Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Black Desert Online - Farming Mediah Golems [Tamer] by Doom Lord700

Hey guys, for those of you seeing this, you might be having trouble trying to fight the Mediah Golems (Gravestone/Wilderness/Stone Golems) near the Ancient Ruins Excavation site.

This video was from a very brief session I had farming the Golems, as is my daily routine, in 1 of 2 locations. This video will highlight what the wind-up for each attack looks like, and the best method to dodge/block the damage.

I know I have low AP, but my current build uses my Elsh Shortsword and other equipment for farming other mobs, as well serving a purpose for my end-game set for PvP.

High DP is NOT a requirement to face the Golems, as you can simply dodge their attacks, or you will likely die to one of their attacks immediately if you mess up anyways.

Do not expect to get any worthwhile loot, as your only reasons for farming Golems should be to get Bensho's Necklaces, and to get knowledge on the Golems (to complete the Ruins Helms knowledge section for Mediah).

I hope this short guide and my gameplay from this brief farming session will help anyone trying to figure out the mechanics!

Happy hunting!

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