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How hit detection works in Overwatch by TheWarOwl

Hit Detection in Overwatch! From Hanzo's Arrows to Roadhog's Hook, from Reinhardt's Shield to Genji's Deflect, we take a look at how hit detection works in Overwatch to get good and pwn noobs. Learn how to play Overwatch by learning the science of the game.

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Diablo 3 - 2.4.2 Leveling Guide | HC WD Solo 1-70 in 1h51m (massacre bonus) | Season 7 preparation by Desolacer

Hey guys, this video demonstrates a full level 1-70 run in less than 2 hours as Witch Doctor, which is one of my projects to prepare for a leveling race in Season 7. Btw. Season 7 will start at 5th August 2016.
Rules: (pretty much the same as a new season start): No paragon, no crafting and never spend more gold than you find.
The trick is to stack up the massacre bonus in Fields of Misery on master difficulty.

Sometimes your items will be too weak, so the best way to upgrade your items is, killing one of the bounty bosses: Maghda, Zoltun Kulle or Butcher.
There are also some Resplendent Chests in Fields of Misery where you can find a lot of rare items.
Using the vendor can also help to upgrade your current items.

Witch Doctor is by far the most powerful class to level with this strategy.
I tried it as Demon Hunter recently, but couldn't reach level 70 in less than 3 hours.
As Barbarian I did it in 2,5 hours.

Songs used:
Diablo 15th Anniversary Soundtrack (Full)
Diablo III - Soundtrack (OST) All in One
Diablo III - A New Dawn

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Overwatch - Best Junkrat Double Jumps (Beginners/Advanced) by Lord Quinzulin

Hello everyone, and welcome to my guide on how to double jump as Junkrat, as well as the best places to use it. I cover the complete basics of how to double jump, and the 4 spots that I cover range from very easy to pretty challenging. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe and check out my other guides on TorbJorn turret placement!

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Diablo 3 - WW Barbarian Build "wrath of the waste" / Season 7 & Patch 2.4.2 by Bluddshed

Today we are going over the WW Barbarian "Wrath of the Waste" set build for Diablo 3 season 7 patch 2.4.2 on Torment 10-13.

T10 Build:
Gear: 6 waste, chilanik, warzechian, zodiac, rog, bul kathos set, hellfire ammy w/weapons master passive, hexing pants,
Cube: Furnace, Mantle Channeling, Skull Grasp
Stat: 50% CDR
CDR, AD, crit, crit damage, str

T13 Build:
swap chilanik for goldwrap
remove hexing pants swap rog for coe


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Get Better At Overwatch - Aim by ProntoGaming

CognitivePit explains how you can start aiming and improving your game in Overwatch!

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Heroes of the Storm - Free hero Rotation : July 12 - July 19

  • Raynor
  • Muradin
  • Rehgar
  • Jaina
  • Nazeebo
  • Diablo
  • Xul (Slot unlocked at Player Level 5)
  • Lunara (Slot unlocked at Player Level 7)
  • Chen (Slot unlocked at Player Level 12)
  • Lt. Morales (Slot unlocked at Player Level 15)

Friday, July 8, 2016

Heroes of the Storm - Gul'dan First Look & Talent Review by Grubby

Gul'dan is now live in Heroes of the Storm! Gul'dan can be exceptionally strong and has many talents with high risk / high reward (More damage, mana / less health). Hope you enjoy my first look and talent review!

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The Division - Patch 1.3 tips for PS4 players by WoWAltoholic

