Saturday, July 16, 2016

Diablo 3 - 2.4.2 Leveling Guide | HC WD Solo 1-70 in 1h51m (massacre bonus) | Season 7 preparation by Desolacer

Hey guys, this video demonstrates a full level 1-70 run in less than 2 hours as Witch Doctor, which is one of my projects to prepare for a leveling race in Season 7. Btw. Season 7 will start at 5th August 2016.
Rules: (pretty much the same as a new season start): No paragon, no crafting and never spend more gold than you find.
The trick is to stack up the massacre bonus in Fields of Misery on master difficulty.

Sometimes your items will be too weak, so the best way to upgrade your items is, killing one of the bounty bosses: Maghda, Zoltun Kulle or Butcher.
There are also some Resplendent Chests in Fields of Misery where you can find a lot of rare items.
Using the vendor can also help to upgrade your current items.

Witch Doctor is by far the most powerful class to level with this strategy.
I tried it as Demon Hunter recently, but couldn't reach level 70 in less than 3 hours.
As Barbarian I did it in 2,5 hours.

Songs used:
Diablo 15th Anniversary Soundtrack (Full)
Diablo III - Soundtrack (OST) All in One
Diablo III - A New Dawn

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