroic abilities since I change them out game-to-game.


StarCraft 2 - LotV Beta Balance Update #2 by JaKaTaK

DIABLO - Hidden History ft. Kripparrian by ShoddyCast

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Diablo 3 - [2.2] Everything you need to know about UE + M6 Optimization + Spreadsheet by wudijo

Hi everyone! So you might remember my post back in the beginning of 2.1.2 (Reddit) | (Diablofans) where I outlined why the physical element is superior to cold for the M6 CA build, and which also helped to spark the whole Taeguk + Hexing Pants meta. Back then I used a spreadsheet that I had created to math out the differences between each build and compare different item and skill choices. Now, I have updated it for 2.2.0 and polished it, so that it is in a state that can give approximate results for almost any situations and rift layout, including runtime, buffs, cooldowns, number of enemies, number of elite packs, area damage procs etc., and I also decided to release it for public use this time.

I have also uploaded a video on my Youtube channel where I go over the how the spreadsheet works and how I concluded my results here if you want to check that out. Obviously it's a little bit difficult to model everything in a spreadsheet like this, and not all of the numbers are exactly accurate. Other than that, just reading this post should be more or less enough to give you an understanding of relative strength of the builds and item preferences.

When it comes to the actual damage values in the spreadsheet, I have tried to model fights versus different amounts of monsters and the fact that you will not hit everything all the time. This was done by assigning a share of your total time spent in the rift to each monster group size and then calculating approximate values for total damage done per skill use for every increment. I feel that the numbers I used are a little bit too generous towards large groups for your average rift but should be more or less adequate for very dense dream rifts (remember we're talking about "optimization" here). Also, I divided the sheet dps by 1 million to make the numbers more readable. No matter if my "rift calculation" is correct or not, you will still have the exact same stat weighs (other than area damage obviously) because those are not influenced by it. General assumptions for the spreadsheet are a high-end character with the following stats:
  • Paragon 800
  • Rank 70 gems
  • 11000 dexterity
  • Max rolls on everything
  • Dex, CC, CHD, socket on Hellfire and rings
  • Full glass cannon
I have also run the numbers on a lower geared character, but the relative strength of the builds / item choices won't really change if you just have lower dex / gems / weapon damage etc, just the total damage done decreases. If you have really crappy items (e.g. you miss 2-3 full RCR or CC rolls and have vitality instead), the missing stats will obviously become more desirable. For every other setup the following numbers are what you can expect to see in the game as well.

My general conclusion is that this time around, there are many "if's" because the numbers are fairly close, and a lot will depend on your rift composition. To give you a couple of examples, getting a power pylon will decrease the benefit of Calamity and Marked for Death but favors Balefire and crossbows. Similarly, a channeling pylon will favor the faster weapons. For Windforce, you want to have rifts with big monsters that can be knockbacked, for Leonine you want to have very dense rifts where you can get insane area damage procs.

Convention of Elements & Hexing Pants vs. Focus & Restraint
It's pretty clear that Focus & Restraint win by a large margin. For the record, other combinations than CoE + Mr Yan / Pride's / Cindercoat are not even worth considering if you don't want to use F&R (yes, Manald Heal is shit for UE). In the updated version of the spreadsheet, I added Convention of Elements (assuming a flat multiplicative 50% damage increase, yes you can time it, but you will also have a lot of wasted procs because you might just kill stuff in 1-2 seconds with nothing left on the screen) instead of a Stone of Jordan, which makes double Unity even worse (20-30% less than CoE). Depending on setup, F&R are about 25-40% stronger than any other combinations (50-80% more than double Unity + Hexing Pants). Since we have less resources to work with, F&R favor fast weapons with high dps, which makes crossbows seem to be about 5% worse than Bows and 10% worse than Balefire / Calamity if you have equally rolled weapons (meaning relative to the maximum possible roll, a 3000dps crossbow will still be more or less on par with a 3000dps Calamity). Because we don't use Pride's Fall / Hexing Pants anymore, we will have to regenerate a lot more, thus putting more emphasis on attack speed rather than passive reg, companion use or globes.