Patch 1.3 tips for PS4 players
  • Infographic for patch 1.3 posted during SOTG :
  • Priority #1 is to obtain a G36 assault rifle while it still has the “higher than intended” base damage. It is a huge boon for getting back some of the damage you lose from the sentry/striker nerfs if you were running those sets or an AUG/Vector SMG. (The base damage is scheduled to be fixed in the next client patch, planned for end of the week so enjoy it now!)
  • Best way to try for a weapon upgrade early is the highest weekly HVT (58 intel) That drops 268 GS sets and 229 GS HE weapons/gear. (Edit: Level of enemies was patched bring friends don't solo)
  • Try shotguns as a close range option with accuracy mods (especially an SASG-12) With the new stagger and how small (accurate) you can get the reticle, they are a great option for PVE encounters.
  • Don’t forget you can Convert HE Division Tech to whatever HE material you need.
  • DON’T spend all your PxC on new blueprints, you want to save some for weapon re-calibrations.
  • DON’T craft weapon kits. The bottleneck will be PxC not the weapon kits that can drop from many enemies. (Edit: Some players are having trouble finding these. They appear as "grey" bags on the ground but are marked as "yellow" loot on your mini-map like Div Tech so check your map.)
  • Remember all new chest pieces drop with 2 mod slots, Kneepads with 1 mod slot. If you have a great pair of knee pads with armor and EDR hold on to them.
  • If you have a bugged map, remember you can use the social menu to fast travel to a squadmate.
  • If your skills get bugged, getting downed or hitting a loading screen with “fix” it. (/u/ikamony) gives the tip that flashbanging yourself will also fix it.
  • If your squadmates are with you in The Terminal you can see which HVTs they have completed before you buy a new mission.
  • You can now fast travel to squadmates within the "No respawn" zones.
  • Heroic missions drop the new named shotgun “The Showstopper” (229 GS) and a chance for 240 GS set items/ 204 weapons.
  • Named weapons cannot currently (bug to be fixed) be re-calibrated (/u/drinnii)
  • Re-calibrating "Expert" on pistols does not result in a "Free" talent (with no stat requirements).
  • The new Blueprints vendor at The Terminal (below the BoO) sells ilevel 32 weapon/mod/gear blueprints and weapon kit blueprints. (/u/a_ford_broncus)
  • Ubisoft 30th Anniversary outfits are now available - Relog if it is still locked in the Ubisoft club page. (/u/personalitypi)
  • Positional audio is currently bugged. Especially noticeable for headphone users.
  • The gloves from the new AlphaBridge set can be bugged to have 2, 1 or no main stats. This is a bug that is scheduled to be fixed in the next client update.

DZ Tips:
  • Take advantage of the more limited drop tables for “teal” caches in the DZ and farm your 268 GS old sets now before you get the Underground DLC.
  • The Cleaner mobs in the higher DZ brackets do a bit less damage with flamers and tear gas now so they no longer one-shot you. You need to be careful but it is much better.
  • DZ chests were buffed! The old “Purples chest” that do not require a key now drop yellow sealed caches and the smaller ones drop purple sealed caches.
  • The DZ06 Vendor now sells 2 blueprints for AlphaBridge holster and kneepads (GS214)
  • If this patch syncs up the vendors with the PC/Xbone version, there is an excellent CQBSS scope with 8% CHC 22% HSD for sale at the DZ05 mods vendor.
  • Remember with the Div Tech conversion, a purple cache (contains 3-5 div tech) is worth more than a HE piece of loot if you plan to dismantle it for crafting materials.
  • Make sure you aren't capped on HE Div Tech before opening up DZ caches; and yes you can get the new AlphaBridge from saved "teal caches." (/u/mrksjs)
  • Reminded by (/u/mentatteg) DZ caches are bugged and sometimes won't show up in your contaminated inventory bag. They are there but cannot be seen and thus cannot be selected to be destroyed if you need to make room in your bag. They are fine once extracted.

Skill/Talent changes (mostly reminders):
  • Predatory has been changed to work off player health and not the NPC killed.
  • Shrapnel talent now works with the 4 pc Predator's Mark bleed.
  • Balanced is now great for LMGs and makes the reticle start with maximum accuracy.
  • Seeker Mine: Gas charge is fixed and will no longer blind/disorient enemies close to the player while it is on cooldown.
  • Special ammo was reduced in effectiveness by about 75% (3 sec burning duration and explosion damage reduced to match bullet damage)
  • Pulse is buggy and does not always detect enemies within range.
  • Shock turret after effect was fixed (/u/drinnii)
  • Striker 4 pc buff (bug?) drops if you switch weapons.
  • "The Showstopper" shotgun currently works with sentry 4pc but not intended will be fixed (next client patch; probably by the end of the week.)
  • "Death by Proxy" talent is not currently working. (Does not proc off sniper mines, medic healing stations or turret kills)
  • Combat medic was "fixed" so the player is not considered an ally and does not receive a 40% healing boost from their own medkits. It also does not destroy smart cover anymore.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Black Desert Online - Node Wars Guide (The Basics) by Pvt Wiggles

