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Patch 2.3.0 PTR Patch Notes - Diablo 3


New Feature: The Ruins of Sescheron

The frozen wasteland that is the Ruins of Sescheron are now open for exploration! Filled with new enemies, traps, and environmental hazards, you'll be able to explore the region and learn more about what befell the barbarians of Mount Arreat. Explore the Immortal Throne and obtain the ultimate treasure: Kanai's Cube.

New Feature: Kanai's Cube

Kanai's Cube is a new artisan that offers a slew of new recipes to fully customize your items and catalogue your Legendary powers. Several recipes are available to players immediately upon acquiring Kanai's Cube:

    Extract Legendary Power: Destroy an item to add its Legendary power to your catalogue of collected powers. Once a power has been extracted, it can be equipped to your character without the need to equip the item. Players may have one Weapon, one Armor, and one Jewelry power equipped at a time. Players may only equip powers from items that their characters can normally equip and use.
    Reforge a Legendary Item: Completely re-rolls a Legendary item as though it had dropped for the first time. This includes any powers that may have been previously enchanted on the item. Note that reforged items may re-roll as either Ancient or non-Ancient, so reforge at your own discretion!
    Upgrade Rare Item: Upgrades the quality of a level 70 Rare item to Legendary. This item will roll as a randomized Legendary that shares that item's equipment type.
    Convert Set Item: Converts a Set item to a randomized piece of gear from the same Set. For example, if you convert a pair of Asheara's Finders, you could get Asheara's Custodian, Asheara's Pace, or Asheara's Ward in return.
    Remove Level Requirement: Removes the level requirement from an item, allowing it to be equipped by a character of any level.
    Convert Gems: Converts 9 of any color gem to 9 of any other color.
    Convert Crafting Materials: Converts 100 of normal, magic, or rare Crafting Materials to 100 of another type of non-legendary Crafting Material

To acquire Kanai's Cube, visit Zoltun Kulle in New Tristram, Hidden Camp, Bastion's Keep Stronghold, or The Survivor's Enclave in Adventure Mode. He'll be quite pleased to guide you on your way.

New Feature: Season Journey

Each player approaches a new Season a little differently and we wanted to celebrate individual player successes. Beginning in Season 4, you'll be able to track your personal progress through the Season Journey interface.

A player's Season Journey is divided into chapters, each with their own descriptive goals and achievements. The further you advance in your Season Journey, the more difficult the milestones become and you'll find there are challenges for every level of player. Completing the highest level Tiers will unlock new portrait frame rewards to celebrate your accomplishments.


Heroes of the Storm proudly presents The Butcher trailer

Heroes of the Storm proudly presents The Butcher

Heroes of the Storm is a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters.

To learn much more, visit HeroesOfTheStorm.com, where in the weeks to come, you'll find tons of videos, hero profiles, game features, and more.

For more on Heroes:
Website - http://heroesofthestorm.com
Twitter - http://twitter.com/blizzheroes
Facebook - http://facebook.com/blizzheroes

Friday, June 26, 2015

Overwatch: Zarya Gameplay Preview

Overwatch: Zarya Gameplay Preview

Follow Zarya as she tanks the frontlines in this complete, unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60fps on PC. Here, Zarya plays on the defending team in the Temple of Anubis, a Point Capture map located on the enigmatic Giza Plateau.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Patch 2.3.0 Preview For Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls! by Shinobi

Patch 2.3.0 Preview 

Overwatch: Bastion Gameplay Preview

Overwatch: Bastion Gameplay Preview

Bastion's combat programming takes control in this unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60fps on PC. Here, Bastion plays on the attacking team in King's Row, a Point Capture/Payload hybrid map situated in the heart of England.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Kael'thas Guide & Build by JHow Gaming

Kael'thas Guide & Build

This Heroes of the Storm Kael'Thas Guide covers an explosive build in HotS that can get you in and causing quite the chain reaction with an easy Hero to play. While Kael'Thas is listed as easy, and rightfully so, knowing when and where to use his talents, abilities, and traits can have quite the effect on enemy Heroes in battle. Being a Ranged Assassin fits Kael'Thas and once you learn a bit of strategy with placement of attacks such as Flamestrike and Living Bomb while using Verdant Spheres, you'll find that KT can cause a significant amount of damage and also be self-sustaining.

