Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Diablo 3 - 2.2 Natalya Strafe + RoV Speedfarm Guide by wudijo

2.2 Natalya Strafe + RoV Speedfarm Guide

Hi everyone,
as you might probably know, I have done quite some testing on DH on the PTR for 2.2, and while trying to figure out some cool new stuff the Natalya set I came up with a really efficient speedfarm Strafe build which can be used for T6 and speed low GRs (~tier 35) and subsequently made me clear a T6 rift in 44 seconds.

The basic idea is to stack a lot of movement speed and keep strafing all the time, thus quickly reducing your RoV cooldown to boost your dps to high levels. I will add a detailed written post to the Diablofans.com builds section once 2.2 hits, for now you have to go with this talent calculator link.

The Natalya set has a lot of flexibility in some item slots and gem choices. Since there are not that many clear-cut choices for everything, I tried to give a good overview of what is good to use, but also encourage everyone to try out a few different things with it.



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