n this Black Desert Online video I will be explaining the basics of node wars and sieges, in Black Desert you can fight against other guilds in massive node war fights and then fight for a castle every Saturday. Node wars are alot of fun but they can be a bit confusing to start with so with this video series I'm hoping this will help you guys better understand this amazing pvp future in Black Desert.


BDO Siege guide:



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The Division - How to obtain Gear Sets - 1.3 Edition by cmm324

AlphaBridge Gear Set

You won´t be able to stack 2 Brutal talents, but you better find two SMGs/AR/Shotguns etc that complement themselves with their Weapon Talents.

Archetype: Solo

Set Bonuses

  • Set bonus (2): +2 Medkit Capacity
  • Set bonus (3): +100% Health Regen
  • Set bonus (4): Talent: AlphaBridge - If your Primary and Secondary Weapon is of the same category, they both gain all of the unique active talents.


  • Dark Zone Supply Drops
  • Dark Zone Supply Drop w/Season Pass
  • Dark Zone Named NPCs
  • Dark Zone Sealed Caches
  • Challenge / Heroic Mode Named NPCs
  • Underground Directives
  • BPs available at DZ06 Safehouse
  • GS 191 available DZ06 Safehouse
  • Falcon Lost & Clear Sky Bosses
  • BPs @ Special Blueprints Vendor

B.L.I.N.D. Gear Set

Released with version 1.3, Underground. (Underground DLC Exclusive)

Archetype: Hybrid

Set Bonuses

  • Set bonus (2): +20% Pulse Critical Hit Damage
  • Set bonus (3): +100% Blind/Deaf Resistance
  • Set bonus (4): Talent: B.L.I.N.D. System - Killing a target creates a flashbang effect at the targets position.


  • Dark Zone Supply Drop w/Season Pass
  • Underground Container Hard Mode
    • 25% Chance at iLvl 32 / GS 240
    • 10% Chance at iLvl 33 / GS 268
  • Underground Container Challenge Mode
    • 25% Chance at iLvl 32 / GS 240
    • 15% Chance at iLvl 33 / GS 268
  • Underground Container Heroic Mode
    • 100% Chance at iLvl 33 / GS 268
    • 30% Chance at iLvl 33 / GS 268 for 2nd item
  • Underground Directives
  • Underground Cache
    • 40% chance
  • Named NPCs Underground & Dragon's Nest
  • BPs @ Underground Vendor

DeadEYE Gear Set

When you don´t use the scope, you will lose the headshot bonus, but you still have the crit bonus. This set specifically works with Marksmen Rifles. (Underground DLC Exclusive)

Archetype: Sniper

Set Bonuses

  • Set bonus (2): +20% Marksman Rifle Critical Hit Damage
  • Set bonus (3): +40% Initial Bullet Stability
  • Set bonus (4): Talent: DeadEYE - While not scoped critical hit chance on marksman Rifles is increased to 100%, but headshot damage bonus is removed.


  • Dark Zone Supply Drop w/Season Pass
  • Named NPCs Underground & Dragon's Nest
  • Underground Directives
  • Underground Cache
    • 10% chance

Reclaimer Gear Set

Rumored gear set to be released with version 1.3, Underground. The whole group gets Special Ammo and Consumable Bonus. The consumables for the whole team are on cooldown. (Underground DLC Exclusive)

Archetype: Support

Set Bonuses

  • Set bonus (2): +100% Support Stations healing speed
  • Set bonus (3): +50% Consumables duration
  • Set bonus (4): Talent: Reclaimer - Consumables and special ammo use applies to the whole group and no longer consumes inventory.


