Monday, May 30, 2016

Heroes of the Storm - Pro Hero Build Guides by JHow Gaming

There's a lot of guides out there and some pro players that do them reallllly well. I was fortunate enough to work with some Pros that might not have YouTube and/or written content and began to put together some build guides with tips from the pros and insight on why they may choose certain talents, how they use certain abilities, and so on and so forth.

The original project was hindered a bit by the busy tournament schedule lately and my own travels, but I'm delighted to bring you the early portion of these pro build guides. The first 50 Heroes released is what this current list is based upon.

Several of the pros also stream. Some regularly, some not, but they all provide a wealth of information if you watch or ask questions while you're there. The guides I've done with them are listed below, along with their Twitch streams if you choose to find them out. Individually they should receive the respect for their time and effort and I hope you find these useful!

- Brightwing Build Guide ft. Darkchimaera (Astral Authority) Darkchimaera's Twitter
- E.T.C. Build Guide ft. KilluZiioN (Astral Authority) KilluZiioN's Twitter
- Illidan Buide Guide ft. MichaelUdall (Gale Force) Michael's Twitch
- Kerrigan Build Guide ft. Equinox (Astral Authority) Equinox's Twitch
- Li Ming Build Guide ft. Khroen (Gale Force) Khroen's Twitch
- Rehgar Build Guide ft. Yuuj (Panda Global) Yuuj's Twitch
- Thrall Build Guide ft. psalm (Panda Global) psalm's Twitch
- Uther Build Guide ft. MATRE (TNC) MATRE's Twitch

More videos are on the way! Some modifications are on the way to the video format as feedback was received and is always welcome for me to improve upon future content as well. The videos are designed for you to easily navigate through the Talents if you don't wish to listen to the commentary for each Talent Tier. Tips and Tricks are included after the Talent section if you want hear some ways the players opt to play their heroes. Imgur


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