Friday, July 8, 2016

The Division - Patch 1.3 tips for PS4 players by WoWAltoholic

Patch 1.3 tips for PS4 players
  • Infographic for patch 1.3 posted during SOTG :
  • Priority #1 is to obtain a G36 assault rifle while it still has the “higher than intended” base damage. It is a huge boon for getting back some of the damage you lose from the sentry/striker nerfs if you were running those sets or an AUG/Vector SMG. (The base damage is scheduled to be fixed in the next client patch, planned for end of the week so enjoy it now!)
  • Best way to try for a weapon upgrade early is the highest weekly HVT (58 intel) That drops 268 GS sets and 229 GS HE weapons/gear. (Edit: Level of enemies was patched bring friends don't solo)
  • Try shotguns as a close range option with accuracy mods (especially an SASG-12) With the new stagger and how small (accurate) you can get the reticle, they are a great option for PVE encounters.
  • Don’t forget you can Convert HE Division Tech to whatever HE material you need.
  • DON’T spend all your PxC on new blueprints, you want to save some for weapon re-calibrations.
  • DON’T craft weapon kits. The bottleneck will be PxC not the weapon kits that can drop from many enemies. (Edit: Some players are having trouble finding these. They appear as "grey" bags on the ground but are marked as "yellow" loot on your mini-map like Div Tech so check your map.)
  • Remember all new chest pieces drop with 2 mod slots, Kneepads with 1 mod slot. If you have a great pair of knee pads with armor and EDR hold on to them.
  • If you have a bugged map, remember you can use the social menu to fast travel to a squadmate.
  • If your skills get bugged, getting downed or hitting a loading screen with “fix” it. (/u/ikamony) gives the tip that flashbanging yourself will also fix it.
  • If your squadmates are with you in The Terminal you can see which HVTs they have completed before you buy a new mission.
  • You can now fast travel to squadmates within the "No respawn" zones.
  • Heroic missions drop the new named shotgun “The Showstopper” (229 GS) and a chance for 240 GS set items/ 204 weapons.
  • Named weapons cannot currently (bug to be fixed) be re-calibrated (/u/drinnii)
  • Re-calibrating "Expert" on pistols does not result in a "Free" talent (with no stat requirements).
  • The new Blueprints vendor at The Terminal (below the BoO) sells ilevel 32 weapon/mod/gear blueprints and weapon kit blueprints. (/u/a_ford_broncus)
  • Ubisoft 30th Anniversary outfits are now available - Relog if it is still locked in the Ubisoft club page. (/u/personalitypi)
  • Positional audio is currently bugged. Especially noticeable for headphone users.
  • The gloves from the new AlphaBridge set can be bugged to have 2, 1 or no main stats. This is a bug that is scheduled to be fixed in the next client update.

DZ Tips:
  • Take advantage of the more limited drop tables for “teal” caches in the DZ and farm your 268 GS old sets now before you get the Underground DLC.
  • The Cleaner mobs in the higher DZ brackets do a bit less damage with flamers and tear gas now so they no longer one-shot you. You need to be careful but it is much better.
  • DZ chests were buffed! The old “Purples chest” that do not require a key now drop yellow sealed caches and the smaller ones drop purple sealed caches.
  • The DZ06 Vendor now sells 2 blueprints for AlphaBridge holster and kneepads (GS214)
  • If this patch syncs up the vendors with the PC/Xbone version, there is an excellent CQBSS scope with 8% CHC 22% HSD for sale at the DZ05 mods vendor.
  • Remember with the Div Tech conversion, a purple cache (contains 3-5 div tech) is worth more than a HE piece of loot if you plan to dismantle it for crafting materials.
  • Make sure you aren't capped on HE Div Tech before opening up DZ caches; and yes you can get the new AlphaBridge from saved "teal caches." (/u/mrksjs)
  • Reminded by (/u/mentatteg) DZ caches are bugged and sometimes won't show up in your contaminated inventory bag. They are there but cannot be seen and thus cannot be selected to be destroyed if you need to make room in your bag. They are fine once extracted.

Skill/Talent changes (mostly reminders):
  • Predatory has been changed to work off player health and not the NPC killed.
  • Shrapnel talent now works with the 4 pc Predator's Mark bleed.
  • Balanced is now great for LMGs and makes the reticle start with maximum accuracy.
  • Seeker Mine: Gas charge is fixed and will no longer blind/disorient enemies close to the player while it is on cooldown.
  • Special ammo was reduced in effectiveness by about 75% (3 sec burning duration and explosion damage reduced to match bullet damage)
  • Pulse is buggy and does not always detect enemies within range.
  • Shock turret after effect was fixed (/u/drinnii)
  • Striker 4 pc buff (bug?) drops if you switch weapons.
  • "The Showstopper" shotgun currently works with sentry 4pc but not intended will be fixed (next client patch; probably by the end of the week.)
  • "Death by Proxy" talent is not currently working. (Does not proc off sniper mines, medic healing stations or turret kills)
  • Combat medic was "fixed" so the player is not considered an ally and does not receive a 40% healing boost from their own medkits. It also does not destroy smart cover anymore.



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