  • Dark Zone Supply Drop w/Season Pass
  • Named NPCs Underground & Dragon's Nest
  • Underground Directives
  • Underground Cache
    • 10% chance

FireCrest Gear Set

Also procs when you use fire-grenades. Released with version 1.3, Underground. (Underground DLC Exclusive)

Archetype: Offensive

Set Bonuses

  • Set bonus (2): +3 Incendiary Bullets Capacity
  • Set bonus (3): +100% Reload Speed
  • Set bonus (4): Talent: FireCrest - Killing a burning target grants incendiary bullets for 10 seconds.


  • Dark Zone Supply Drop w/Season Pass
  • Underground Container Hard Mode
    • 25% Chance at iLvl 32 / GS 240
    • 10% Chance at iLvl 33 / GS 268
  • Underground Container Challenge Mode
    • 25% Chance at iLvl 32 / GS 240
    • 15% Chance at iLvl 33 / GS 268
  • Underground Container Heroic Mode
    • 100% Chance at iLvl 33 / GS 268
    • 30% Chance at iLvl 33 / GS 268 for 2nd item
  • Underground Directives
  • Underground Cache
    • 40% chance
  • Named NPCs Underground & Dragon's Nest
  • BPs @ Underground Vendor

Dragon's Nest Drops

Mission Reward - Hard Mode

  • HE 204 Weapon
  • GS 214 Reclaimer / DeadEYE piece

Mission Reward - Challenge Mode

  • HE 204 Weapon
  • GS 240 Reclaimer / DeadEYE piece

Mission Reward - Heroic Mode

  • HE 229 Weapon
  • GS 268 Reclaimer / DeadEYE piece
Also, if you any of you can link high quality screenshots (16:9 aspect ratio, 1920x1080 resolution) of the new gear set pieces equipped, I can get DFG updated. You can see examples of the type of shots I am looking for:

Questions regarding the DZ Supply Drops w/Season Pass, here is the loot table:


World of Warcraft - Class Breakdown for New Players by AMG_Crusade

Hey all!

I have seen a number of posts over the last few weeks from new players that are confused on classes and specs. I have written a guide that might help you in picking a new class.

I have not written one of these before, so if you don't understand something please ask.

Also, to the seasoned players, if I have missed something or have not done your class/spec justice, please let me know. I am all for bettering this post to make it as accurate as possible:

Firstly, there are 4 types of character roles:
  • Tank – A Tank generally leads the raids or dungeons. Classically do low damage, but have very high armour and survivability. The tank must hold the bosses attention and be hit by the bosses attacks, using his skills to take reduced damage, so that the damage dealers of the group can damage the boss in turn. If the tank dies, the group dies very quickly afterwards.
  • Healer – Generally do not do any damage when in group, and can lead the dungeon as often as Tanks. They use spells and abilities to keep their groups alive against enemies. The tanks have abilities to reduce incoming damage, but ultimately the healer keeps them alive and makes sure the rest of the group is alive to do damage. Similarly to a good tank, a good healer makes a dungeon or raid much easier.
  • Range Damage Dealer – Deals damage to the enemies via ranged spells, guns, thrown traps etc. Generally have to be more conscious of boss mechanics that specifically target range, and need to be able to relocate to a safer place to stand while casting at a moment’s notice. What makes one range better than the other is when a player is skilled enough to know how to move while maintaining their damage output, rather than stopping completely while moving.
  • Melee Damage Dealer – Deals damage at a closer range. Generally have to focus on staying behind targets when in a group to prevent being parried, while also needing to remain as mobile as possible to dodge boss AOE damage.
Important to note on the above – All classes have different specs (IE Mage can be Fire based, Arcane based or Frost based) Some of these alternate specs allow different roles to the player. (EG A Paladin can be a tank, a healer or a Melee DPS Dealer) When picking your class, it is worth considering if you ever want to try one of these roles. Also note ALL classes have a DPS option for when you play alone. Tanks and Healers are generally in higher demand than damage dealing classes.
DPS is the abbreviation for a damage dealer (Damage Per Second)
AOE is the abbreviation for Area of Effect, and refers to damage that affects all targets in a specific area, like a broad swing of a sword that hits many targets

