Thursday, August 6, 2015

Diablo 3 - Main builds for each class in Season 4

Main Builds

By agryxoxo

  • WotW: Spin2win, spin some more, fill the screen with tornados.
  • IK: Hammer of the Ancients or Seismic Slam. You and the three stooges smash stuff with big hammers.
Demon Hunter:
  • Natalya: Spin2win, call flying stuff to wreak havoc.
  • UE: Multishot or lots of blue balls to clutter the screen.
Witch Doctor
  • Zuni/Carnevil: Little guys, spit snakes & darts, now with less lag. Hooray.
  • Helltooth: Walls of zombies, walls of death, walls, bears, giants, dogs.
  • Arachyr: Spiders (big and small), toads, bats.
  • Uliana (now): Use Seven Sided Strike, enjoy the animation, everything explodes. Repeat.
  • Uliana (soon): use Seven Sided Strike, enjoy the animation, hopefully everything explodes or run for your life until the cooldown is over.
  • Raiment: Dash dash dash, punch punch punch.
  • Generator: Punch punch punch, punch punch punch. Sometimes Cyclone Strike to gather guys in order to punch them.
  • Vyr: Transform into Archon, watch your weapons (Chantodo) do the work, after Archon channel stuff to get back into Archon.
  • DelRasha: Meteors, bubbles, lots of colors, is pretty cool. I like it.
  • Light: ~15 second cinematic for Falling Sword, land, cast hammers (Yes, you're the hammerdin). Ok no, most people don't use the FS skill.
  • Roland: Don't know. Sweep stuff or smash with shield, never played it.

Estimated GR lvl for each one

By Drak_Gaming

-After the upcoming patch-

  • WotW: 70 | IK: 70
Demon Hunter:
  • Natalya: 67 | UE: 60+
Witch Doctor:
  • Zuni/Carnevil:65+ | Helltooth: 65+ | Arachyr: 60
  • Uliana:65+ | Raiment: 70 |Generator: 65+
  • Vyr: 70 | DelRasha:65+
  • Seeker: 65+ | Roland: 60+

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