Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hearthstone - [Infographic] Here Be Dragons: All Dragons+Synergies by JeremyWTC

All Dragons + Synergies

Hey all,
With all the Blackrock Mountain cards revealed, I put together a little infographic with all the dragon-type cards that will be available as well as the FOUR Dragon-Holding mechanic cards.
I also included a little stat-line about the Hungry Dragon's 1-Drop chances, the spells that can work with Dragonkin Sorcerer, and popular Rend targets.

Here Be Dragons!


Paladin and Priest - The only two class to receive their very own Dragon cards. Paladin looking like a great Dragon class with their Dragon-Minion, which basically means your next Dragon is Innervated.

Hungry Dragon -> Zombie Chow - If you're ever desperate for heals (Face Hunter about to Hero Power you to death...), slamming a Hungry Dragon into a Zombie Chow may just save your life... 1 in 36 chances (2.8%)

Rend Backhand? - Despite the ATROCIOUS stats of 8/4 for a 7-Cost, will Rend Blackhand see significant use? Loatheb, Black Knight, Harrison Jones killer?

Thanks a lot of reading guys, hope you all enjoyed it. More Blackrock Mountain content will be coming over the next few weeks, follow me on Twitter @DisguisedToast for the latest updates.

Past Infographics - Soon to be outdated ;(
Mech Mage
Oil Rogue


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