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Hearthstone Highlights - Super Fast Face Hunter Deck by KineticGTR

Super Fast Face Hunter Deck

Aggro decks are known for fast paced games that usually end in about 5-10 minutes. Going for "Face" is the term for taking that speed and going directly for the other player while largely ignoring the minion's the other player has.

Combine this aggressive style into a Hunter deck and you get one of the most powerful deck builds. The Face Hunter. Early game aggression means hitting the player fast and quickly stacking small, low cost minions in an attempt to finish the game quickly before they can set up their own cards. Hunter does this particularly well with it's class cards and even the Hunter Hero ability, which of course attacks the other player directly.

Monday, June 22, 2015

10 Pro Tips & Tricks - Heroes of the Storm by Ciron of the Storm

Useful Pro Tips for Heroes of the Storm

Sbenu Starcraft 2 Starleague Season 3 announced

[스베누 스타리그] 2015 시즌3 예선 예고 입니다.

스베누 스타리그 시즌3!

조성주,김도우에 이은 시즌3 우승자는 누가될것인가?

채널 구독하기를 누르시면 더 다양한정보를 얻을수있습니다.

e스포츠의 모든 것! eSportsTV! http://e-sportstv.net

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Hearthstone Demonegg Warlock with Leeroy faceless combo #1 by StrifeCro

Demonegg Warlock

You're probably wondering what the hell this deck is. The gist of it is that it's built to take advantage of the nerubian egg against early pressure with the power overwhelming and abusive sergeant, and in the mid-late game you can sometimes fight for the board with the voidcaller+9 cost demons package and sometimes you can cheese people out with the leeroy combo. Does that actually work? Only one way to find out.

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Hearthstone decklist archive: http://imgur.com/a/YwWYx

Overwatch: Widowmaker Gameplay Preview

Overwatch: Widowmaker Gameplay Preview

Widowmaker sets her sights on victory in this unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60fps on PC. Here, Widowmaker is on the defense in King’s Row, a Point Capture/Payload hybrid map situated in the heart of England.

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Heroes of the Storm - Leoric Gameplay (Abilities Spotlight)

Heroes of the Storm - Leoric Gameplay

First look at the Warrior Skeleton King Leoric Gameplay and his Abilities Spotlight. He is the newest hero in Heroes of the Storm.
As soon as he is available I will bring you all the ranked, build, guide you need!
Stay tuned for more content.

LeyzarGamingViews :

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl First Look by Tricky Dreams

Overwatch: Winston Gameplay Preview

 Overwatch: Winston Gameplay Preview

Witness Winston's primal rage in this complete, unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60fps on PC. Here, Winston is on the attack in Watchpoint: Gibraltar, a Payload map set in an abandoned Overwatch outpost perched above the Mediterranean Sea.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Constructed Deck Guide Ep 9 - Budget Shaman [Hearthstone] by Sancho9000

Budget Shaman Guide

Legend players gribyTV and Sancho9000 explore a Budget Shaman competitive deck. This video is for those who are new to Hearthstone and want to start competing in Ranked.

For more checkout:

HOTS Hero Highlight - Valla (Heroes of the Storm) by MachinimaRealm

Hero Highlight - Valla

Join RunAwayFive in taking a look at Heroes in Heroes of the Storm! Looking at move sets, play style and builds of Valla! Each hero in the video is free during the week, so be sure to try them. We plan on doing more HOTS content on Realm, in addition to our League content so sit back and enjoy. The game is free to play so check it out.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Best 2.2 Witch Doctor Build: Legion of Darts - Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide by Rhykker

 Witch Doctor Build: Legion of Darts

A Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls 2.2 guide to the current best Witch Doctor build for pushing Greater Rifts with the Zunimassa set, Dagger of Darts, and Carnevil.


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10 Advanced Tips & Tricks - Heroes of the Storm by Ciron of the Storm

10 Advanced Tips & Tricks

Hearthstone Tempo Mage - ♡ This deck #2 by StrifeCro

Hearthstone Tempo Mage

More of this deck: http://bit.ly/JuneTempoMage
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0:00 vs midrange Druid
5:13 vs molten giant Mage
14:53 vs midrange Shaman
18:24 vs Handlock
25:03 vs tempo Mage

Hearthstone decklist archive: http://imgur.com/a/YwWYx

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hearthstone - Rank 1 EU with Echo Giants Mage ! Guide + Info by Neviilz

I got rank 1 legend with a list which in my eyes is currently top tier unless the opponent know what you're playing. Very unique fun deck , should definitely try it out ! Hard to get used to but once you get the hang of it , it's pretty straight forward :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Tank tier list by Fat-Leet

This is my tank tier list, being a tank player myself I figured it would be appropriate. I will keep this updated from patch to patch.

