Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Frozen Orb Wizard Guide GR 48+ (Patch 2.2) by Deadset Gaming

The next Wizard build on the line after last week’s Tal Rasha guide is the solo oriented, Delsere-lovin’ Frozen Orb Wizard, tried and tested in Greater Rift environments. If you’re a fan of that signature Diablo spell, take a look! :)


Key points of the guide:
  • I fully stand behind my word that the build is GR50+ capable, given that I complete the demonstration with sub-optimal gear, no Iceblink and a tanky setup in GR48.
  • The guide outlines the Ancient Parthan Defenders / Halo of Arlyse protective combo mostly due to the mid range of the setup, but acknowledges Energy Twister / Ranslor’s Folly as a viable glassy variation.
  • You will notice the guide makes no mention of Crown of the Primus, which I consider an item for support Wizardry instead. Losing the helm slot and one of your rings for Grandeur is, in my opinion, a poor tradeoff in solo play.
  • The guide outlines several gearing options, depending on your comfort for tankyness – belt and amulet slots, ring combinations, etc.
  • While the build suggests the Season 3 newcomer gem, Iceblink, as the third Legendary Gem alongside Bane of the Trapped and Bane of the Powerful, it mentions alternatives for non-seasonal play as well.

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