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Clash Royale - Balance Changes Coming (5/3)

Note: These changes are not live yet! They're coming on 5/3.

In this round of balance changes we're taking a look at the Mortar, defensive gameplay in general and making the Royal Giant great again!

Mortar: Deployment time increased to 5sec (from 3sec), damage decreased by 10%
- For a building with both offensive and defensive capabilities, the Mortar is currently too strong and offers too much value for 4 Elixir. Its use rate in Arena 8 is a bit high for such a specialized, and contentious, card. Additionally, we wanted to take into consideration that when the new Tournament Rules come into play, Mortars will be capped at level 9 instead of level 8.

Bomb Tower: Lifetime decreased to 40sec (from 60sec)
- The Bomb Tower is a bit too dominant and difficult to deal with in the low to mid Arenas currently. A lower lifetime will help with this and also bring it more in line with the other defensive buildings.

Elixir Collector: Hitpoints decreased by 20%
- The Elixir Collector's use rate is very high at the top and feels like too much of an obvious choice in many decks. Additionally, being able to use it as a distraction and damage absorber is interesting, but it’s a bit too good at the latter right now. Less hitpoints should remedy this.

Cannon: Hitpoints decreased by 11%
- The Cannon simply offers too much value for 3 Elixir.

Royal Giant: Range increased by 1
- The Royale Giant's low use rate shows that he hasn’t yet found his purpose. A longer range will allow him to outrange most defensive buildings and make him the demolitionist he was born to be!

Mirror: Common and Rare Cards mirrored 1 level higher
- This change will mean a Tournament Rules level Mirror (4), mirrors all card rarities to their respective Tournament Rules levels (1, 4, 7, 9); and a max level Mirror (8), mirrors max level cards. It should also help boost the Mirror’s overall value and appeal.

Valkyrie: Will be affected by pushback (e.g. when hit by Fireball)
- When a rather large Fireball lands on your face you should feel it, and look as though you felt it. The Valkyrie is tough as nails, but she’s not that tough. This change is for consistency with all other small to medium sized troops.

Mini P.E.K.K.A: Will be affected by pushback (e.g. when hit by Fireball)
- Same as above.

Range Values (all units): Fixed
- We fixed a bug where the handling of attack ranges wasn't consistent with different sized units. Due to this the range values will appear to be smaller than before for some units in the next update, but their ranges are all effectively the same as before.
- One example of this is when two units with the same range encountered each other, they didn’t always attack at the same time - this has been fixed.
- Also, the King Tower's range seen here appears to have been decreased, but it hasn't! And likewise with the Royal Giant, we're increasing his range by 1, but his info screen will still show a range of 6 in the next update - even though it has increased!


Diablo 3 - Rainbow Goblin Farming Route by Mexees511

The rainbow goblin opens a portal to whimsydale, where you can find "Princess Lilian"(rare spawn) which drops the cosmic wings.

The Staff of Herding opens a portal to whimsyshire, where you can find "Sir William"(rare spawn) which drops the Whimsyshire(rainbow) portrait.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hearthstone - Best New & Old Cards In Whispers of the Old Gods by Kripparrian

Review & analysis of all the cards you can expect to see in the upcoming Whispers of the Old Gods expansion!