Slow weapons vs. fast weapons
So back in my old post I was talking about how strong bows and Calamity seem to be, however in practice they have never turned out to be better (or were just about even) and everyone still went with crossbows (also due to easy availability of near perfect rolls by crafting Arcane Barbs). Well, first of all I found and corrected something in the spreadsheet that was favoring faster weapons by a few %, but most importantly it comes down to how effectively you can spend your passively generated hatred. Imagine the following scenario: You don't have any hatred regen, no Templar, no health globes and no skills that regenerate hatred; what's left is the hatred you regenerate from shooting generators and nothing else. Let's say you need to cast two generators in order to cast one spender, so you can cycle 2 – 1 – 2 – 1 – 2 – 1 indefinitely. In this scenario, your attack speed will not have any influence whatsoever on the cycle, and the only metric that will define your damage is weapon DPS. Since this is not a realistic scenario, it is all about how you can spend the leftover hatred from all the things I have excluded before. The higher the share of this passive regen, the better the slower weapons become (since they have better damage per hatred spent ratios). You can see an example of this in the video.

M6 Cold vs. Phys
For those of you who still want to run M6 for whatever reason, you should know that you are deliberately lowering your potential by 1-2 tiers, it just can't keep up with the other builds, and even for nonseason there is a stronger UE non-lightning build. Still, it has some better defensive value, mostly because your companions help you here and there and because you can kite enemies offscreen a lot easier if you can watch your sentries shooting at them from a distance, plus reflect is easier to deal with or you can hide behind a corner and still deal damage in dangerous situations.

Iceblink brings the cold Cluster build a lot closer to the physical build, to the point where they seem more or less the same. Cold has a higher luck range if you get only few and easy elites and Stonesinger, while physical should be more consistent. I guess that on 56+ the rift guardian will be a huge problem for cold, so physical might pull ahead regardless, also keep in mind that pylons used on the RG will be a lot more effective with physical. Enforcer, Gogok and BotP are still crap (7-12% worse) and if you want to play M6 on nonseason you should really stick to the Taeguk. With Iceblink, you should always use Spitfire Turret.

The best passives to use are Awareness, Ballistics, Custom Engineering, Cull the Weak, Night Stalker (5th). I strictly recommend using a Hellfire Amulet with this set because all of the passives are very strong and you don't want to miss any. Other options for the 5th passive are (in that order): Steady Aim, Single Out, Ambush, Archery.

For groups, Cluster Bombs might still have a spot if you have someone who can spawn many globes for you, but it will probably not outperform either UE fire or lightning.

My current estimate is that M6 (Cold or Phys) will clear tier 56-59 solo.

Unhallowed Essence Fire
All of the special bows (Windforce, Leonine, Odyssey) seem to be about on par with Calamity / Balefire and they all bring their own strengths. For Windforce, using Steady Strikers or Strongarm should be about equally strong. Leonine can shine in dense rifts with lots of slow monsters, however you probably want to use sentries to reliably proc the slow. Odyssey's End might shine at the top end (56+) because it can speed up your RG kill enormously, but will be a lot more difficult to use during the rift (since you want to use sentries for slow and use Mortal Enemy). Cluckeye only has a marginal damage bonus, but the added benefit from the stun is also nice to have.

Other than that, the 1h Crossbows seem to be the strongest options raw dmg wise. Given equal rolls, Calamity and Balefire are more or less the same, if you have fire% on your amulet Calamity wins out by a few %, also keep in mind that in groups you will buff others with Calamity as well. Also, a somewhat hidden champion might be Kridershot with Immolation Arrow + Mortal Enemy + Ess of Johan. It's behind numbers wise, but I feel that it is underrated in the spreadsheet and it could turn out to be insane if you can play it well.

In addition to Evasive Fire – Focus, Multishot – Arsenal, Preparation – Invigoration and Vault – Tumble, it seems preferable to use Companion – Bat + Vengeance – Seethe for crossbows, Bat + Marked for Death – Mortal Enemy for Bows and Caltrops – Bait the Trap + Mortal Enemy for 1h crossbows. All of the choices are pretty close (within 1-5%, except Seethe for fast weapons), so you can experiment a little. If you want to run fire in groups, Bait the Trap and Mortal Enemy should be the best for every weapon type.

