Monday, April 4, 2016

The Division - Best Solo/Group Buffing Build by IRUM Ozone

Here is a video of it I have been playing this build since week 1 and now it is optimize and after so much time played on my main toon (11 days) I can tell there is NO build close to this one. I have now over 2400 Dz keys and I have been killing players while the xp penalty was high. I died from 48 to 67 only once while been in a manhunt 90% of the time. I am now 99 on my main and 49 on my alt. Enjoy the build guys.

Edit: Here is some gameplay with the sticky bomb.

I'm french btw sry if there is any mistakes.

Thx to reddit user: NL030 for the stats sheet.

Edit: DPS - Health - Skill
127.000 - 99.000 - 42.000
Fire - Stam - Elec
1100 - 3300 - 2200

Pulse: tactical scanner mod, duration 26,9 sec, cooldown 28,50 sec, crit ch 40, crit dmg 97,5%

* Adrenaline
* Critical save
* Combat medic
* Strike back

Armor damage mitigation: +/- 50%

* Vector (25% crit hit ch)
* SASG-12 shotgun
* Sawed off shotgun

Vest (1199) - stam, talent Reckless (alt = Rapid), extra armor, mod slot
Mask (414) - elec, talent Rehabilitated (alt = ?), skill power, mod slot
Knee (625) - stam, any talent, crit dmg, pulse crit hit dmg skill, mod slot
Back (507) - stam, talent Inventive (alt = Specialized) , skill power, mod slot
Glov (361) - elec, talent Savage, crit dmg, crit ch
Hols (354) - fire/stam/elec, talent Steadfast, skill haste, pulse skill

All gear mods: stam + skill power

Gear talents used:
Vest - Reckless: You deal 13% more damage and receive 10% more damage.
Vest - Rapid: The cooldown of your healing skills is decreased by 13%.
Mask - Rehabilitated: When you are affected by a status effect you are healed for 2% every second.
Back - Inventive: Your Skill Power is increased by 13% while you are at full health.
Back - Specialized: 13% of your Firearms and Stamina are added to your Skill Power.
Glov - Savage: Your Critical hit chance is increased by 13% against targets out of cover.
Hols - Steadfast: While in cover, health regeneration kicks in twice as fast.

Most of it will stay the same but I am going for a similar holster with armor instead or skill haste and better armor rolls on most of my pieces (trying to reach 60% dmg red without losing much of the others.)

You can get electronic anywhere else (either 2 pieces or all mods slots with electronic instead of stamina). 4x ~140 = 560 about the same then a piece of gear + any other piece. ;) so 1 piece and 4 mods instead.


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