The Division - Pro PVP Build Guide 222k DPS , 100k health ,19k SP by dungman

  • 222k DPS , 100k health , 19k SP
  • 65% armor
  • All dmg resilience 10%
  • 27% exodic dmg resil
From someone who works full time and is a hardcore gamer. This is a guide to help level the playing field . The learning curve was easier for me b/c of my D3 experience.
This build has been the best i have seen and used so far in the dark zone.
Key Facts on this build
  1. centered around stamina/armor mods/Exodic dmg resil mods
  2. Centered around 2 set sentry and 2 set tactical (i dont have 4 set sentry with good SP and stats)
  3. knowing that firearms is the worse dmg scaling attribute in the game
My opinions on stats
  • Skillpower - I can tank three guys with explosion bullets with my heal . for 6 seconds . The rule of thumb is to have between 15-20k SP. This will prevent heals from being wasted or heals being too small.
    • Stamina - This stat was very good with the regen mask last patch . But now its not as important. The only purpose to Health is to prevent you from getting 1 shotted. Health gives you the ability to survive and heal and use cooldowns. around 80-100k is the best amount .
    • armor – broken . 65% dmg reduction capped on bullets
    • crit/crit dmg – the reason for high dps with high health. makes your dps very exponential compared to the stat of firearm
    • headshot dmg – a MUST . very hard to get HS damage in the game because armor cannot role this. Always get HS dmg . most guns without brutal are thrown away IMO
    • firearms is the most useless stat in the game imo - dps is very linear and does very little - you just need firearm to get brutal on the gun 2400. Try and minimize firearm as much as possible if you are going this solo build
    • exotic dmg reduction – OP vs explosion bullets and tech . once I get around 40% exodic – I can eat m44 explosion bullets - can roll on chest but need to sac crit dmg for it later on.
Tip on Building
  1. Build around what you get in Falcon . If you get some really good stats on a 240 gear. Use it and build around it
  2. always build around armor. If your chest gives more armor and you got lucky on high base armor items. you can sacrifice armor mods.
Talents and Abilities and How to Use
  • Abilities - Pulse + overheal first aid + blue ult
  • Talents - On the move , Critical save , combat medic, strike back (I removed one is none b/c of the bug . died so many times b/c my weapon jams up )
Cooldown chain in combat 1v4+
  1. pop overheal and run in and out of circle
  2. get low last bar + use med kit (strike back talent + critical save talent turns on giving you cd reduction and dmg reduction)
  3. ur first aid should be back up
  4. this gives you at least 25 seconds of survival against people with high dps + explosion bullets .
  5. use ult (i rarely use it) when you feel as though ur hp is going down too fast or ur in cooldowns.
My opinions on Sentry Set
  • Sentry is better in damage but i dont have very good sentry holster / mask . i would also need to reroll my backpack to give me SP . or roll good SP mods which i dont have.
  • Sacrificing SP for sentry set is not worth it IMO for PVP . b/c the current META in the DZ is that everyone hits like a truck now. The SP is the only difference to keep alive
  • yea i tested sentry 4 piece with my buddies who run that build . they hit for 12k per hs crit to the face and melt me. i only have 100k hp so i will die quick if i eat that many bullets to the face.they can kill me in close to 12-15 bullets which is less than a second with 100k health. This is where over heal comes in . over heal tops me off to 150k health . and i can run in and out of circle . so not only do i survive for more shots topped off 15-18 bullets. i can keep healing while they shoot me and basically come invincible . Basically i can heal 20k+ health per second with my heal up .

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Division - Easy Mode Falcon Lost/Incursion Guide by el2mador

  • I posted that a week ago and it seems a lot of players liked it. However, due to the huge amount of cheesing and complaints over the past few days, I decided to repost this for more visibility. Since the cheese seems to be fixed now, regular strats should come into play for most groups.


Incursion: Falcon Lost is basically a short trek to arrive at a large room where an APC (aka. tank) is parked. There will be 15 waves consisting of a bunch of assorted enemies. Every few or so waves, a mob carrying a bomb will appear - killing the mob, and picking up the bomb he drops, allows you to plant it on the tank. The tank can only be destroyed via this method (a total of 4x bomb detonations are needed).
The tank has three attacks:
  • two turrets which shoot at you and can stagger (roll around to prevent getting a bit 'stunlocked')
  • a cannon which has a large area-of-effect (big red circle); indirect hits can cause deaths; leaves a blind effect; leaves a fire effect
  • artillery barrage after each time a bomb is detonated


Upon arriving at the large room, don't jump down the main fight area yet. Stay up top and clear a few mobs for this wave. Look ahead and you'll see an "S" or "zigzag" structure in the middle of the room.
We'll call this "The Pit". This is where you'll spend most of your time while fighting.

There are two short stairways at the left and right, and two ammo crates on either side as well. You can open these from time to time to restock.

There are overhangs/walkways that protect you from a lot of damage, but also openings wherein you can get shot at by snipers and drones.


WAVE 1 (shotgunners with assault Troops):
  • You can take out these mobs from the top/control room, just avoid the blast from the APC (big red circle)
WAVE 2 (similar to the above):
  • tactics are similar
WAVE 3 (drones):
  • drones hover above you; red lasers do damage, blue lasers shock and leave you open for more damage
  • you can make your way down and head to "The Pit", which also makes the drones cluster above you for easy kills
WAVE 4 (first bomb wave; shotgunners and assault troops):
  • the bomber for this round is a shotgunner coming from the left side
  • take out the shotgunners who will rush your spot, as well as some assault troops (leave at a couple of mobs alive); kill the bomber
  • one player picks up the bomb, the team rushes to the LEFT side (facing the APC); use your supers as you make your way; disable the left side turret and have the guy who picked up the bomb plant it behind the APC
  • a short timer will pop up on the upper left side so make your way back down "The Pit"
  • hide for a few seconds until the artillery barrage ends; all dead players are automatically revived after this transition
**If you have stayed up top in the control room the entire time, you should jump down once majority of the mobs have been cleared for this wave, then rush to plant the C4 on the APC.

