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The Division - Sentry Hybrid Build Guide - PvE/PvP Variants, Smart Cover Tips, Counters by DarkZoneNinja

Hey everybody!

This will be a thread about effectively building a sentry hybrid. A sentry hybrid is all about bringing max skills into the table while dealing enormous amounts of damage, enabling your team to fully buff your team while also kicking ass.

There are 2 variants of this build that i use and can be very effective in both PvP and PvE situations.

How to build a Sentry Hybrid?
Especially with the latest PvP changes, damage reduction and increase has become more important than ever in high level play. There are 3 skills that provide these buff greatly. One of them being smart cover, a skill that allows you to have 2 signature skills at the same time, all the time. (Survivor Link & Tactical Link), Pulse and Booster Shot heals. Understanding how these skills work with each other and using them to full potential can allow you to become practically invincible.

Sentry Hybrid for PvP - 1 Electronic Piece
With only using 1 electronic piece you can get your SP around 40k which will greatly increase the power of your skills.

At 40k SP, your smart cover should have around 60% resistance and 45% damage increase without adding any gear bonuses. If you can get +smart cover bonuses on your gear it will greatly increase the power of your build.

Here is the PvP variant using smart cover and booster shot:

Smart Cover stats:

Why Vigorous?
Vigorous allows you to get overheals from your booster shot and booster shot gives you 15% damage resistance. Doesn't seem like much? Think again because the game mechanics are made so that any source of All Damage Resilience (ADR - Found in Character Tab) stacks additively with each other. What this means is if you are using a 75% resistance smart cover, you can add booster shot onto it and get up to 90% ADR, decreasing the damage you take by 60%. So at 40k SP, your 60% resistance SC and booster shot can provide 75% ADR to you and your group. This is why you use Vigorous and Booster Shot with Smart Cover.

Why Tactical Link?
With smart cover and booster shot giving you almost the same ADR as Survivor Link, it feels redundant to run that if your teammates are already running it. By all means run it if you are solo though. Tactical combined with SC will allow you to melt multiple people quickly when you are engaged in a crowded fight, know when to use it.

PvE - 2 Electronic Pieces
Wouldn't it be nice to have max smart cover and pulse while also doing 3mil+ headshots on NPCs? It's pretty possible. For PvE you are going to want 2 electronic pieces and then dump everything you can into firearms. In the end the build should look something like this:

You can max out your SC at around 45k SP if you can get +SC resilience on your chest and kneepads but isn't that important because your damage buff will be capped out, allowing you to give max support to your team without anyone having to run tactician.

It's plain and simple, roll 1 or 2 pieces into electronics while focusing on firearms and you can immediately start bringing very strong skills for your team without losing much damage. This can be applied to any gearset basicly, but works great with sentry's.

Two very cool tips
  • Don't run reckless if you/your group uses SC. Reckless applies -10% ADR. This means that if you run a 75% mitigation SC, it will drop down to 65% for you when running reckless. So instead of taking 25% damage, you will be taking 35% damage, that's a 40% increase in damage you take just by using reckless on smart cover.
  • [May not be true] From our testing in the DZ, we found out that trapper mod only applies if it's dropped after your smart cover. This means that when somebody uses trapper on your SC, if the cooldowns off, you can destroy it and place it on top of their trapper without being affected by it. Visuals will say you are affected but you actually aren't. Try this out.
Of course building a sentry hybrid first requires you to actually farm sentrys which might be a tedious process but i hope this will help you out!

Also a video guide if you rather watch:

And please avoid replying with "oh 99% of the player base can't farm god roll sentrys". I'm just recommending you a path to aim for if you like being a support that can deal damage and have success in PvP. I deliberately don't share invidiual pieces to avoid replies like this, if you are interested you can PM me.


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