ONE – Do you want to be:
  • Melee DPS that maybe wants to try Tanking one day? Go to 1
  • Melee DPS that maybe wants to try Healing one day? Go to 2
  • Melee DPS that maybe wants to try both Healing and Tanking one day? Go to 3
  • Melee DPS and never want to Tank or Heal? Go to 4
  • Damage dealer who can go Range or Melee? Go to 5
  • Range DPS that maybe wants to try Healing one day? Go to 6
  • Range DPS that maybe wants to try Tanking one day? Go to 7
  • Range DPS that maybe wants to try both Healing and Tanking one day? Go to 8
  • Range DPS and never want to Tank or Heal? Go to 9
1 – Melee with Tank option – Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Druid, Monk, Paladin, Warrior
2 – Melee with Healing option – Druid, Monk, Paladin, Shaman
3 – Melee with Both – Druid, Monk, Paladin
4 – Melee Damage dealer only – Rogue
5 – Melee and Range Damage options - Hunter, Shaman, Druid
6 – Range with Healing option – Druid, Priest, Shaman
7 – Range with Tanking option – Druid
8 – Range with Both - Druid
9 – Range only – Mage, Warlock

TWO - Once you have chosen one of the above, read the below class descriptions to see which ones you like the sound of. If your option only has one class in it (eg: Range with Tanking options – Druid), skip to Section THREE.
  • Death Knight – Effectively undead, these are the warriors of death and disease. Summon ghouls, grip targets from a distance and pull them towards you, and infect your targets with plagues. Alternatively can embrace the cold chill of death, freezing his enemy and slashing them down with the classic scythe of Death. 1 Tank spec, 2 Melee DPS specs.
  • Demon Hunter – Agile and brutal, the demon hunter literally slashes parts of their victims souls off to heal themselves. Able to double jump, and morph into demon form occasionally. Has wings that allow them to glide. 1 Tank spec, 1 Melee spec.
  • Druid – The most versatile of all classes, the druid is a warrior of nature itself, able to transform its body and playstyle according to what is demanded in each situation; from a mighty bear, to a stealthy cat, to a lifegiving tree, to an overgrown chicken that can literally throw moons at its enemies. 1 Tank spec, 1 Heal spec, 1 Melee spec, 1 Range spec.
  • Hunter – The legend of traps, bows and beasts. The hunter can tame wild beasts found throughout the world to fight for him and with him. Or they can chose to be more of a sniper, with devastating long range attacks. Lastly in this coming expansion, the hunter can now also be melee damage, with a polearm, fighting alongside his pets, hurling traps and caltrops and harpoons at his enemies. 2 Range spec, 1 Melee spec.
  • Mage – A master at the classic sorcerous elements. The Mage can become the embodiment of Fire, scorching their enemies and setting them ablaze for bonus burning damage. Or they can embrace the Frost, slowing their enemies movement and commanding a pet made of pure water and ice. Lastly they can draw upon the Arcane, exploding their enemies and bursting impressive build ups of fluctuating power. 3 Range specs
  • Monk – Masters of martial arts and the body itself, the monks can use their knowledge of oneself and potent brews to inflict devastating damage, or heal their allies wounds, or harden their skin to take sustained damage. 1 Melee spec, 1 Heal spec, 1 Tank spec.
  • Paladin – Righteous, pure and incorruptible, these warriors of the Light use their powerful blessings, holy powers and selfless nature to empower and inspire all those around him. Capable of Melee damage by judging their targets evils, healing through holy presence, or tanking with impressive defensive capabilities. 1 Tank spec, 1 Healing spec, 1 Melee spec.
  • Priest – Servant of the Gods, either light or dark, the priest embraces his religious abilities completely, even at his own expense. Powerful heals of pure holy energy, shielding his allies from harm by damaging his enemies, or embracing the darkness, and flaying the minds and souls of those before him. 2 Heal specs, 1 Damage spec.
  • Rogue – Masters of the melee combat, the rogue can be the fencing pirate, the brutal assassin, or the master of misdirection and stealth. These agile melee legends can utilise grappling hooks, pistols, poisons and bleeds to bring their enemies down. 3x Melee spec.
  • Shaman – The shaman are one with the world, capable of unleashing attacks empowered and encompassing nature itself. Lava, rock, rains and lightning itself bend to his will, while also capable of communing and transforming into spirits themselves to speed their travel and empower their attacks. 1 Range spec, 1 Melee spec, 1 Healing spec
  • Warlock – The spell-weavers of death, corruption and demons themselves. Warlocks not only embrace the darkest of magics, but master and enslave others to it as well. Scorch and burn their enemies in fire and chaos, or cast a plethora of damage over time spells to let their enemies life literally drain from them, or summon and command a horde of demons to fight for you. The warlock is a cherished member of a raid team as well, able to summon other players to them from anywhere, as well as provide other with free health potions. 3 Range Specs.
  • Warrior – The classic bloodthirsty, furious warriors. There is a reason they are in every Role Playing game. These masters of blades, shields and maces are fuelled by their rage, becoming more dangerous and powerful the longer combat transpires around them. Charge at enemies, or become a spinning vortex of blood and blade, or aim brutally powerful cleaves to mow down foes. 1 Tank spec, 2 Melee specs.
THREE – Spec break down – This section is a brief summary of each of the specs you can play based on the above classes. As stated in section one, keep in mind you can swap between these spec options on your class in game at almost any time (IE – Shaman can swap from Melee damage to a Range damage or Healer at any time)