From this point onwards, you'll see the same assortment of mobs from the previous rounds (ie. shotgunners/assault) with a combination of new types that spawn. While in The Pit, shotgunners and assault types will rush at you from either of the two stairways, or shoot from the walkways above (sometimes they can also jump down), prioritize them.
WAVE 5 (snipers):
  • snipers will appear at the left and right walkways/balconies, they're pretty easy to take out
WAVE 6 (snipers and heavies):
  • similar to the above, snipers are easy to take out but the heavies may take a bit more time
WAVE 7 (all of the above + drones):
  • similar to the above strategy, take out the rushers/enemies closing in on The Pit; then the drones hovering above; then the remaining mobs scattered about
WAVE 8 (second bomb wave; all of the above enemies appear)
  • the bomber for this wave is a sniper who will usually be at the right side of the map on one of the walkways/balconies
  • this mob will usually hide at right side (facing the APC), you can either have your bomb runner make a break for it (heals/super), pick it up, then run back down The Pit, and have the group run to the left side
  • OR you can go as a group and run to the right, disable the right side turret, plant, then hide back down The Pit

From this point onwards, the same types of enemies in previous rounds will appear (though shotgunners/assault-types may be fewer in some waves); a newer enemy type - Agents (healers) also appear
WAVE 9, 10:
  • the general strategy still applies; take out anyone getting near your position, then the hovering drones, then the scattered mobs
WAVE 11 (third bomb wave):
  • the bomber is a heavy/machine gunner who will eventually end up on the right side, very visible from the right side stairs
  • the dash to get the bomb from where he died is farther than before
  • you can either (a) lower the mob's armor, have one guy make a mad dash while shooting at it, "scaring" it to moving to a more favorable position
  • (b) take it out; have one player pick it up and run back down The Pit; then make your way to the left
  • (c) move as a group and head to the right

You'll have more Agents appear. Your turrets are more likely to get hacked this time around if you're using them.
WAVE 12/13/14 (similar to the above mentioned composition):
  • the tactics are similar to the above
WAVE 15 (final bomb wave; infinitely spawning enemies):
  • take note, multiple enemies will continue to spawn this round
  • the bomber here is an Agent who will often hide towards the left side
  • you don't need to clear out the entire room or a lot of mobs, it's simply important to down the bomber, grab the bomb and plant it asap
  • alternatively, if things get too scary, hunker down and play defensively until you've cleared out enough mobs; take out the Agent and go for the bomb plant
  • it's also possible for the Agent to move right atop the left side stairs, making it easy to grab the bomb and immediately rush for the APC
Once the bomb is planted, hide back down The Pit. After a few seconds of the artillery barrage, the APC explodes and all mobs despawn. You've finished Falcon Lost.


(1) You emphasized running to the left when planting the bomb always when it's possible, why?
  • The left side has more cover. The turret switch is inside a small room and you're quite hidden behind a wall; the right side turret switch is a bit more open and enemies you've left alive can shoot at you.

(2) Does everyone need to run out to go for the detonation?
  • Yes and no. Yes because it gives the remaining enemies more targets to shoot at (other than your bomb carrier). No because, if the team is competent, the carrier can make a run for it (with supers used), while the team stays behind to distract/crowd control. In any case, dead players are automatically revived after each detonation.

(3) Speaking of the bomb carrier, should it be designated?
  • Preferably your teammate who has the highest armor/health so that he can survive the run, planting, and attempting to make his way back. It also helps for the player to be more aware of the layout/someone who does not panic.
  • Do note that in some cases a leftover mob may remain in the turret switch room on the left (usually a machine gunner), just ignore the guy
  • heavy damage/enemy crowd control abilities incurred may stagger you so a super works well for survivability

(4) What's the ideal skill/build for the fight?
  • For an average team on Hard Mode, you generally want to be at or near the armor cap (65%) with around 60-70k health minimum; DPS/Electronics is variable depending on your playstyle. Challenge Mode requires slightly better stats if you can manage.
Select a combination of skills among: - Support Station (ammo cache) - First Aid (overheal or damage boost) - Pulse (tactical scanner obviously) - Sticky Bomb (flashbang) - Seeker Mine (gas or airburst) - Turret (flamethrower)

Multiple Agents running Support Stations makes the fight a breeze. First Aid can also be a lifesaver in dire situations. Pulse being used by one or two agents, one after the other, makes short work of the mobs and also lets you know where they are at all of the time. Flashbang is good for pesky mobs hiding behind cover in the distance. Seeker Mines/Turrets are good deterrents for rushers as they actively stun enemies close by and you wouldn't have to monitor them (remember that these can be hacked in later waves).

If you have high electronics - consider being the "Healer" (Support Station + First Aid or Pulse). Low electronics players should still use at least one healing skill, plus a crowd control skill (Flashbang, Seeker or Turret).

