Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Diablo 3 - A comprehensive guide to playing a solo monk in season 7 by ProbablyAPun

Before I get started, I would like to say that all credit for this goes to /u/quin69 for the builds. I will also be linking to a couple of his Youtube videos, as he will explain things far better than I can. I simply listed the optimal stats on the gear in the Diablofans guide, so it's easier to understand all of the stats you want to roll on each piece of gear. Also, I'm not an all knowing Diablo 3 player, so if you think that something I say in this guide is incorrect, please let me know!

This guide consists of two separate builds. When playing Diablo 3, There are two main things that you will be doing in order to be pushing the highest GR's you can. The first will be farming materials. You will be doing this with the LTK (Lashing Tail Kick) monk. This build is made to be as efficient as possible at TXIII. This means it is the build you want to be using for running your bounties, and running your Nephalem Rifts. The second is the R6 (Raiment of a Thousand Storms Set) monk. This is the build that you will be using to push into the higher GR's with.

This is the first build that you want to gear. You are going to use this build when you are doing Bounties, Nephalem Rifts, and when you want to level up your gems in GR's (not to max rank, just until you are no longer running GR's efficiently with your LTK monk. Then you will swap to your R6 monk to level them the rest of the way). You will want to spend all of your crafting materials on this build, until you are able to clear TXIII comfortably.
Video Guide
Diablo Fans Guide

R6 Monk:
This build will be what you want to start pushing the higher GR's with. Once you are comfortable with your LTK monk at TXIII, you will start using your crafting materials on gearing this build. This build is a highly gear dependent build.
Please note that I chose Exalted Soul instead of Beacon of Ytar for this build. It is a higher damage passive, but makes you utilize your cooldowns properly. If you're having trouble with surviving, try swapping to Beacon of Ytar. It's mainly a personal preference of how you like to play.
Video Guide
Diablo Fans Guide

Gearing (Secondary Stats):
Secondary stats are probably more important to monks than any other class.

You may have noticed from the guide that you are not putting resist all stats on anything. This is because of your Harmony passive. Harmony gives you 40% of your secondary resistance rolls as all resist. You cannot roll a secondary resistance on a piece of gear if it already has all resist. So not only are the stats that I listed in the Diablo Fans guide important to have, but it's crucial to have a secondary resist on them as well to provide more toughness at high GR's.

(This only applies to your R6 build) You also want to be getting +spirit as a secondary on both of your Shenlong's. Your Shenlong's set gives 1.5% bonus damage for each point in spirit. So you have the potential to add another 30 points of spirit to your pool. If you're at 300 spirit before your weapons, you're getting a 10% damage increase from the secondary on your weapons. It's critical!

Hope this helps you guys out!


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