Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Black Desert Online - Guide and Information Links by JinnyWeasely

Greetings, BDO friends. After seeing a lot of guides out there and trying to remember where I had saw them I had made this list for my guild and decided I'd post it here so it may be helpful. If you find more guides to add, please let me know and I'll definitely add them to the master list! I'm also new to formatting here, so bear with me if it looks awful for a bit while I try to make it more pleasing to the eyes.

General Information and Useful Sites
  1. Should I play Black Desert Online?! by /u/devoire
  2. Black Desert Fashion - Really useful for gear looks!
  3. Black Desert Foundry - Really great resources here. Highly suggest using it if you need to find something quick.
  4. Black Desert Bible - By Praetorian.
  5. BDDatabase - Database for basically everything in existence (thanks /u/exinx for that update) and How to use BDDatabase via /u/Balmeri (thanks!)
  6. EXP Loot Tables
  7. Inventory Slot Guide - Where to find the quests for your inventory increases!
  8. What is Karma? - Black Desert Tome
  9. Daily Quest Routine - Black Desert Foundry
  10. Hakurai BDO Video Guides
    Guilds, PvP, World Bosses
    Trading, Commerce, Crafting
    Everything Horses
    Socketing, Enchanting, Upgrading Gear
    Leveling, Progression, Combat (v.2)
    Workers, Housing, Nodes & Beer
Gear Guides:
  1. Gear Guide - by /u/Dark_ashelin
Profession Guides
Black Desert Foundry Created:
  1. Gathering
  2. Cooking and All Recipes List
  3. Alchemy and Recipe List
  4. Farming
  5. Fishing and List of All Seafood
  6. Trading
  7. Hunting
Player Created Profession/General Guides:
  1. Fishing Guide - by /u/GordonRamsayNA
  2. Alchemy Guide - by /u/FailedAtLurking
  3. How to be a Merchant Guide - by /u/vitor210
  1. Horse Training - Black Desert Foundry.
  2. Horse Tier List
  3. Pet Guide
Nodes, Housing, and Worker Guides:
  1. Black Desert Node Connections
  2. Video Guide to Workers and Nodes - by Monkey Business Gaming (I think they have a reddit, or one of them does, can't find it)
  3. Housing, Workers, and Nodes! How to Get Started - by /u/KineticGTR. Includes Video and Text Guide!
  4. Housing Guide - by /u/Ergo_Sphere
Horse Race Guides:
  1. Horse Race Guide - BDFoundry
Class Guides:
  1. Hakurai Class Video Guides - by /u/hakurai
Leveling Guides:
  1. Hakurai Leveling Guide 1-50 - by /u/hakurai

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