Death Knight
  • Blood – TANK – Surround yourself with the blood and bones of fallen victims to increase survivability.
  • Frost – MELEE - Wield 2 Icy blades and become the cold harbinger of death itself, with scythes and icy winds.
  • Unholy - MELEE – Summon the undead to do your bidding, infecting your enemies with plagues and diseases which in turn empower your minions.
Demon Hunter
  • Havoc – MELEE – Agile masters of melee combat. Transform into Demon Form and wield glaives that tear enemies souls asunder.
  • Vengeance - TANK – Harvesters of souls, they empower themselves with sigils, demon form, and by devouring the severed pieces of their enemies spirit.
  • Balance – RANGE – At one with the lunar forces, these spiritual range casters burn their targets with the fires of the Sun and moon.
  • Feral – MELEE - Cat form of the druid. They rely on raking their enemies with swipes and slashes of their claws, bleeding their targets before mauling them.
  • Guardian - TANK – The mighty Bear, capable of surviving massive incoming damage, while mauling anything that comes within range of its claws.
  • Restoration - HEALS – The life-giving tree. The healing form of the druid utilises the world itself, classically using more healing over time spells than brute force healing. This way they can sustain multiple allies with ease.
  • Beast Master - RANGE – The mighty BM Hunter has powerful pets he commands in battles, and can summon a stampede while he stands clear and fires at his enemies from a distance.
  • Marksman - RANGE - Master of the bow, the Marksman usually chooses to forsake their pet companions, preferring more powerful range attacks that pincushion their enemies for terrific damage.
  • Survival – MELEE – The new melee class. This time the hunter puts down his rifle, and fights alongside his pet companions, utilising caltrops, traps and harpoons.
  • Arcane – RANGE – Casters who manage their mana and alternates between delivering a high bursts of explosive damage at higher cost, or low damage but efficient spells for sustainable and formidable damage.
  • Fire – RANGE - Casts balls of fire at their targets, or make fire explode at their enemies feet. Also causes their targets to catch aflame, burning them for additional damage.
  • Frost – RANGE - Attacks that slow and chill their enemies, and also utilise a pet of water to compliment these icy barrages.
  • Brewmaster - TANK - The drunken boxers. These monks are hardened kung-fu masters capable of staggering high damage to effect them gradually rather than in bursts, making them very difficult to kill.
  • Mistweaver - HEALS – The mist weavers utilise their knowledge of life and mind to heal their allies. Coupled with the monks natural agility, the healing monks are welcome on any raids. Aesthetically brilliant, commanding healing mists around yourself and allies.
  • Windwalker - MELEE – The kung fu masters, the windwalker uses their formidable martial arts skills to swiftly beat down their enemies with a torrent of kicks and punches
  • Holy – HEALS - Empowered by the light, yet utilising his plate armour, the holy paladin is the holy healer that grows more powerful the closer he is to combat, making him effectively a melee range healer in the thick of the fight.
  • Protection - TANK - Few tanks can defend against such raw damage as easily as the paladin. With his plate armour and broad shield, he burns the ground below him with his holy powers, damaging all enemies foolish enough to challenge him.
