Saturday, September 17, 2016

League of Legends - Patch 6.18 ( WORLDS ) Solo-Q Tierlist by LS

Link to the image : 

Timestamps :

00:00 Intro
01:42 Zac
02:35 Evelynn & Skarner
03:26 Swain
04:07 Vladimir
04:23 Mordekaiser
05:50 Akali
07:02 Nocturne
07:47 Kindred
08:27 Gnar & Shen
10:26 Jayce & Kennen
11:33 Ezreal
11:58 Complex Ad Carries
12:30 The Top 4 Ad Carries
13:19 Outro

Tierlist Q&A stream will happen, most likely on September 18th. Also the World Cup competitive tier list expectation video will be out in just under two weeks.

Thanks to all of the players who aided me in discussion on the placements of some of the champions in this tier list.

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