Monday, June 13, 2016

Destiny - How to easily obtain exotic shards by erock1283

So most people probably already know this trick, but I try to tell my friends about this any chance I get. One way to easily get a good supply of exotic shards is to buy the Year 2 version of any Machine gun or Rocket Launcher (for this example I use the Year 2 Thunderlord) from the exotic weapons blueprint kiosk and equip it. Then make sure to equip your class item (cloak, mark, or bond) that has the "Increase the upgrade rate of Machine Guns" (or Rocket Launcher if using a Rocket Launcher for this). Then use just 6 motes of light to completely upgrade your Thunderlord (you don't have to activate the nodes on the Thunderlord) and then dismantle it. In return, you will get 2 exotic shards, usually 3 motes of light back, 5 weapon parts, and some glimmer. All it costs is 1 exotic shard and 2500 glimmer. So you are essentially trading 1 exotic shard for 2. Something great to do if you are maxed out on your glimmer.

TL;DR: Purchase Y2 Thunderlord, equip it. Equip "upgrade machine rate" class item. Use 6 motes of light. Dismantle Thunderlord. Get 2 exotic shards.

Bonus SGA: Credit to aspergerac for posting the following in the comments below.
Also don't forget free exotics upgrades with the kiosks. If you have a 334 Exotic you want to infuse to 335 you will spend one exotic shard. If you break down that 334 instead you will get two exotic shards. Then you can use one shard to buy a new gun from the kiosk and the second shard to infuse it. This way you actually spend 0 shards instead of 1.


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