Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Gazlowe quick tips for those new to him by Whitewingdevil

Hey guys! I love Gazlowe, he's my favourite Hero and I have a great win rate with him, but I see a lot of Gazlowe hate around here, and was hoping I could help those new to him with a couple of tips. (I also have a Gazlowe guide video if you're interested!)
  1. You have low health and damage, if you aren't backed up by your team, avoid fighting directly. Early on use your turrets and Xplodium Charges to zone enemy heroes, keep them away from you and your lane minions, focus on surviving and getting XP for the team. Late in the game you and your abilities do more damage, and you can contribute a lot in team fights, just beware getting too close to strong melee heroes like Illidan, they will still kill you quickly.
  2. Deth Lazor. It's a great ability for doing damage from range, but the looooooong charge time makes it tricky to use. Use it from cover, behind walls and so on to try and pick off low health enemies fleeing from combat. DO NOT stand around in the open in the midst of a busy melee charging it like a derp, you will die and your team will let you.
  3. Press the "D" button. Your trait lets you scrap turrets that are too far from the action to be of any help, dropping a screw on the ground. Pick up ALL the scrap drops, they regenerate your mana, and shorten your cooldowns.
  4. Robo-Goblin vs Grav-O-Bomb. Many people will tell you Robo-Goblin isn't worth taking, and they are wrong. It is a situational pick, and one that can be very flexible on Gazlowe builds. With the same talent picks at every other tier, you can freely choose between Robo and Grav at level 10 based on what your team needs. If you are behind and losing team fights, take Grav-O-Bomb, use it by dropping an Xplodium Charge first, then a Grav on top of it in the middle of a pack of enemies. They will get pulled into it and stunned for extra damage, setting up your team for a combo. If your team is winning team fights, Robo-Goblin can be amazing, helping you grab merc camps solo in under 10 seconds, solo Boss Golems, and split push forts and keeps down in seconds. At level 20 Mecha Lord can even make you a powerhouse in melee against the enemy team, helping win those all-important end-game team fights.
Bonus: My preferred Gazlowe build, minus the Heroic abilities since I change them out game-to-game.


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