For nonseason, Chakram with Spines of Seething Hatred presents a viable alternative (1-2 tiers lower than DML, and about the same level as the strongest M6 setups). I have only done the numbers for the fire Chakram, but the cold one should be more or less the same (plus you can use Iceblink instead of Polar Station). For crossbows, you can also use Chakram – Shuriken Cloud and macro it to cast automatically all the time. I have tried it manually and managed to cast it about 100 times per minute for an extra 400 hatred, in a full rift that's 6000 hatred and is more or less the same In general, for the generator-heavy builds (Chakram / Elemental Arrow), dropping all RCR in favor of better damage stats (IAS, Elite, AD) is preferred (up to 2-3% more dps per item). Chakram specifically profits a lot from the higher attack speed of one-handed crossbows, which makes it the only case where you prefer a regular 1h over a crossbow.

As for passives, the best to use are: Awareness, Cull the Weak, Ballistics, Night Stalker, Steady Aim. Ambush is also really close (about 2% behind with a 60% DML affix) and might become better because you will deal slightly more damage in reality, especially when enemies don't have much life, and you will also profit a lot more from power pylons. At the high end, it might be preferable to use Single Out because you will have to spend a lot of time on the RG.

My current estimate is that UE Fire will clear tier 57-60 solo.

Unhallowed Essence Lightning
It comes to no surprise that the UE Lightning build with Kridershot is a clear winner dps-wise. Due to the nature of the Ball Lightning skill it is very hard to model so the numbers are just a very rough estimation and don't take into account different monster sizes etc. I have done the numbers for a Hellfire Amulet and an Ess of Johan with equal rolls, funny enough they are basically exactly the same (0.1% difference). Since there are so many variables to it I didn't try to exactly reproduce its damage capabilities, but the numbers seem about right compared to M6 and UE fire (approximately 60-100% stronger). I have a feeling that the Ess of Johan is vastly underrated in the spreadsheet and will eventually pull ahead because you have a higher luck range and can get insane area damage procs if you manage to pull a lot of monsters. Also, this build is likely going to be one where you can see a really noticeable difference between season and nonseason because of the Iceblink gem (should be approx. 5-15% stronger). The increased potency of the slow is going to yield a lot of damage (which I calculated very conservatively) because of more ticks (on top of easier kiting), frees up another skill slot and requires you to cast a MS only once every 3.5 sec (Iceblink duration) instead of 3 sec (Taeguk duration). With Taeguk, you should use sentries to proc the slow (% chance to slow secondary on pants helps) and add Marked for Death – Contagion to it. With Iceblink, I think Rain of Vengeance – Flying Strike could be a good choice (especially with Ess of Johan), otherwise you can push the limits with Caltrops – Bait the Trap. Be aware that actually finishing a rift in time will require tremendous amounts of RNG. You will need to fish a lot of rifts to actually find one where all the stars align (good monster types, easy packs, good RG, good pylons). Since Blizzard has removed basically all of the defensive abilities this build relied on in the past, M6 and UE fire are a lot more consistent.

In high-end groups, a lot of the time will be spent on the rift guardian. Iceblink will have no more additional value because of a better slow, so what is left is solely the 10% crit chance which is a little bit underwhelming by itself. I suggest to use BotP, since you generally have a higher incentive to kill elites in group runs and will get more procs. At the high end you will spend a lot of the time on the RG, which is why you have to maximize your damage there, which makes Single Out pretty much mandatory. The 15% elite bonus from BotP is very close to a high Taeguk even without the proc. Also, you should not have higher than 55% sheet crit chance if you run with a Crusader because you will cap out at 100% (20% Judgment, 25% Single Out, 10% Bait the Trap). My numbers suggest that a high-end DH will deal approximately 15-25 billion dps on a typical RG.

The best passives to use are Awareness, Cull the Weak, Steady Aim, Single Out, Ambush (5th).

My current estimate is that UE Lightning will clear tier 60-62 solo.