"Triage" and "Combat Medic" are MUST-HAVES for all players. "On the Move" is also pretty good since, when shooting mobs, you'll probably sidestep a few times anyway. "One is None" is pretty good (but somewhat annoying when the glitch - unable to reload/gun-jamming - occurs).

Survivor Link is your best bet when using supers; however, also consider at least one teammate with Recovery Link (for clutch revives when swarmed, or overheals when running but low on health).

(5) What's the best loadout for the fight?
Generally you'll want to have majority of the team with a decent marksman rifle to pick off distant adds; you'll want rifles with slightly higher ROF (not bolt-action) due to the short time frame you have to pop-out of The Pit, shoot mobs, hide before tank kills you. Automatic weapons tend to be the norm as well due to ease of use and against mobs in short/medium range.

I typically run with a Vector (not god-rolls, just very good, defensive ones for PVE); and an M1A (not god-rolls, just very good, defensive ones for PVE -- Toxic FTW).

(6) Any tips to have better crowd control/avoid getting swarmed down there?
These tips come from all around the subreddit so cheer those people.
  • Drop the Turrets/Seeker Mines near the stairway, instant crowd control for rushers (again, remember these can get hacked in later waves)
  • Shoot shotgunners in the knee (apparently works well)
  • Flashbang Sticky to stun distant mobs (pop their heads out)
  • Flashbang Sticky to stun drones when clustered
  • EMP grenades can disable the turrets for a short while
  • With mobs a bit thinned out, a player can rush out, "scare" the Bomber NPC from his hiding spot, and have it run away in a panic to a more favorable spot
  • A minor bug occurs when you throw out a turret near the APC, the vehicle will only target that, allowing your team to rush out with less risk.

(7) Okay, everyone's talking about waves and enemies. Leave one alive? Kill them all? When do they respawn? Timer? What?
Leaving at least two enemies alive per wave will prevent the next wave from spawning. This allows you to prepare for each wave (make sure everyone has supers, ammo, full health, etc).

Remember though that Wave 15 has infinite mobs spawning.

Wave 11 (3rd bomb wave), seems to also have infinite mobs that spawn, so watch out.

(8) How important is communication here, seriously?
If you played Destiny, then it isn't so much of an issue of micromanagement and multiple callouts - just proper awareness. Naturally, you want people to call out if they spot a rusher, or to make decisions on the fly (ie. "I'll grab the bomb on the far right, then run back down; we will still go to the left.")

(9) What's your current progress?
The strat works pretty well without hassle, all it takes is for people to calm down and communicate.

UPDATE: Cleared 4x on Challenge Mode before weekly rewards were disabled. Strat works perfectly fine just remember to use defensive cooldowns when available, and to 'control' wave spawns. Make sure that all teammates have supers available prior to ending wave 14 - once wave 15 starts, bum rush the bomber, and pop supers one after the other. Plant. Leave one player down The Pit (to anchor the team in case others die).

I'd love to have more clears. However, due to not having too many old buddies to play with, coupled with the weekly lockout and general "monotonous nature" of the encounter, there's really no point.

PSN is EL2mador for those wondering. GS is around 210-ish; got a couple of playstyles/equipment choices.
  • Assault = 210k dps, 72k health, 11k electronics, 65% armor
  • Healer = 135k dps, 75k health, 41k electronics, 62% armor

  • Ability to damage the APC via other means (weapons, grenades, sticky bomb) = FIXED
  • Using the session of another player in order to get multiple weekly rewards = FIXED
  • Getting stuck in an infinite loop/constant loading while attempting to join an encounter in progress = NOT FIXED
  • In relation to the above, having someone leave or disconnect w/o coming back, will mean that you're stuck one person less; the only way to get a full group is to restart the entire thing
Goodluck, Agents! Cheers!


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The Division - How to obtain Gear Sets - 1.1 Edition by t149

Hi everyone, after some time datamining, with help of /u/cmm324

I present to you, the loot drop to collect a certain gear set that you favor. Click on the set's name to see the example item stats and set talents

Edit: Thanks /u/slipknottin and /u/swelteh for telling me about BoO sales. And thanks /u/Karenius and /u/darklord925 for pointing a fault during datamine. And /u/Valdenburg for the map of two first sets.

Note: Any items available via vendor if not appears now, will be available in another restock. Thank you.

