Thursday, February 26, 2015

Diablo 3 - Deadset's Guide List for Patch 2.1.2


Hello! I’m Deadset, and you guys might remember me from several popular Crusader guides I’ve done over the past year. Last month I was hired by Icy Veins to be their dedicated guide writer for all classes, a position I took very seriously; over the past month, I built up a collection of top tier guides for all six classes, researched carefully and talked over with high ranking representatives of each class. I will not claim them infallible, but I stand by my word for their high quality and presentation effort (no video over 13 minutes). Whether you need a guide for a class/build you’re unfamiliar with, or you’re simply curious how badly I botched your main, I would be honored if you check my efforts and tell me what you think! :P


Video version // Text version
I explore the dominating Raekor build in both popular variations, going over the pros and cons of both choices (the AoE potential of Physical versus the single target improvement of Fire). I explain the division between the Ignore Pain and War Cry variants, as well as the minor adjustments for T6/low GR speed farming.


Video version // Text version
A revision of the 2.1.2 champion, the Condemn build – respectful to the changes to Pylon fishing, this guide goes over the playstyle nuances of current Condemn (mobility, the ‘imprisonment’ conundrum, the Leoric trap). The important variations in Primary skill usage are also discussed, along with a few important passive and crowd control options.


Video version // Text version
The revamped Marauder Cluster Arrow is discussed at length, going over the solo Cold variation and the multiplayer Fire playstyle. After a presentation of resource management options and critique on the defensive skill tree, I go over nuances of the passives and weaponry. The popular Multishot farming variation also finds a place.


Video version // Text version
Benefiting from the seasonal toy, Gundgo Gear, this guide was among the most fun ones to make. I go over the dynamic between Inna, Resource Cost Reduction and Sweeping Wind; the optimization of secondary resists with respect to the passive interaction of Harmony and Sixth Sense; and of course, the benefits of Unity in a Crudest Boots setup.


Video version // Text version
Getting into the mindset of an exotic and hard-to-wield setup like Jade Harvester wasn’t a breeze, but it was well worth it. I offer a detailed explanation to DoT mechanics, with its somewhat obscure interaction between Creeping Death, Quetzalcoatl and the Soul Harvest consumption. The 2.1.2 debutant Poison Spirit vs. the old favorite Resentful Spirits is also not neglected.


Video version // Text version
While fairly straightforward, the Firebird Wizard guide has minutiae worth discussing. Be it the exact mechanic of the Firebird DoT, the two-hander vs. one-hander argument, or the toughness vs. cooldown reduction preference, this build had intricacies I did not initially suspect.


For me, this has been a tremendous journey across all six classes - learning to appreciate their strengths and weaknesses alike. Things that seemed godly and OP before seem more balanced now, and vice versa; I highly encourage you to expand your playing pool as well! That being said, the aforementioned guides are but the start of my cross-class journey (with Crusader at the helm, of course) – and with today’s 2.2 PTR the road grows longer still. As always, I would appreciate your advice, company, or encouraging word at the twitch and youtube channels. And most of all, Thank you for reading!


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