Saturday, February 6, 2016

Diablo 3 - Crusader - LoN Pony Fastest Speed Farm Build by MeatHead Mikhail

Hey guys, today I show what I consider to be the fastest T10 speed farm build for a Crusader. This is essentially a Legacy of Nightmares Bombardment build but with an adjustment for the pony - using In-geom and Swiftmount instead of Mortal Drama, as the extra bombs are overkill for T10. Furthermore, on most maps you'll have long spans where your In-geom buff will drop off and perma-horse won't be possible, so having 4 seconds instead of 2 will mitigate that once you hit above 60% CDR. It has a moderate gear requirement - I'm still missing an ideal piece (Gloves of Worship), several rolls, and only using 10/13 ancients, but it still 1 shots everything. Enjoy & discuss!


Norvald/Akkhan Pony Speed Farm Build (slower but easier to gear for):

Crusader Playlist:

Patch: 2.4


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