Additional non-Gear Set info: Warlord is a drop from Incursion Challenging. I know, it's tough, and you deserve to have that

Striker's Battlegear - Map
  • Falcon Lost APC drop (Level 30 on Hard, Level 31 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Level 31 on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost APC drop (Level 30 on Hard, Level 31 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Level 31 on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Unavailable on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • BoO Vendor (Blueprint, Level 31 Item)
  • Larae Barett (Lexington - Challenging)
  • Finch (Lincoln - Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Unavailable on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • Supply Drop (Level 31)
  • Named Enemies (DZ)
  • Larae Barett (Lexington - Challenging)
  • Finch (Lincoln - Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Unavailable on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • BoO Vendor (Blueprint, Level 31 Item)
  • Falcon Lost APC drop (Level 30 on Hard, Level 31 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Level 31 on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)

Tactician's Authority - Map
  • Falcon Lost APC drop (Level 30 on Hard, Level 31 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Level 31 on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost APC drop (Level 30 on Hard, Level 31 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Level 31 on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Unavailable on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • Keller (Warrengate - Challenging)
  • BoO Vendor (Blueprint, Level 31 Item)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Unavailable on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • Supply Drop (Level 31)
  • Named Enemies (DZ)
  • Keller (Warrengate - Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Unavailable on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • BoO Vendor (Blueprint, Level 31 Item)
  • Falcon Lost APC drop (Level 30 on Hard, Level 31 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Level 31 on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)

Sentry's Call
  • Falcon Lost APC drop (Level 30 on Hard, Level 31 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Level 31 on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost APC drop (Level 30 on Hard, Level 31 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Level 31 on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Unavailable on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • Hornet (Consulate - Challenging)
  • BoO Vendor (Blueprint, Level 31 Item)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Unavailable on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • Supply Drop (Level 31)
  • Named Enemies (DZ)
  • Hornet (Consulate - Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Unavailable on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)
  • BoO Vendor (Blueprint, Level 31 Item)
  • Falcon Lost APC drop (Level 30 on Hard, Level 31 on Challenging)
  • Falcon Lost end-of-mission reward - (Level 31 on Hard, Level 32 on Challenging)

Path of the Nomad
Backpack of the Nomad
  • Named Enemies (DZ) and Supply Drop
Vest of the Nomad
  • Named Enemies (DZ) and Supply Drop
Mask of the Nomad
  • Named Enemies (DZ) and Supply Drop
Knee Pads of the Nomad
Gloves of the Nomad
Holster of the Nomad
Other than Knee Pad and Gloves, everything else are rumored to be found in Named Enemies (DZ) and Supply Drop. I'll need some proof to confirm.
  • Falcon APC drops Backpacks, Chest, and Holster
  • Falcon Rewards drops pretty much any PVE sets items on Challenging and excluded Face, Mask and Knee on Hard mode.
  • BoO sells guaranteed Mask and Knee
  • Non-Incursion challenging also drops Gear Sets Gloves and Knee in less chance.
  • Nomad sets drops inside Dark Zone.
P/S: Massive, ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ give BETTER CHANCE FOR LEVEL 32 ITEMS


Play Overwatch FREE May 5–9 During the Open Beta

The Overwatch Open Beta will be available May 5–9 on PC, PlayStation® 4, and Xbox One! Players who have pre-purchased or pre-ordered Overwatch by April 29 will be eligible for early access starting May 3.

    EARLY ACCESS: The early access portion of the Open Beta will begin on all supported platforms May 2 at 4:00 p.m. PDT (11:00 p.m. UTC). An early access key will be required to play—click here for details.

    ALL ACCESS: The all access portion of the Open Beta will begin on all supported platforms May 4 at 4:00 p.m. PDT (11:00 p.m.UTC). All players will be able to play for FREE during this period; no sign-up or code required.

The Open Beta will conclude in all regions for all players on Monday, May 9 at 10:00 a.m. PDT (5:00 p.m. UTC).


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Dark Souls 3 - 15 Hidden Gameplay Mechanics by VaatiVidya

(Contains mild location & enemy spoilers. Shots of one major boss)
#1► - 0:13 - Estus Shortcut
#2► - 0:35 - Fashion Souls
#3► - 1:06 - Hollowing Mechanic
#4► - 2:56 - Multiplayer with friends
#5► - 3:31 - Invading and PvP Mechanics - (Prinex's post :
#6► - 4:51 - Parries from behind
#7► - 5:10 - Viscerals & vulnerability
#8► - 5:50 - Jumping attacks
#9► - 6:04 - Jump without rolling
#10► - 6:44 - Weapon arts without focus
#11► - 7:22 - Charge attacks
#12► - 7:25 - Running darts
#13► - 7:32 - Equip Burden
#14► - 7:38 - Dual wield power stance
#15► - 7:53 - How Defense Works in Dark Souls 3 -

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The Division - Endgame PvP (L30, D50+) is all about buffs. Learn what they are and how to negate them by MagicMethod

I'll list some examples below.

