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Black Desert Online - Musa Guide: Advanced Stunlock Combos by Extheleon

Black Desert Musa PvP Guide with insight into how to create stunlock combos with a Musa.

Advanced Combos start at 5:46

Blind Thrust / Blooming Combo Key Inputs : 6:10
Double Dragonbite Combo Key Inputs: 6:24
Gale Combo Key Inputs : 5:25

The guide talks about the changes to the Musa after the 18th of May patch, skill build and CC combo execution.
The guide assumes you know how to cancel skills such as Blind Thrust, and Blooming Phantom.

There have been a lot of questions regarding Musa since it's a bit of a complex class which makes it so fun. This video will show you the skillbuild to maximize your damage.

But most importantly I wanted to make this video to help those who still believe Musa's can't stunlock after the CC patch.

When I talk about the dynamics between different CC states in the video it might sound a little confusing so below is a simplified version of how our stuns can stack on each other for best success.

This has been tested with a Musa against other classes, therefore it's possible that playing a different class to alternate between stuns and stiffs to create CC combos may not work.

First we need to talk about the CC patch and what that means:

1. It means once you knockdown someone, they become CC immune meaning you cannot create any stunlocks after you knockdown a target. The CC immunity once they are on the ground are something in the range of 4-6 seconds immunity.

2. It has changed the dynamics of how stiffs and stuns stack on each other. Previously common sense and logic would assume that the different CC states like stuns and stiffs are hierarchical since there are 2 versions of resistances. i.e stiff being a weaker form of stun. This is true, but it lead to people making assumptions and conclusions that once you stun someone, you cannot go back to the weaker form of CC by inflicting stiffness hence why people QQ about not being able to CC chain anymore. This is not true.

3. The CC patch seem to have introduced same state resistance however. What this means is if someone is stunned, trying to stun them again rather than stiff has a very low chance of succeeding.

Therefore, to summarize the dyanmic between stunlocking with different CC states, you will have the most success if you alternate between the Musa's ability to stun and stiff.

Correct CC chain: stun, stiff, stun, knockdown

Incorrect CC chain: stun, stun, stiff, stiff.

The Double Dragonbite CC Combo

1. Stun Dragonbite+Dragonclaw. DO NOT use Lunar slash , Stiff Backstep Slash, Stun Blooming, Stiff Blind Thrust, Stun + Knockdown Dragonbite with Lunar Slash Finisher Rising Storm.

This combo is the strongest Combo I have tested as it has one combo'd Valkyries with 175 DP whilst testing with 99 AP. However it's high risk, high reward as the more stunlocks you chain together the less chance it has of the full combo landing.

It's worth to note, in my testing, Black Horn Bow consistently landed stunlock combos more frequently than a White Horn Bow. Accuracy in landing stunlocks is a definite factor to think about.

This combo is not recommended to White Horn users without accuracy accessories or bhegs gloves.

The Double Dragonbite Combo Safer Version shown at 6:23 in the video guide.

1. Stun Dragonbite+Dragonclaw. DO NOT use Lunar slash / Stiff backstep slash / Stun Blooming / Knockdown Rising Storm / Finisher Dragonbite lunar combo.

Basic CC Combo

Stun Dragonbite + Dragonclaw + 1st hit of Lunar slash, Stiff Backstep Slash, Stun Blooming, Finisher Rising Storm

This is recommended for White Horn Bow users with 130+ AP as there shouldn't be many classes that survive that.

As you can see, the pattern goes Stun, Stiff, Stun and Knockdown at the end of a combo.

My Gale Combo Recommended

Stun Dragonbite + Dragonclaw + 1st hit of Lunar slash / Stiff Backstep Slash / Stun Blooming Phantom / Float Gale / Finisher Ultimate Rising Storm + Blaze.

With this knowledge you can Mix and match quite a few skills to create you're own personalized CC combo.

These combo's work best with 5 Attack Speed and 30+ accuracy without food.

Please note that despite what the tooltip says, for the Musa our dragonbite inflicts stun and for Maewha it inflicts stiffness.

Skill Build :

Have fun.

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Black Desert Musa Guide - Advanced Stunlock Combos

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