Each of these lists are listed from strongest to weakest (Top to bottom, right to left).

Since each map are played differently in regards to objectives and game-pacing. I figured a list would be required for each of them.

For each map :

Tomb of the Spider Queen :
Tier 1 : Anub'Arak, Muradin,
Tier 2 : Arthas, Tyrael, Stitches, Johanna, Sonya
Tier 3 : ETC, Diablo, Chen

Sky Temple :
Tier 1 : Muradin, Anub'Arak, Chen, Johanna
Tier 2 : ETC, Arthas, Stitches
Tier 3 : Tyrael, Diablo, Sonya

Garden of Terror :
Tier 1 : Muradin, Anub'Arak, Arthas, Diablo
Tier 2 : Tyrael, Stitches, Johanna
Tier 3 : Chen, ETC, Sonya

Blackheart's Bay :
Tier 1 : Johanna, Stitches, Anub'Arak, Muradin, Chen
Tier 2 : Tyrael, Sonya
Tier 3 : ETC, Diablo, Arthas

Dragon Shire :
Tier 1 : Anub'Arak, Muradin, ETC, Diablo, Chen
Tier 2 : Tyrael, Arthas, Johanna, Stitches
Tier 3 : Sonya

Haunted Mines :
Tier 1 : Sonya, Stitches, Chen, Anub'Arak
Tier 2 : Arthas, Muradin, Johanna
Tier 3 : Tyrael, Diablo, ETC

Cursed Hollow :
Tier 1 : Anub'Arak, Muradin, Tyrael
Tier 2 : Johanna, ETC, Diablo, Arthas
Tier 3 : Stitches, Chen, Sonya


Overwatch - Pharah Gameplay Preview

 Pharah Gameplay Preview

High-flying Pharah secures the skies in this complete, unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60fps on PC. Here, Pharah is on the defense in Watchpoint: Gibraltar, a Payload map set in an abandoned Overwatch outpost perched above the Mediterranean Sea.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Overwatch - Reinhardt Gameplay Preview

Reinhardt Gameplay Preview

Reinhardt charges hammer-first into battle in this complete, unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60fps on PC. Here, Reinhardt is on the defense in King's Row, a Point Capture/Payload hybrid map situated in the heart of England.

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Heroes of the Storm - Common sense tips that are not commonly heeded by Ralathar44

Here is a list So while playing Hero League I realized that even at high rank people are lacking on some of the basics. I figured I'd write down a small list of things I've noticed as kind of a common sense guide of sorts.

  • 1. Don't chase. Seriously don't. If you can't catch them within a single screen or so just let them go. Chasing greedy kills causes more deaths than anything else.

  • 2. Don't engage 4 vs 5 without an overwhelming advantage. 3 levels is not a big enough advantage and you can still easily throw.

  • 3. Don't engage 3 vs 5 or less for any reason unless the enemy is all very low and you are equipped to finish them off quickly.

  • 4. If you lose someone before the team fight really even begins, disengage. Don't fight. One person down sucks, go do something productive instead of seeing how many kills you can feed them.

  • 5. If the enemy is level 10 or 20 and you are not, do not engage without an overwhelming advantage. Try not to engage if a talent tier behind either (they are 4, 7, 13, 16 and you are not)

  • 6. If your team is stupid and retarded and doing something like getting all merc camps and rushing the surface while the enemy gets a free 100 skulls in mines....be retarded with them. It's much better for you to help them maybe pull off an act of stupid genius than it is for you to go down solo and die horribly and stupidly...without the genius.

  • 7. If you are 3 levels behind or more, split up and soak lanes. Play it safe, don't fight, don't extend.

  • 8. If the enemy team is roaming as 5 and it's past level 10, you should group up too. Solo players at this point can throw the game.

  • 9. As an exception to last rule if your team has a Gazlowe, Zagara, or Azmodan that is pushing lane and the enemy team is ignoring them and pushing you...buy time. Don't try to kill anyone unless it's super easy, just kill minions, push them away, zone them, etc. Stay alive at all costs and hold the enemy as long as possible. Depending on the player and team it might be a dumb idea to split push but since it's happening anyways you need to play appropriately and NOT go ham as if it's 5 vs 5.