Smart Cover
Groups with at least one electronics player get huge damage mitigation buffs if they use Smart Cover. The master mod for Smart Cover allows you to retain the buffs while out of the cover. So your opponents will deploy smart cover, quickly get into cover, quickly get out, and retain the buffs for 10 seconds (there is also a radius, but it's large).

Counter: As soon as you see Smart Cover deployed, destroy it. Sticky flashbangs are very effective for this. I haven't tried EMP grenades but I assume they work well too. Experiment with your friends and find effective ways to get rid of Smart Cover and negate those buffs.

Critical hits provide insane amount of damage compared to the base. I'm able to get 500k+ damage when I critically headshot an NPC with my Deadly+Brutal M1A. If you see players with high stamina also dishing out high DPS, it's likely a combination of pulse critical hits and accurate headshots.

Many players depend on pulse for critical chance. This makes sense because a good pulse will give you 80%+ critical chance allowing you to focus attributes and weapon mods on other things. As with Smart Cover, a good electronics player in your group can give you 100% critical chance! Every shot is a critical hit!

Counter: The pulse scrambler will prevent them from pulsing you and gaining the buffs. I used to think the pulse scrambler is only useful for hiding, but that's a secondary benefit. The real benefit is countering your opponent's pulse buffs in close quarters combat.

Burning, Shocking, etc
Skills like the shock turret and incendiary things (grenades, ammo) will prevent your opponents from using their skills. This is what makes the Sticky Flashbang so powerful. It's not so much about blinding the enemy as it is preventing them from getting the buffs they need.

You should favor skills that prevent the opponent from using their skills for any amount of time and that affect multiple players as much as possible. This allows you and your teammates to use your guns for maximum DPS.

Counter: Increase resistances (burn, shock, exotic). The downside is the lost gear attributes so this would be very useful in a group where one of your members is the bullet sponge tanky guy. I use a mask with a talent that removes all status effects with a medkit.

Defense Link
This is considered by many to be the defining factor in a PvP fight (all other things being equal). The more Defense Links you have, the more likely you are to win.

There isn't a direct counter to Defense Link. There is an indirect one though: tactics. Here are some rules you can follow (your mileage may vary):
  • Never use Defense Link before a fight. Only use it when you're about to be defeated. Do not waste your Defense Link too early.
  • If the opponent pops their Defense Link, stop shooting. Reload all of your weapons and run away to cover. Dodge their shooting while they try to rush you. As soon as their Defense Link is exhausted, counter-attack! Their rush will often put them in a vulnerable position.
  • When using Defense Link, rush a single player on the opposing team. If you can't kill them, force them to waste their Defense Link in a panic. Sometimes they'll waste two by accident!
  • The group member with the fastest cooldown (psssst: electronics build!) should use the Defense Link first. The group member with the slowest cooldown should use it last.
Talent Buffs
There are some interesting attack/defense buffs that I don't see mentioned often. For example, the "Critical Save" medical talent will give you a 40% (wow!) damage buff if you use a medkit at low health. You should practice using medkits at low health anyway so win-win. Or "On the Move" which buffs your damage mitigation if you a kill an enemy while moving (happens often in PvP).

There's even a talent that will set multiple enemies on fire if you set one of them on fire. Imagine a 4v4 PvP fight: other team rushes you, you equip incendiary bullets, hit one guy, and everyone is on fire. RIP.

Another I really like is an electronics build with a sticky bomb. Already you'll be dealing out a ton of damage. Now combine it with a talent called "Chain Reaction" that increases explosion damage by 40% if you hit multiple targets. It's perfect for nailing groups of 4 trying to extract at the same time.

Hope this helps someone!



Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Diablo 3 [Season 6] - Overview of all Starter builds for all classes in Season 6 (SC/HC) by Desolacer

Hey everyone, I did a collection of 4 starter builds for each set, which can each go straight into t6 and higher, as long as you have a full set from the Haedrig's Gift achievement.
Simply click on a set on a screen to get to the starter builds for a class.
Or just use one of the following links:

Crusader - Akkhan:
Witch Doctor - Zuni:
Demon Hunter - Marauder:
Barbarian - Raekor:
Wizard - DMO:
Monk - Innas:

Background song: Diablo 3 - A New Dawn

► Twitter :
► Twitch:

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Division - Best Solo/Group Buffing Build by IRUM Ozone

Here is a video of it I have been playing this build since week 1 and now it is optimize and after so much time played on my main toon (11 days) I can tell there is NO build close to this one. I have now over 2400 Dz keys and I have been killing players while the xp penalty was high. I died from 48 to 67 only once while been in a manhunt 90% of the time. I am now 99 on my main and 49 on my alt. Enjoy the build guys.