Natalya is not included yet, however I can still state what there is to know about Natalya currently: Strafe + a generator is very good to reduce the cooldown of Rain of Vengeance, you can hold down your force attack button, keep strafing and hit your generator button manually whenever you can. Cooldown is a very strong stat, a lot stronger than e.g. RCR for other builds. N6 works for any damage including gems and conduit pylon, both N4 and N6 are multiplicative bonuses and also work for your Crashing Rain belt. The belt summons a crashing beast (very short visual effect) with a small AoE effect that looks similar to one of the Stampede rune at the position of your cursor and uses the same element as your selected RoV rune. Both Crashing Rain and RoV (and Fan of Knives) use only your main hand (left weapon slot), so you don't need %damage (or any damage roll at all if you don't care about generator / Strafe damage) on your offhand.

My current estimate is that Natalya will clear tier 57-62 solo.

Reroll preferences

Here is some general information about what you look for on your items (if it hasn't been specified before already).
  • Generally, you get RCR on every item you can, excluding jewelry, and add area damage on shoulders.
  • On rings, Avg Dmg instead of CC or dexterity is about 4-5% weaker on crossbows and up to 1-4% better on 1h crossbows, and more or less the same for bows. Keep in mind that in parties you will probably cap crit chance on the RG with Single Out, Bait the Trap and Judgment. RCR is also an option for crossbows (1-2% weaker).
  • For the UE builds you can basically drop any CDR because it is almost useless. Only take it if you want to go full glass cannon (and even then having some more toughness might be helpful for Plagued and Desecrator). Removing all of the CDR (gem, paragon, shoulders) is a 1-2% dmg loss with Bat Companion, 3-4% if you use both Bat Companion and Seethe. I recommend to drop it completely if you use MfD and Caltrops.
  • Elemental damage is better than dexterity or CC on amulet, up to 5-10%. Probably even a 15% roll is preferable. Ancient dex value might be close.
  • IAS instead of RCR is an option for 1h crossbows (1-2% weaker) and preferred for Kridershot and Spines of Seething Hatred.
  • Dropping Multishot damage on quiver for hatred / elite / area damage is a 3-6% damage loss. Dropping RCR for hatred is a 0.5-2% damage loss (keep in mind you can vault more with RCR).
  • Steady Strikers / Lacuni Prowlers can be better than Reaper's Wraps if you don't get many globes.
  • For UE lightning, I recommend elite bonus as your last primary, especially for groups. Area damage is fine as well.
Q: Dafaq is this sht? You can't math everything out.*
A: Take it or leave it.

Q: What are additive and multiplicative damage bonuses, and how do they work?
A: Additive means that stacking more of the same damage bonus (e.g. "Damage Increased By Skills" in the extended sheet tab) will have diminishing returns. If you have 0% bonus and add 20% to that, you will deal 20% more damage. If you add another 20%, you will only deal 140/120 = 16,67% more damage relative to that. There are different damage categories that are additive within itself but multiplicative as a whole. For DHs, the relevant calculations go like this (exclude those that you are not using):

((Weapon Min Dmg + Avg Min Dmg) + (((Weapon Max Dmg + Avg Max Dmg) – (Weapon Min Dmg + Avg Min Dmg)) / 2)) [Average Weapon Damage] x ((100 + Dexterity) / 100) x ((CC / 100) x ((100 + CHD) / 100) + (1 – CC / 100)) x (1 + Elemental Bonus / 100) x ((Steady Aim (20) + Skill bonuses (generally 45) + Taeguk (((10 + (Rank / 2)) / 100) x expected uptime) + Calamity (20) + Hexing Pants (25) + Strongarms (20-30) + Bane of the Powerful Proc (20 x expected uptime) + Marked for Death (15 or 20) + Archery [Bow] (8) + Power Pylon (300) + almost any party buff) / 100) [Visible and hidden "Damage Increased By Skills"] x Cull the Weak (1,2) x Ambush ((1+(1/((0,25/140)+(0,75/100))-100)/100)) x (1 + Bane of the Trapped / 100) x (1 + Zei's / 100) x (1 + (Elite Damage on gear + Bane of the Powerful Passive) / 100) [If fighting Elites] x Focus (1,5) x Restraint (1,5) x (1 + Convention of Elements Bonus / 400) x (Skill Weapon Damage / 100) = Average Damage per Hit

Bait the Trap, Iceblink, Archery, Sharpshooter, Single Out, Judgment are just added to the CC / CHD numbers. CC can exceed the 75% cap with those skills and vanilla SoJ bonuses.