  • 10. Team comp can be important but just is important is that you know how to play the hero. Brightwing and Anub'arak are both far strong than normal, but if you can't play them well practice them in quick match before you join a ranked game with them. Under no circumstance should you play a level 1 hero in hero league.

  • 11. By the same token the HOTSlog win rates are not absolute and vary from competitive play somewhat. That being said, unless you are running with a 5 man those heroes that come out strongest on HOTSlog are your best bet. Learn them and play them, worry about the competitive scene when you get a 5 man, for now play what scores highest in the chaos of Hero League.

  • 12. Don't solo merc camps at low levels. It takes a long time, you are not soaking, and it's risky because you take alot of damage. Just ping a friend and duo it. It'll go tons faster and be way safer.

  • 13. Specifically on Haunted mines: Do not take your defensive ogres for the first golem until that golem is about to walk through it's own gate. It'll let them hit it from a nice and safe spot and add alot of DPS to killing it.

  • 14. If the enemy team cannot be seen on the map and you are out in lane alone, assume they are coming for you. GTFO until you know where they are.

  • 15. Show up to objectives even if you are in the middle of mercs. That knight camp or ogre camp isn't going to do much against a dragon knight, garden terror, cannon barrage, etc. Especially if it results in a lost team fight. Seriously, LEAVE THE FRICKEN MERCS AND COME HELP!

  • 16. For the love of goodness be willing to fill. Everyone should have at least 2 supports and be willing to play it. Tanks are arguably less important but a happy team is a stronger team.

  • 17. The game is NOT over until the core is dead. It's not over at comp selection, it's not over at 1st blood, it's not over at first keep down, it's not even over when all 3 keeps are down. You can always turn the game around and potentially win and failing that the enemy can always throw.

  • 18. Know how to play different team styles. Some teams are team fight heavy. But if you have Azmodan, Murky, Gazlowe, Kerrigan, and Sonya? You may consider a different strategy. Putting pressure across the map via push and mercs while using map awareness to limit deaths and ganks may be a stronger tactic for this team than a straight up team fight. On the other hand you may be surprised what wombos they can suddenly pull.

  • 19. If you hear a ping for retreat or danger, look at the minimap. There is a good chance you'll see no enemies and that is a BAD sign. You should prolly regroup with your allies before you go squish.
  • 20. Never do boss unless the enemy has at least 2 team members down. The only exception is that you are absolutely sure they are on the other side of the map and you have 5 members at the boss. That means either you have vision currently or you just had vision. (there are very rare Gazlowe and Sonya related exceptions regarding how many people are needed, main thing is you need to kill it FAST)

  • 21 Don't fight under a hostile or nuetral boss. Seriously if a fight breaks out around their boss, fight from the sides of it. If a fight breaks out around a nuetral boss, fight with THEM under it. Boss damage hurts, roots/tornadoes make you get killed super fast, and the ground pound means your gonna die horribly.

  • 22 If you gave the option between 2 targets, and 1 of those targets is very low hp, KILL THE VERY LOW HP TARGET!!! The only time you shouldn't do this is certain tanks like Johanna and maybe Muradin. Nothing is worse than low HP supports being ignored by the DPS, it doesn't just throw fights, it throws games.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Diablo 3 - Support Crusader 55+ 4-man GRift Beginner's Guide by okey_dokey_bokey

I've been doing a lot of pugging in 55-65 GRifts lately and the most common thing I see are poorly played support Crusaders. No RG lockdown, letting mobs pick off their teammates, constantly worried about only running ahead and getting themselves killed -- They end up being a huge burden to the team. I mostly play support Crusader in 4-mans and it pains me to see Crusaders not reach their (incredible) potential in groups.

IMO, the support Crusader in a standard high 4 man GRift setup is the most important person in the group. I also think it's by far the most difficult build to play in our current 4-man meta. You are the quarterback of your team. Success or failure will ride on your shoulders. And it won't be easy.

In terms of a general build and gear loadout, you can check out this guide on DFans: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/56097-rift-guardian-stun-crusader-for-gr-65-group-play. I won't re-iterate everything in that guide but I want to present something for beginners.

