Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Beginner's Guide to The Division; everything you need to know about Gear, Abilities, and the Dark Zone by ChadTheWedge

Hey guys!

Was fortunate enough to get access to the closed beta last time round and managed to do a few videos to explain the very basics of the game; thought I'd share them here for those of you exploring the game for the first time tomorrow. Hope it helps!

1) First look at the Weapons and Armour!

2) First look at the Abilities and Perks upgrade trees!

3) The slightly confusing "Skill Power" stat explained!

4) How to synergise your armour and weapons to maximise their effectiveness!

5) A comprehensive, basic guide to Dark Zone mechanics!

5b) As an extra, here's me attaining Rank 5 Rogue and escaping.
Cheers guys! :)


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