Monday, March 23, 2015

Diablo 3 - Introduction + [55+] 2.2 Monk Cold Dashing Strike Build Video by Natsuma_z

My name is Natsuma_z, a Monk Twitch streamer. I wanted to introduce myself through this first look build video that I made: [1]

The Build
This build is about the remade Dashing Strike set. In short, you attack with a spirit regenerator and your Dashing Strike damage will increase by 12,500% for 6 seconds. This is huge! This means that you will be doing tons of damage. Also, you will use spirit instead of Dashing Strike stacks. This means Spirit Regeneration is extremely important. The most spirit you have, the more dashes you will do. Be sure not to use the Dashing Strike stacks, because you will have to wait for them to recharge, even though you will have enough spirit. You will lose DPS if this happens (I did this a couple of times in the video, so you can check it out). The rest of the skill and passives are either focused on toughness or damage. For the exact skill setup, please check out the diablofans guide:

The build revolves around the 6-piece Raiment of a Thousand Storms. It's important to use the 6-piece, or else your dash will not do the increased 12,500% damage for 6 seconds. The rest of the items accommodate the build through maximizing damage and defensive stats. For the exact items I would suggest you check out the diablofans guide here:

We use Bane of the Trapped because it gives us a huge damage boost due to the gem triggering itself. Gogok of Swiftness because it gives us cooldown reduction and attack speed, which gives us more spirit regeneration and lower cooldown on skills. And lastly we use Molten Wildebeasts Gizzard, because of the insane life regeneration it gives. Esoteric Alteration is also an option, if you have Life per Spirit Spent on your Flying Dragon (Yes, the Flying Dragon is back!)

Thanks so much for reading the post and watching the video if you are interested.


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