Remember, this is a beginners build/gear loadout. If you're an advanced support Crusader, you certainly don't need tips from me.

This guide assumes you're running with a zDPS WD and that you're pushing progression (not speed farming).


  • Skill 1: Shield Bash - Pound. Used in conjuction with Roland 2pc to provide 100% Blind uptime on any mob. Pound is used specifically because of it's 1.0 proc coefficient (to keep Gogok stacks up).
  • Skill 2: Steed Charge - Draw and Quarter
  • Skill 3: Shield Glare - Zealous Glare. You'll need the Wrath if your gear isn't perfect. You can eventually change Zealous Glare to Divine Verdict once you can fully lock down RGs without the Wrath generated from ZG.
  • Skill 4: Laws of Valor - Critical
  • Skill 5: Judgement - Resolved
  • Skill 6: Akarat's Champion - Prophet
  • Passive 1: Fervor
  • Passive 2: Indestructible
  • Passive 3: Long Arm of the Law
  • Passive 4: Towering Shield
Pretty standard stuff here.


Sets bonuses utilized:
  • 3pc Born's - Sword, shoulders, chest. Pick 2.
  • 2pc Roland's - Gloves, chest, shoulders. Pick 2.
  • 3pc Captain Crimson's - Belt and pants.
Sample gear loadout with important stats:
  • Helm: Leoric's Crown (Vit, All Res, Life%, Socket)
  • Amulet: Xepherian (Vit, RCR, CDR, Socket)
  • Shoulders: Born's (Vit/Life%, All Res, CDR, RCR)
  • Chest: Roland's (Vit, All Res, Reduced Elite Damage, 3xSockets)
  • Gloves: Roland's (Vit, All Res, RCR, CDR)
  • Wrists: Drakon's Lesson (Vit, All Res, Str, Armor)
  • Belt: Capt. Crimson's (Str, Vit, All Res, Life%)
  • Pants: Capt. Crimson's (Vit, All Res, Armor, 3xSockets)
  • Boots: Illusory Boots (Vit, All Res, Str, Armor)
  • Ring 1: RoRG (Str, LoH/IAS, CDR, Socket)
  • Ring 2: Manald Heal (Vit, CDR, RCR, Socket)
  • Weapon: Born's (Vit, RCR, CDR, Socket optional)
  • Shield: The Final Witness (Vit, RCR, CDR, Wrath Regen)


  • Gogok (mandatory for CDR)
  • Esoteric
  • Efficacious Toxin / Gizzard / Trapped / etc.
Your top priority is CDR followed by RCR and Wrath Regen. All else comes secondary to this until you reach the point where you can keep an RG completely Blind-locked. Manald Heal is used because it's unique property is resource regeneration. Drakon's Lesson is used in this beginner's build to help with Wrath issues vs. single target. Swiftmount is not used in this build in favor of Capt. Crimson (10% CDR, RCR) to aid in gearing.


In a 4 man high Grift group, there's 3 main "positions": Backline (where your DPS are), center (where your WD is positioned), and forward (unexplored path ahead of you). Within that context, here are your priorities as your team's support Crusader:
  1. Keep the WD alive. If the WD dies, everything will go to shit instantly. Your top priority upon reaching a new pack is to check the forward/flank position for ranged/charging mobs (archers, exorcists) that can hit your WD in the center.
  2. Keep the DPS alive. If your DPS dies, you won't beat the timer. As soon as you ensure your WD's safety, it's time to turn your attention to the backline. Check behind them for stray mobs, any mobs to their perpendicular, and especially any ranged mobs that aren't feared. Smart DPS will park themselves into a corner with their backs to a wall. Dumb DPS will stand in between doorways and hallway intersections and take many spears to the face. Unfortunately, your job is to protect both types.
  3. Pack up the group. This is especially true if you're playing with Slowball DHs. Just because the mobs are loosely grouped around the WD doesn't mean your job is done. Drag the guys on the edge of the radius to the middle. Drag mobs THROUGH and ONTO the Lightning Ball line while positioning them.
  4. Keep your buffs on the group. So the mobs are packed in and the DPS are going to town. Your job now ISN'T to run off and pull a crapload of extra shit no one asked for. Keep your buffs up at least until the mob group is nearly dead. Remember that one of the reasons Crusaders are considered exceptionally strong support are their group buffs. Use them! Unless:
  5. If you're fighting mobs with substantial HP pools, now is the time to consider pulling more back into the pile. High HP elites or packs are good candidates to pull extra mobs back towards. If you don't expect the group of mobs to live long, for the love of god, please don't play fetch with more!
  6. As the current group is about 4-5 seconds from dying, scout the next group. Approach the next set of mobs and remember to PULL MOBS FORWARD TO THE NEXT GROUP, NOT BACK. If you run into 3 mobs, pull them right into the next set. Don't waste your DPS's time by fighting stragglers. Just pull them up into the next group or skip them entirely. Most pug Crusaders I see act like Golden Retrievers in a field of tennis balls; They are way too eager to play fetch and subsequently get their team killed (or at least annoyed).
The big takeaway here is that pulling new mobs is YOUR LOWEST PRIORITY COMPARED TO KEEPING YOUR TEAM SAFE. I see so many newbie Crusaders just rush ahead while their team behind them is getting killed, bringing back a Reflect elite and 3 anarchs with him. Make sure your group is safe first ALWAYS.

