Saturday, October 25, 2014

WoW - How to get 150% baseline movement speed by AxeLond

So in 6.0.2 they changed the way movement speed buffs work. They no longer stack multiplicative but they also allowed you do stack multiple movement speed buffs.

If you collect all of these items you will be moving at 150% in just normal form without any buffs or glyphs.

Fleet Primal Diamond Easy 200 gold on auction house. Equip a random helm and gem it.

Defiler's Cloth Boots Any defiler boots are fine. They cost 85 honor.  

Alliance Horde

Explorer's Walking Stick Requires honored Cenarion Expedition OR Runeblade of Baron Rivendare both give the same movement speed buff. Fury warriors can equip both for a extra 10% movement speed boost (total of 160%)

Enchant the boots with any of the normal movement speed enchants like Pandaren's Step

Figurine - Golden Hare JC only! Recipe is a world drop. I found mine for 98g hold on auction house. Mats are dirt cheap.

If you wear all of those items you will have 150%(160% fury warrior) movement speed. This will still stack with all the normal movement speed buffs like Burst of speed, Ghost wolf, Stampeding Roar.

Ideally you want to have a separate armor set for all of these items so you can use a macro to swap. I named my armor set "Speed.

Just use these macros to swap:

Macro 1

/equipset Speed

Macro 2

/equipset [spec:1] "Spec 1 armor set name"

/equipset [spec:2] "Spec 2 armor set name"

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