For skills that are not your main spender, you have to divide by (1 + your full "Damage Increased By Skills"), subtract (Skill bonuses / 100), and then multiply it by the remainder. For skills that are not your main element, you have to divide by (1 + Elemental Bonus / 100).

Attack speed is Weapon Speed x (IAS on Weapon / 100) x ((Combined IAS bonuses from gear and paragon + Gogok + Law + Voodoo) / 100). For M6, add "x 6" for personal damage, and "x 5 x (1 + Sentry Bonus / 100) / (1 + Elemental Bonuses / 100) x (1 + (Elemental Bonuses x Enforcer Bonus) / 100)" for sentries.

For UE, add "x (1 + (current discipline x 15 / 100)) x (1 + 20 / 100)", for Multishot, add "x (1 / ((1 – DML Affix / 100) + (DML Affix / 200))" to Multishot damage, "x 2" to the rockets of Arsenal, for Ball Lightning, add "x (100 / Meticulous Affix)" to Elemental Arrow damage. For N6, add "x 5", for RoV, add "x 2"

Q: For UE, is it ever worth to reroll anything other than +max discipline if the item doesn't have it?
A: No.

Q: I have a 3200 dps Bow and a 3100 dps Crossbow with almost equal stats, which should I use?
A: The crossbow. Generally, your Bow has to have about 5% more dps to break even, Calamity and Balefire are pretty close if they only have about the same dps as your crossbow. To be safe, I'd use them if they have 50-100 dps more.

Q: What is the Iceblink duration, and how does it work?
A: Duration is 3.5 seconds and it works multiplicatively (60% slow x (1 + Iceblink Bonus / 100)) for up to 75% slow on rank 50. OP stuff.

Q: Which gems should I use?
A: Bane of the Trapped and Zei's cannot be debated. For solo, add Iceblink (season) or Taeguk (nonseason). As a rule of thumb, you can drop Taeguk once per elite pack, otherwise use Bane of the Powerful. For groups, adding Bane of the Powerful is generally the best choice. For T6, Boon of the Hoarder will outrun Bane of the Trapped. For speed runs, Bane of the Powerful is the best third gem.

Q: Why Vault over Smoke Screen?
A: Smoke Screen was crap before and now has become even crappier. It's easier to use for most affixes, but you have very little mobility and can neither skip enemies nor rush ahead and pull more, effectively slowing down your progression. Especially with the Unhallowed Essence set we will be skipping a lot more than with M6 because we have so much more discipline to spend, which further favors Vault. In addition to that, given correct timing, you can evade every attack in the game save for Vortex (about half of the time) and Molten (ground effect) if you don't use Tactical Advantage.

Q: How will I get high keys for solo runs?
A: Last season you could get up to tier 52 keys in solo trials, I guess now it should be up to 56-58 (but it will be very difficult and inefficient). If you have trouble with that, just join a community (e.g. "High Level Trials" on EU).

TL;DW – The spreadsheet is only a spreadsheet and no dynamic simulation after all, so results are a little bit skewed. I did my best to eliminate any errors and tried out many different combinations to find out what is best. The number displayed at the end is an estimate of the total damage done, not dps. If you want to use the spreadsheet for your own character, never edit any of the greyed out numbers, and keep in mind that the standard settings are for solo GRs. Many things are automatically included, however some things are only rough approximations (most importantly area damage) and don't take breakpoints or pylons into account. If you want to model specific situations (boss fights, longer / shorter rifts, group buffs etc.), you should edit the parameters accordingly and just manually add the buffs to your stats.

TL;DR – UE lightning > UE fire > M6 (Natalya probably somewhere in between) with perfect items and RNG. Focus & Restraint cannot be beaten by anything. Given equal rolls, new meta favors faster weapons because a higher share of your total hatred is produced by your generator casts. In solo rifts, Iceblink is the best third gem to use along with BotT and Zei's, for nonseason Taeguk can produce more or less similar results but is harder to use (for UE lightning, Iceblink is strictly better and a Ess of Johan will likely outperform a Hellfire). For UE fire, your weapon preferences are Calamity > Balefire > Kridershot = Windforce = Leonine = Odyssey's = Cluckeye > Regular Bow > Regular Crossbow. The 1h crossbows and special bows all are very close numbers-wise and you will see difference mostly depending on how well you can use their affixes to your advantage. Kridershot + Ess of Johan + Immolation Arrow might be underrated in the spreadsheet and could turn out to be the strongest UE fire setup. For M6, always use spitfire turret if you have Iceblink. The new meta has brought cold and physical a lot closer together, Etrayu has become the go to weapon for cold, however RG will be a huge issue in high GRs so physical might still win out at the top end (with a Calamity). Natalya might be added to the spreadsheet in the future, I left it out because there is still no finalized build yet.

