Wednesday, September 30, 2015

StarCraft 2 Guide - 3 great builds used by the Jin Air Green Wings players (one for each race) for you to end Hots with style [by Plokooon]

(proleague spoiler)

If you didn't see the 1st series between Jin Air and CJ, you can find the games here. Below are the builds from games 3,6 and 7. I didn't add any other type of analysis so taking the time to understand how the players reacted to the actions of their opponent in each game before jumping in a ladder game is probably the right thing to do.

ByuL vs sOs set 3 on Coda - Gateway Poke + Oracle Pressure into fast 3rd
The Opening
  • 9/11 pylon (on natural ramp with the early scout)
  • 15/18 gate
  • 18/18 nexus
  • 18/18 pylon
  • 18/18 double gas (3 on each when finished)
  • 18/26 probe + zealot x2
  • 22/26 cyber core.
The poke, The Harass, The 3rd
  • @100 cyber double stalker (chrono) + msc (chrono)
  • 32/36 3rd pylon
  • 35/44 stargate
  • 37/44 warpgate (maybe mistake ?)
  • @100 stargate -> oracle x2
  • forge after 2nd orcale is started
  • @400min 3rd nexus + defensive pylone.
  • @pylone 3 gates and photon with the pylon to protect it. Here is a pic.
Stuff, MOAR STUFF !!!
  • @100% ->forge +1 attack and double gas at the natural + Twilight Council
  • @100% twilight-> blink (sos has 5 sentries at this point)
  • After blink is started -> double gas on 3rd and more gates
  • @100% +1 -> +2 attack + 8th gate
  • templar archive when money then charge
  • storm and +3 then 4th nexus
  • Don't forget the dark shrine after all this.

RagnaroK vs Maru set 6 on Vaani Research Station - CC 1st into drilling claw wm drops
The Opening
  • 14 cc
  • 16 rax
  • 17 gas
  • @100% rax double oc and marine x2
  • 20/30 2nd gas
  • 22/30 factory + supply depot
  • reactor on rax (after 2nd marine)
  • @100 factory -> starport; switch to reactor for double hellions prod, start armory and tech lab on rax
Widow mines are stupid
  • @100 startport -> viking
  • After four hellion switch factory on tech lab and start drilling claws, start mine production
  • 3rd cc (before resuming marine production) and a medivac after the viking (then reactor on startport)
  • 3rd and 4th gas and double ebay
  • When your double ebays are finished start in this order:
  1. 3 more rax
  2. tech lab on your 1st rax
  3. factory on the naked reactor
  4. +1/+1
  5. 5th rax
  6. stim when tech lab is done
More Mines More Stupid, More Marines More Split
  • Reactors on every rax and produce 3 mines or 2 mines and one tank at a time depending on your scout
  • After +2/+2 is started you can add rax 6th; 7th and 8th
Make it rain!
  • Manner mule the shit out of your opponent

herO vs Rogue set 7 on Echo - Fast 3 hatch into hydra bane/drop compo
The Opening
  • 15 hatch (no probe scout )
  • 16 hatch
  • 17/18 pool
  • 18/18 overlord
  • 26/28 over+ double queen + 2 sets of zerglings
  • 33/38 3rd queen then over
  • @50 supply -> double gas
Hhhhhhhr. Hhhrrrrrrgh. Rrrrruaaaaarhhh.
  • @100 gas -> start speed, roach warren, one extra queen and 4 more gas and some lings
  • @100 gas -> lair + 2 evo (67 drones)
  • @100 evos -> +1 melee, +1range then hydra den and 4th and macro hatch
  • after a set drones sart the hydra production with the range
They see more rollin droppin; They hatin
  • if heavy gate compo get a baneling nest
  • Get speed for your hydra and start +2 melee and +1 carapace
  • when you can afford it start the upgrades for your overlords and speed for your banes
Time to clean that filthy protoss .... with acid!

Once you are max on your hydra ling compo ( hydras, 100 lings) you can hold that morphing key for a while (you want something like 50 banes). You can now fill 8 overlords with banes for the big shower!! this is how it is supposed to look. You can now start to drop bane harass and remax with lings for a second wave.


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