When you identify a threat (a ranged mob priming up a spear for your WD or a straggler that got loose and is making it's way to your backline), do the following:
  1. If the mob is beyond Shield Glare range, SHIELD BASH TO IT. Do NOT Steed Charge to it or you risk pulling mobs currently around you out of position.
  2. Once in range, BLIND IT.
  3. Only after the mob is blinded and neutralized, DRAG IT IN.
Shield Bash is a fucking amazing mobility tool and will teleport you to any monster on-screen. Think of it as WoW Warrior's Charge or Intercept. Use it to close the gap.

When shit goes sideways

Sometimes you enter an open area and you're absolutely surrounded by archers and anarchs. Your WD sets up but there's about 10 mobs to the east that he can't reach (even running laps in a circle like any good WD should), so what do you do?

Remember that you have the capability to perma-CC in a screen-wide radius as well. Charge (with Shield Bash) into the middle of the un-feared group and keep them perma-Blinded to prevent them from shooting/moving. Drag as many back using Steed Charge and immediately charge back into them (again, using Shield Bash!) to re-apply Blind. Keep doing that until all the mobs are grouped. The jist is that you can control an area of mobs separate from the WD. This is also useful when you scout ahead and run into a huge pack or elites.


You'll use a simple Glare>Bash>Glare>... cycle to perma-Blind any mob in the game, RGs and bosses included. A few key things to note:
  • Both Glare and Bash use an attack animation. Therefore blindly mashing both (or macroing them to autofire) will seriously screw up your ability to perma-Blind. You absolutely need to Glare>Bash>repeat and Bashing twice before a Glare will see the RG breaking perma-Blind.
  • Law and Akarat's Champion do NOT use an attack animation. It's safe to macro these into your Glare or setup as autofire.
  • Judgement DOES use an attack turn. If you're new to support Crusader, stick to Glare>Bash>repeat with Law/Prophet sprinkled in. Throwing in Judgement will fuck with your timing. Once you get really good at boss control, you can think about weaving in Judgement to your Glare>Bash rotation.
  • Bash costs 30 Wrath so stacking RCR/Wrath regen/using Drakon's Lesson or Divine Verdict is critical to this build, second only to CDR.

I hope this is useful to someone. Remember that playing a good support Crusader is really fucking hard and pugs are unforgiving but you'll feel like Joe fuckin' Montana when you help your team hit their new 4-man personal best. Practice practice practice!


Monday, June 8, 2015

Hearthstone: Going for Top 20 - Part 1 (Warlock Constructed) by Trump

Ranked Play Season 14: Go Ninja, Go!


00:00 - Handlock
04:41 - Aggro Hunter
07:09 - Zoolock
12:09 - Handlock
22:09 - Handlock


● More constructed: http://bit.ly/1ovASMi
● Trump's Decks: http://bit.ly/TrumpDecks


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Battlefield of Eternity - Fly Over - Heroes: Eternal Conflict by HeroesNexus

Battlefield of Eternity

Learn more about the Eternal Conflict:

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Heroes of the Storm (Gameplay) - How to Tassadar (HoTs Quick Match) by MFPallytime

 How to Tassadar

In today's episode of the Heroes of the Storm Daily Quest we are playing Tassadar. To see the full Heroes of the Storm Playlist you can click here ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Heroes of the Storm is a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters.

