Friday, April 3, 2015

Diablo 3 - [2.1.2] Wizard clears Tier 59 in 4-player (DH PoV) by wudijo

Wizard Tier 59 4p (DH PoV)

Hi everyone,

you might know me from over at the DH forums. I'm just here to share my latest video, a 4-player tier 59 run. Avoid of our clan has found a way to boost the Wizard's dps to crazy levels in specific situations, making use of the Hydra spell alongside Flame Blades. It's really strong, potentially stronger than a 2xDH combo, and excels when fighting many targets at once. This clear was done a few nights ago and recently Avoid has agreed to let me stream and share it, so here it is. We have done only a few runs, spawning the RG in time almost every time up to tier 60 (but unfortunately we always got a very bad RG on 60). In this particular clear, we managed to use only one 58 key and upgrade it to 59 and 60 afterwards. Since the season is so short, we will not continue to push further because both Avoid and me are busy pushing for rank 1 solo, but it certainly has the potential to clear 61-62 and take the rank 1 non-sever clear if you put in some time to fish for a good rift.

Previously, whenever a Wizard tried to enter a group for serious greater rift attempts, he would have to resort to playing a different class or would have to be carried by his teammates. With this new build (that I don't know all the details of, but you should be able to tell just from seeing and hearing the video), Wizards can be a good or even better alternative to a second DH in groups.

The Wizard had the potential all along - and this is a prime example of how focusing on only one class will ultimately leave everyone blind to other options. It's not an optimal situation to have only two options for the dps slots, but it's certainly better than one. I hope this encourages everyone to try out new things, especially with all the changes coming up in season 3, and not just sit there crying for buffs or nerfs =)



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