Friday, February 13, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Tempo Storm Arthelon - Hero Tier List for Competitive Play

This list is a quick look at what heroes you'll most likely being seeing most in competitive for this patch. COMPETITIVE, not anything else.

S tier - ETC, Nazeebo, Rehgar

Tier 1 - Tassadar, Valla, Illidan, Uther, Stitches, Malfurion, Tychus

Tier 2 - Hammer, Zeratul, Azmodan, Zagara, Lili, Jaina, Kerrigan

Tier 3 - Muradin, Diablo, Tyrande, Tyrael

LOL Tier - Abathur, Anub, Brightwing, Chen, Falstad, Gazlowe,Murky, Nova, Sonya, Thrall, Nazeebo with Gargantuan

Not completely sure yet - Raynor (prob tier 3), Lost Vikings (tier 2 or better) Arthas (no clue)

If you would wish to inquire upon my thoughts and feelings, continue reading, if you just wanted the tier list you can stop here


ETC - with resurg removal and nerfs to all the top tanks and shift to a less bursty meta etc excels at absorbing damage and being disruptive while dishing out good dps

Nazeebo - Ravenous is ridiculous, best damage in game by far

Rehgar - Better than Uther since he has way more overall healing on top of ancestral which wins fights single handedly

Tass/Valla/Uther no changes and are all really solid, should see them picked every game. AND NO, AUTO ATTACK VALLA IS BAD, STOP IT.

Illidan - might be too early of a prediction but it looks as if he will be prominent, counters auto attackers hard and works very well with double healer

Stitches - was falling a little out of flavor and the 2 sec hook cd will put him even lower in priority

Malf - best pick if uther/rehgar taken, good hero on his own and king of double support

Hammer - might be higher, but I feel she won't be picked every game and is still situational

Zeratul - hes pretty weak till 16 and can't steal golems anymore, also requires very high skill and coordination from teams to play which doesn't make him tier 1

Azmodan - Obviously not everyone thinks hes this high but with the basketball build he can throw out precision strikes every 10 sec at enemy team, and 1 shotting waves puts tons of pressure on map. i would put him at tier 1 but were the only team picking him atm

Zagara - With mutalisk change she can dish out amazing damage in a fight and maw is always going to be a great heroic

Lili - only heals, but at 20 she becomes best support in the game, can be rough getting there though, can be really good against auto attack comps

Jaina - I think shes lower but teams are putting in a good amount of games on her for her burst, but low mobility and high CDs is the reason we don't value her

Kerrigan - maybe lower, she is still insane early game but loss of rewind and her soulmate Arthas definitely knocks her down quite hard

Muradin/Diablo - you're next best bet if etc/stitches are out of the picture, not very good compared to the rest of the roster however

Tyrande - loss of rewind hurt a lot, she paired best with arthas/kerrigan who both got nerfed, might be LOL tier, we will see

Tyrael - might be higher, but was already a rare pick and removal of cast aside won't help
LOL tier - Just put these alphabetically, i feel these heroes aren't competitively viable and therefore should not be picked unless for fun. Think the only note worthy one is Brightwing, with 45 sec phase shift and removal of rewind and other nerfs she is strictly worse than all the other supports atm.


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