Edit: Here is some gameplay with the sticky bomb.

I'm french btw sry if there is any mistakes.

Thx to reddit user: NL030 for the stats sheet.

Edit: DPS - Health - Skill
127.000 - 99.000 - 42.000
Fire - Stam - Elec
1100 - 3300 - 2200

Pulse: tactical scanner mod, duration 26,9 sec, cooldown 28,50 sec, crit ch 40, crit dmg 97,5%

* Adrenaline
* Critical save
* Combat medic
* Strike back

Armor damage mitigation: +/- 50%

* Vector (25% crit hit ch)
* SASG-12 shotgun
* Sawed off shotgun

Vest (1199) - stam, talent Reckless (alt = Rapid), extra armor, mod slot
Mask (414) - elec, talent Rehabilitated (alt = ?), skill power, mod slot
Knee (625) - stam, any talent, crit dmg, pulse crit hit dmg skill, mod slot
Back (507) - stam, talent Inventive (alt = Specialized) , skill power, mod slot
Glov (361) - elec, talent Savage, crit dmg, crit ch
Hols (354) - fire/stam/elec, talent Steadfast, skill haste, pulse skill

All gear mods: stam + skill power

Gear talents used:
Vest - Reckless: You deal 13% more damage and receive 10% more damage.
Vest - Rapid: The cooldown of your healing skills is decreased by 13%.
Mask - Rehabilitated: When you are affected by a status effect you are healed for 2% every second.
Back - Inventive: Your Skill Power is increased by 13% while you are at full health.
Back - Specialized: 13% of your Firearms and Stamina are added to your Skill Power.
Glov - Savage: Your Critical hit chance is increased by 13% against targets out of cover.
Hols - Steadfast: While in cover, health regeneration kicks in twice as fast.

Most of it will stay the same but I am going for a similar holster with armor instead or skill haste and better armor rolls on most of my pieces (trying to reach 60% dmg red without losing much of the others.)

You can get electronic anywhere else (either 2 pieces or all mods slots with electronic instead of stamina). 4x ~140 = 560 about the same then a piece of gear + any other piece. ;) so 1 piece and 4 mods instead.


Heroes of the Storm - Free Hero Rotation : 05-12 April


  • Malfurion
  • Valla
  • Artanis
  • Gazlowe
  • Illidan
  • Tyrande
  • Stitches (Slot unlocked at Player Level 5)
  • Butcher (Slot unlocked at Player Level 7)
  • Lt. Morales (Slot unlocked at Player Level 12)
  • Xul (Slot unlocked at Player Level 15)


Friday, April 1, 2016

Black Desert Online - Cherry Blossom Guide by ipvpcrops

HARVEST UPDATE! - Picture of my first harvest. 13 petals. - Seed tooltip

Better formatted guide:

Image in garden:

Image of seed tooltip:

Olivia map for Wild Herbs (will update this to be more accurate):

Velia map for Wild Herbs (accurate) :

Seed growth time
  • 6.5 hours with fertilizer
  • I received 13, I repeat, 13 petals from my first harvest!! If sold at NPC, that is 130,000 silver!
  • 2 farming seed slots required
Wild seed Information and farming locations
  • Best and most abundant wild seeds found around the mountains to the south west of olivia. Be sure to pick up daily quests for bonus contributions while farming cherry blossom seeds.
  • took me 85 energy for my first seed. I got 2 additional seeds on alts wits roughly 120 energy. Seems as rare as a bug drop, be warned.
  • Seeds can be harvested with or without hoe.
  • Seeds are bound to family. They are not sellable on the market.
  • Seeds are NOT able to breed. :(
Rewards & Other Profits
  • 10 Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals exchanges for 1x Cherry Blossom Pot.
  • 30 Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals exchanges for 1x for the cosmetic accessor Cherry Blossom Earring
  • 1 Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petal can be sold at NPC for 10,000 silver
  • 1 Cherry Blossom Seed can be sold at NPC for 10,000 silver
  • petals, seeds, and pots are not sellable on the market. They are bound.

Dark Souls III - Tips for your First Blind Playthrough by Pewpewarrows

Hi all!
I've clocked about 60 hours or so with Dark Souls 3 thus far. While I still have plenty left to do with experimentation, PvP, NG+, and alternate character playthroughs, I thought I'd contribute back a bit for those of you patiently waiting for April 12th to arrive.

