Friday, August 19, 2016

Overwatch - Competitive Rank Up Guide (Solo Queue Carrying to Top 500) by Dragonmar

Before I go any further, please understand that this video is made with the assumption that you are in fact an already DECENT aimer and thus have the capacity to carry!

IMPORTANT: I could talk about the ins and outs of comp for hours, and I will eventually! This video covers 3 very important aspects, but I do want to cover much more in the future!

Whats up everyone, I've created this video to help talk about three fundamentals of ranking up and and the concepts surrounding them. It's too simple just to say "be good", because there are much more aspects of the game. Communication and leadership are huge in this game, and cannot be understated! While individual skill is important as I do go over, so is picking the right team comps and being flexible!

Anyways, I hope this video helps you! Be the X-Factor! Remember to stay positive and I hope this helps you all out!

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