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Diablo 3 - Solo leveling guide Season 2 by goingtodie

As season 2 approachs everyone is clearly interested in getting to 70 as fast as possible. Aside from some exploits, for those of use that want to do it in a more legitimate fashion, cherry picking bounties seems to be a good method for fast EXP especially for those of us that play solo.

A while back /u/xMikeh posted about completing all season achievements which included 10,000 bounties. As a result, he learned quite a bit about which bounties were quick and efficient to clear. I asked for a guide and he gave me a great one that I still use today. I cleaned it up a bit and I'm reposting it here:

Cursed Chest: always do them and do them first! You can start it, then run back to them after doing a bounty or two so it's really fast.  
Cursed Shrines: start them and walk away. Let the timer count down and go back and finish em.

Act 1
Always do:
- Festering Woods
- Cathedral Level 1
- Cathedral Level 2
- Royal Crypts
- Halls of Agony 1
- Halls of Agony 2
- Old Ruins
- Cemetery of the Forsaken

If you're willing to take the time to check them:
- Fields of Misery: Carrion, Farm Besieged, Cursed Mill
- Southern Highlands: "Help", Cursed Camp
- Weeping Hollow: Any of the kill a unique
- Halls of Agony Level 3: Any of the kill a unique

Act 2
Always do:
- Road to Alcarnus
- Archives of Kulle: Kill Kulle
- Stinging Winds: Guardian Spirits, Restless Sands, and Rygnar Idol. (For stinging winds, you can go north on Road to Alcarnus for a quick check for the events, cuts a lot of time. For Rygnar idol, once you're in the dungeon, the event spawns in the same location every time.)
- Howling Plateau: Cursed Battlement (shrine); Cursed Outpost (Chest)

Act 3
Always do:
- Tower of the Damned Level 1
- Core of Arreat.
Check for:
- The Battlefields: Triage, Tide of Battle
- Keep Depths Level 3: Any Kill Unique
- Keep Depths Level 1: Forged in Battle (start this first, go to keep depths 2 and go backwards, treat this like a cursed chest.)
- Tower of the Cursed Level 2: Any Kill Uniques

Act 4
Always do:
- Hell Rift Level 1
Check for:
- Gardens of Hope 1: Kill Torchlighter, Cursed Dias, Kill Rakanoth
- The Silver Spire Level 1: Kill Pyres
- The Silver Spire Level 2: Cursed Chapel

Skip Act 5.
Yes! That does mean skip out on getting caches. It slows you down. xP

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