Cheers, wudijo

Diablo 3 - GR 55+ dual wield monk guide by BRBC

Here is the basic guide. It's still beta version but I am working very hard to perfect it in the next few days.

As for myself, I'm currently rank 1 in S3 US server 14 min GR 55 clear and rank 3 in S2 with a furnace tempest rush setup. My profile may not be up to date, but if you login to Diablo 3 you can see my correct full spec.

The build has the potential to beat FD setup IMO (my prediction is 58 for this build with 1k+ paragon points, and possibly 59 with a godlike rift).


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Frozen Orb Wizard Guide GR 48+ (Patch 2.2) by Deadset Gaming

The next Wizard build on the line after last week’s Tal Rasha guide is the solo oriented, Delsere-lovin’ Frozen Orb Wizard, tried and tested in Greater Rift environments. If you’re a fan of that signature Diablo spell, take a look! :)


Key points of the guide:
  • I fully stand behind my word that the build is GR50+ capable, given that I complete the demonstration with sub-optimal gear, no Iceblink and a tanky setup in GR48.
  • The guide outlines the Ancient Parthan Defenders / Halo of Arlyse protective combo mostly due to the mid range of the setup, but acknowledges Energy Twister / Ranslor’s Folly as a viable glassy variation.
  • You will notice the guide makes no mention of Crown of the Primus, which I consider an item for support Wizardry instead. Losing the helm slot and one of your rings for Grandeur is, in my opinion, a poor tradeoff in solo play.
  • The guide outlines several gearing options, depending on your comfort for tankyness – belt and amulet slots, ring combinations, etc.
  • While the build suggests the Season 3 newcomer gem, Iceblink, as the third Legendary Gem alongside Bane of the Trapped and Bane of the Powerful, it mentions alternatives for non-seasonal play as well.

Heroes of the Storm Release Date Announced!

It’s been a jam-packed year for Heroes of the Storm, and now it’s time to rally your fellow heroes and get ready for battle, because the portal to the Nexus is about to burst wide open! We’ve just announced that Blizzard’s worlds will collide when Heroes of the Storm officially launches on June 2, following an open beta testing period that begins on May 19.

For more Heroes of the Storm news, visit:

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Azmodan Beginner Tutorial - LEVEL 10 - Heroes of the Storm by Khaldor

Beginner Tutorial for Azmodan, showing the most popular build for the Heroes of the Storm character. The video also includes information about which hero works best with the hero of the Diablo Universe!

Social Media Links:

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Diablo 3 RoS: WYATT CHENG Interview on Patch 2.2.0 & Season 3 (Including Mortick's Removal) by ZiggyD Gaming

In this interview with Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng we discuss Patch 2.2.0, Season 3, the removal of Mortick's Bracers, power creep, stash space, season length & more! Always exciting to be able to do a developer interview. I only had a very limited time so I couldn't ask all the questions I wanted but hopefully you guys enjoy some of the info here.

I'll be playing in Season 3 myself, make sure to subscribe to catch content from the game then and you can also follow my livestream to catch me live!

Patch 2.2.0 Notes:

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Diablo 3 - Season 3 Leveling Guide by Sunny Decree


1. Difficulty: hard
2. Play in a group of 4 cause of "strength in numbers" buff
3. Lvl 1 get follower weapons
4. Lvl 8 get rings with dmg range @ act1/act3 merchant: Fence
5. Lvl 45 craft 60 weapon with level requirement reduction
6. Lvl 60 craft 70 weapon with level requirement reduction
7. Search for "Cursed Chest" events
8. Skip Bossfights
9. Ruby in helmet for bonus % exp

Monday, April 6, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Tomb of the Spider Queen Guide by CarlTheLlama

Hi there, I’m CarlTheLlama, from the soon-to-be best ESL team, Beyond Reason. I’m currently above 4k MMR (in the top couple hundred accounts).