Super Secret giveaway! http://tgn.tv/heroes-academy-sweepsta...

That social media nonsense.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Day[9] - Starbow Launch Special - TvP P1

Starbow Launch Special

The fine folk who've been working on Starbow for many months have finally officially launched! I'm going to focus on some TvP games to showcase some of the neat playstyle that exists in Starbow. Also, given that I've followed the development and talked to the creators, I can touch on some of the nifty design aspects of the game as well :)

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10 Beginner Tips & Tricks - Heroes of the Storm by Ciron of the Storm

10 Beginner Tips & Tricks

This video contains 10 useful beginner tips and tricks for Heroes of the Storm.

My Heroes of the Strom Android App: http://play.google.com/store/apps/det...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hearthstone Tempo Mage - A mill mishap by StrifeCro


More of this deck: http://bit.ly/Tempomage
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Someone's going to have some cards milled this game. Exactly who and exactly which cards and whether the milled cards have a serious impact on the outcome of the game--those things are mysteries. Also for anyone who doesn't know, having a card milled is what happens when you try to draw when you already have 10 cards in hand.
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0:00 vs zoo Warlock
5:02 vs same zoo Warlock, rematch
12:40 vs freeze Mage
23:01 vs midrange Druid
30:39 vs midrange Druid

Hearthstone decklist archive: http://imgur.com/a/YwWYx

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Top 5 Ways to Make Gold Farming when you are level 90 in World of Warcraft by oldbess

Beginner Gold Farming Spot Guide for WoW, WoD 

I List the top 5 easy ways to make a ton of gold as a fresh level 90 in World of Warcraft.

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Overwatch - Reaper Gameplay Preview

Reaper Gameplay Preview

Where Reaper appears, death quickly follows in this complete, unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60fps on PC. Here, Reaper plays on the attacking team in the Temple of Anubis, a Point Capture map located on the enigmatic Giza Plateau.

Learn more about Reaper: http://blizz.ly/MeetReaper
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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Intel Extreme Masters | Season 10 - Starcraft 2

Intel Extreme Masters heads into its tenth season! 

Returning to familiar places in 2015 and 2016, IEM will feature two stand alone stadium events and will see the return of Counter-Strike to the lineup of games!

Intel Extreme Masters Season 10


Diablo III - 3 player Tier 68 with 2xDPS (Crus / Wiz / DH) by wudijo

3 player Tier 68 with 2xDPS (Crus / Wiz / DH)

Hey everyone,
after recently posting my 4-player Natalya run I figured I'll share this one as well. Just after trying out Natalya in groups for the first time the night before, we decided to use some of the leftover keys for 3-player and went with an unusual setup, dropping the WD for a second dps. The potential of having two dps, along with all the mutual damage buffs of Tal Rasha and Natalya makes for a strong combo that 1 dps + 2 support groups might not be able to compete with at the high end, especially considering the ridiculous amounts of hit points the rift guardians will have at 70 or higher. Until this point there are very few teams that actually use double dps in 3-player, my guess is that soon the WD will be completely dropped in favor of another dps for most teams. The damage potential is just a lot higher, not many buffs are lost (since the DH brings about 60-65% additive bonus) and not everyone has enough keys on 70+ to actually fish for Stonesinger with one dps, so this seems to be something worth looking into for those aiming to compete in 3-player.

Most of these runs were still fairly unoptimized, as both Avoid and me had to get used to this playstyle first, yet the runs were quite successful nevertheless. Even now we definitely have the damage to clear 69 and 70, however we only had one key to try it after climbing our way up to 66 / 67 / 68, which left us at rank 2 EU. Still, we had a lot of fun during the runs, especially Avoid rose up to the challenge to fight Raiziel on tier 69 with unprecedented enthusiasm, which I included an extensive bonus clip of in the end ;)

Noteworthy changes to my setup compared to my last group runs are the fact that I used only one CDR ring and went back to Rocket Storm for more consistent N2 procs. For this group specifically I dropped Archery for Night Stalker and Preparation - Punishment for Marked for Death - Contagion, since there was no other DH to provide the buff. I was running out of hatred fairly often, however with some practice I tried to synchronize it with the 30sec timer of Marked for Death and then just regenerated at the same time I had to replace it. Gems used were BotT, Zei's and Gogok.

Party's profiles: Crus | Wiz | DH

Clan (EU) | Livestream


Monday, June 1, 2015