Monday, March 2, 2015

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Demon Hunter Speed Farm Torment 6 / Low greater rifts Guide (2.1.2) by AOD Gaming

Hello guys it's AOD here with a new demon hunter video guide. In this one i will be showing you what is in my opinion the fastest way to farm torment 6 rifts or lower greater rifts. I will go over the gear/gems and the builds to achieve this.
The average time to complete t6 rifts in my non-ancient gear from season 1 is around 2 mins, some might take 1 minute and a half, others 2 mins and a half. Overall it's a pretty nice time in my personal opinion. I mostly focused on achieving the max movement speed i could and decent hatred regen so i could pretty much run without a generator and just blaze through the mobs.

Rift 1: 1m 25s
Rift 2: 2m 42s
Rift 3: 2m 11s
Rift 4: 2m 34s
Rift 5: 2m 1s

Hope you enjoy!

Link to dfans build :

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