Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Diablo 3 - [S5] Rank 1 World DH: Tier 90 Solo [Shi Mizu LoN] by wudijo

Got a sick upgrade on one of my rings and decided to go for 90. Also used all my materials (~30k of each) to craft 1h crossbows but couldn't get a Ballista with AD, so I'm still missing 44%. Got around 250 more paragons since my last push, you can start to feel that it takes a little longer to actually go up in tiers now. The clear took around 30 keys, or 1.5 hours.

Overall I'm pretty happy with my performane, just had a bad start and ending. Should have kited the first two pucks away much earlier, and I should have skipped the last blue because the illusionist yellow was screwing everything up (in the end I didn't even kill the pack I was working on for 5 min). And I screwed up the power pylon by missing Convention, I took it very closely to the end of the cycle to make sure I can kill the RG with it, but he moved away just a little bit too much and I missed Convention by maybe 0.05s (the 30sec are enough to get a 30 stack FoK on the last second of lightning, skip one cycle, and then do another 30 stack cast one on the first second of the next lightning after that). In fact the damage was a little higher than expected because the boss was still in Ambush range, he would have almost been oneshot. I shouldn't have tried to get 2x 30 and rather just go for 30 and 16 stacks, which would have easily killed the boss, too. Lesson learnt.

Fun Fact: I used 2x Awareness, equipped on the passives and on the Hellfire. Rip 20% toughness (Perfectionist), didn't even notice :o

Feint - Vision Driver
B Complex - Beautiful Lies
Feint - We Move
Feint - Freefall

Guide for this build:

Clan (EU):

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