This post will try to not contain any direct spoilers, however minor they might seem. Instead, here's a list of general suggestions and reminders of mechanics that have previously existed in the Soulsborne series. Keep these in the back of your mind as you're playing, and don't forget to have fun!
  1. Slow down. The world is incredibly detailed and dense, so it's very easy to miss things (be they items, paths, NPCs, or lore told through the environment) if you run everywhere mindlessly. Admire the scenery and control the camera a lot for new perspectives and breathtaking views.
  2. When you're relatively sure you're not going to be ambushed, take a breather and go read the item descriptions for anything you've recently looted. They often tie in to the area in which you found them, so reading them as soon as possible really helps build your mental image of the lore in these games.
  3. Experiment to your heart's content. Don't try to get too attached to any particular weapon or armor you initially like. Give everything a try at least once. It's sometimes hard to judge the effectiveness of them based on description and stats alone. You might fall in love with a certain moveset when you could have easily dismissed it for dealing slightly less damage.
  4. Games in this series tend to punish you for blindly walking into a room or around a suspicious-looking corner. Tread lightly, and being paranoid pays off well.
  5. Keep a notebook. Jot down alternate paths you've yet to explore, NPC locations, the location of a cool sounding item, locked doors, and potential areas to try falling or jumping off of, to name a few.
  6. The consoles and Steam have built-in screenshot features. Use this frequently to accompany your notebook. A picture of where you found a contraption that does not move might jog your memory more than a hastily-written sentence.
  7. Games in this series have illusory objects and boundaries. The veil of the illusion can be lifted by attacking or rolling into the object or boundary, which can lead to many surprises. Go find them!
  8. NPCs in this series are almost always killable. Sometimes killing them is a good thing, sometimes not. Use your gut and decide their fate.
  9. Exhaust the dialogue options with everyone you meet. NPCs in this series often don't finish everything they have to say the first time you talk to them. Being chatty doesn't just give you more lore to go on, sometimes the NPCs have a surprise for you for listening to them.
  10. NPCs is this series sometimes have "quests" associated with them, in which their dialogue might change, they might change locations, and they might need you to complete an indeterminately obscure task for them. NPC paths might cross, and fulfilling one's desires might make another hate you. Again, use your gut and pick your sides.
  11. If an NPC says they're going somewhere, and you then notice they're gone from their current location, maybe try to go find them where they said they'd go.
  12. Games in this series will sometimes have new things happen to old places that you've already exhaustively explored and completed. It never hurts to revisit locations with a new perspective, especially after important events occur.
  13. Ledges, though they may look precarious, can often lead to hidden surprises for brave adventurers. As I mentioned before, use that camera to peer around and see if you can carefully walk that ledge in front of you.
  14. Verticality is a key component to most games in this series. As such, elevators are very important. But don't think of elevators as teleportation pads from start to end. They move, and you can move when you're on them. Can you get off while they're moving? Where can that get you?
  15. Games in this series sometimes feature dynamic environmental objects. These can be harmless moving items, or dangerous weapons. Can they be destroyed? Can you use them to destroy other things? Experiment!
  16. If you logically think something might be able to catch fire, maybe try setting it on fire.
  17. Games in this series often feature NPC fake PvP-like invasions when you're in a non-hollowed like state. Usually these stop triggering once that area's boss has been defeated. These invaders have often dropped nice loot, so maybe give a zone one last run-through after making yourself non-hollowed to check for them.
  18. Some games in this series have included invisible walkways. Is there anything your can use to test for these? Hint:
  19. Don't think of windows as set dressing in the environment. Can you find a way to jump into them? There might be something worthwhile inside.
  20. Some games in this series have featured a trading mechanic where you can drop an item on the ground for an NPC in exchange for a present. See what it might have to offer early and often.
  21. The cover of fog and darkness can often conceal some cleverly-hidden paths or treasure chests. Give yourself some light to explore with.
  22. During games in this series you might gain access to new and fun emotes for your character to enjoy. These sometimes aren't just aesthetic for jolly co-operation or git gud invasion gloating, though. See how NPCs respond to you using them. Do you see any objects in the environment that are themed to a particular emote? Maybe try using them around it.
  23. Speaking of treasure chests... things may not always seem as they appear. Remember to stay paranoid, and don't always go straight for the shiny treasure assuming you're safe. Hint:
  24. Some bosses are just hard. Sometimes, however, they have a trick to them. Hint:
  25. The consoles and Windows 10 have built-in ways to record gameplay footage. (If you're not on Windows 10, or don't like the built-in functionality, there's plenty of third-party software available to do this too.) Use this to record your first attempts at a boss. It's much easier to go back and try to figure out the "tells" for a boss telegraphing their next attack when you're not stressed-out mid-fight. Learn to predict that one move that keeps killing you.
  26. If you think you've beaten everything and explored everywhere, but your platform indicates that you still have some secret achievements left to unlock, then your journey isn't quite over yet. Get more creative!
Well, that's all for now.