  • Retribution – MELEE – Putting aside the mighty shield, the Ret Pally elects a massive two handed weapons, judging the targets and hammering and slashing them down with the zeal and passion of warrior of the Light.
  • Discipline – HEALS – The Disc Priest is the versatile healer, shielding his allies from damage, and healing them by actually attacking the surrounding enemies… heals friends by harming enemies.
  • Holy - HEALS – The holy priest is the brute force healer, capable of massive and sustained heals of raw health in an array of different situations.
  • Shadow - RANGE – A priest of the darkness, a Shadow Priest wears away at the target with damage over time effects, slowly losing his own mind until he gives into the insanity, gaining unimaginable power.
  • Assassination - MELEE – Brutal damage and combat multipliers, the assassination rogue in unparalleled in surprising his targets, bleeding his enemy and utilises poisons with deadly efficiency.
  • Outlaw – MELEE – The pirate class. This swashbuckling adventurer wields a rapier and pistol, and is a pirate in all sense of the word, while also inheriting the rogues natural stealth and agility.
  • Subtlety - MELEE – The subtlety rogue is a master of stealth, speed and agility, dealing more damage to unsuspecting foes, and capable of stunning and savage burst damage
  • Elemental - RANGE – Embrace the mastery of the world itself, throwing rock, lava and lightning at enemies, while being empowered by totems.
  • Enhancement - MELEE – Bend the powers of the world around your dual wielded weapons, causing lightning to crash down around you and swing with weapons imbued with the ferocity of a storm.
  • Restoration - HEALS – Calling upon the worlds rains and waters, the Restoration is capable of powerful healing totems, waterfalls of life, and heals that chain from one ally to the next.
  • Affliction - RANGE – Underestimate the affliction warlock at your own risk. They will throw spell after spell at you, not dealing much damage initially, but suddenly, your life is ticking away faster and faster and faster. The affliction warlock is capable of putting these damage over time spells on many many targets, making him a legend amongst damage dealers.
  • Demonology - RANGE – Why do damage yourself, when you can summon a fleet of demons to damage your enemies for you? The more demons you summon, the more damage you deal.
  • Destruction - RANGE - Unlike affliction and demonology, the destruction warlock causes his damage upfront. Chaos and fire are his forte, burning his enemies with cold brutality, becoming stronger the longer he fights.
  • Arms - MELEE – Cold and calculating, the arms warrior picks his moments to do the most damage possible. Capable of devastating slashes and mighty cleaves, the arms warrior brings purpose to the brutality of the warrior
  • Fury – MELEE – Opposite to the massive calculating swings of the arms warrior, the fury warrior instead rages and slashes as hard and fast as he can, sacrificing his own safety in a headlong furious rush to bring his enemies down to pacify his insatiable bloodlust. Can wield a two handed weapon in each hand easily with his massive strength.
  • Protection – TANK - The mighty warrior tank. Where other tanks can heal themselves, or stagger the damage, the protection warrior just laughs and chooses to ignore the damage. All that he needs are his rage, his sword and his shield, while somehow encompassing both the bloodlust of Fury, and precision of Arms in a combination of a truly formidable tank.
Hope this helps. Any questions please ask