I wrote a guide for maps awhile back, and with Spider Queen being released since then, I figured it would be good to add a few tips for that map. Keep in mind this is not “the way” to approach a map: the best players learn the rules, then learn how to break them; these guidelines can help, but you still need to use your own judgement to know when they are wrong.

Tomb of the Spider Queen:
  • Much like Blackhearts, hoarding gems can lead to more efficiency with them late game, with some key differences. (1) Webweavers divide their push across all lanes, which can get you all of the enemy team’s taps on (potentially) a single turn in, and that’s a big deal for giving you mid and late game power. (2) Gems are far more loseable than coins, if you die with them more than half the time you don’t get any back, since kills don’t return gems like they do coins. (3) There are two turn in points, making it generally easier to turn in so that you don’t have to lose gems. (4) Unlike cannonballs, webweavers scale with game time, so while saving gems for a late game turn in does technically give you more efficiency, percentage wise it’s not as rewarding as hoarding on Blackhearts (assuming you push down forts yourself so that cannons push the keeps).
So to put it all together- hoarding on Spider Queen is generally weaker than Blackhearts, and it’s only situationally effective there.
  • The best way I’ve seen so far to capitalize on webweavers is to get close to a turn in (maybe be 5 gems short) then wait until you get a kill to get the last turn in, and then get a merc camp before weavers spawn to overwhelm a lane.
  • You can’t “sneak” gems the same way you can coins, rather you “farm” them in lanes, so having good lane control is more important than jungling. Along these lines, with all the lanes close together, it’s a good map for ganking. I like to put a tri-lane mid, with someone with CC bot. Diablo is good in this position because he will get pushed in, but he doesn’t use his CCs to clear, so he’s ready when you gank for him. The reason you favor bot over top in this fashion is because fatties are bot, and make for an easy pick-up after the gank.
  • Webweavers slowly time out, like a Garden Terror’s W, so if you see one at low health on the opposite side of the map, it’s not worth your time to go finish it off.
AND THE MOST IMPORTANT SOLOQ TIP OF ALL! If you know the right thing to do, and everyone else on your team is doing something different, go with them and do their thing. Sometimes you can bring them around, and when that is and isn't doable is something I’ll address another time. For the most part you should go with the flow, even when you hate it. Having a single bad plan is better than having two good ones.


Friday, April 3, 2015

Diablo 3 - [2.1.2] Wizard clears Tier 59 in 4-player (DH PoV) by wudijo

Wizard Tier 59 4p (DH PoV)

Hi everyone,

you might know me from over at the DH forums. I'm just here to share my latest video, a 4-player tier 59 run. Avoid of our clan has found a way to boost the Wizard's dps to crazy levels in specific situations, making use of the Hydra spell alongside Flame Blades. It's really strong, potentially stronger than a 2xDH combo, and excels when fighting many targets at once. This clear was done a few nights ago and recently Avoid has agreed to let me stream and share it, so here it is. We have done only a few runs, spawning the RG in time almost every time up to tier 60 (but unfortunately we always got a very bad RG on 60). In this particular clear, we managed to use only one 58 key and upgrade it to 59 and 60 afterwards. Since the season is so short, we will not continue to push further because both Avoid and me are busy pushing for rank 1 solo, but it certainly has the potential to clear 61-62 and take the rank 1 non-sever clear if you put in some time to fish for a good rift.

Previously, whenever a Wizard tried to enter a group for serious greater rift attempts, he would have to resort to playing a different class or would have to be carried by his teammates. With this new build (that I don't know all the details of, but you should be able to tell just from seeing and hearing the video), Wizards can be a good or even better alternative to a second DH in groups.

The Wizard had the potential all along - and this is a prime example of how focusing on only one class will ultimately leave everyone blind to other options. It's not an optimal situation to have only two options for the dps slots, but it's certainly better than one. I hope this encourages everyone to try out new things, especially with all the changes coming up in season 3, and not just sit there crying for buffs or nerfs =)



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